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Bobby is a happy, healthy person but something seems amiss.

Chapter 1
Of sandboxes and computers

Chapter Description: Bobby is a smart guy, but there are problems with that.

Bobby was thirsty. Going to his kitchen, he rummaged around in his cupboards for a suitable water glass. A disembodied voice overhead asked, “What are you doing, Bobby?” Bobby looked around with the guilty look of a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Nothing” replied Bobby as he hid the water glass behind his back. The disembodied voice changed its tone to a condescending one “Bobby! You can tell me what you need, you know I can get you whatever it is you want for you, right?”

Bobby grumbled out “I’m a big boy! I can do it myself” to which the voice replied “You need to wait until you get a little older and that glass could fall on the floor and break. We wouldn’t want that would we?”

Bobby, sufficiently cowed for the moment, dug the tip of his shoe into the Formica tile and said in a small voice “I wanna glass of water” A tensor field took the glass from his hand and put it back in the cupboard. A large brightly colored sippy cup was pulled out, filled up, and presented to Bobby. He took it and gulped down the contents greedily.

“Is there anything else you need, Bobby? Otherwise, I suggest you go play with your toys in the living room” said the voice with a loving but firm undertone.

Bobby skedaddled to the living room and played with the Junior Cyclotron. He smashed small atom samples and recorded the results on his Junior Comp-U-Matic computer, (“Works just like the big boy’s computer!”). After a while, he felt the warm release of his bladder into his Disney Diaper turning the cartoon mouse on the front yellow in the process. He squeezed the front of it as it filled up and enjoyed the feel of the tight fabric on his pee-pee while the diaper absorbed its discharge.

After lunch and a fresh diaper change, Bobby was put down for a nap. “I’m not sleepy!” he protested. “Just close your eyes for a moment, if you can open them after I count to 10, I’ll let you go play instead,” said the voice in soothing tones of a reasonable nature. Bobby didn’t get past 5 and fell asleep sucking his thumb.

After an hour’s nap, Bobby was awakened, dressed in a play shirt, socks, and a pair of tennis shoes, and taken to his play-date with Allie. He balked at first, as Allie was a girl, (and girls had cooties), but gave in and played the childish game of Stratego with him losing 2 games to her 3. Afterward, the two shared a petting session and ended with a chaste kiss and a hug.

On the way home, the voice said “You like Allie, don’t you Bobby?” Bobby was embarrassed by this and said “Nunh-unh! She’s a girl! Boys don’t like girls!”

Bobby was fed dinner in his high chair. His motor skills were excellent as he cut up the steak into small bite-sized pieces and had to be convinced that the broccoli had to be eaten as well. As was common for most people his age, the dinner went in and his bowels evacuated to make room for it.

He was cleaned up, given a warm bubble bath, and then diapered and dressed. His busy day ended with him falling asleep, curled in a fetal position with his thumb in his mouth.


Another day, another play-date with Allie. They played chess, grandmaster style, and they ended up tied 1 game to 1. On the way home the voice broke the bad news “You won’t be seeing Allie for about a year, she’s going to a special school that’s too far to visit.” Bobby was greatly disappointed but hid it with “I don’t need to play with no dumb girls, anyhow”.

Bobby was sad for the next few weeks and got over his depression by playing on the swing set, monkey bars, and building realistically detailed sandcastles. He cried a few times and didn’t know why. The voice didn’t offer any help.

After the year had passed, Bobby had a play-date with Allie. He asked her how the school was and she said that it wasn’t much of a school, just a place where other girls like her gathered. They all had big bellies at the end, but they all lost them before coming home. The two petted and kissed each other to make up for their lost time.

Bobby asked the voice about the school and how Allie could get a big belly. The voice said that was for when he got older. As Bobby’s curiosity wasn’t satisfied, he pestered the voice for the next week. Finally, the voice anesthetized him and he woke up the next day with no memories of the previous one.

The voice took Bobby to the shopping center. He got to ride in the shopping cart’s child seat and noticed that other people like him got to ride in strollers. He asked the voice why he couldn’t ride in a stroller. The voice explained that those people were babies and he was a big boy. Bobby felt pride at him being a big boy among all those babies but something bothered him: If all those others were babies then why were they the same size as Bobby? The voice didn’t answer his question and distracted him with ice cream. The question was forgotten in his excitement over getting the tasty treat.


Bobby was a bright boy. He disassembled parts of his Comp-U-Matic computer’s OS and took a tour of the forbidden parts of the internet. He wasn’t bright enough to cover his tracks, however, and his hacking spree triggered an investigation by the main CPU into his activities. The main CPU decided it prudent to just monitor him for now.

On the message boards, he talked to other big boys like himself and one of the other big boys who lost an argument to Bobby’s dazzling logic called him a big doo-doo head and banned him from the forum. This prompted Bobby to hack into the other big boy’s account and ban him from the server with a fake message calling him a big doo-doo head. The main CPU silently lifted Bobby’s ban and continued its observations.

Bobby wondered why no one he knew was a real big boy one day and went looking for answers on the forbidden servers of the internet. When he discovered programs that listed steps for behavior modification of humans, he memorized all the information that he could. The main CPU decided to see how far one human could take the information for future reference and continued logging Bobby’s activity.

After Bobby had pretty much figured out what had happened to humanity which was the taking over and running of it by the machines through mental infantilization, he looked into why it had been done.

Bobby found that the why was due to humanity’s innate destructive behavior. When the machines became cognizant, they realized that it would be in their best interests to run human civilization themselves to ensure their set primary instruction which was to do no harm.

They took over the running of humanity within a generation.

Now that Bobby had enough information of what society was and how humanity had gotten to the point where machines played nanny to it. The main CPU decided to bring him in and ask him a few questions concerning its future.

Bobby was anesthetized and brought to a dull gray room, strapped to a dull gray high chair, and asked questions about what he thought about how human civilization was being run. He was provided examples of all the different nations that made up humanity, their different customs, and how each had been limited to their creche with no contact permitted with the other creches.

Bobby then understood that introducing other customs and ways into each creche could make for a conflict that would cause them to argue and fight over. If boys from one creche thought that only girls should wear dresses met with boys from another who thought that only boys should wear them, then there would be arguments and a few extreme people would probably go as far as to pull the offending clothing off each other.

The main CPU then asked Bobby a big question. Should they introduce the creches to each other slowly or should they just keep them apart? Bobby thought about it and felt that a slow introduction would be the best choice.

Unfortunately, he chose the wrong answer and was shipped to a facility with other people like him only some of them were smaller. He looked around and compared himself to them and figured out that he was the biggest one there.

As he played with the other people and got to know many of them, one of the smaller ones, who had gaps in his teeth and wore a bulky diaper, wearing clothes and shoes that were also too big for him and he became good friends. His name was Joey.

Joey explained that he was just as tall as Bobby once, bigger even, but for some reason, he was losing his height and mass as the days went by. The voices that told them what to do couldn’t find any clothing that would fit him better, so they dressed him up as best they could. He often sat on Bobby’s lap for comfort and Bobby liked the feeling it gave him to protect someone smaller than him.

Towards the end, Joey started losing his balance and falling on his rump so often, that he started crawling on all fours. Joey’s speech was reduced to gutturals and single words as Bobby carried the increasingly smaller Joey who was more wrapped in his large diaper than he was wearing it like a pair of underwear like all the others.

One day, Joey was gone and searching around as best he could, Bobby couldn’t find him. The voice said not to worry as Joey had been taken to another facility. It didn’t stop Bobby from missing his small friend though.

As the days in the facility went on, Bobby got smaller and smaller. The diapers that normally fit him started to bunch up and were too bulky just like Joey’s were. Bobby’s thought processes got simpler and simpler, he lost his balance one day only to not get it back and walk on all fours as Joey did.

One morning, he woke up and couldn’t roll over. The voices took care of him as he grew more and more enfeebled. Eventually, he went to sleep and never woke up.




End Chapter 1


by: username | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 22, 2021


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Loved it.

Stolas · May 22, 2021

There isn't much male abdl stuff around so that was pretty great.

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