The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Chapter Description: Ozzie learns how to use Azrael's powers and Luna packs for a trip.

Stop being such a baby!” yelled Azrael inside Ozzie's mind. He had been training him to use his time magic a bit, but his mind would drift into baby territory on occasion.

Why? Its wha you made me!” Ozzie shouted back.

You look silly having an argument with yourself.” Luna said, bringing in some cookies. “I can't hear him, but I sure can hear you.”

Sowwy.” Ozzie said, taking a cookie. “Fanks fow da cookies though.” He ate one happily. “Maybe dere ish a way fow you to heaw him.”

Hmm, there are spells that let you read minds.” Luna said. “Maybe one of those could work.”

She doesn't need to hear me.” Azrael grumbled. “Lets just focus on the task at hand.”

He says you dun need to heaw him.” Ozzie smirked.

I should though.” Luna said. “Maybe I can help.” She began looking up mind reading spells and found one that could work. “Let me try this one.” She placed her hand on Ozzie's head and chanted a spell. Soon she could hear Ozzie's thoughts. “Oh, I hear something.”

Ozzie spoke with his mind. “Hi Luna! I can speak clearly here.”

So you can!” Luna spoke in his mind. “Though you still have a baby voice.”

Yeah...” Ozzie thought. “I kind of forgot how my adult voice sounded.”

Can you hear me?” said Azrael.

I can.” said Luna.

Good.” said the demon inside both their heads. “Then lets get started. Ozzie, concentrate on feeling the flow of time. Block out all other senses and simply feel it. It flows through like a river, and like a river, it takes many turns and has many branches. If you have a boat, you can travel this river. You can, with some effort, slow or stop in the river. With greater power, you can even go against the current. Imagine yourself in a boat in the river of time and try to slow yourself down using the oars.”

Ozzie did as he was instructed, trying harder and harder to no avail. “Its not working!” he complained.

Stop complaining!” Azrael grumbled. “You're supposed to be an all powerful wizard, now act like one! Concentrate and feel it out.”

You can do it Ozzie!” Luna said in their minds. “Believe in yourself. Don't try so hard. Let it happen naturally.”

Ozzie let out a sigh. It made him think of his magic studies when he was growing up. His instructor would sometimes yell at too. He concentrated again, and after a while the room suddenly got quiet. He looked around and it seemed as if all motion had stopped for everything but himself. He floated around and looked outside. There were people seemingly frozen in place. Someone was in the process of falling down. Someone else had dropped a fragile vase. He went over and placed a soft cushion under the one falling and put the fragile vase back in the person's hand.

Good, good!” said Azrael. “As you can see, in this state you can move freely while time is stopped. You can even effect things and change them around. To make time flow again, simply imagine going with the flow. Stop rowing your oars and flow down the river.”

Ozzie went back inside and looked out the window. He then did what he was told and imagined himself flowing down the river. Suddenly sound returned and the people began moving again. The person falling fell safely onto the cushion and the person who dropped the vase looked confused as they held it in their hands. “Yes!” Ozzie squeaked out loud. “Dat was awesome!”

It sure was!” said Luna. “I couldn't move, but I could think and see what you were doing. It sure felt weird.”

Since your mind was connected to ours, you were able to perceive what was happening, but not act.” explained Azrael. “Eventually you will be able to do this on command or even as a reactionary measure. Just be careful. If your emotions overwhelm you or you lose control, the results could obliterate everyone around you.”

That's scary.” Ozzie said mentally. “Okay, this is going to take some time and a lot of patience.” So they trained and Azrael would yell anytime Ozzie got distracted or frustrated. It indeed took a lot of patience for the demon. Even so, he refused to let Ozzie age physically.

Okay, now imagine that same river, but force your way up it.” said Azrael. “This will be an even greater feat, so you may not be able to do it right away.

Ozzie nodded and gave it a try. He knew what he was trying to do was actually reverse time. Something that had been done to his physical form. He thought maybe if he could master this, he could control his own age at some point. However, at this time, nothing happened. Ozzie struggled and attempted to force his way up the stream, but in doing so he had only succeeded in soiling his diaper heavily. “Ah, ooops.” he said, feeling the weight of his diaper between his legs. The smell soon followed.

Ugh, yeah, I think we're done for today.” Azrael said grumpily. “I'm not dealing with that right now.” With that, he withdrew into a closed off space in Ozzie's mind.

Guess we better take care of that.” Luna said, picking Ozzie up. Now both of them were again speaking aloud and not in their own heads. This ability would come in handy later.

Ozzie just nodded and blushed. “It hawd.” he said softly. “Buh I gonna do it!” He was laid on the changing table and Luna began to clean him up.

I bet you will!” she said. “You're the powerful wizard baby Ozzie! You can do anything!” She smiled and teased him a bit, always enjoying making him blush and feel babyish. She finished cleaning his bottom and powdered and rediapered him, then washed her hands and picked him up.

Not anyfing.” Ozzie said with humility. “I can't use da potty.” Even if he could, he was too small to use it. Even a training potty was too large for him. He had gotten used to diapers though, and didn't mind as much. He had even gotten used to the smell of dirty diapers. It made him feel like a helpless little baby, but a loved and happy one.

You don't need a potty.” Luna said. “You have your diapers, and you can potty anywhere whenever you want!” She tried her best to make his situation more tolerable. “That means you can practice your magic without taking breaks!”

Ozzie nodded and blushed. “Dats one way to wook at it.” he said, looking at his diaper. It had been so long since he wore adult underwear. He had forgotten what it was like. Even ideas like dressing and feeding himself seemed so long ago now.

Time passed, and one day Luna received a response to a letter she sent out to an old friend. “Ozze! I have good news!” Luna called from downstairs.

Ozzie came floating downstairs dressed in only a diaper. “Wha is it?” he asked.

My friend wrote me back!” she said happily. “A friend of mine, who is a witch, says she can help us. But we'll have to travel there. Its pretty far away.”

Ish dat gonna be safe?” Ozzie asked. He didn't like the idea of leaving home for a long period of time.

As long as we have these bracelets, we can't be tracked by Devzla.” Luna said. “Also I have friends that can watch over the store while we're gone. I think we'll be okay.” She smiled and ruffled Ozzie's fine hair, trying to reassure him.

Oh, otay den.” Ozzie said. “Whats yer fwiend's name?”

Her name is Jenn.” Luna said, packing up some clothes. “She and I grew up together, but she started getting into dark magic and the people kinda pressured her to leave. She's not evil though. People just don't understand.” She seemed sad while explaining things to Ozzie. “I haven't seen her since.”

If she's a fwiend of yours, she's a fwiend of mine.” Ozzie said with a smile. “I know not aww witches are bad.” He floated around Luna. “Can I hewp pack?”

Sure!” said Luna. “Why don't you pack any items you think will be of help on our trip. You may want to pack some toys to entertain yourself too.” Luna smiled, making Ozzie blush.

I no need toys...” Ozzie said shyly. He did like his toys though, especially his teddy and train. “Buh I hewp pack.” He went and packed some ingredients, potions, and other items, as well as a few toys just in case. This trip would be a long one.



End Chapter 7

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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