The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 15
Chapter 15

Chapter Description: The fight with the evil witch Devzla ensues, and things take a terrible turn.

Ozzie and Luna felt more ready than ever to confront Devzla. After their conversation with Azrael, they counted their party as three, all intent on taking down the witch. Not far from the village, they got their first test. It was an army of rock golems. Humanoid rock formations given life via dark magic. They began rushing at their target when Ozzie suddenly held out his little hand and cast explosion magic on each of them, blowing them all to bits. However, the rocks would slowly reform and start again.

How do we deal with these?” asked Luna. “They just keep coming!”

Ozzie tried to control them with earth magic, but the dark magic blocked his attempts. “Do yer best to avoid dem!” he said while floating around Luna on her horse. He began flinging magical ice bolts at them, freezing them in place. “Huwwy!”

Luna sped up the horse and kept an eye on Ozzie as he floated around them. She was proud of how he was able to keep up with their speed.

Ozzie kept freezing the golems as they got close, but eventually the ground in front of them erupted with even more of the rock monsters. “Wook out!” shouted the baby mage.

Luna quickly changed direction. The horse neighed and turned sharply, but the raccoon beast kin woman was able to keep their balance just fine. She made a magical shield around them just in case any got close. “Keep them away from us!” Luna shouted, dodging around a few.

I'm on it!” Ozzie shouted back. He held his arms out and used strong winds to scatter them all away in various directions. He kept blasting them away as they came, but it was using a lot of magic.

Let me help!” shouted Azrael from within Ozzie.

Ozzie concentrated and began to slow down time for everything except himself, Luna, and the horse. To the golems, suddenly they were moving at an insane speed. “Its working!” shouted Ozzie happily.

Good work!” shouted Luna, and she easily maneuvered around the golems as if they were standing still. “How long can you keep this up?”

A while, but I'll need to recharge.” said Azrael.

He says jus a while.” Ozzie relayed to Luna.

I'll get us as far as we can then.” said Luna, and she continued on as fast as the horse could carry them.

Eventually, Azrael had to stop, and time resumed normally for everything around them. Fortunately, they had escaped Devzla's sight for the moment and they could rest.

Lets stop here for a moment.” said Luna, pulling the horse over to the side of the road.

Good idea.” said Ozzie. “I tink I need a diapee change.” He floated over to her and hugged her.

Luna hugged back and checked his diaper. “Yup, you're a stinky butt.” she said. “Not surprised. That must have taken a lot of effort.” She pulled a blanket out of one of the bags and spread it out on the ground, laying Ozzie on it.

Yeah.” said Ozzie. “A wot of it was Azwael though.” He let out a sigh of relief as he laid there and soaked his diaper.

Don't discount yourself.” said Azrael. “You are indeed a powerful wizard. Even if you aren't a master of the toilet.”

Luna opened Ozzie's diaper only to see he was still tinking. “Ooops!” she said, closing it back up. “I nearly forgot.” She chuckled a bit and tickled his sides. “Better get all those tinkles out before we get to the cave little man. There won't be time for diaper changes once we get inside.”

Ozzie giggled and squirmed. He heard some of what she said, but her tickles distracted him. It was a pleasant distraction though, considering what was going on. He emptied his bladder, causing his diaper to swell.

There we go.” Luna said, patting his diaper. “All empty.” She cooed to him as she opened his diaper and began cleaning him.

Ozzie just smiled up at her as he was cleaned. This was always a nice feeling and he felt so loved. His legs were lifted and his bottom cleaned. Then he felt his bottom get blasted with powder and lowered onto a clean diaper.

Luna tossed the dirty diaper into a separate bag and pinned Ozzie's clean diaper snugly. He had been dressed in his baby-sized mage robes and a diaper, but nothing else. She held his tiny feet together and played with his toes for a moment. “My sweet little baby.” she said softly. “So small, so soft, but so powerful.”

Ozzie smiled and cooed, wiggling his little toes. To him, she was a gentle giant, always there for him, and always loving him. He reached out and touched her furry face. “My mama.” he said. “So stwong, so soft, and so wuving.”

Luna picked up Ozzie and cuddled him for a bit, then fed him a bottle of milk mixed with rice and vanilla. It was a special baby formula Jenn taught her to make that would fill his belly and provide plenty of nutrients. “Drink up sweety.” she said. “You'll need the energy.”

Ozzie smiled around the nipple of the bottle and suckled. It tasted good, like sweet and smooth vanilla. It indeed filled his belly like a full meal would have. He just relaxed and nursed on the bottle while Luna had her own quick lunch of a sandwich and fruit.

After a nice, peaceful lunch, the two headed off again. They weren't far now. Unfortunately, Devzla had managed to locate them. While she couldn't attack them directly, she commanded the very earth and woods to fight them. More golems and living trees began attacking.

Twees too?” said Ozzie, shaking his head. He blasted them with fire magic which instantly incinerated them, but more kept coming. Again, they had to dash away in a hurry. Ozzie burned away the trees and blasted away the golems as they went.

There it is!” shouted Luna. “The cave is up ahead! We're going to have to stop, get off the horse, and make a run for it. Use your magic to seal the entrance once we're inside!”

Got it!” said Ozzie, giving a thumbs up. He kept all the monsters at bay until it was time. He helped levitate them both off of the horse so they could keep up the momentum, and flew them into the cave. The horse ran off, away from danger. It knew its way back to town. With that, Ozzie used earth magic to seal the entrance, but now it was completely dark.

Luna cast a light spell that surrounded them with a soft glowing light. “Are you okay?” she asked.

Yeah,” said Ozzie. “I'm good. You okay?”

Luna nodded. “That was good work sweety.” she said, patting his head.

“Dun mention it.” Ozzie smiled. He floated up next to Luna and examined the cave. “It dawk n dank. Jus wike I wembemah it.”

Its certainly not welcoming.” said Luna. “Needs some decoration.” She continued on with Ozzie floating next to her, and eventually they heard growling up ahead. “Uh oh, something is waiting for us.”

Ozzie created a sphere of light and sent it ahead. He could hear grunting and growling as whatever it was swatted at it. Once they got close enough, they saw it was a troll. These trolls were different from the ones he countered the first time though. These were enhanced by dark magic, and were much larger and stronger. They had dark green skin, pointy ears, long sharp teeth, and glowing green eyes. They weren't too smart, so they tended to just be big brutes used by dark mages to do their heavy lifting. They were born from dark magic and had no other thoughts than their master's bidding.

Okay, what's the plan?” Luna whispered to Ozzie. The light spell had distracted them, so now was a good time to get in a first attack.

We use owr wight.” said Ozzie. “Dey can't stand wight of any kind. See how dey attack da wight baww I made?”

Oh, yeah.” whispered Luna. “Okay, I'm ready.”

Ozzie floated up to Luna and settled down on her shoulders. “Weady too.” he said, and together they emitted their light around them.

The trolls screeched and groaned upon seeing the light. They covered their eyes and backed away, but also began swinging big wooden clubs. They attacked blindly and those that got too close simply melted in the presence of their light. It had grown even stronger since the last time they used it.

Together they simply walked past the trolls. The ones who chose to attack were obliterated, while others retreated. They proudly and defiantly walked through the cave. Nothing the witch could do would stop them. She had set traps, but Ozzie easily floated them both over them while Luna dispelled the rest. Indeed, the two were a powerful pair. The witch could not risk creating golems here or the cave might collapse, and it was her home. At this point there was nothing she could do but wait for them.

Upon reaching the inner chamber, Ozzie noticed it looked very different from last time. It was a lot bigger, lit by blue flame torches all around, had a spiked floor between the center of the room and the outer edge, and only one narrow bridge. In the center was a cauldron and a table covered in blood. Around it were tattered clothes. All of them were of small size.

Ozzie and Luna saw this and immediately became enraged. They knew Devzla had been using the lives of children to extend her own, as well as enhance her dark powers. They struggled to maintain their concentration.

You evil monster!” shouted Luna. “Your days of spreading darkness are over! It ends today! No more innocents dying! You hear me?! No more!”

Ozzie scowled at Devzla as she turned to face them. “We hewe to destwoy you!” he shouted. “I got what you want wight hewe inside me! If you want it, you haf to take it fwom me!”

Oh I will eh?!” shouted Devzla in a screeching tone. Her frail, skinny body was covered by a dark cloak, but her skin was a pale green and her eyes were darkest black. She reached out a long, bony hand and pointed at the two. “I will have it and I will have you!”

You want me?” asked Luna. “Come and get me!”

I summon all the powers of darkness!” shouted Devzla, holding her arms upward. Dark energy began to flow into her, making a giant shadow body of dark magic around her. The giant form reached for the two, but they darted away.

Ozzie was using his magic to help them both fly as they kept up their shield of light. The darkness was pushing against them, and their light was pushing back. While opposites attract when it comes to magnets, they oppose when it comes to magic, and each side pushed with all they had.

I call upon the powers of light, love, and innocence!” shouted Luna. “May our lights shine as brightly as the sun!” With that, their inner light increased and pushed strongly against Devzla. It slowly began to peel back the shadows and reveal the bony old crone that she was.

N-no!” shouted Devla. “I won't allow it! I'll take you down even if it takes all I have!” She summoned the souls of those lost. They were moaning in pain and anguish, and joined with her, restoring her giant form. She took a swipe at the two, knocking them back against the wall.

Ugh!” shouted Luna, still holding onto Ozzie. “”

Y-yes!” said Ozzie. “I can keep going!” He pushed outward with all his might, combining his magic with Luna.

Its time.” said Azrael from deep inside of Ozzie. His magic flowed out and into Ozzie. It joined with him and Luna both and magnified their power one thousand fold. Together the three pushed back against the darkness again and again, forcing Devzla back. In addition to this, Devzla began to age rapidly due to Azrael's magic being added to the mix. She was nearly done for.

No...” she said weakly. “You can't...” She finally gave up and collapsed, looking more like a dried up mummy than a witch. She struggled to move. “Y-yooooou...”

Give up.” said Luna. “You are finished.”

I...surrender.” Devzla said weakly. “Please, end me.” She was in a lot of pain and felt her life leaving her, but had one last trick up her sleeve.

Luna and Ozzie floated over to her. “Very well.” said Luna. “I will grant you that mercy, even though you don't deserve it.” She began to chant, but suddenly Devzla's body flew up at her.

Fool!” screeched the ancient witch. She used the last of her power to toss Ozzie against a wall, temporarily knocking him out.

No!” Luna yelled. “My baby!” She tried to rush over to him, but Devzla restrained her, tossed her bag of items across the room, forced her onto the table meant for sacrifice.

You have caused me so much pain.” said Devzla, grabbing a jagged knife. “But soon I will be restored and Azrael's powers will be mine!”

I won't let you!” Luna struggled, trying to emit her light, but it was only at its strongest when she and Ozzie were together. Now it was being repelled by Devzla's strong dark magic.

Now I just have to drain that pesky light from your body.” spoke the witch as she held the knife up.

Ozzie!” shouted Azrael from within. “Wake up! You have to do something!”

Ozzie began to stir. His body was in a lot of pain and his vision blurred. “I need mowe powew.” said Ozzie softly. He had expended a lot of his own magical power just getting here, and the separation from Luna caused his light to dim a bit.

Very well.” said Azrael. “But do not lose control.” The demon began to transfer power into Ozzie's little body.

Ozzie felt the power within him and noticed his hands were starting to grow. Indeed, his whole body was growing. Azrael was finally restoring Ozzie's age. Along with that age came more control of his body and more magical power. His clothes grew with him, becoming his blue mage robes with shiny gold embroidery, and he was given leather boots as well, but his diaper remained a diaper underneath. However, before he could act, he looked on in horror as the ugly witch plunged the knife into Luna.

NOOOOOOO!!” Ozzie screamed. “AAAAGHHHH!!” He felt nauseous and his eyes welled with tears. He began to wail in anger and pain.

You are too late!” screeched the witch. “She will be mine!”

Ozzie's mind was in tatters. He couldn't bear what happened, and screamed louder, raging at the darkness. “You....” he grumbled.

Ozzie! Don't!” shouted Azrael from within, but it was too late.

Suddenly Ozzie's eyes began to glow a bright blue, his hair fanned out and he floated into the air. Still raging, he began tearing holes in the fabric of reality, opening portals to other times and other worlds.

W-what are you doing?” said Devzla, now very afraid. “Stop! You will kill us all!”

Ozzie looked down and for a moment, he stopped raging. “No.” he said in a deep, otherworldly voice. “Just you and those who serve you.” He raged again, shouting to the very heavens, opening portals all over. Portals would form inside the trolls, rending them asunder, scattering their atoms across the universe. The portals also began tearing away at the cave, making it unstable. The very cave was being ripped apart by time and space.

Impossible!” shouted Devzla. She tried to escape, but suddenly she was struck by multiple opening portals, each tearing her apart. Her screams filled the cave as what was left of her fell into the spiked pit, then faded to silence, and her soul went shrieking to the gates of the underworld, where it would remain forever tortured.

The cave was crumbling, and Ozzie looked on at Luna with tears streaming down his face. “I can fix this!” he said. “I can make it right!” With that he concentrated, and reversed the flow of time around Luna. The knife removed itself from her, and wound no longer existed. Ozzie smiled, seeing her eyes open. However, his magic was still out of control, and suddenly a portal opened up that swallowed Luna before she could move.

Ozzie!” she shouted, reaching out.

Luna!” Ozzie cried out. He tried to fly into the portal, but it closed in front of him. “NOOOO!” In his rage, he attempted to open it again, but only succeeded in opening more random portals until eventually there was an explosion of time and space energy that obliterated the cave and the entire mountain with it. It left a crater so large that it could be seen from space, were anyone able to to travel there.

I will stop this madness now!” yelled an angered Azrael, as Ozzie floated above the crater still in a fit of rage The demon suddenly withdrew all the magic given to him and Ozzie fell to the ground.

N-no...” he squeaked out. “,,her.” However, he had no energy left to even attempt anything. He saw something sparkling and dragged his body to it. Somehow, one of Luna's trinkets had survived. It was a crecent moon-shaped gem. Ozzie held it close and tears flowed from his eyes. Then he spied something else. It was the return scroll Jenn had given them. Apparently it had been blown from their travel bag into the crater, protected by the gem, almost as if on purpose. Slowly he reached out and unrolled the scroll, then placed his hand upon the runic circle drawn on it. Ozzie was wrapped in a warm light, then vanished from the crater.



End Chapter 15

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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