Kim Possible: Three Cheers For Shego!

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Kim and Ron foil the latest attempt by Drakken and Shigo to take over the world, but Kim soon discovers that world-saving isn’t without a few difficulties.

Chapter 1
The Mirror factory

Chapter Description: Drakken and Shego are looking for an expensive artifact in a mirror factory. We now join the evil duo’s scheme being foiled by Kim Possible and her reliable sidekick Ron.

Drakken held up his Juvenator device to fire off a shot of chronal energy towards Kim as she performed a leap and somersault with her left foot extended that was countered by Shego with her arm in a forward-blocking maneuver.

The resulting crack as Shego grabbed Kim and threw her to the ground reverberated throughout the building. The beam flew above them and began a cascade of reflections from a nearby mirror.

Hey! Watch it, Drakken! I’m here too you know!” yelled Shego as she threw a punch towards Kim and dodged a sideswipe from Kim’s extended leg.

Oops! Sorry! I won’t miss next time, I promise!” said Drakken as his device’s ready light changed from red and glowed green.

She’ll be wearing diapers soon!” he muttered as Ron kicked the device out of his hand. “I think not, Drakken! In case you didn’t notice, I’m here too!”

It clattered to the floor and broke into several pieces. Drakken picked them up and attempted to place the colored rings in the proper order on the device’s plastic pole.

Ron tied him up with a piece of rope that he carried for just an occasion and tossed the broken Juvenator pieces into a nearby trash can labeled: “Electronics recycling only”.

Meanwhile, the original beam of chronal energy became absorbed by a special mirror made of pure crystal, refracted itself inside, lost photons from several spectra of light, then bounced around its crystal matrix for a full minute before ejecting itself as a bright, pink light that hit both Shego and Kim.

As the victorious Kim won the fight, she tied up Shego’s wrists and looked around for the origin of the light that had illuminated Shego and her.

Where did the pink light come from?”

Shego answered and gestured with her head, “It came from that mirror over there.”

Kim hoisted the older woman to her feet and dragged her toward the mirror. The light coming from it was soft and warm as it glowed with a calming presence.

Beneath it, a placard read: “We forged this unique mirror with trace amounts of lead, boron, zinc, and barium. The ultimate result is a mirror that is slow to reflect light. - The Crystal Mirror Company,”

Kim took a glance at her reflection in it as her image trailed what she did. She gave it a quick wave and watched as her wave came back with a slow delay.

Trippy,” she said as the police arrived to take Drakken and Shego away. After filling out a report and the criminal pair shuffled off to a waiting police wagon, Kim continued scrutinizing the mirror for more clues.

What do you make of it, Wade?” she quizzed her communicator.

This is called ‘slow glass’, Kim. It’s fairly useless and displayed by wealthy people as a conversation piece. You say that it emitted a pink light?”

Yes, I fear it might have reflected Drakken’s Juvenator. He fired it at us and missed.”

Hmm, I’ll run some statistics on the Juvenator’s chronal emissions and cross-reference it with the slow glass, then get back to you,” said Wade as he closed the channel.

With that, Kim and Ron sped back to the gym to resume cheerleading practice.

Donning her outfit, she hurried into the gym where the other cheerleaders were practicing. An irked Bonnie detached herself from the group and stomped over to Kim.

There you are, Kim Possible! How are we supposed to practice our routines if our captain is always absent?”

Sorry, Bonnie!” she said and then called out to the others, “Sorry, girls!”

Turning back to Bonnie, she shrugged her shoulders, “What can I say? I got called away to save the world for the umpteenth crisis-level emergency. Let’s finish our practice!”

You haven’t heard the last of me on this, Kim Possible!” spat out Bonnie, still angry at her for ditching her important duties as a cheerleader.

They practiced their routines, Bonnie got over her snit, and Kim went home escorted by Ron.

I wonder why Bonnie always had it out for you? I remember her calling you ‘tin teeth’ back in middle school. Has she never said a kind word to you?”

There were a few occasions, Ron, but I think she’s the way she is because of her older sisters always telling her how she doesn’t measure up to their standards. I’m hoping she’ll get over their mean remarks someday.”

The pair walked together in silence. With Drakken and Shego incarcerated, and their school day done, their topics for conversation were meager. Instead, they used the time to enjoy each other’s company.

Well, here’s your stop, Kim. See you tomorrow morning!” Said Ron as they approached Kim’s house. Kim hoped he’d ask himself inside or grab her for a hug or a kiss. Heck, a handshake would do! Ron, however, remained taciturn and waved goodbye to Kim as he headed off to his house.

She watched him go with her trademark pout, then went inside her house. “There’s a pep rally tomorrow. Better make certain I’m ready for it!”


Kim woke up the next morning with her usual high energy. She kicked off the covers and suited up in her cheerleader outfit. She loved the fact that during Pep Rally, she could wear it all day. Racing downstairs, she devoured a hearty breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage.

Thanks for the breakfast, Mom! See you later, Dad! You two stay out of trouble!” She said to the tweebs. The pair returned her admonition with an angelic “Who? Us? Never!” expression on their faces.

As Kim walked outside, Ron came up to join her right on time, as was his usual routine. The two began their walk to the school.

Kim’s communicator went off, and she answered it.

Good morning!” chirped Wade from the communicator’s image screen. “I have the results from my extensive analysis of the slow glass and the Juvenator beam if you’re interested.”

Is it good news or bad? What’s the sitch?” asked Kim as she braced herself for the bad news.

The resulting beam has the strong possibility of causing a person to revert to an earlier stage of their physical development.”

Well, nothing’s happened to me. Perhaps in my case, it was a few minutes?”

We’ll know by the end of today. If nothing happens for 24 hours after exposure, that’s a good sign. Questions?”

None. I’ll let you know if something happens! Kim out!”

Ron cautiously looked at Kim. “I hope nothing happens, Kim! If it does, just let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out, okay?”

Kim smiled at Ron for his concern. Someone other than a parent that cared for her well-being was heartwarming.

As they arrived at the school, Kim broke off towards the gym. “I’ll see you during the Pep Rally, Ron! Go team!” she said with a smile as she ran off.

See you later, Kim!” said Ron as he headed off to his first-period class.

(End Chapter One)



End Chapter 1

Kim Possible: Three Cheers For Shego!

by: username | Story In Progress | Last updated May 18, 2023


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