The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 13
Chapter 13

Chapter Description: Ozzie and Luna leave Jenn and venture out to face the evil witch Devzla.

Ozzie and Jenn stayed a few more days to help make sure everyone would be safe. Jenn had come to feel like a grandmother or aunt to Ozzie, and the two had developed a bond of their own. Indeed, Jenn had come to think of Ozzie as part of her own family. Such was the power of love and light. It brings people together in peace and harmony.

Its time.” said Jenn. “You two must begin your journey home. She will seek you out, so remaining here only puts the people in danger.”

What about the people back home?” asked Luna. “Won't they be in danger too?”

Indeed they will.” said Jenn. “Which is why you must act quickly. I believe you will find her in the same cave Ozzie found Azrael in.”

She's there?!” asked Luna, looking worried.

Yes, she has made her home there.” said Jenn. “But she knows you are not home, so she will not waste her energy on the village just yet. She will be saving all of her energy for you two.”

She has made her home there before.” said Azrael from inside Ozzie's mind.

Azwael say dat cave was her home befowe.” Ozzie relayed the message.

That's no surprise.” said Luna. “Those books we read said she was driven out of the village, and that cave isn't too far from it. Its nice and dark, plus its where you found Azrael. She must have left to find more sources of dark power, but left him there to lure in people wishing for youth so that she could sell the resulting infants for money to fund her research.”

She may have also killed many more children.” said Jenn, grimly. “Dark magic comes from tragedy and death. What would cause more tragedy than losing your own children? Snuffing out that light before it can mature and spread.”

She's a monster.” said Luna angrily. “She will pay. No more loss. No more tragedy. It has to stop.”

Ozzie nodded and hugged Luna as he was being held. “We do it togeffer!” he said with an encouraging smile. “I beat wots of magic monstahs befowe. Wif you, I bet we can do anyfing!”

That's the spirit!” said Jenn. “You two must do your best to remain positive, even in the face of overwhelming negativity.” She looked at Ozzie and put her hand on his head. “Ozzie...there is something I should have told you before. I have glimpsed into your future and...there will be a great threat to your light.”

Ozzie frowned and looked worried. “W-wha does dat mean?” he asked, clinging to Luna.

It just means that you will face a real challenge.” said Jenn. “It'll be the most challenging thing you've ever experienced so far. Whatever happens, please remember that we are all counting on you. You must defeat Devzla at all costs. Since you have Azrael inside you, she won't stop coming after you and threatening those you love.”

Wast time she said somefin about gettin' a new body.” Ozzie informed her.

I'm afraid that means she may be planning to take your body Luna.” said Jenn grimly.

But, why my body?” Luna asked.

Any body will do, but she hates males and wouldn't want to be a baby.” said Jenn. “Even if she somehow managed to separate Azrael from Ozzie, she would not be able to use his power so freely.”

Can she do dat?” Ozzie asked. “I did pwomise Azwael I wouwd set him fwee.”

There is a way, but I'm not sure if she knows of it.” said Jenn. “It requires a ceremony and crossing into the demonic dimension. The safest way would be for you to enter it yourself, Ozzie, and have Azrael guide you from there. The unsafe way would be to simply rip him out of you, and that would likely cost you your life.”

Oh, good to know.” said Ozzie with a sigh.

When you are victorious, come back here, and I will help you.” said Jenn. “Here.” The white haired aged woman handed Luna a scroll.

A return scroll.” said Luna. “But these don't work over such a long distance.”

This one will.” said Jenn. “I have enhanced it using some of my own magic.”

But your magic energy is limited!” said Luna with concern. “You shouldn't have done that.”

That is my decision to make.” said Jenn. “The fight with her may drain you both, and you may need to return here immediately for rest and healing.”

I guess dats a good idea.” said Ozzie. “You seem to know wha is gonna happen. It dun seem wike ish gonna be good.”

Don't worry.” said Jenn. “All will work out in the end, but only if you retain that light inside you. Remember that.”

Ozzie nodded. “I wish we couwd stay hewe.” he said with a sniffle. “Ish been so fun, and we feews wike famiwy.”

Yeah,” said Luna, wiping away a tear. “I wish we could stay too, but we have to do this. We are the only ones who can.”

I too have grown to love you both.” said Jenn. “After all this is over and peace is returned, perhaps we can all be a family together.”

I would like that.” said Luna.

Me too.” said Ozzie with a smile. They all hugged one more time, very tightly, before Ozzie and Luna left.

We had better be on guard.” said Luna, sitting at the front of the wagon holding the reins.

Ozzie nodded, sucking on a baby bottle filled with fruit juice. Sure enough, a good distance down the road, some shadowy figures blocked the road.

We have trouble.” said Luna, warning Ozzie. She tried to get a better look at them. They were dark wolves. Beast kin that have been tainted by darkness. They only do the bidding of darkness for the sake of spreading it all over the world. They didn't speak, only growled, acting more like animals that humans or even decent beast kin.

Dey wook mean.” said Ozzie, his magic at the ready. “Wets use owr wight.” Ozzie reached out his hand to Luna.

Yes, lets try it out on these monsters.” Luna said, taking Ozzie's hand. Their inner love and light shown bright and the dark wolves could see it. Then the two focused it into a beam that burst forth with tremendous power, aimed right at them. The dark wolves were obliterated almost immediately, leaving nothing behind.

Oh wow!” said Ozzie excitedly. “They gone gone!”

All the way gone gone!” giggled Luna. “I didn't know we were so powerful!” It was mainly due to using light directly against dark. Their power was simply way too much for the dark wolves to handle. However, deep down Luna knew it was probably just a test, and that the witch Devzla was likely watching.

They soon reached the area where they stopped before to have a picnic, but continued on. They couldn't afford to waste time. Soon after, they got attacked again. This time by more dark creatures, a gang of goblins. Goblins were mostly gray skinned, green eyed, smaller creatures with wild black hair. One or two were easy to deal with, which is why they always traveled in large groups. One of them had been enhanced by the witch, and towered over the others. It had huge muscles and sharp teeth as well.

Wets twy it again!” said Ozzie, and again they focused their light. They goblin group scattered though, in two directions, and surrounded the wagon. They were fast, being so small, but the larger one simply jumped up high to avoid the beam.

These aren't going to be so easy.” said Luna. “You're going to have to break out some special magic.” Luna still only mainly knew healing and protection spells. Not much on the offensive side except for small fire balls and ice bolts.

Ozzie readied himself and pointed up at the sky. Suddenly clouds moved in and thunder sounded, then lighting began to strike each and every goblin around them. It knocked them all back and shocked them quite a bit. When the big one came charging, Ozzie used earth magic to create an earthquake that opened a deep hole under the big brute, and swallowed it up. He then closed the crack in the earth, dealing with the big brute for good. Without their big leader, the other smaller goblins fled.

Good job sweety!” Luna cheered. She gave her baby boy a hug.

Fanks mommy!” Ozzie said, hugging her back. He enjoyed being praised, like any child would. He settled back into his seat and the two continued on.

They soon arrived at the train station and unloaded all their things before getting on board.

I don't think they will attack us here.” said Luna. “Too many people.”

I wondew if Juwian is hewe.” Ozzie giggled. He secretly hoped he would be there, but knew it wasn't likely.

I doubt it sweety.” said Luna, carrying him to the dining car. “Now lets get something to eat. I'm starving after that travel.”

Me too.” said Ozzie. Using magic also used up his energy, but eating food and taking naps replenished it.

Luna sat Ozzie in a high chair and sat down by him at a table. They ordered their food and Luna happily spoon fed Ozzie. “Here comes the choo choo train!” she said, offering up a spoon full of food for him.

Too too twain!” Ozzie said, and opened his mouth wide. He ate the food happily, enjoying being babied in public like this.

After they both ate, Luna cleaned up Ozzie's face then took him to the restroom where she changed his diaper. “These train restrooms are so cramped.” she said, unfastening his diaper.

Yah.” Ozzie agreed. “It jus a potty n sink wif a fowd out changin' tabwe.” He laid there and cooed contently. When the cool air hit his wet skin, he suddenly began to tinkle. “Uh oh!”

Ozzie!” shouted Luna in fake anger. She barely managed to dodge the little squirt and flung the front of his diaper back over him. She was used to this happening a few times, but didn't hold it against him. “Such a little tinkle pot! Guess we should make sure you're done.” The fuzzy raccoon mommy began tickling Ozzie with her tail, making him giggle and squeal with glee.

Hehehehe!” Ozzie giggled helplessly. “I s-s-s-sowwy!” He did feel bad for tinkling so suddenly, but did find it funny at the same time. Like all babies, he had no control over it. The tickles made him empty his bladder into his diaper, which ballooned as it soaked it all up.

There, all done?” she asked, wiggling his little toes.

Uh huh!” Ozzie smiled, breathing heavily from all the laughing. He blushed and sucked on his thumb as he was changed, cleaned, and rediapered.

Luna disposed of the used diaper and washed her hands, then carried Ozzie to a small personal compartment like before. She got undressed except for her underthings, folded down the bed, and laid down with her little baby on her stomach. “Tomorrow is the day.” she said, beeping his nose.

Hehe, I knows.” said Ozzie as he laid comfortably on her furry belly and chest. It always felt nice to rub his face on her fur. She was so warm and soft and loving. “I scawed tho.”

Me too.” said Luna as she petted Ozzie's baby-soft hair. She held him in place with her other arm and let him snuggle her tail. “It'll be okay though. I just know it will.”

You awways make me feew bettah.” said Ozzie as he sighed contently and closed his eyes. “Nini mommy. I wuv you.”

Good night sweety.” said Luna, kissing Ozzie on the forehead. “I love you too.”

The two slept soundly, able to repel any attempt by the witch to enter their dreams with their light. The next day would be one neither would ever forget.



End Chapter 13

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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