The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 19
Chapter 19

Chapter Description: Ozzie spends the day with other kids as Jenn babysits again, and he discovers that one of them is a victim of regression like him.

When the morning sun shone through the window, Ozzie awoke and rubbed his eyes. He yawned and felt that his diaper was very wet. Clutching the bars of his crib, he pulled and stood up. Suddenly something from within, and his body automatically reacted, causing him to mess his diaper. This made him blush, but also made him feel very babyish. He would have to call Jenn in to help him get changed. “Awntie Jenn!” he called out. “I awake!”

Jenn soon came in. “Good morning little one!” she said, picking him up. “Oh, stinky baby. Lets get that mess cleaned up.” The elderly-looking woman laid the baby boy on the changing table and unfastened his diaper.

Ozzie blushed and covered his nose. “Tinky.” he said babyishly.

Yes it is.” said Jenn. “All babies make stinky messes sometimes though.” She smiled as she lifted him by the legs and cleaned him up, then removed his soiled diaper and replaced it with a clean one. She sprinkled some powder on his front and bottom them carefully fastened the diaper snugly. “There, all clean and sweet smelling again.”

Yay!” Ozzie giggled and clapped. He held his little arms up. Even though he could fly, he still enjoyed being carried.

Jenn gently lifted up the baby boy and carried him to his high chair in the kitchen. “Time for some breakfast.” she said as she sat him down in it, then washed her hands. She had made pancakes again and sat down in front of Ozzie to feed him.

Oooh, yay! Pantakes!” he said happily. “Yoo make da bestest pantakes evew!” He smiled and ate happily as he was fed.

Thank you sweety!” said Jenn, feeding him sweet syrup-drenched bites. “I'm glad you like my cooking.”

When ish da kids comin ovah?” he asked, taking another bite of fluffy pancake.

Soon.” said Jenn, eating some breakfast herself. “Probably shortly after you finish eating. The parents that drop their kids off try to have their little ones fed breakfast before dropping them off here.”

Oh, dats good.” said Ozzie. “Dat way dey not hungwee.”

Exactly.” said Jenn, feeding him the rest of the pancakes. “They pay me a small fee since I provide the diapers and food for most of their day. It is a good way for me to make a living here.” After eating, she cleaned Ozzie's face and picked him up. “I'm sure you know this, but while the kids are here, do your best to act your physical age. No magic and no big words.”

Wight.” he said. “Jus wike wast time.”Buh now ya dun haf Wuna to hewp. Ya suwe ya dun want me to use magic?”

I'm used to babysitting multiple little ones by myself.” said Jenn. “I know you prefer to be little, so I won't ask you to grow up. Besides, even if you did, there would just be a lot of questions. I don't think people should know there is a possible fountain of youth living in town.”

Twue...” said Ozzie, thinking on it. “So many peopwe wanna be young.”

I know that all too well.” said Azrael telepathically from within Ozzie. “I've turned many adventurers into babies for that witch.”

Do you remember any of them?” asked Jenn curiously.

I remember all of them.” replied Azrael. “I would know them if I saw them.”

That's good.” said Jenn. “Because I think one of the children coming over today was one of your victims.”

Weally?” Ozzie asked. “How do ya know?”

Sometimes they kinda say things only someone older would know about.” said Jenn. “Sometimes they just kinda seem older than they look.”

I guess we will see.” said Azrael.

Soon enough, there was a knock at the door. It was Steven's parents, dropping him off. Steven was the six-year-old human boy she babysat last time. He still had that strange black hair that faded to brown at the ends, a blue right eye and yellow left eye, and still wore diapers. He had on some red shorts and a blue shirt today.

Welcome Steven!” said Jenn, letting him in. “Ozzie is back with me today. I'm babysitting him for Luna.”

Hi Ozzie!” Steven shouted, greeting Ozzie. Even though Ozzie was technically a baby, he still saw him as a friend and someone he could play with.

Hihi Seeben!” Ozzie lisped, waving at the boy from Jenn's arms.

Can I hold him?” asked Steven. He always felt like a big brother to the younger kids and wanted to help.

I don't know sweety.” said Jenn. “He may be too heavy for you, and I don't want you to drop him.”

Aww, I won't!” said Steven. “I promise!”

Well, okay.” said Jenn. “Just be very careful and if he cries bring him back to me.” She gently handed Ozzie over to Steven.

Ozzie wiggled a bit. He wasn't used to being held by someone so small, not to mention a child.

Steven held Ozzie a bit awkwardly, but he did the job. “He's not so heavy.” he said, bouncing Ozzie in his arms a bit.

Try holding him like this.” said Jenn, directing Steven to hold little Ozzie with one hand under his bottom and the other wrapped around his back.

Ozzie felt more comfortable this way, but it was still a strange feeling. “Seeben big.” he said, praising the little boy.

Steven smiled and held Ozzie more comfortably. “Yep!” he said happily. “I'm like a big brother!” He gently swayed Ozzie back and forth.

The next to arrive was a three-and-a-half-year-old human boy with peachy skin, brown hair, and emerald green eyes named Lucian. Jenn could tell that he would have an affinity for light magic, much like Luna, when he grows up. So she tried to nurture this by showing him some light magic tricks.

Hello Lucian!” Jenn greeted the little boy who wore little mage robes much like Ozzie's, but his were purple, and also wore a diaper. Most of the children Jenn babysat wore diapers for one reason or another. For one, potty training normally wasn't started until age four and often not completely mastered until age six.

Hewwo Miss Jenn!” Lucian greeted the gray haired babysitter. He came scampering in, greeting Steven. The two knew each other, but he did not know Ozzie. “Hi Steven! Who's dat baby?”

Hi Lucian!” Steven smiled, still holding the baby wizard. “This is Ozzie. He's almost two!”

Ozzie blushed and waved to the diapered tot. “Hihi!” he said with a smile.

Oooh, he dwessed kinda wike me!” said Lucian excitedly. He smiled and showed Ozzie a purple rock. “See? Miss Jenn gave me dis. She says I gonna be a mage when I gwow up. Dis is a magic stone.”

Ozzie looked at the stone and could tell it was a protective item Jenn had enhanced. “Oooh, pwetty!” said Ozzie.

The three children heard a knock at the door, then saw Jenn coming over holding a baby lion beast kin who was wearing only a white diaper.

Kids, meet Nic Roarin.” said Jenn. “He's only a year old, but he still likes to play.”

Little Nic smiled and cooed. His fur was brown except for his toes, chest, hands, and tail tip which were a tan color. His eyes were also brown, big, and cute.

Another baby?” asked Steven, looking at the kitten beast kin. “He's so cute! I wanna hold him too!”

You can't hold two babies at once silly.” said Jenn. “Here, let me take Ozzie and you can take Nic.” She switched babies with Steven and held onto Ozzie.

Aww!” said Steven. “He's so soft. Beast kin are so lucky!'

Little Nic purred and giggled, swaying his tail back and forth.

Lucian smiled and played with Nic's tail. “I wondew what ish wike havin a taiw.” he said.

While the kids focused on Nic, Jenn and Ozzie looked at each other.

That's the one.” said Azrael inside their minds. “The beast kin lion. He was one of the adventurers that I turned into a baby.”

“Aha!” said Jenn telepathically. “I thought so.”

But if that's true, why is he still a baby?” asked Ozzie, able to speak normally using telepathy.

Its my fault.” said Azrael. “I was particularly upset that day so I made his transformation permanent.”

That's a cruel fate.” said Jenn. “I can understand your hatred for the people of this world, but that seems like going too far.”

I know.” said Azrael, feeling regret. “What is crueler is the witch taking his mind. I am sorry, but I can make it right. No doubt the ones who adopted him wonder why his age is frozen. I imagine they must have taken him to many doctors and maybe have even had to move around so people don't ask questions. Ozzie hasn't aged a living being yet, so I am hesitant to have him try now.”

I agree.” said Ozzie. “Even if I did, it would just draw more attention to us and make the children ask questions. We would likely have to leave this place and I don't want to do that.”

I can at least restart his aging process.” said Azrael. “Just put your hand on him and I'll do the rest.”

Jenn put Ozzie down and he waddled over to the other kids.

I wanna see da fwuffy baby.” said Ozzie, reaching out with his little hands.

Sure Ozzie.” Steven said, kneeling down to Ozzie.

Ozzie smiled and reached out, touching Nic's fluffy tummy. Secretly, he concentrated and let Azrael do his thing. “Oooh, soft baby!” said Ozzie, keeping up his baby behavior.

Azrael used his magic, reaching out through Ozzie and into Nic, altering the magic curse within him. “It is done.” he said in Ozzie and Jenn's minds.

Ozzie smiled and tickled the little lion's feet, making him giggle babyishly.

“Bababababa...gah!” Nic babbled. “Big boy!” The litle lion pointed a finger at Ozzie.

No silly.” said Steven. “Ozzie is a baby like you. Just a bit older.”

He will age normally now.” said Azrael. “Since he has been a baby for a long time, he may start learning things quickly. He may also retain some babyish behavior.”

At least he'll grow up.” said Jenn telepathically. “Thank you.”

Don't thank me.” said Azrael. “This was my own doing. I regret all of the work I did for that witch.”

“The important thing is that you're doing the right thing now.” said Jenn.

Steven put Nic down on the floor and Ozzie waddled over to him and sat down. The two happily played with some building blocks while Steven and Lucian played with clay.

Ozzie built a little house while Nic built a tower. The two babies giggled and played happily together. Ozzie felt like he had a common connection with the baby lion, in that they had both been regressed. He just wished that Nic could talk to him about it. It would be nice to have someone else to talk to about the ups and downs of regression.

Children! Lunch time!” announced Jenn. She had prepared sandwiches and apple slices with baby bottles of juice and a sippy cup for Steven.

Ozzie was caught by surprise. He had been so engrossed in playing that he hadn't kept track of time. It was fine though, because he was hungry. “Num nums!” he said, holding his arms up.

Jenn picked up Ozzie and Steven picked up Nic. She put Ozzie in a high chair and took Nic from Steven, putting him in a high chair too. “Good boy.” she said to Steven. “Thank you for being so helpful.”

You're welcome!” said Steven happily, having a seat at the table.

Jenn helped Lucian into a booster seat and gave them their plates of food to eat. “Eat up everyone!” she said, feeding Ozzie and Nic little bites of food.

Lucian kept making a mess with his food, but Steven was there to help clean him up. Likewise, Ozzie and Nic kept having food dribble down their chins and giggling at each other.

Silly babies.” said Jenn, wiping their faces and paws. She helped clean all the little ones faces and hands, then let them go play in the back yard.

Hide n seek!” shouted Steven. “Hide from Ozzie!” He giggled and ran to hide.

Hehe, otay!” he covered his eyes. “Wike dis?”

Yeah!” shouted Steven. “I know you can't count, so I will. One....two...”

Nic giggled and covered his eyes, thinking he was hiding.

Three...four....” Steven kept counting, hiding behind a tree. “”

Lucian went and hid in the garden behind some tall plants.

Eight! Nine! Ten!” Steven finished counting.

Ozzie giggled and uncovered his eyes. “Weady ow na, hewe I come!” he said, waddling around looking. This was his first time being the seeker in hide and seek, and it was fun. He found Nic immediately. “I got Nic!”

Nic giggled and rolled around on the grass, getting grass in his fur.

Ozzie toddled around looking for the others He could sense the small magic power coming from Lucian and tracked it to the garden where he found him. “Fownd Wucian!” he giggled.

Aw man!” said Lucian. “I thawt I as invisibwe!” He giggled and ran over to Nic.

Ozzie began looking around for Steven when he spotted a pair of red shorts. He waddled over to them then spotted a red shirt. After following the red shirt he found a large diaper. “Uh oh...” Ozzie giggled. “Seeben nakie again!”

Just then, a nude Steven ran out from behind a bush. “Nakie time!” he shouted, giggling and streaking around the back yard.

Steven!” shouted Jenn from inside the house. She had been keeping an eye on them through the window while cleaning up from lunch. “Put your clothes back on!”

Nakie butt!” shouted Lucian as he covered his eyes and giggled.

Jenn walked out in the back yard. “Steven!” she shouted. “I said put your clothes back on! You'll catch a cold!”

Steven eventually relented and went to put his clothes back on. “But my diaper is wet!” he shouted to her.

Then come get a change.” said Jenn. She brought out a fresh pair of diapers in Steven's size.

Steven walked over wearing just his shirt. “Sorry.” he said apologizing. “I just don't like clothes too much.”

Aww, I know.” said Jenn as she cleaned Steven and sprinkled powder into his diaper, then slid it onto him. “But you want to be a good big brother don't you? That means you have to set a good example for the little ones.”

Steven nodded and slipped his shorts back on. “I'll be good.” he said with a smile.

Good boy.” Jenn said, patting his head. “Now go play.”

Steven ran back to the others and began playing in the dirt. Ozzie had joined Nic in rolling in the grass and Lucian was making mud pies.

Jenn just shook her head. “I guess I'll have to get a bath going for them all.” She headed inside, running some warm water in the tub.

Outside, Ozzie was having fun getting his hands dirty. He scooped up some mud to make a mud pie like Lucian was doing. Just then he felt a familiar feeling and his body automatically squatted and pushed.

“Ozzie is makin a tinky!” giggled Lucian.

Ozzie blushed and nodded. “Dat not mud.” he giggled.

Nic giggled as his diaper expanded as well. “Poopy!” he shouted happily.

Jenn walked out to get the kids. She wrinkled her nose. “Phew! Who is making presents?” she asked jokingly. “I guess you may as well. You all need a bath.”

Da babies are!” said Lucian, unaware that he too was messy.

So that includes you?” teased Jenn, after checking his diaper.

Steven was blushing, needing yet another change. He felt like a baby, having a messy diaper too.

Guess I have a big job to do!” said Jenn. “Come on over and lets get you all cleaned.” One by one she removed their clothing and diapers, then cleaned their bottoms. Steven was first, followed by Lucian, then Ozzie, and finally Nic. She herded them into the bath tub in order from oldest to youngest, each sitting in front of the other, and she began the task of bathing them all.

The children all giggled in the bubbly bath water, splashing around and getting water everywhere.

Steven tried to help by bathing Lucian, but Jenn still had to bathe him and the others as well. He did enjoy being bathed and getting to play with everyone. Many of the kids at school made fun of him for wearing diapers, but here he could play happily and be a big boy while also being babied a bit.

Lucian splashed at Ozzie who splashed back, both giggling and having fun. “I got yoo!” he said while splashing.

Nu uh!” said Ozzie, splashing back. “I got yoo!” It didn't even embarrass him getting bathed with the others. It was as if they were all good friends or even family. There were no bad words or harsh treatments between them. They were just children innocently playing in the tub while a poor older woman tried bathing them.

Nic just giggled and played with the bubbles on top of the water. He tried putting some in his mouth, but Jenn stopped him.

No, no.” she said gently. “Those aren't for eating.” She worked hard and finally got them all cleaned and rinsed off. She gave toweled Steven off, then gave him another dry towel. “Please dry off Lucian Steven.”

Steven nodded and did as he was asked. He was happy to help. He and Jenn both got all the smaller children dried off and then it was diaper time. After getting his diaper on, Steven helped by handing Jenn the things she needed to diaper the others.

Thank you Steven.” Jenn smiled. “You're such a big help!” It was exhausting, but she managed to bathe and diaper each one of them. Now it was time to wash their clothes.

The children stayed in just their diapers while their clothes were being washed, and each laid down to take a nap. Ozzie and Nic were put in the crib together while Steven and Lucian slept on the bed.

Jenn was finally able to rest a bit. She sat down in her rocking chair as the others slept and read a book. Not too long after this, she began making her usual cookies for cookies and milk as a snack for when they got up.

Ozzie awoke to the scent of fresh baked cookies. He wanted to go get some, but everyone was asleep. He thought about just floating to the kitchen, but didn't want to risk anyone seeing him. They could wake up at any moment. He didn't want to cry out for Jenn, because that would wake the others. The little wizard really wanted those cookies though. They just smelled so good! Suddenly, a portal appeared right next to Ozzie. He looked in to see it was the kitchen! He quietly crawled into it and made sure to close it so no one would notice.

Jenn certainly wasn't expecting a little baby suddenly appearing in her kitchen, and was a bit scared when the portal opened. When she saw it was Ozzie she breathed a sigh of relief and shook her head. “You silly boy.” she said.

Ozzie giggled and floated up to her. “I not mean to.” he said. “It jus happened cuz I weally want some cookies!”

Your magic responded to your desires automatically.” said Azrael in their heads. “That can be a good and bad thing depending on the situation. You were lucky this time.”

You need to learn to control those powers better.” said Jenn, giving him a warm chocolate chip cookie.

I wiww, I pwomise.” said Ozzie. He bit into the warm, soft cookie and smiled. The chocolate chips were all soft and gooey in his mouth and it was extremely tasty to his regressed taste buds. “Mmmm, you make da best chocwit chip cookies!”

Thank you dear.” said Jenn, getting a bottle of cold milk ready for him.

Miss Jenn?” came a voice from the other room. It was Lucian. He had wet himself while napping.

Ozzie quickly floated into his high chair, sucking on his bottle.

Yes sweety?” answered Jenn as she went to check. His stirring had woken the others as well.

I wet my diapee.” said Lucian. “Can you change me pwease?”

Of course dear.” she said, picking him up and laying the almost four-year-old boy on the changing table. She removed his wet diaper and cleaned him up, then powdered and rediapered him. “There, all nice and dry again.” Jenn put the little boy down on the floor.

Steven got out of the bed and rubbed his eyes. “I smell cookies!” he said excitedly.

Tookies!” squealed Nic from the crib.

Where is Ozzie?” asked Steven.

He woke up earlier.” said Jenn. “He's in the kitchen. You two go join him. I have your cookies and milk waiting for you.” She picked up baby Nic from the crib and carried him to the kitchen after Steven and Lucian. She sat the little lion cub in a high chair next to Ozzie and gave him a cookie to eat.

Nic smiled and happily ate the cookie very messily. He got chocolate all over his face and fingers. “Yummy!” he said happily.

I'm glad you like it baby.” said Jenn, cleaning the little one's face and paws before giving him a bottle of cold milk to drink.

Mmmm!” said Steven. “These are the best cookies ever!” He always loved her cookies. He had been babysat by Jenn ever since he was a baby, so it was a familiar treat for him.

You always do love my cookies Steven.” said Jenn with a smile. “Don't forget to drink your milk so you grow up big and strong.”

Steven nodded and drank some cold milk from his sippy cup.

Lucian also had chocolate all over his face and hands as he drank from his bottle.

They always make messy faces and fingers, but they are worth it.” Jenn laughed. She cleaned everyone's faces and hands after they were done with their snack, and then carried Ozzie and Nic to the living room. “You kids play nice while I clean up your mess.”

Ozzie smiled and looked at Nic. He saw the lion cub's tail swaying back and forth and decided to grab it. “Soft taiw.” he said, stroking the fluffy end of it.

Taiw!” said Nic. “My taiw!” He giggled and pulled it back, snuggling it.

Hey Ozzie?” asked Steven. “Where is Luna?”

Ozzie's expression changed to a sad one for a second, then he smiled and looked up at the six-year-old boy. “She went ta wowk.” he said, thinking up a lie.

Oh, like my parents.” said Steven. He understood that grown ups had jobs and is usually why they have to drop off their kids for Jenn to look after. It was a good enough excuse for him to buy. “When will she be back?”

Tonight.” Ozzie said, figuring Steven would be back home by then and wouldn't know.

Aww, I wanna see her again.” said Steven. “She's a nice lady.”

Uh huh!” Ozzie agreed. “She a gweat mama!”

Lucian was playing with building blocks. “My mama is da bestest!” he said happily. “My daddy too! Do you have a daddy Ozzie?”

Ozzie shook his head. “Nu uh, jus a mommy.” he answered.

Whewe is ya dada?” asked Lucian.

I dunno.” Ozzie answered. “Wuna adopt me. Jus hew.”

Oh, okay.” said Lucian. “Maybe ya can meet my dada sometime.”

Ozzie thought about it. His original father wasn't very loving, but he did care. Sadly, he had already lost both parents to old age before he got regressed. Luna never talked to him about having a daddy so he never really gave it much thought.

Dada gone. Mama gone.” said Nic suddenly. “Got new mama new dada.”

You lost your parents?” Steven asked Nic.

No.” said Nic. “Ahgahgahgah!” he babbled incoherently and got distracted by a colorful wooden ball.

That's weird.” said Steven. “He acted older for a second.”

Buh he a baby.” said Ozzie, trying to keep Steven from the truth. “Maybe he jus wearn fast.”

Maybe.” said Steven. He sat down and rolled a ball to Nic. Nic caught it and giggled, then rolled it back. Then Steven rolled it to Ozzie who rolled it to Lucian. They kept rolling the ball to each other and putting different spins on it, making it go faster or slower.

The kids played until it was time for them to go. One by one they were picked up by their parents. When Nic's parents came by, Ozzie could see that they were human. It wasn't too unusual for humans to adopt a beast kin baby, but it wasn't common either.

Ozzie wondered if the parents knew their child was a victim of regression, and pondered how Nic would grow up. What if some of his adult knowledge came back? It would be interesting to find out, but it would require many many years to find out. He felt sad for the former adult, basically having their lives undone. Sure, they get a fresh start, but if they forget who they are, are they really still the same person? Ozzie wondered about many things when it came to regression, and would learn so much more in the future. For now, he would use what time was left in the day to train, and then sleep, awaiting what the next day would bring.



End Chapter 19

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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