The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 8
Chapter 8

Chapter Description: Ozzie and Luna board a train on their way to meet Luna's friend, and Ozzie makes a new friend.

After packing up and getting ready, they headed out. Luna made sure to cast a protection spell on her home so that no one could enter it nor damage it. She had rented a push cart where she could load up their things as well as give Ozzie a seat. The blue and purple raccoon mommy pushed everything to the train station.

The trains of the land ran on steam and a bit of magic. Steam for power and motion, magic for boosts of speed and also balance and protection. They ran from town to town, and even to large kingdoms, but not everywhere. They would have to take this train to the next town and take a wagon from there.

Oooh, a twain!” Ozzie said. He liked the big steamy machines. This one had an engine that was long, silver, and streamlined. It had cars for passengers, a dining car, and luggage car. He had ridden them before, but not in a long time. They always made for smooth, enjoyable trips. “We goin on a twain wide!”

That's right!” Luna said, patting his head. They both knew to act like mother and son while in public, but sometimes she wondered how much of Ozzie's behavior was an act. “Its going to be lots of fun!” She unloaded a few bags onto the luggage car and carried Ozzie and her diaper bag onto the train itself.

Ozzie looked around. There were many passengers taking their seats and even other children and babies being put into special booster seats. This would be the first time he rode a train as a baby. Everything was so huge and out of reach.

Let's get us a compartment.” Luna said, walking down into one of the passenger cars. She opened the door to one that was empty and walked in, shutting the door. “This one looks nice. Plus its empty.” The motherly raccoon sat down and sat Ozzie next to her, then curled her tail around him..

Dis gonna be fun.” Ozzie said excitedly, hugging her tail. Then he stood up on the seat and looked out of the window. The whistle sounded loudly and the train began to move. Ozzie shifted a little from the momentum, but the magic made things mostly stable. “We movin!”

Here we go!” said Luna, keeping a close eye on him. “Is this your first time on a train?”

No, buh ish da fiwst time I been on one as a baby.” he giggled. This was all much more exciting as a bright eyed toddler. He watched as trees and houses went by in a blur.

Suddenly the door opened and a little diapered fox cub ran in, shutting the door behind him. He was just a bit taller than Ozzie, but it was cute how his little fluffy tail poked out from his diaper. Beast kin children had to wear different diapers that accounted for their tails. The little guy turned around and saw Luna and Ozzie sitting there staring at him. He had on a shirt with babyish train designs on it.

Oh, hello little one.” Luna said gently. “Are you looking for your mommy and daddy?”

No!” said the little fox boy, stomping his foot. “I hate dem! Dey awways sayin I haf ta use da potty buh I dun wanna!”

Ozzie just looked at him and down at his own diaper. “Whas wong wif da potty?” he asked.

Ish icky n got monstahs in it!” said the little fox. “I wathew use my diapees fowevah!”

Luna just chuckled. She knew a problem child when she saw one. “What is your name little one?” she asked.

Juwian.” he said, looking up at the big raccoon lady. “Who you?”

My name is Luna, and this is my little boy Ozzie.” she said, introducing themselves.

Buh he a human n yer a beast kin.” Julian said in confusion. “How ish he yer son?”

He's adopted.” Luna said.

He has weiwd haiw.” said Julian.

Ozzie rubbed his soft, pure white hair which faded into baby blue colored tips and blushed. “It not weiwd.”

Yah it ish!” said Julian.

Its pretty.” Luna said. “I think its unique.”

Yah I guess.” said Julian, wiggling his way up onto the seat. He looked out of the window with Ozzie. “Ya know, dis twain ish bwand new! It wuns on steam n magic. Da magic makes it wun super smoove n safe.”

Ozzie sat and listened to his explanation. “Does da magic make it go fast too?” he asked.

Sometimes!” said Julian, happy to answer. He just loved trains and knew a lot about them. “If it needs to. Dat new engine can howd a wot mowe heat so it dun need as much magic to make it go fast. Da twacks is magicawwy chawged n make it so da twain can stop quick if it needs to.”

Wow!” said Ozzie. “Dats awshum!” He knew mostly how trains worked, but this little boy certainly knew a lot more. He sat and listened as the toddler fox explained more about trains. Suddenly, Ozzie felt a familiar warm feeling.

The little fox noticed. “Did you go pee pee?” he asked, pointing at Ozzie's diaper.

Ozzie nodded and blushed. “Jus a widdle bit.” It was a lot.

Me too!” said Julian, showing them both his diaper which had faded stripes on the front and had swollen up some. “Ya use ya diapee jus wike me!”

Hehe, yep!” Ozzie said with a blush and a laugh. “Can't hewp it.”

I feew it sometimes,” said Julian. “but I use my diapee anyways. No potty fow me!”

Do you want a change?” Luna offered. “We have plenty of diapers.”

Julian shook his head. “No, I wike it.” he said, giving his diaper a pat. “It wawm n comfy.”

I..I kinda wike it too.” Ozzie admitted. It was weird confessing to a toddler. “I jus not wike bein poopy much.”

I dun mind dat eithew.” said Julian. “My pawents get mad buh I do it anyway.” He giggled at that.

Where are they?” Luna asked. She was concerned that this little one could be lost.

Dey awound.” said Julian. “I dun cawe whewe dey awe.”

Awww, but they are your parents.” Luna said. “They must care for you.”

Nu uh!” Julian pouted. “Dey gave me a spankin so I wan away.”

Where are you going to go?” Luna asked. “Babies can't get far by themselves.”

I dunno.” said Julian. “Away fwom dem.”

I'm sure they mean well.” Luna said. “They buy your clothes, diapers, and food. They care for you, and sometimes punish you, but they care.”

No!” Julian said, stomping his foot again. “Dey mean! I gonna stay on dis twain fowevah.”

So you'll stay on this train with no one to change your diaper, give you baths, hold you when you sleep, feed you, and take care of you when you're sick?” Luna asked, trying to encourage him to go back to his parents.

Weww, umm...” Julian thought. “Maybe I find new pawents.” He stared out of the window in thought.

Ozzie looked at the cute little fox kit. “Wanna pway?” he asked. He thought maybe he could cheer up Julian by playing with him using his train toy.

Pway wha?” Julian asked.

Ozzie pulled his toy train out of the diaper bag. “I gots a toy twain we can pway wif.” he said. “Yoo can be da engineer and I can be da conductow.”

Julian's eyes lit up and he smiled. “Sure!” he said, wagging his tail. “Sounds wike fun!” He got on the floor of the compartment with Ozzie and began pushing the toy train around. “Woo woo!”

Twain awwivin' on twack five!” Ozzie said, pretending to be the conductor. “Aww aboawd!” He made a station using a stack of diapers and blocks, and the two played happily.

Luna watched them play, smiling, glad that Ozzie was able to take Julian's mind off his parents. She still wanted to make sure he was in safe hands before they left though. Just then, a familiar scent hit her sensitive nose. “Uh oh, who is stinky?” she asked, pinching her nose.

Ozzie blushed. He was actually unsure, but now that she mentioned it, he could smell it too. He looked over at Julian who was grinning.

I tinky!” said Julian with excitement. “I did a poo poo in my diapee!” He wiggled his diaper bottom.

Ozzie just giggled and held his nose. “Ya sure did!” he said. He wondered if this was how most babies behaved. Should he join in? The thought kind of grossed him out, but then again, he was a baby and supposed to be playing the part. He didn't usually try to mess his diaper, it just happened. So he decided to give it a try. In front of them both, he squatted a little and grunted.

Ozzie?” Luna asked. “Are you...?” She couldn't believe it. He was actually messing his diaper on purpose. She had to open the window. “Oh phew! One stinky baby is bad enough, but two?”

Julian giggled and clapped. “Yay!” he cheered. “You go poo poo too!” He giggled and did a little dance as his diaper hung low.

Ozzie giggled and joined in. His baby mind was taking over again and he didn't care. It just felt fun and freeing. “We poopy!” he giggled.

We poopy babies!” Julian added. “We dun need no potty!”

Diapees fowevah!” Ozzie shouted, parading around the compartment in his loaded diaper

"Twy dis!" said the smelly baby fox. He sat down and giggled as he wiggled his bottom.

Ozzie wasn't sure, but he felt he should play along. When he sat down, he felt the mess squish underneath him and at first he made a face. Then he started giggling and wiggling.

It feews good!” he asked while giggling.

Ozzie nodded. “It feews aww mushy on my bottom.”

Luna just sighed as she looked at the two babies making their messes messier for her to clean up. She knew she would have to change the both of them since Julian's parents weren't around. She couldn't leave him like that. It would also be cruel to stink up the train for the other passengers. “Okay boys,” she said. “its time for a diaper change.”

No!” Julian pouted. “No wanna!”

You don't want a rash do you?” Luna asked. “That hurts worse than a spanking.”

Dun wanna diapee wash.” Ozzie said, getting ready for a change. “We been tinky wong enough.”

Weww, otay.” said Julian. “If you gets one too.” He laid down next to Ozzie.

Good boys.” Luna said, as she unfastened their diapers. The smell was really getting to her, and their mess had spread all over their bottoms. It was easier for her to clean Ozzie because he had smooth human skin. Julian had fur, which was harder to clean.

Ozzie and Julian looked at each other and giggled while being changed. They both smiled and made cooing baby sounds at being cleaned.

It took a few wipes, but Luna managed to get them both clean, then tossed their used diapers in a special bag before getting out two new diapers.

I wanna be nakie!” shouted Julian, wiggling his legs.

Sorry kiddo.” Luna said, sliding the diapers underneath them both. “Gotta wear diapers on the train. Its the rules.”

Julian didn't want to break train rules, so he did as he was told. “Otay.” he said, letting her diaper him.

Luna smiled and powdered them both, then fastened their diapers. “There, much better.” she said. The air had finally cleared as the bag sealed away any odors within it. She washed her hands with another wipe. “Sweet smelling babies.”

Julian smiled. “Wets pway some mowe!” he said to Ozzie.

Otays!” Ozzie said happily, and the two played more with the train, blocks, and even Ozzie's plush. He let his plush ride the toy train around the compartment.

After a while of playing, the two began to yawn and their eyelids became heavy.

I think its time for a nap.” Luna said, getting out a blanket. She gathered them up and laid them next to each other on the blanket. “Sleep well sweeties.”

They both resisted, but it was no use. They fell asleep as the train moved along.

Luna quietly looked outside to see if anyone was looking for their child. She asked around and found a young fox gentleman dressed in a white shirt and tan pants looking frazzled. “Excuse me.” she said. “Are you missing a boy named Julian?”

The man looked up and his eyes went wide. “Yes!” he said. “I am! Do you know where he is?! I've been looking for him for hours!”

Yes.” Luna smiled. “He is fast asleep in my compartment. I'll take you to him.” She led the man to her compartment where the two lay passed out.

Oh, thank you!” the man whisper-shouted. “Thank goodness he's okay and asleep.” He gathered him up and held him.

Your son I take it?” Luna asked.

Oh, no.” he said. “I'm his older brother. He runs away from our parents, so they sent me to find him. Thank you again for taking care of him and taking me to him.”

You are welcome.” Luna said, happy that he would be reunited with his family. “He's a good boy. Maybe let him stay in diapers a bit longer to keep him happy.”

Yes.” said the brother with a sigh. “So many diaper changes. He sure loves them. He hates the potty, except when he flushes one of his toys down it.” He smiled down at him. “He's just a baby though. He doesn't know any better.”

They don't stay young forever.” Luna said. “That's both a good and bad thing depending on how you look at it.”

The brother nodded and smiled. “Yeah, thanks again.” he said. “Hope you have a safe trip.”

You're welcome.” Luna said. “You too.” With that, she shut the door and sat down. She brought a few books with her to read since she knew Ozzie would be sleeping a lot. However, the rhythm of the train and the quiet hum of the engine soon lulled her to sleep as well.

Ozzie woke up first this time, and saw Luna sleeping. He got up and waddled over to her and booped her nose. “Beep!” he said with a giggle.

Luna suddenly woke up. “Huh?” she said, looking around, then down. “Oh, hi sweety! I must have fallen asleep.” She yawned and sat up. “I think we're almost there. Want to get something to eat in the dining car?

Ozzie nodded. “Yah, I hungwee.” he said, rubbing his stomach.

Luna carried Ozzie to the dining car and sat down. She sat Ozzie in a booster seat, then looked at the menu. “Oh good, they have a kids menu.” she said smiling.

Ozzie looked over at the menu. He wanted one of the adult meals, but they had to blend in. “Umm, I want da sketti n meatbawws.” he said while drooling a bit.

Okay.” she said. “Sounds good.” She called the waiter over and ordered their food. She would be having a steak. Once the food came out, she helped Ozzie eat, but he got a lot of it on his bib. “Such a messy eater.”

Ozzie blushed. “Sowwy.” he said, drooling some sauce down his chin. The spaghetti was good though, and he ate most of it. He looked around and saw Julian eating with his brother. The two waved at each other and smiled. They both had messy faces to clean.

Luna cleaned his face and waved to the brothers, then carried Ozzie back to their little room. “We'll be stopping soon and getting on a wagon to go see Jenn.” she said. “We'll have to tell her your secret, okay?”

Ozzie nodded slowly. “I guess she has ta know.” he said. “I hope she can hewp.”

Me too.” said Luna, getting their things repacked. “At any rate, it'll be a nice reunion for us.”

The train's whistle sounded loudly. It soon came to a gentle stop and the two got off, ready for the next leg of their journey.



End Chapter 8

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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