The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 18
Chapter 18

Chapter Description: Ozzie learns to use time and space magic more, and is learns to control his age freely, as well as other neat tricks.

We should do this in the back yard.” said Jenn. “Its open and magically sealed.” The elderly-looking woman led the way out of her home.

Good idea.” Ozzie said, floating upwards. The regressed baby wizard was glad to be able to fly again.

Together they went outside and communicated with Azrael.

You've already shown that you can use my magic to change your age.” said Azrael. “That alone is quite the feat. It means you can choose not to grow old ever again. So you finally got your wish, and more than you ever could have asked for.”

Ozzie nodded. “I fank you fow dat.” he said, hovering at Jenn's eye level.

“You can halt time and even reverse it to a degree.” said Azrael, summing up Ozzie's progress. “Keep practicing that and you can eventually do so for even longer, and even change the age of objects and people. Just keep in mind that people have their own wants and desires. Not everyone wants to be young, and not everyone deserves to be given that gift.”

Ozzie nodded again. “Wight.” he said, understanding.

Opening portals to other worlds requires the mastery of time and space magic.” said Azrael. “You've got a good hand on time magic, so lets work on space. Imagine a blank space. This will be your own personal space that only you and those you allow into it can go into. Imagine it filling it with air. Now give it a floor, walls, and a ceiling of your own choosing.”

Ozzie closed his eyes and imagined this space. He decided to give it a floor with brightly colored squares on it, and a wooden wall with the upper half painted in sky blue with white clouds, and a white ceiling. “Okay...” he said. “Got it.”

Keep thinking of it until you can feel it become real.” said Azrael. “Then try opening a door to it.”

Ozzie did so, focusing his best. His desire to do this so he could find Luna drove him. For a long time, he concentrated on opening a door, and finally a small light appeared in front of him.

Oh my, what is this?” asked Jenn. She watched the light grow and form a circle. It shimmered like the surface of a lake in the sun.

Its a gate.” said Azrael. “Keep going Ozzie. You're doing well.”

Ozzie kept concentrating until the shimmering surface showed the space he imagined earlier.

Good!” said Azrael in praise. “Now, keep it in your mind, and go through it.”

Ozzie did so, and soon found himself in the room he created. It was quite empty, but it existed where it hadn't before. “Whewe is dis?” he asked.

Its your space.” said Azrael. “You created it, although it is a small space. You are a small person after all. Heh.”

Jenn curiously walked in. “Oh wow, its real!” she said amazed. “How is this possible?”

There is more to existence than just this planet or just this galaxy, or even this universe.” explained Azrael. “It is said that whenever someone imagines a story or even a place, that place exists on some plane we can't actually get to. However, with this ability, Ozzie can reach it.”

Unbelievable.” said Jenn, looking around. “So what can be done with this?”

This can be helpful in storing things mainly.” said Azrael. “You can put anything in here, and anyone you allow into it. Then, when you need something, you can just open the portal and pull it out.”

Dats gweat!” said Ozzie excitedly. “I bettew put wots of diapees in hewe.”

Ugh.” sighed Azrael. “If you wish. For now, lets go back.”

Ozzie nodded and floated out of his storage room and Jenn followed.

Now close the gate by imagining closing the door.” Azrael instructed.

The tiny wizard did so, and the portal disappeared. “I did it!” he cheered.

Yes, you did well.” said Azrael. “Now you will try opening a portal to somewhere that already exists. Concentrate on where you want to go and imagine opening a door there.”

Ozzie had a good idea of where he wanted to go. It was somewhere that had become associated with his second childhood. He closed his eyes, and imagined opening a door. In front of him a portal appeared and shimmered, then an image of the inside of Luna's house appeared.

I think I know where this is.” said Jenn with a smile. She had never been here, but she could feel Luna's magic still protecting it.

Ozzie entered the portal, followed by Jenn. “It...wowked.” he said, shedding a tear. Looking around, the house was untouched. His toys and Luna's books were all still there, as was his crib and all of his diapers and outfits. The baby wizard floated over to Luna's bed and sat on it. He sniffled and laid down on it. “I miss hew so much...” he said, trying not to lose control of his emotions.

Jenn came over and sat next to him. “Aww, I know honey.” she said comforting him. “But she'll be back! I'm sure you can find her, and then we can all have a happy reunion right here!”

Ozze nodded and sniffled. “Dats wight.” he said. “I gonna find hew!” He held his little arms up, wanting to be held.

Jenn picked him up and hugged him close. “Bless your heart.”she said, patting his back. “You've been through so much. I can only imagine how you feel.”

I know this is an emotional time for you.” said Azrael. “But we should get back to training. Gather anything you need to bring back with you and we will continue.”

Ozzie nodded and sadly gathered up some toys, tossing them into his magic room while Jenn gathered up some diapers and clothing. He took another look around, then went back through the portal to Jenn's yard.

Jenn followed, carrying a few things, which she went to put away inside. “I'll put these clothes and diapers in the guest room for you.” she said.

Okay, fanks.” said Ozzie, getting ready to learn something new.

I must say, you learn quickly.” said Azrael. “Now that you can open portals to other places, we can practice some aging magic.”

Aging?” asked Ozzie. “Wike to make owder ow youngew?”

That's right.” said Azrael. “This is the power that turned you into a baby. It can be used for regression or progression, and can work on anyone and anything. All you have to do is reach out with my magic and focus on your target getting older or younger.

Ozzie spotted a squash in Jenn's garden and went over to it. “Dis wiww do.” he said, and began to concentrate on it becoming a seed. He watched as it began to move a little, then shrank. It got smaller and less developed, then became a sprout before it receded into the ground, becoming a seed. “Oh wow, I can do it!”

Good.” said Azrael. “Now try the other way.”

Again, Ozzie reached out with magic and imagined the seed sprouting and growing. The seed sprouted out of the ground and a squash began growing from it. It grew and grew, then developed spots and began rotting.

You went too far with it.” said Azrael. “Focus on it being ripe, just right.”

Ozzie did so and the rotted squash began to get more and more fresh, all spots disappeared, and soon it was a freshly grown squash ready for picking. He then stopped, feeling exhausted. “Oh wow, dat took a wot out of me.” he said.

You've been using magic not meant for humans.” said Azrael. “It will take a lot of effort and energy, but the more you practice, the easier it will be for you to do, and the less it will tax you.”

Oh, dats good.” said Ozzie as he sat down on the grass then laid down. He remembered walking through the garden and grass while regressing, wondering how he did it with Azrael's power cut off.

Jenn came out with a plate full of cookies and a baby bottle of milk. “You look tired dear.” she said, sitting next to him. “Here, have a snack.”

Ozzie sat up and smiled. “Ooh, fanks Awntie Jenn!” he said happily. He ate a cookie and drank from his bottle, soon feeling much better.

You're welcome.” said Jenn, tousling his hair. “Learn anything new?”

Uh huh!” he shouted like an excited toddler who just finished a crayon drawing. “I made ya squash tuwn into a seed den made it aww mowdy, den made it fwesh!”

Oh...” said Jenn. “Is it safe to eat after all that?”

Its fine.” said Azrael. “Imagine if farmers had that kind of magic.”

Indeed.” said Jenn. “It could end world hunger.”

Or it could cause chaos if in the wrong hands.” said Azrael. “However, I trust Ozzie after I've been in his head for so long. He can't hide his thoughts and actions from me, and I've seen he doesn't have any evil intent at all.”

Not eben when I wost contwol?” asked Ozzie curiously.

Actually, no.” said Azrael. “Even then you only wanted what was best or what was good. Think about it. If Luna hadn't fell through that portal, she likely would have been killed by the explosion. You literally wiped evil off the face of the planet without hurting her, yourself, or anyone else.”

Ozzie thought about it and looked at his hands. “Its cuz of Luna.” he said. “Owr bond n how she tweated me. It made me feew so wuved and so good. I saw how Jenn tweats da kids n how much dey wuv her. I seen so many good fings and good people, I had to pwotect dem.”

I could sense your goodness and your bond.” said Jenn. “Nothing felt better to me than when I stopped using dark magic and started growing my own inner light by caring for children and helping others. I knew I had to help you grow your own when I met you.”

I'm gwad you did.” said Ozzie. “We wouwd not haf had a chance wifout you.”

Jenn smiled and hugged Ozzie tightly. “Well, I hope you're ready for more.” she said. “Because I have some kids to babysit tomorrow.”

Oh boy!” said Ozzie happily. “I get to see my fwiends again!”

Well, one of them anyway.” said Jenn. “I babysit different kids at different times. It just depends on who needs what and when. However, when they see you they will wonder where Luna is.”

Ozzie nodded and looked down, wiggling his little feet a little in thought. “I guess we jus teww dem she had ta visit famiwy n couwdn't take me.” Just then it started to rain.

We'll think of something to tell them.” said Jenn, picking up Ozzie. “For now lets get inside before it starts to pour out here again.” She carried him inside and sat with him in her lap.

Ozzie laid his head on Jenn's chest. He remembered doing this with Luna quite a bit. The sound of her heartbeat and the rain slowly lulled him to sleep.

Jenn got up and took Ozzie to his crib, laying him inside of it and giving him his pacifier to suck on, and his plushy to snuggle with. “Sleep tight little one.” she said smiling. “This world may never know the great kindness you have done for it, but I will never forget it.” With that, she lay in her own bed, keeping watch over the little baby as he slept, and eventually fell asleep as well.



End Chapter 18

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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