The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 24
Chapter 24

Chapter Description: Ozzie goes shopping with Shiro meets a new friend in the anthro world.

Ozzie awoke in the morning, his bottle empty from before, and his diaper was very very heavy. Shiro was right, he couldn't open the crib himself. He could fly out, but what fun would that be? So Ozzie pressed the button on the baby monitor. “Shiro?” he called out. “I'm awake.”

Shiro heard Ozzie on the monitor and soon walked into the nursery. “Good morning Ozzie!” he greeted the diapered adult skunk.

Good morning Shiro!” Ozzie returned the tabby cat's greeting. “This crib was super comfy to sleep on!”

I'm glad you liked it!” said Shiro, opening the crib.”I can tell already that you need a change.”

Ozzie hopped out of the crib and giggled, his diaper sagging. “Heh, yep! Its super soaked thanks to that bottle of tea.” he said with a smile.

Go ahead and hop on the changing table baby skunk.” Shiro teased.

Ozzie blushed and got up onto the changing table. His soggy diaper squished underneath him as he laid down.

Shiro got to work and untaped Ozzie's diaper, pulled the front down and began to clean him up. “So what is the plan for today?” he asked.

I need to keep searching for Luna.” Ozzie said as he was being cleaned. He lifted his legs up so Shiro could clean his bottom and remove the soiled diaper. “But I need some suggestions on where to start.”

Shiro rolled up Ozzie's used diaper and tossed it in the diaper pail. “You said Luna was your mommy. Its possible she is acting as a caretaker or babysitter somewhere.”

Hmm, she might.” said Ozzie as a clean diaper was placed under him. “When I talked with her last, she said she had found a new friend who was helping her.”

It would be nice if you could speak with her again.” said Shiro, applying powder to Ozzie's diaper area before taping his diaper up snug.

I wish I could.” said Ozzie, sitting up. “She tends to communicate with me during dreams, but lately she hasn't been. I'm worried.”

Its possible something here on this world is getting in the way of her communication.” said Shiro, washing his paws. “Maybe magic works differently here.”

It seems to mostly work the same.” said Ozzie, hopping off the changing table.”But you're right. There could be something scrambling signals here. I thought I saw her when I was meditating yesterday.”

Hmm, perhaps you should try it again.” said Shiro. “I have asked some of my friends if they have encountered her.” said Shiro. “So far none of them say they have.”

Well, thanks for asking them anyway.” said Ozzie. “I should be on my way. I've been enough of a burden to you.”

No you haven't.” said Shiro. “I've taken care of many adults at once before. Besides, I insist you stay for breakfast.” He led Ozzie to the dining room where he served Ozzie some pancakes and scrambled eggs.

Oh, my favorite!” said Ozzie. “I'm so glad these exist here!” He smiled and drooled a little.

So you have had these before.” said Shiro, tying a bib onto Ozzie. “Good. I'm glad I picked your favorite.”

Ozzie was surprised at the bib. “Huh?” he asked. “A bib?”

Yep.” said Shiro with a smile. “Here, have a seat.” He showed Ozzie to an adult-sized high chair. It was made of wood, but painted a pastel blue.

Of course!” said Ozzie happily. “I'd be glad to!” He stepped up and sat down in the high chair and sat down in its cushioned seat.

Shiro smiled and fastened the tray in place then placed his plate on it. “Now, open wide.” he said, and offered up a bite of pancake.

Ozzie blushed and opened his mouth and accepted the food. It was buttery and tasty just as he remembered. It was a bit different, but mostly the same, and just as delicious. “Mmm...” he said and swallowed. “So good.”

Glad you like it.” said Shiro, feeding him some eggs next.

Ozzie smiled and ate like a good boy. Being an adult now, he didn't get much on his bib, but he did dribble a little bit onto it. After he ate, he was offered an adult-sized baby bottle of orange juice, which he gladly drank.

Shiro just smiled and wiped Ozzie's face clean. “Good boy.” he said. “You cleaned your plate.” He took the tray away and let Ozzie out of the chair.

Ozzie stepped out of the chair and hugged Shiro. “Thank you.” he said. “You have made my first visit to this world a wonderful one.”

Shiro smiled and hugged back. “You are welcome.” he said. “Why not continue to stay here and I will help you find your Luna? I can help guide you through the city, and even introduce you to some of my friends. Maybe you will find something out.”

Once again, I must thank you.” said Ozzie. “I think that would be a good idea. There is still so much I don't know about this world. Even though it is very similar to mine, it is also very different. I accept your offer.”

Shiro smiled. “Good!” he said. “I'm glad to hear it. If you want to repay me, you can help wash these dishes and keep the place clean.”

I would be glad to!” said Ozzie with a smile. “Anything to help.” He took the plates and carried them to the kitchen where he put them in the sink. He had watched Luna and Jenn wash dishes, and even helped them when he could, so he knew how to do this. “These plastic bottles of soap really work wonders.”

Yeah they do.” said Shiro as he helped. “I take it dishes were harder to clean in your world?”

Well, harder than this at least.” said Ozzie as he scrubbed. Soon they had finished and washed up.

I can let you borrow some clothes.” said Shiro. “I'll take you into town and you can have a look around.”

That would be great.” said Ozzie. He followed Shiro to the nursery again and this time he brought out some age appropriate clothing. It was a pair of khaki shorts and a red t-shirt. He slipped them on, noting the extra button in back for his tail. He was pleased to see that it covered his diaper well.

Shiro packed a packpack and put it on, and the two walked a long dirt road to the city where Ozzie got a better look at things. Shiro had told him about how the tall buildings were made and how things are bought and sold.

It was all very impressive to Ozzie. He looked around at the hustle and bustle of the city people. It was so much busier than any town or kingdom he had ever been to. The cars all whizzed by as they walked down the sidewalk, making Ozzie feel a bit nervous. “What is keeping them from losing control and running into people?” he asked.

They have to complete a test in order to drive those.” said Shiro. “So they have to actually know how to drive them, but there are accidents sometimes. Try not to think about it.”

Sounds scary, but okay.” said Ozzie. They continued down the street until they came across a clothing store.

It would be a wise idea to get you at least a few outfits for wearing in public as an adult.” said Shiro.

But I don't have any money.” said Ozzie. “I mean, I have some gold, but you say people here only accept paper.”

Its no problem.” said Shiro. “I got you covered. Some of that gold can be traded for money though.” He walked into the store with Ozzie.

Ozzie looked around at all the clothing and people inside. He walked over to the section meant for males and took note of the fashions. “The clothing here is much different from what I am used to.” he said. “Its much better made for one thing, and more colorful.” He really liked the colors blue, red, and green. He liked the clothing with pockets since he liked having robes that could hold multiple potions and other items. He picked out a few different kinds of shorts, pants, and shirts, then he spied the socks. They were big socks to account for big feet paws, and he loved them. He got several pair in both white and his favorite color blue.

Shiro paid for the clothing and the two continued on, browsing the city. “How is your diaper?” he asked quietly.

Ozzie blushed. “Still dry, I think.” he replied. He hadn't really thought about it. He knew he would need a change eventually though. Ozzie spotted a toy store and eagerly looked inside.

Typical.” said Shiro. “Come on, I know you want to.” He smiled and ushered Ozzie inside.

Ozzie's eyes widened. It was a toy paradise. There were toys for all ages, but he mainly went for the action figures and vehicles. “These are so cool!” he said with his diaper crinkling under his tail. “The kids here must be spoiled.”

Pretty much.” said Shiro. He was having fun watching the adult baby skunk explore a treasure trove of childhood wonders. Then he saw a familiar face. “Trip? Is that you?”

A lanky twelve-year-old monkey boy with red hair and fur turned around. He was wearing square frame glasses, a t-shirt with cartoon characters on it and jeans and holding a toy in his hands. “Oh hi Shiro!” he waved.

Ozzie, this is Trip.” said Shiro. “Trip, this is Ozzie. He's one of us.” Shiro winked at Trip.

Hihi Trip!” greeted Ozzie. “Nice to meet you. Oooh, what is that you have?” He saw the toy in Trip's hand and was immediately interested.

Oh this?” said Trip. “Its a transforming toy! It turns from a robot into a car!” He smiled and showed Ozzie the cool toy.

Oooh, that is so neat!” Ozzie said, looking at the toy. He wasn't sure what a robot was, but he had a good idea. “I wish I had one.”

Oh, you can have one.” said Shiro. “Go on, pick one out.”

Really?!” Ozzie smiled like a little kid, which made him regress slightly. “Oooh, I want this one!” He picked out a red truck robot.

That's a good one!” said Trip. “I have one at home!”

That's so cool!” said Ozzie. “I want to get more sometime, but I don't want to drain Shiro's funds.”

The three went over to the counter and bought their toys, then exited the store.

So, he's one of us?” asked Trip.

Yeah, lets go somewhere private.” said Shiro, and lead them to a spot nearby where no one was around. “He's an age player, but also a regression victim.”

He did look a bit older earlier.” said Trip. “What happened to you?”

Oh, very long story.” Ozzie said, pulling his shorts and diaper up, making a crinkle sound. He looked more like a teen now than an adult.

You wear diapers huh?” Trip said, poking at Ozzie's padding.

Y-yeah.” he said. “Do you?”

No.” said Trip. “I'm a big boy.” He chuckled at that. “But I have some friends that do.”

But he wasn't always this age.” said Shiro. “Trip here had a dose of both anthro and FOY water when he was thirty-five-years-old. He regressed to the age you see now and also turned into a monkey. He's one of the ones who is stuck at his current age.”

Oh, really?” Ozzie said, looking the regressed monkey boy over. “I wonder why.”

“What about you?” Trip asked Ozzie.

Oh I can control my age!” said Ozzie proudly. “Well, sometimes. I also tend to regress when someone treats me like I'm a baby or if I get too into the childish mental zone.”

I've heard of curses like that.” said Trip. “It can be rough.”

Curses?” asked Ozzie. “There are regression curses?”

Yes.” said Shiro. “Some people develop curses from the pools. It seems to be random. There are also some mysterious people out there somehow causing curses. No one really knows how or why though.”

That sounds chaotic.” said Ozzie. “It must be really difficult for some people. Maybe I can help with my magic.”

You can do magic?” asked Trip. “Oooh, show me!”

Not here.” said Shiro. “Lets go to your place.”

You have a place to live?” asked Ozzie.

Oh yeah.” said Trip. Its a place where a lot of regression victims live. If someone is old enough to take care of themselves, they can have an apartment to live in. There are also some live-in caretakers there who take care of the younger victims.”

Sounds interesting.” said Ozzie. “Lead the way.”

Trip led the two to an apartment complex. There were some regressed kids out playing ball and some babies in strollers being pushed by caretakers. Trip took the key to his apartment out of his pocket and unlocked his door. Inside it was decorated with a lot of posters for super heroes and robots. He had a TV by a couch and some beanbag chairs. His apartment had a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Perfect for one person or one regressed person.

This is a nice place you have.” said Ozzie as he looked around. He recognized some of the characters on the posters from the cartoons he had seen.

Its small, but it works for me.” said Trip. He put his new toy down and sat on the beanbag chair. “So what kind of magic do you have?”

Lots of kinds!” said Ozzie. “How about some fire?” He opened his hand and a ball of flame appeared in it. “Or maybe some ice!” He opened his other hand and produced a ball of ice.

That's so cool!” said Trip. “Show me something else!”

Okay.” said Ozzie, putting away the fire and ice. He then gestured towards Trip and made him and his beanbag chair levitate into the air.

Whoa! Cool!” he said excitedly. “You can make stuff float!”

Yep!” Ozzie said, lowering him back onto the ground.

Shiro just sat on the couch and watched, smiling. He saw that Ozzie truly had a child-like spirit about him and it came out all too easily.

How did you learn all this?” Trip asked Ozzie.

Before my regression, I was a powerful wizard in my world.” Ozzie explained. “I got turned into a baby by a demon, but it turns out I can easily learn and replicate magic that I see or experience, so I was able to learn to control my own age, and other stuff too.”

That's pretty cool.” said Trip. “I've been a twelve-year-old monkey for about five years now. I still remember my adult life and all my education, but jobs are picky about hiring regression victims. So the government has a system that helps people like me live on a fixed income.”

Its nice of your government to put something like that in place.” said Ozzie.

Where are you from?” asked Trip.

Well, can you keep a secret?” Ozzie asked.

Of course I can!” insisted Trip.

I'm from another world.” Ozzie said. “My world is much different from this one. No cars or big buildings made of metal. We have horses and stone houses, kind of like your middle ages. However, we have an abundance of magic. We have anthros too, but we call them beast kin. They weren't created from water though. They are animals given humanoid bodies and human-like intelligence via natural magic interaction. Basically the magic in our world created them. We all get along for the most part. Its just monsters and goblins threatening the peace.”

Monsters and goblins?” asked Trip. “That sounds so cool.”

They weren't very cool to me.” said Ozzie. “Very deadly and dangerous.”

How did you get here?” asked Trip.

“I opened a portal to this world because I am looking for my mommy.” said Ozzie. “Her name is Luna and she is a blue and purple striped raccoon. Have you seen her?”

I don't think so.” said Trip. “How is she your mommy?”

Well, she found me when I got turned into a baby, and helped take care of me.” Ozzie answered. “She and I bonded and became mommy and son. I love her so much, and I miss her a lot.”

I hope you find her.” said Trip. “I can take you to a place where regressed adults sneak off to, but you gotta be a big kid to enter, so between ages 5 and 13. Maybe someone there knows something.”

Oh, no problem!” Ozzie said with a smile. He began to shrink in front of Trip and Shiro until he was about eight-years-old. He looked silly in his floppy over-sized clothes.

That works.” Trip laughed. “But you should have some clothes that fit.”

I think I can fix that.” Ozzie said, and concentrated. Eventually his clothing began to shrink until it just fit.

You can do that too?” asked Trip. “That's amazing.”

Yeah, its kinda hard though.” Ozzie blushed. “I think I need a diaper change.” He turned and looked at Shrio.

Shrio laughed and got up. “Okay kit, I got you.” he said. He got out a diaper changing mat and rolled it out. “Take off those shorts and lay down.”

Ozzie did as he was told and laid on the changing mat. “You okay with this Trip?”

Trip nodded. “I have friends that wear diapers.” he said. “Some like em and some need em. I don't, but I am okay being around those that do. At least until they stink.” That made them all laugh a bit.

Good to hear.” said Ozzie as he blushed and was changed by Shiro. Once done, he stood up and pulled his shorts back on.

Shiro placed the dirty diaper in a bag and packed everything back up. “When do these regressed people meet?”

Usually on the weekends.” said Trip.

That means we have to wait until tomorrow.” said Shiro. “Mind if we crash here?”

Well, there's not much room, but sure.” said Trip.

“I can fix that.” said Ozzie, and he opened up a portal leading to the inside of Shiro's house.

Oh, that's handy!” said Shiro.

I can open a portal to any place I've already been before and gotten a good look at.” said Ozzie.

Perfect!” said Trip happily. “I've stayed at Shiro's before. His place is great.”

It helps that you're one of the more behaved ones.” said Shiro with a smile. “Come on kids, lets go.”

Ozzie and Trip grabbed their new toys and headed into the portal with Shiro where they would stay the night.

To be continued...



End Chapter 24

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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