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Velma’s Mysterious Halloween Mystery

by: username Last updated Oct 20, 2021

Scooby and the gang investigate a spooky ghost. This story has Halloween elements in it.

May's Spider Tale

by: username Last updated Oct 17, 2021

A bit of fan fiction that takes place in the Spider Universe. What might happen if aunt May is reverted to a teenager? (I got the idea after noticing that with each new Spiderman movie, her character is replaced by younger and younger actors.) As always, enjoy!

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Witch's potion | Minecraft anime ep 11

username Nov 17, 2021 It's not much, but at least it's something.

RE: AR in new Smurfs cartoon

username Nov 9, 2021

The Smurfs (2021) 28 "La grande crèche" "Stormy the Babysitter" A freak accident causes the Smurfs to turn into babies. Smurfstorm has to ta ...

RE: AR Alert: One Operation Joker

username Aug 28, 2021 Shame that it's a poof transformation, but a cool story from a deranged person slowly going "sane" sort of angl ...

Possible ending

On story: Collateral Gaming - chapter 1
username Aug 28, 2021

A group of senior citizens is visiting the arcade as Johnny...

On story: Futurocracy - chapter 1

username Jun 10, 2021

That works for me. Take it to the next level.

On story: Futurocracy - chapter 1

username Jun 9, 2021

Okay, what's your idea for this universe?

RE: DuPont

username May 28, 2021

Wow, cool! If I buy enough yarn, could she make me one too?

On story: Futurocracy - chapter 1

username May 24, 2021

Sounds about right. I look forward to your addition to the saga! What should the series be called? "Tales of Futurocracy" Is what I'm thinking, ...

On story: Futurocracy - chapter 1

username May 23, 2021

Go for it! I created a dystopian universe and I don't know where it would go in the long run. Your input might give me some ideas in that direct ...

RE: How Does One Post A Story?

username Apr 13, 2021

Yeah, that's a little messed up for me as well. After you save your title, go to your profile and start a new chapter.

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