Sam's Vacation

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Chapter 29

Chapter Description: The final update to Sam's Vacation has been posted! With the vacation drawn to a close will Sam be able to save herself from any last humiliations? Can Sam rely on Nina for help? What will Amy and Chrissy think of it all? And is this just a holiday fling? Find out in the conclusion to the story! Then stay tuned! Starting next week there will be a new Sam adventure, a sequel to another story (I'll be posting a blog post soon to discuss that!) AND I can confirm that a sequel to Sam's Vacation has been officially started on my end. It may take a while but there will be one!

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At the very last second Sam came to her senses about what she was doing and stopped herself. There she was in the middle of a children’s obstacle course and about to helplessly mess herself, she couldn’t believe she had come so close. She knew she had been put into a carefree state of mind but she hadn’t realised quite how much her brain had accepted the idea that she was a small child. Now she had a problem. She might’ve stopped pushing but that didn’t mean her need for the bathroom had gone away, in fact it had become significantly more urgent.

“Out of the way!” Sam yelped as she hurried towards the slide at the end.

Not many of the mostly bigger children paid much attention to Sam as she did her best to push through. She needed to get out of the pool and to the bathroom right away if she wanted to avoid having yet another messy accident.

Sam tried to ignore the little voice in her head asking why she was so worried. She was, after all, in a swim diaper that was designed for just such a thing. Sam pushed those thoughts away. Playing with the kids was one thing but pooping herself if she could avoid it was quite another and whilst a part of her still wanted to do it she didn’t want to push Nina away just when they had seemingly got together.

By the time Sam had reached the slide she was struggling to keep her diaper clean. One of her hands had gone to the rear of her swimsuit and she was waddling awkwardly. She saw Nina waiting at the bottom of the slide where a lot of the other parents were and didn’t hesitate to drop down. Unfortunately for Sam the sudden drop of the slide in combination with the splash of entering the water seemed to be too much for her small body to take.

As Sam slid she felt a mass starting to expand into the rear of her diaper. She gasped as she splashed into the water and her body pushed down just as it had so many times over the course of that week. As she flailed and sent liquid everywhere her body finished what it had started and Sam felt herself quickly becoming very messy. She struggled to her feet and even though the swimsuit held the padding close to her body Sam could clearly tell there was a noticeable bulge in the rear of her disposable.

“Oh no…” Sam moaned.

Sam couldn’t believe what she had done. She waddled forwards across the landing pool of the inflatable towards the edge where she saw Nina smiling and clapping for her. Soon that smile turned to more of a frown as Nina saw Sam’s look of urgency and worry. Sam was nearly all the way to her love when her friend stepped in front of her.

“Alright, you won that time…” Alice was smiling but she stopped as she smelled the air, “What’s that?”

Sam was cringing. Suddenly she didn’t want to be a kid any more, she wished she hadn’t let herself get caught up with playing. The swim diaper wasn’t nearly as thick as her regular ones, in fact it was little more than a protective shell to make sure the poop inside didn’t escape. It was doing its job admirably but it didn’t seem to be doing anything for the smell which escaped much easier.

“Is that you?” Alice asked with a frown.

Sam couldn’t really blame the girl for pointing the finger of blame at her. After all, how many people in the immediate area were so clearly wearing diapers? Without Sam responding the little girl circled around her and with the lack of tact that only a child could have she pressed a hand against the back of Sam’s swimsuit. The bulge was immediately obvious.

“Oh dear, well I suppose you can’t help it.” Alice said as she patted the load in Sam’s pants.

Sam’s face flushed even redder and tears filled her eyes. She started sniffling from the embarrassment unintentionally looking like a child struggling with potty training who had just had a major accident. The girl seemed to notice that Sam was on the verge of bursting into tears and withdrew her hand.

“Aww, it’s OK.” Alice said as she pulled Sam into a quick hug, “Where’s your mommy?”

Sam didn’t hesitate to point to Nina who had obviously noticed something was wrong. The girl took Sam’s hand and started leading her across the small distance until Nina was within arm’s reach.

“What happened?” Nina immediately asked when she saw the tears rolling down Sam’s face.

“She had an accident.” Alice replied before Sam could say anything to ease the blow of the truth.

“Oh.” Nina replied, “Come here, baby.”

Sam let go of her young friend’s hand and waddled forwards to Nina. She was lifted off her feet in a way that had become very familiar with and held against her girlfriend’s chest. Instantly things didn’t seem so bad. She knew Nina would look after her.

“It’s OK, baby.” Nina said softly as she stroked Sam’s back, “Did you just get too distracted playing?”

Sam didn’t really know what had happened but she nodded her head anyway. She just wanted to be taken out of the public so she could get out of her soiled diaper. Fortunately Nina seemed to know exactly what Sam needed and she started wading through the pool to the exit. Sam’s head was buried into Nina’s shoulder as they passed groups of playing children and families.

As Nina carefully climbed out of the pool Sam glanced up over her shoulder. She felt a jolt of embarrassment as she saw Chrissy and Amy standing nearby with towels wrapped around them. They were staring open mouthed as Sam was carried past. Sam let out a little whimper.

“Shh, don’t worry.” Nina said softly, “Nearly there.”

Sam was carried along the side of the pool for a little bit before Nina came to a stop. For a second Sam wondered why, that was until she heard a very familiar voice.

“Oh dear, does the little one need a change?” Karen’s voice was as distinctive as anyone’s to Sam.

“Is that OK?” Nina asked.

“Of course it is!” Karen replied, “Come with me, I’ll unlock the door to the private room.”

The baby changing room wasn’t far from the pool and after a few more seconds Sam heard a beep as the door was unlocked by Karen’s employee card. Sam hid her face. She was already embarrassed but she didn’t want to see the triumphant look Karen must’ve had on her face, from the very start she had been telling Sam she was a baby and now she had been most definitely proven right.

Nina walked inside the changing room and thanked Karen. The lights in the enclosed room flicked on automatically when they detected movement. Sam only dared look up from Nina’s shoulder when she heard the heavy door close behind them. They were alone.

“Right, let’s get you sorted.” Nina said cheerily as she carried Sam over to the long padded changing table.

“Y-You don’t have to do this...” Sam said bashfully, “I know it’s gross.”

“What sort of Mommy would I be if I didn’t change my little girl?” Nina said with a smile.

Sam felt her heart skip a beat before she brought up her hands and covered her face. She didn’t know quite how to explain why Nina saying that filled her with a kind of embarrassment she really liked. She was stood on the changing table but was still shorter than Nina. The taller woman carefully peeled Sam’s swimsuit off leaving a heavily sagging diaper.

“Lay down for me.” Nina said softly.

Sam was more than happy to comply with Nina’s instructions which was good because she didn’t think she could possibly disobey them. She gently lowered herself down trying to avoid spreading the poop in the seat of her underwear though it already felt like it had covered quite a large area. She looked down the length of her body to where Nina was pulling out a fresh diaper, it was a regular baby disposable instead of another swim one. The tapes were pulled away and the smell started to get worse. Sam reached down with a hand to stop Nina.

“Nina, you really don’t have to do this.” Sam said earnestly.

“Did you mean everything you said out in the pool?” Nina asked.

Sam quickly nodded.

“Then I want to do this.” Nina replied. Her larger hand came down on Sam’s and she gave it a little squeeze, “And I think you should call me “Mommy”, don’t you?”

Sam wondered how much embarrassment one small woman could take before she burst. Regardless after a small chuckle Nina finished pulling off the final tape and opened the diaper.

“OK… Mommy.” Sam said slowly. It felt like both the most natural thing in the world and the most embarrassing.

She got straight to work with the baby wipes and Sam had to admit that having everything taken care of for her like this was pretty relaxing. After several minutes of wiping the diaper was finally pulled free, balled up and dropped in the diaper pail. The new diaper was opened and slipped underneath Sam. She bit her lip as Nina sprinkled some baby powder on her and rubbed it in, just when it seemed like things were going to get steamy however Nina stopped.

“Maybe later. If you’ve been a good girl.” Nina said quietly. Her voice was slightly deeper than usual.

Sam couldn’t help but feel excited at the hinting. She couldn’t stop grinning as the diaper was taped closed. As soon as Nina had finished patting the crinkly underwear Sam quickly got to her feet and jumped into another cuddle. Feeling Nina’s hand resting under her butt and supporting her felt wonderful.

“I love you too…” Sam finally said. Returning Nina’s declaration from the pool, “Mommy.”

Nina leaned back and looked at Sam. She slowly moved her face forwards and closed her eyes. Sam could feel her heart threatening to burst through her ribs a she closed her own eyes. Her first kiss and she couldn’t think of a person in the world she would’ve rather shared it with.

Their mouths met and Sam felt like she was going to melt. The softness seemed to envelope her completely. The lips pressing against hers, the hand on Sam’s back, the way she could feel Nina’s body relax into the embrace. It all felt so perfect. When Nina finally pulled back her cheeks were almost as red as Sam’s had been for most of the vacation.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Nina said quietly.

“Then let’s do it again!” Sam replied eagerly already missing the feeling.

“We’ll have plenty of time later.” Nina replied with a giggle, “I don’t want Amy and Chrissy to get worried or I would spend all day in here with you.”

There were spare Midforest branded towels in the room and in the absence of any of her clothes Sam was wrapped in one, swaddled like an infant. She had gone from wanting to avoid anything that might make her look like a baby to embracing it completely. She was sat on Nina’s hip and carried through the door and back into the main pool area. She was carried towards the changing rooms and just by the entrance they ran into Amy and Chrissy.

“We were wondering where you two had got to.” Amy said as she looked at Sam with a small frown.

“Yeah, what happened?” Chrissy demanded.

“It’s a long story.” Nina replied, “Shall we get changed and discuss it all at the lodge?”

“Is that just a way to get us to drop the subject?” Amy asked half-jokingly.

“Yes.” Nina answered with a chuckle.

“Fair enough.” Chrissy said, “Come on, we should get going.”


That evening was their last in Midforest and they collectively decided to go back to the restaurant they had visited on their first night. Sam was put into a fresh diaper by Nina and sighed in relaxation as she even let Nina pick out her clothes. After trying to avoid giving up control as much as possible Sam had seemingly done an about-face and wanted to give away as much as possible.

Sam happily let Nina control everything and as she stood up with a rush of crinkles she thought about how different this was from the first time she found herself in a diaper. It felt like a lifetime ago.

“All ready?” Nina asked.

Sam nodded and followed her girlfriend, something she definitely wasn’t used to thinking, out of the bedroom. The others were nearly ready as well and together they left the lodge. There was an air of melancholy that pervaded the group. It had been a wonderful vacation for the other three and Sam was sure they would miss it. For Sam it hadn’t been all sunshine and roses, in fact a lot of her memories of this place would be of embarrassment and humiliation, but she was coming out of it in a much better place than when she came in. As she looked up at Nina’s beautiful face she knew she wouldn’t have traded the experience with all its ups and downs for the world.

At the restaurant they somehow ended up at the same table as before and when the waiter came over Sam was surprised to see he was the same one from their first night. She noticed when he saw the group he hesitated for a second, clearly remembering the rather difficult time they had given him before.

“Hello, can I take your orders?” The waiter said a little warily.

The girls all ordered. Sam was the last to speak and when she finished she saw the waiter looking at her a little anxiously.

“I’m afraid we still don’t have a booster seat…” The waiter said as if he thought Sam was a bomb that might explode at any second.

“That’s fine.” Sam replied cheerfully, “I’ll have the highchair.”

It seemed like there was a collective gasp from everyone around the table including the waiter. It seemed for a second that even nearby tables fell silent. Sam had to laugh at everyone’s reactions. Once upon a time she would’ve been offended if anyone even suggested she needed that sort of help.

Sam wouldn’t pretend she wasn’t at least a little embarrassed when the highchair came out and Nina put her in it. She could feel everyone looking at her, not least because the height of the chair and the way she was sitting exposed her diaper to everyone. The wetness indicator changing colour also caused her to blush as she was certain it was noticed.

Sam didn’t mind all of that too much though. Whenever Nina looked her way and smiled adoringly Sam felt her heart melt.


Packing the next morning was a melancholy affair. Sam could never have imagined she would end up thinking she was going to miss the crib that had been her bed for the last week but there she was looking at it with a wistful smile. Strangely enough she hadn’t even slept in it the previous night, instead she had shared Nina’s bed. Curled up with her new girlfriend as the big spoon and feeling her hand gently caress her diaper. She had never slept better. She had slept like a baby.

Sam was alone in the bedroom now. Chrissy had gotten dressed after a long period of the pair of them snuggling together, eventually they had to separate so that they could get ready to leave on time. Sam was now dressed in a shirt and short skirt with a fresh diaper underneath as she shoved the last of her belongings in her suitcase.

“Sam?” Amy’s voice called out after a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Sam replied as she zipped up her bag. She made no attempt to hide her diaper. If it was seen then it was seen.

“Hey. Nina’s just gone to bring the car around.” Amy said, “We have to be out of here before the turn of the hour.”

“I’m pretty much ready.” Sam said as stood up again.

Sam pulled up the handle on her bag and rolled it through to the living room. Chrissy was sat at the table with her jacket on and her bag next to her. She was looking out the window where Nina and the car would soon appear wistfully.

“I’m really going to miss all this.” Chrissy said, “Can we come back next year?”

“I’d be down with that.” Sam replied.

The three of them waited until they saw Nina’s car pull up to the curb. As the other two started making their way out Nina was coming back in. Alone with her love Sam smiled shyly, she was still getting used to the new changes.

“Well, this is it.” Nina said as she looked around, “Got everything?”

“I think so.” Sam replied.

“Do you need a change before we go?” Nina asked casually Sam.

Sam found that a difficult question to answer verbally. She sort of sucked in her lips and shook her head in embarrassment. She guessed that was something she would have to get used to. Then again she couldn’t silence the voice in her head that told her this was all just like a mirage in a desert, something that would fade away as they left this place. The little voice in Sam’s head that was sure no one could really love her was wondering if this was something Nina would regret, something that would end when they went back to their real lives.

“What’s wrong?” Nina asked.

“Nothing.” Sam said.

“Sam…” Nina crouched down, “Don’t you think I can see when you’ve got something on your mind now?”

“It’s just…” Sam sighed, “What if this is it?”

“It?” Nina repeated.

“Midforest has been like a dream.” Sam said, “It feels like nothing makes sense and yet everything makes sense. It’s only been a week but I feel like a wholly different person. What if we go back to real life and my walls go up again? What if you decide I’m too much of a burden and you want someone… normal?”

Sam thought that giving a voice to her fears would make her feel better but it didn’t she just felt more worried. She was desperate not to go back to how things used to be, this couldn’t just be a strange blip in her life that she’d move on from. Nina was looking at her sympathetically.

“We really need to work on your confidence, little one.” Nina said quietly.

Sam felt her heart flutter. “Baby”, “little one”, “baby girl”, all these terms gave her the same happy feelings that almost made her heart ache with the amount of love it contained. Nina may have spoken quietly but her words filled Sam regardless.

“Nothing is going to change.” Nina said, “We’ve only been properly together for a day but I already know I want to be right by your side forever. I want to experience life with you, go on dates with you, grow old with you, care and love you… I could go on.”

“Please do!” Sam said dreamily.

“Maybe actions speak louder than words.” Nina chuckled.

Nina covered the short distance to Sam who held up her arms almost automatically. She was lifted into the air and Nina spun causing the small woman’s skirt to ride up. With everything in the background spinning Sam could only focus on Nina’s smiling face, there wasn’t a vista in the world she would rather look at.

Nina slowed and came to a stop holding Sam close. They were sideways to the front door when Nina brought Sam closer to her and they kissed yet again. The first time may have been special but every touch of their lips sent shocks of pleasure and happiness through Sam’s body. She opened her mouth submissively and was delighted when she felt Nina’s tongue exploring her.

“I knew it!” Chrissy’s voice exclaimed from the doorway.

Quickly breaking the kiss both Sam and Nina turned the heads to the front door of the lodge to see their two friends standing and watching them. Sam immediately blushed. Neither she nor Nina had told the others of the burgeoning relationship, it all felt too new and fragile for that.

“It’s about time.” Amy laughed.

“Huh?” Sam and Nina said together.

“Gosh, you two have clearly been destined to get together for ages.” Chrissy said drawing out the “a” in ages, “It seems like you two were the only ones not to notice!”

“R-Really?” Sam asked. She had always been closer to Nina than anyone else in their friend group but her romantic feelings were a much newer thing.

“You owe me ten bucks.” Chrissy said to Amy.

“You made a bet!?” Nina exclaimed. It was hard to tell if she found it funny or upsetting.

“Noooo!” Chrissy said defensively.

Sam and Nina both looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“Maybe…” Chrissy replied guiltily, “Just a little one.”

Nina started to laugh and with reluctance put Sam down. The two women took the handles of their suitcases and held each other’s hands as they left the lodge and prepared to return to college. For Sam it had undoubtedly been the most turbulent week in her life but she had weathered the storm and was coming out of it much, much happier than when she went in. She couldn’t predict the future, she only hoped with all of her small being that hers would be with Nina.


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End Chapter 29

Sam's Vacation

by: Elfy | Complete Story | Last updated May 30, 2024


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Loved the story

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