The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 21
Chapter 21

Chapter Description: Ozzie sets Azrael free and leaves to search for Luna, but not before giving Jenn a gift.

It had been a long time since Ozzie began his training, but soon he would have to leave Azrael behind. They had been bonded together for so long, it was hard to imagine life without him. He wasn't sure how this would work, but Jenn had helped him prepare for the attempt.

This will be the first time anything like this has been attempted.” said Jenn. “Then again, everything about you is kind of a first isn't it?”

Ozzie nodded. He had prepared by aging up to twenty-years-old so that he could have a bit more power behind his spells. “Its certainly never happened before.” he said nervously. “I don't know what I'll do without you Az. It'll be very lonely in my head after you're free.”

I have to admit, I'll miss you too.” said Azrael via telepathy. “I won't miss the diapers though.”

Ozzie chuckled. “No, I imagine you won't.” he said, still very much wearing diapers even as an adult.

Are you ready?” asked Jenn. “Once we begin, we can't stop until its done.”

I've taught you all I can as we are.” said Azrael. “I am confident in your abilities.”

Thanks Az.” said Ozzie. “I appreciate your help through all of this. I am ready Aunt Jenn.”

Then lets begin.” said Jenn. “Stand in the circle.” She had drawn a magic circle on the floor in her living room big enough for Ozzie to stand in. Once he had done so, she began to chant.

Ozzie stood still and closed his eyes. Soon there were images in his head of a world he had never seen before. The ground consisted of blue dirt hills and a strange green sky. The sun was unseen, yet there was enough light to see the rocks and hills in the area. Other than that, the only features that were visible were dark cracks in the land, indicating that the land had split apart at some point, leaving very deep chasms. “What is this place?” Ozzie asked.

This is my home world.” said Azrael. “I know it doesn't look like much, but it is what my kind is used to.”

Maybe I could visit sometime.” said Ozzie, mostly joking.

I doubt that would be a good idea.” said Azrael. “My kind aren't too fond of your kind.”

Meanwhile, Jenn kept chanting and placed some special crystals around the circle.

I feel it pulling me.” said Azrael. “My home is calling to me.”

Then go to it.” said Ozzie. “Go there and be free. Thank you for all you have done for me.”

You're welcome.” said Azrael. “Although it was my fault to begin with. I would also like to thank you for helping me not only to be free, but to show me that people can be trusted and even befriended.”

“Does that mean we are friends now?” Ozzie laughed.

Indeed it does.” smirked Azrael. His tall, muscular, dark blue form walked out from Ozzie's body and into his home world.

Ozzie could now see Azrael standing in front of him. His long back hair was blowing in the wind as he looked on with his black eyes and smile on his face.

Before I go, I have decided something.” said Azrael. “I will keep our telepathic link open. So you and I may continue to contact each other should we need to. Just try not to bother me too much.” The demon winked.

Ozzie smiled and nodded. “I appreciate that!” he said happily. Now he would still be able to talk to his demon friend anytime he wanted. Well, almost. “Goodbye my friend!”

Farewell Oz!” Azrael waved. “Good luck in finding Luna! I know you can do it!” With that, the image of Azrael and his world faded to black.

Ozzie opened his eyes to see Jenn in front of him. “Thanks Jenn.” he said with a smile. “You did it.”

You're welcome sweety.” said Jenn. “I couldn't see, but I could hear you. I'm glad he considers you a true friend.”

Me too.” said Ozzie. “I'm still gonna miss him, but maybe we can actually meet face to face one day.”

Anything is possible.” said Jenn. “Especially when you are involved.” She smiled and hugged him.

Ozzie smiled and hugged her back. “I have kept my word.” he said. “Now it is time to find Luna. But first I...” He suddenly felt faint and passed out.

Ozzie? Ozzie!” yelled Jenn, but to no avail. She tried everything to wake him up, but he remaind unconscious. He was older, so also heavier, but she managed to get him into a bed. “Oh Ozzie, what am I going to do with you?”

As Ozzie slept, he dreamed. In his dreams he saw both Luna and Azrael. “Is this a dream?” he asked.

It is.” said Luna.

And it isn't.” said Azrael. “You tied your magic with Luna's, and since you were already tied to mine, we are all three tied together.”

We are talking to you across dimensions.” said Luna. “The dream-scape is the most efficient place to do this.”

I'm glad I can talk to you both at all.” said Ozzie in his baby voice. “Why am I unconscious?”

When I first bonded to you, you became part demon. Our unbonding took a lot out of you.” said Azrael. “More than I expected. Your body couldn't deal with that sudden loss of magical power.”

What can be done then?” asked Ozzie.

We will give you more magic power.” said Luna. “After all we have been through, we trust you with this gift as we know you will use it to make others happy.”

This isn't a gift given lightly.” said Azrael. “But without it, you have no chance of finding your Luna.”

I understand, and thank you.” said Ozzie. He felt magic power being poured into him. It added to his own magic wells and he began to feel better.

You are welcome my baby.” said Luna. She appeared to him in his dream and hugged him. “I love you.”

Ozzie smiled and hugged back. “I love you too mommy.” he said smiling.

Azrael stood watching, but smiled. “See ya around kid.” he said as they both vanished.

Ozzie woke up and sat up suddenly. He was in the bed, and still an adult, but in a very wet diaper, and his head hurt badly. “Oh, my head...” he said, holding his head. He got up and walked out of the room to find Jenn sitting in her rocking chair.

Oh! You're awake!” she shouted happily. Jenn got up and ran over to him, hugging him tightly. “You've been out for a while now.”

Yeah.” said Ozzie. “I need a change.” He pointed to his sodden diaper.

I'll get you a fresh one.” said Jenn. She left and returned with a clean diaper. “I assume you don't need me to change you when you are an adult.”

Oh, that's right.” said Ozzie with a blush. He went into the bathroom and got out of his wet diaper, wiping himself down, then rediapering himself before coming back out. “Thanks for that.”

You're welcome.” said Jenn. “Now come, sit down. Tell me what happened.”

Ozzie sat down and explained his dream experience to Jenn.

I guess that makes sense.” said Jenn. “There's still so much we don't know about a fusion between human and demon. You could still have lingering side effects.”

Maybe.” Ozzie said, looking himself over. “I feel fine now though. I feel like I did when I was still bonded to Azrael.”

At any rate, its late now.” said Jenn. “Maybe you should just rest for now and begin your quest in the morning.”

As much as I hate to wait, you're right.” said Ozzie. “I'll go and practice some in the back yard for a while.” He went outisde and practiced changing his age. He shrank down to ten-years-old, then down to five, all while making sure his clothes still fit. He had some trouble once he dipped below three, but he could at least keep his diaper the right size. Then he tried making himself older again. He found he could age himself up to nearly thirty, but he just didn't want to go past that point, and would always regress back down after trying.

After a lot of age changing, Ozzie was pooped, literally and figuratively. He waddled awkwardly inside with his diaper hanging low at about three-years-old. “Awntie Jenn?” he said in a small voice. “I tinky.”

Jenn walked up and checked him. “Yep, you sure are smelly boy.” she joked. “Lets put you in the tub.” She led him by the hand to the bathroom where she filled the tub with warm water and bath soap. She removed Ozzie's messy diaper and cleaned his bottom, then placed him in the tub.

Ozzie giggled and played in the tub. He grabbed a toy boat and set it on the surface of the water, pushing it around. He splashed the water, making waves for the boat.

Jenn watched and smiled. “Looks like a rough sea.” she joked. She was happy that even though Ozzie could get older, he never lost his baby-like innocence.

Uh huh!” said Ozzie. “Hawd ta powt!” He giggled and moved the boat around the tub using magic. “Time to tame da sea cap'n!”

Jenn chuckled and plopped a toy duck into the water. “Look out for Mr. Ducky!” she said with a smile.

Oh no!” said Ozzie in mock surprise. “Steew cwear of it!” He giggled and made the boat circle the duck. “Dis gonna be a big catch!” The boat and the ducky drifted together in the water. “We got it!”

Good job sweety!” cheered Jenn. “Time to get clean crew!” She cleaned Ozzie all over and washed his hair, then rinsed him off. Then she wrapped him in a warm towel and dried him off.

Ozzie giggled and ran off again before he could be diapered. “Hide n seek!” he yelled as he toddled off to hide.

“Ozzie!” Jenn called out. “Okay, fine, but no pottying on the floor or anything.” She smiled and began searching out the nude little wizard. Fortunately he wasn't totally dry and was leaving little wet foot prints for her to follow. She followed them to her closet where she saw his little toes peeking out from behind a dress. “Uh oh, where is the baby? Where could he be?”

Ozzie couldn't help but giggle. He knew it was silly but he had his hands over his eyes as if that kept him hidden.

If he's not here, then who's are these?” said Jenn, suddenly tickling his toes.

Ozzie squealed and giggled, wiggling around. “Yoo fownd me!” he squeaked. He held his little arms up to her.

Jenn smiled and picked him up. “Silly baby.” she said, beeping his nose. She laid him down on the changing table and proceeded to diaper him. “Auntie is going to miss her baby boy.”

I gonna miss yoo too awntie.” said Ozzie a little sad. “Buh I can come back any time!”

You just better be careful out there sweety.” she said, fastening his diaper snugly. “There won't be anyone out there to change you if you are wet or messy.” She picked him up and hugged him.

I wiww.” said Ozzie, hugging her back. “Dun wowwy, I can do dis. I can find hew. Den we be back togefew again!”

I look forward to that.” said Jenn, placing Ozzie in his crib with a night time bottle of warm milk. She sat next to him and began to hum a soft song.

Ozzie smiled and suckled on his bottle while looking at Jenn. He smiled around the bottle's nipple and soon the combination of warm milk and song had him sleeping soundly.

Good night sweety.” said Jenn, kissing Ozzie on the forehead. She too got ready for bed and turned the lights out before getting into bed. The two had a nice and comfortable night's sleep.

The next day, after getting up and getting ready, Ozzie once again grew to adulthood and was now fully prepared for his quest to find Luna.

According to Azrael,” said Ozzie. “I just have to concentrate on Luna and open a portal.”

I hope you find her soon.” said Jenn. “I will be here for you whenever you need me.”

Before I go, I have something for you.” said Ozzie. He placed his hand on her shoulder and concentrated.

Jenn wasn't sure what was going on, but then started to feel like she had more energy. The usual aches and pains of early aging began to leave her and she figured out what he was doing. “Ozzie? Are you sure you want to do this?”

Ozzie nodded. “You deserve it after all you've done.” he smiled. “Don't worry, you can just tell everyone you colored your hair. He continued to concentrate until Jenn's gray hair returned to its brunette color and wrinkles on her face began to smooth out. “You paid the price of using black magic, but you've more than made up for it in my opinion. Enjoy your health.”

Oh thank you!” said a more youthful Jenn. She looked now to be about as old as Luna, which was in her late twenties. She smiled and hugged the adult Ozzie. “I'm still going to look after the kids of course, but now that I have my youth I can finally use more light magic to help everyone.”

I'm glad.” said Ozzie, hugging Jenn tightly. “I didn't want to leave you before helping you take care of things here. Now that I know you can handle things, I will feel better starting my journey.”

Be safe out there sweety.” said Jenn, wiping away a tear. “Oh, its like one of my children has grown up and left home.”

Don't worry.” said Ozzie. “I'm sure I'll be your baby again sooner or later.” He chuckled and hugged her one more time before returning to his task. He thought about Luna, trying to get a read on where he had accidentally sent her. Finally, a portal opened. The other side looked much like their own world.

Be safe sweety.” said Jenn one more time.

I will.” said Ozzie. “Take care.” He took a deep breath and stepped through the portal.



End Chapter 21

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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