Kim Possible: Three Cheers For Shego!

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Chapter 2
The Naked Gym

Chapter Description: Kim gets the surprise of her life when she steps into the gym and meets a newcomer who is auditioning for the cheerleading team.

Kim went into the gym entrance and heard someone practicing a cheer in the gymnasium proper. The person’s voice had so much volume, Kim could hear her from the other side of the heavy fire doors. Kim knew it wasn’t one of the squad. She went into the gym, wondering who it could be.

As she approached the group of cheerleaders, who were watching the new try-out as she went through her routine, she noticed the newbie had long dark hair, a pimply light green complexion, old-style metal braces over pearly white teeth, and looked a little pudgy for her height. Her paunch, while slight, hung out over her skirt and jiggled pleasantly.

For all her flaws and small boob size, the new hopeful carried herself with poise, grace, and a certain charm that oozed from her as she performed several difficult acrobatic maneuvers and finished with a split on the floor. Perspiration beaded on her brow while she panted to catch her breath.

“So, what do you think, Bonnie, am I good enough for the team?”

Bonnie gave Kim a nod as she caught up to the group.

“I think you’re very good. You need some extra practice to hone your skills, but otherwise, I can’t see any reason not to have you join. Of course, the final decision is up to Kim as she’s the captain,” she then motioned the others to follow her and leave Kim alone with the new girl to chat.

“She’s good, Kimmy. With a little work, she could best you as head cheerleader,” Bonnie said with a nasty smirk. The other girls just rolled their heads and eyes while following behind her.

With some effort, the candidate got up, walked over to the bleachers where a towel and a bottle of water waited for her, then wiped her brow and chugged the water.

“So, what’s your name?” asked Kim. “Bonnie never offered it.”

“What? It’s me, Kim!” the girl looked at Kim expecting her to know, and got a puzzled stare instead.

“Oh, come! I know I was a late bloomer who wore heavy braces until I turned 18, and so what if I’m a little pudgy for my age? What’s throwing you off? Is it my boob size?”

“Um, no. Wait a minute! Shego? Is that you?”

“Well, duh! Who’d you think it’d be? After the effects of the Juvenator took hold, my lawyer got me off the hook on the condition that I attend a local high school. So, here I am! Can you hook me up? I can claim this as an extracurricular activity to pad my parole record.”

Shego could hear the gears grinding in Kim’s head and almost quipped about smelling wood burning, then thought better of it.

After a few long seconds, Kim responded, “Okay, no tricks, or out you go. All I want to see is you being a part of the cheerleading team. Got it?”

Shego raised her hand in a boy scout salute, and said, “I promise, Kim! Oh, and it looks like you hired me just in time, too!”

“Just in time for what?” Did her voice sound a little high? She cleared her throat as Shego got up and unfolded her towel. She held it open and approached Kim with a knowing smile on her face.

Kim scanned the towel for signs of weaponry and found none. Shego walked up and put it around her shoulders. She seemed taller than Kim remembered.

Nonplussed, Kim pulled the towel around her shoulders. “Um, thanks, I think?”

Her cheerleading skirt hit the basketball court floorboards a second later.

“What just? No! No no no no no no!”

Shego rubbed her tweenage shoulders in sympathy. “You didn’t think you’d get out of this unscathed, did you? Considering that I lost over a decade, a couple of years is nothing in comparison.”

Still in shock, Kim tried to talk it through. “I just went up a new bra size-”

“And now it’s a new, well, old bra size yet again!”

She looked at Kim’s physique charitably. “Although a training bra would fit better.”

“My driver’s license-”

“It’ll be there when you grow back up.”

“Will they send me back to the eighth grade?”

“Not if you pass a test, I’m sure. I lost no faculties and I can still remember everything that led up to me being a teen again!” assured Shego.

Just then, Bonnie tumbled by. She got up and motioned for the next girl in line to perform her tumble, then walked over to Kim and Shego.

“Hey, Shego, what’s the good word? Are you on the team?”

Before Shego could answer, Bonnie looked at Kim and launched rapid fire into the burning question that brought her here.

“Who’s the kid? It looks like Kimmy! It’s a cousin, right? Just a cousin visiting who’s playing dress up, right?”

Shego grabbed Bonnie’s wrist to quiet her. “This is Kim, Bonnie. We both got hit by an experimental ray yesterday and now we’re both younger.”

Bonnie took a deep breath as if to calm herself. She launched into a new ramble, “You mean ‘younger’ as in ‘physically younger’? Does it stop? Will it keep going? Is Kimmy going to be a baby? Oh, wow! I better get some diapers! Can’t have messes on the basketball court! Oh, geez! Oh, wow!”

Shego led a babbling Bonnie to the bleachers and sat her down. She grabbed her bottle of water and then thought twice. Looking at Kim, she said, “Calm her down. I’m going for another bottle of water,” while running towards the locker room.

“You’re not getting younger right now, are you Kimmy? Am I going to get younger? Oh, geez! I don’t want that! I’m too young to be a baby!”

Making soothing sounds to the distraught Bonnie, Kim said, “It’s okay, Bonnie. Nothing’s going to happen to you, honest! Take some deep breaths and breathe for me, okay?”

After some coaxing, Bonnie did breathing exercises as coached by Kim. She calmed down in short order.

As her rational mind started booting up again, Bonnie remembered who she was and what her relationship was with Kimmy.

“Ah ha! Kim Possible, I’m going to tell the coach to disqualify you from the team for being too young!” she cackled, thinking that she’d finally got Kim where she wanted her!

Kim smiled as Shego came up with a bottle of water and handed it to Bonnie. As Bonnie casually sipped her beverage, Kim reminded Bonnie about how well she did during her first tryout and how her current age did not differ from then.

Bonnie wasn’t having it. “Oh, yeah? Prove it, squirt!”

Kim almost dropped the towel in her eagerness to comply. Shego grabbed her and led her off to the locker room.

“We’ll be right back, Bonnie!” she called over her shoulder.

With A junior uniform, along with a pair of socks and sneakers from the lost and found, the pair returned to the gym.

Bonnie admitted defeat after Kim completed her routine to sit scissor-legged on the gym floor, breathing heavily with little sign of perspiration.

“You win… for now.” She’d have to try something else to trip her up later.

(End Chapter Two)



End Chapter 2

Kim Possible: Three Cheers For Shego!

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated May 18, 2023


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Can I ask you something?

Johnny Hall · May 17, 2023

Hello? Do you take requests?

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username · May 19, 2023

Sorry, I don't visit more than once a day. I happened to be uploading chapter 3 earlier. No on the discord. I thought about what could be appealing about Angelica getting an alternate ending, but I'm not seeing how regressing a 5-year-old is fair game. Could you give me a clue as to what direction the story could take?

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username · May 19, 2023

I think I could make that work. I'll put it in with my other projects and work on an outline. I can't guarantee anything at this time.

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