The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 20
Chapter 20

Chapter Description: Ozzie practices changing his age, but finds he has lost his potty training no matter what age he is.

During the following days, Ozzie would practice his magic while also pretending to be a real baby around the kids Jenn would babysit. Ozzie had finally mastered opening portals to various places he was familiar with, and it was time to practice his aging magic. Out in the back yard, Ozzie and Jenn communicated with Azrael via telepathy.

You've changed your age before,” said Azrael. “but you weren't aware of it. This time you will be, and you must maintain focus while doing so.”

Okay.” said Ozzie. “I'm weady.”

Just focus on either getting older or getting younger.” said Azrael. “For you, I'd suggest getting older first.”

Wight.” said Ozzie. He closed his eyes and imagined himself growing, getting older. However, his body didn't respond.

Keep trying.” said Azrael. “You can do this.”

I believe in you sweety.” Jenn cheered. “Do it for Luna.”

Ozzie nodded and tried again. Slowly but surly, his body began to grow. He grew taller and more developed. His muscles became stronger and more defined as he passed age four, age five, age six. He was as old as Steven now, and kept going. He passed the age of eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. His body felt strange going through puberty again, but he kept going past fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, then eighteen. His body hair grew in and was a little itchy.

Stop there!” said Azrael, trying to see if Ozzie had the ability to halt the aging process at any moment.

Ozzie did so and stopped growing older. He looked down at himself, and blushed to see he had burst out of his clothing. He covered himself with his hands. “Uh oh, why didn't you say anything?” he asked.

I didn't want to distract you.” said Jenn. “Besides, I've seen you nude many times now.”

But not at this age!” Ozzie shouted and blushed, still covering himself.

Congratulations.” said Azrael. “You're eighteen-years-old again. How do you feel?”

Silly and naked.” said Ozzie. “In the cave, you made my clothes grow. How do I do that?”

It requires mastery of space and time magic.” said Azrael. “You have to be able to create and alter things at will. I didn't age your clothes, I merely altered them to fit your age.”

I see.” said Ozzie. He picked up his baby mage robes, which looked so tiny to him now, and tried to make them larger. He concentrated very hard, but nothing happened. “Ugh, I can't do it yet.”

Its okay.” said Jenn. “I can find something that will fit you.” She went into the house and came back with a pair of shorts. “These are some of my old things. I wore these in my more youthful days.”

Ozzie blushed and slipped them on. He didn't want to wear women's clothing, but thankfully the shorts were gender neutral. They were green and had pockets on the sides. “Not bad.” he said, looking down at them. He looked in a mirror and saw that he had facial hair. It too was white and blue. “That has to go.” He always disliked facial hair. Ozzie concentrated and the facial hair went away. “Nice!”

In the future, you may find yourself needing to be a certain age.” said Azrael. “You should go shopping for some clothes that will fit you at various ages, then store them in your astral room.”

Good idea.” said Ozzie. “It feels weird being this big.”

I bet it does.” said Jenn. “Especially after being a baby for so long.”

Try to stay this age for a while.” said Azrael. “I know you want to stay little, but you must be able to resist that urge and stay big.”

Oh, right.” said Ozzie. “Yeah, I don't like being this big, but I will try.”

Lets start by getting you some clothes.” said Jenn. “See if you can stay big while shopping.”

Ozzie nodded and blushed. He picked up his wallet and headed out into town with Jenn, still only wearing shorts. They headed to a clothing store nearby and began looking around.

You have plenty of baby clothes, so lets look at the older kids stuff.” said Jenn. “See anything you like?”

Ozzie nodded and pointed to some tan shorts and a red shirt that had blue stripes on it. Next he picked out some clothing meant for ages 8 to 10, then moved on to something for ages 11 through 13, and so on, mostly picking out plain clothes so as not to stand out too much. After all the clothes had been picked out, he paid with some gold he still had on him from what seemed like ages ago. They then went back home, hoping none of the kids would see them together and wonder who he is.

Once home, they laid out the clothing according to age and Ozzie put them into a closet in his astral room using a portal.

I guess I should get dressed.” said Ozzie. He looked at the choices he had and put on a plain white shirt and some blue shorts. It felt strange not wearing a diaper. “How do I look?”

Like an eighteen-year-old man.” said Jenn. “The hair is the only real give away.”

Yeah.” said Ozzie, running his fingers through his hair. “I like my hair though.”

There are spells that can change your hair color.” said Jenn. “People use them all the time for fashion reasons.”

I guess it would be worth looking into.” said Ozzie. “Just in case.”

Now that you're older, maybe you can do more magic.” said Azrael. “Lets give it a try.”

Ozzie nodded and went back into the back yard. “Okay, what should I try?”

Try opening multiple portals at once.” said Azrael. “Then try moving stuff from one space to another without closing any of them.”

Ozzie nodded and opened a portal to the inside of Luna's house, then one to the quiet spot they stopped and had a picnic at. He then walked through to Luna's house, picked up a book, and carried it out and into the other portal. “I can do it!” he said. “No problem!”

Good!” said Azrael. “Your reputation is well deserved. Now, quickly, stop time!”

Ozzie quickly stopped time where he was at the picnic spot. Everything was quiet and still. Animals were frozen in place, and a few leaves were floating in the air.

Okay, now step back through the portal while keeping time frozen.” said Azrael.

Ozzie did so, and time was still frozen on the other side of the portal, but not where he was. “Interesting.” he said. “So I can freeze time in one area while it flows naturally in another.”

That's no small task.” said Azrael. “Now let time flow again and close the portals.”

Ozzie nodded and did so, but he was still holding the book he took from Luna's house. “Oh, I forgot to return this book.” he said, looking at it. It was one of the ones Luna used to find out more about witches. “Better get this back to the library.” Ozzie opened a portal to the library and placed the book back on the shelf. “There we go.” He then returned to Jenn's back yard.

Good job.” said Azrael. “How do you feel?”

A bit drained, but okay.” said Ozzie. “I can keep going.”

Very well then.” said Azrael, and the two continued training until Jenn noticed something.

Ozzie?” Jenn called. “Did you just?” She motioned to his crotch.

Huh?” Ozzie looked down to see that he was wetting himself. A large wet spot was growing on the front of his shorts as urine began to drip down his legs. “What?!”

Oh man.” said Azrael. “Not this again. You're supposed to be more in control!”

Ozzie blushed and tried his hardest to stop the flow, but it just kept going. “I can't stop it!” he said, trying to hold it back with his hands.

Oh dear!” said Jenn. “You've become unpotty-trained! All that time as a baby has gotten you used to just going when you have to.”

So I'm going to need diapers at any age?” asked Ozzie. “Seriously?”

I guess so.” said Jenn. “Come on. Lets get you cleaned up.” She talked as if she were talking to a child.”

Ozzie blushed and followed Jenn. He felt so childish that he began to regress.

Careful not to drip on the floor.” said Jenn. She looked back to see a ten-year-old by in over-sized wet shorts looking down at the floor with tears in his eyes. “Aww, sweety, its okay.”

Ozzie's emotions began to get the better of him and he cried quietly. “S-s-sorry.” he sniffled. “I got pee on your floor.” He gripped his drenched shorts as a six-year-old.

Better let me have those.” said Jenn, tugging at his shorts.

Ozzie reluctantly gave up his soaked shorts and let his shirt cover his groin. He could still feel the warm wetness on his front and legs. He had the smell of urine around him as he became a four-year-old. He rubbed the tears from his eyes and sniffled.

Come on.” said Jenn. “Into the tub with you.” She led Ozzie to the bathroom where she filled the tub with warm water and bath soap. She gently tugged the ill-fitting shirt from the two-year-old boy and laid it aside, then lifted him up and placed him in the tub. “Hey now, it'll be okay.”

Ozzie sniffled and wiggled in the tub. He was his usual baby age again. At least now his accidents would seem appropriate. “I got smaww again.” he said, looking up at Jenn.

I can see that.” said Jenn, washing the baby wizard. “Looks like your age can be tied to your emotions.”

Uh huh.” said Ozzie. He did try hard to stay a big boy all day, but failed. “Ish jus so hawd to be big.”

Well, its not fun being older.” said Jenn as she washed his hair. “You may have the right idea wanting to stay little. Whatever age you want to be, you will always be one of my little ones.”

Ozzie smiled a little, feeling better. “I wike pwayin wif my fwiends.” he said while splashing in the tub.

I know you do dear.” Jenn said, rinsing him off. “All clean. Now lets get you dry.” She wrapped the little boy in a warm dry towel and dried him off.

Ozzie giggled and suddenly floated up. “I wan be nakie!” he declared.

Oh?” said Jenn with a smirk. “You enjoy being a nudist like Steven?”

Uh huh!” said Ozzie. “He got da wight idea!” He giggled and flew around the house without a stitch of clothing on.

Okay, but just for a few minutes.” said Jenn. “And stay in the house.” She chuckled, seeing his bare little bottom. She just wanted him to be happy. It had been a long time since he had seen and talked to Luna, so he needed a way to blow off some steam. If this helped him do that, then she was okay with it.

Ozzie continued to float around and play. He made some alphabet blocks float around him and stacked them up very high. Higher than any actual child could possibly stack them. He giggled and landed on the floor, padding around the living room completely bare and carefree. It was so fun and freeing, but he started to feel tired and laid down by the fire. It felt so warm on his bare skin. Soon he fell asleep sucking his thumb.

Jenn smiled and picked up the sleeping baby boy and carried him to her room. She carefully diapered him and laid him in his crib. “Sleep tight little one.” she said quietly, and kissed him on the forehead.

The next few days were filled with training and more playing with friends. Ozzie was nearly ready to begin his search for Luna, but first he had to keep his word to free Azrael.



End Chapter 20

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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