Kim Possible: Three Cheers For Shego!

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Chapter 3
Trading Places

Chapter Description: Kim and Shego's friendship intensifies.

Give me an ‘A’!”

Shego, positioned at the front of the formation, smiled and raised her pompoms while yelling enthusiastically. The cheerleaders behind her followed her motions perfectly as their cheer went out to their audience.

A lonely tweenager girl sat on the cheerleader bench wishing she had led the cheer. Kim’s size restricted her from all but a few routines with the squad. The coach approved her for several difficult acrobatic maneuvers but cut her from major performances.

Although Shego temporarily took her place as team captain, no ill will existed between the two. They found themselves to be simpatico frenemies.

Ron often invited himself into their company when they went out for fast food and conversation after school. Any romantic notions that he’d shown to Kim before had disappeared with her maturity.

After a week or two passed, Shego was at Kim’s house. The parents and tweebs were out with personal activities, leaving the pair to themselves.

Shego sighed heavily as a gecko lizard on the TV screen pushed car insurance with a humorous bent while licking its eyeball.

Are you bored, Shego? Do you want to do something else?”

Kim didn’t want Shego to feel their get-togethers were boring.

No, Kimmy. I just have a few assignments to complete for my candy striper training. There’s plenty of time to complete it, but I'm not looking forward to it.”

What is it you need to do? I could help you.”

No, that’s okay. It involves taking care of babies and toddlers,” she smiled, thinking of Kim as a diaper-wearing baby. “Wanna be my practice dolly?” she teased.

Kim, having lost several years in appearance already, thought about it. She concluded if they were private, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Enthusiastically, Shego ran out to her car and retrieved a large baby bag with several sizes of diapers and baby care products in it.

Kim soon found herself diapered, wearing a bib and sitting in a high chair while Shego made whooshing noises at her with a spoon full of oatmeal.

Thank you so much for being my practice baby, Kimmy! I’m confident that I’ll pass the test with flying colors, thanks to you!”

Kim, who secretly enjoyed the attention her friend gave her, smiled and opened her mouth for the airplane to land in the hangar.

No problem, Shego!” she swallowed letting a small amount of oatmeal dribble out of the corner of her mouth.

With her lunch finished, Shego laid Kimmy down for a nap. Hamming it up for her role as a baby, Kimmy wasn’t having anything of it.

I don’t wanna take a nap!” she said with her arms crossed and her trademark puppy dog pout on full display. Shego had her lying down after a few tickles and a hug.

After several minutes, Kim needed to go to the bathroom. She got up from her bed.

Where are you going, Kimmy? I just got you down for your nap and it’s not over yet!”

Sorry, Shego. I have to go to the toilet,” Kimmy said as she found herself intercepted.

It’s okay, Kimmy! Use the diaper and I’ll clean you up.”

Wow, you want that nursing credit, don’t you? Hang on, I can’t do it yet.”

That’s okay. Take your time.”

Kim went into her bedroom to concentrate on soiling her diaper. She had to fight years of potty training reinforcement, but eventually, she filled it to the breaking point.

Waddling down the hallway, being careful to not cause a diaper leak, she approached the living room to present her “little surprise” to Shego.

Instead of Shego laying her down to pull the diaper off, she declared Kimmy to be beyond mere wiping, picked her up by her armpits, and carried her to the bathroom.

As Shego cleaned her up, washed her down, shampooed her hair, then dried her off, Kimmy could be seen enjoying every minute.

Diapered, smiling, and carrying an enormous teddy bear, Kim went to the living room while Shego cleaned up the bathroom.

Ron was there sitting in a chair with a tremendous grin on his face.

Mortified beyond belief, Kim fought down the urge to run and hide. She instead faced Ron down.

H-Hi, Ron! Have you been here long?”

Yep!” Ron’s smile grew a little wider.

How much did you see?” she felt herself die inside.

All of it.”

My diaper change?”

Yep, and your bath. Sorry about that. I guess this was a bad time to visit?”

Kim examined his sober expression and said, “Depends. Are you going to tell anyone?”

I won’t tell a soul. It’s our secret!”

Great waves of relief flooded Kim’s body as she thanked Ron for being a good friend.

Kim, dazed by her experience, remembered her old coloring books in her room and went off to color a picture unfinished for over 10 years.

As she walked back to the living room to show “Mommy” Shego her coloring, she discovered her and Ron kissing on the couch. Shego had her arms around his neck and the pair were finishing a long, passionate embrace.

Before Kim could run off in utter shock and embarrassment at her boyfriend being stolen by another girl, Shego slowly pulled away.

And that’s how you kiss a girl, Ron! Remember that when Kimmy grows back up, okay? Oh, Hi, Kimmy!”

Kim’s mind raced, putting two and two together. The strain on her face showed as she did her best to find a reason for the display of affection between the two. After a long moment, she asked, “Um, were you two practice kissing?”

Yep, and you caught us! When you turn teenage again, you’ll find that Ron’s a great kisser!”

Ron, who had remained silent, smiled and nodded his head enthusiastically.

Ron excused himself to let the two girls straighten things out between themselves.

after they talked about boys, Kim thought about what had taken place between Shego and Ron.

Shego has been a good friend since the incident. I guess I’ll just wait and see,” she decided.

Kim cleaned up, disposed of her baby's things, and readied herself for school in the morning.

(End Chapter 3)



End Chapter 3

Kim Possible: Three Cheers For Shego!

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated May 18, 2023


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