The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 33
Chapter 33

Chapter Description: Ozzie and Deven part ways.

In his dreams, Ozzie sat and spoke to Luna.”Oh mama, I miss you.” said the little baby skunk wizard. He appeared to Luna wearing just a diaper.

Luna, the blue and purple colored raccoon woman, appeared to Ozzie wearing a flowing white gown and scooped up the little skunk. “Oh my sweet little baby.” she said, giving him hugs and kisses. “Mommy misses you so much too!” They both embraced and shed tears of both happiness and sadness. “I was so scared when I was unable to contact you. I hope you are okay.”

I am.” Ozzie sniffled, wiping his eyes. “There was an evil entity blocking our telepathic link. Somehow, Azrael was able to contact me though, and we even fuzed together, becoming a new being.”

That sounds pretty incredible.” said Luna, holding her little boy in her arms. “Azrael must truly be very powerful if he could do that even with magic being blocked off.”

Yeah, it felt amazing and scary.” said Ozzie. “He also said that we couldn't stay that way for long or it could kill us.”

Oh my, that sounds very dangerous.” said Luna. “Promise me you will never push things that far.”

I promise.” said Ozzie. “So I guess you're not on this world either huh?”

I'm sorry honey.” said Luna. “But I don't think so. I can't sense your presence here.”

Guess I just have to keep trying.” said Ozzie sadly. “But at least I made a new friend. His name is Deven, and he's a baby dragon who was once an adult human.”

Sounds similar to your story.” said Luna. “How did he end up that way?”

Someone tricked him and turned him into an egg so he could be sold on the black market.” Ozzie explained. “But the mother dragon found him and raised him.”

I guess there are evil people everywhere.” said Luna. “Glad that he was found and got help though.”

He also has the power to heal.” said Ozzie. “But if he heals someone or even himself too much, they regress. He secretly regressed himself because he doesn't want to be an adult.” Ozzie giggled.

Kind of like you.” Luna teased.

Hehe, yeah.” said Ozzie. “We got along great. He's very strong too.”

I'm glad you're making good friends.” Luna said, stroking Ozzie's fur. “I've made a new friend as well. His name is Charlie and he is a hybrid brown bear wolf. He runs the farm I am staying at and I help him with it in exchange for food and a place to stay.”

That great to hear!” said Ozzie. He was happy that Luna found someone she could trust to help her out. “Is he nice?”

Oh yes, he is very nice.” said Luna. “I've told him all about you.”

All about me?” asked Ozzie. “Like everything?”

Yes, everything.” said Luna. “He hopes to meet you some day.”

Oh, I hope to meet him too.” said Ozzie. “I hope its soon.” He relaxed more in her arms.

I hope so too my baby.” said Luna, rubbing Ozzie's chest fur gently. “You are so soft and fluffy now. I can't wait to cuddle you for real.”

Ozzie blushed. “Neither can I.” he said, smiling and looking up at her pretty face. He reached out a little hand to touch her cheek.

Luna smiled and put her hand over his as he touched her cheek. She hummed a soft soothing tune to him. They stayed together like this for a while, just mother and child in the mindscape. Then Luna spoke up. “You've been asleep for quite a while now in the physical world.” she said.

Ozzie nodded and yawned. “I was just so warn out from the fusion, and I wanted to prolong being with you here.”

I figured as much.” Luna chuckled. “I've enjoyed this time together, even if it is just in our minds. You need to wake up though, so you can continue your journey.”

I know.” Ozzie said sadly. “Before you go, I want you to know that I am helping those I can. In the previous world I went to, there are some very bad people kidnapping and experimenting on people with various magical waters. Some of their work could be used for good, but I feel like they want to start a war between humans and anthros. So I am also going to try and find friends I can recruit to go help me put a stop to it.”

That sounds very noble of you.” said Luna. “Just imagine, an army of little diapered magical tots taking out the bad guys.” She giggled a bit and hugged him. “My little hero.”

Ozzie smiled and hugged back. “Yeah, I try to be.” he said. “If you come across anyone you think can help, please help me meet them once we are together again.”

I will.” said Luna. “You can already count me in. I'll ask Charlie. He's big and strong.”

Hehe, okay.” said Ozzie. “I'm not going to force anyone to help though, so if he has to stay and take care of his farm or something, its fine.”

I'm sure he'll want to help.” said Luna. “But it is good of to give everyone a choice.” Her image began to fade. “Looks like you're waking up. Good luck my baby, and don't worry, we will meet again I am sure.”

Thank you mama.” said Ozzie, and the two embraced in a big hug. “I love you!”

I love you too!” said Luna. Then her image as well as the mindscape faded.

Ozzie slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and saw he was still a four-year-old and in one of the dragon huts, lying on a bed stuffed with goose down. It was extremely comfortable, but he noticed his diaper was very wet and messy. His body still ached with pain, but he felt well rested otherwise. Slowly, he floated up off the bed and out of the hut. Outside the sun was up and the dragons were walking around doing various tasks. He flew over to the mother dragon, who was holding Deven.

Ah, you're awake.” said the mother dragon. “You've been asleep for a few days.”

Y-yeah, sowwy about dat.” said Ozzie. “It was kind of a wough fight.”

Deven has told me all about it.” she said, patting the little hatchling dragon's head.

Ozzie!” shouted Deven. He flew down to hug the little skunk, then held his nose. “You stink again.”

Ozzie blushed and nodded. “Guess I couwd use a change.” he said, looking up at the mother dragon.

Indeed you do.” she said, and motioned for Ozzie to come closer.

Ozzie floated closer to the mother dragon and blushed as his diaper was undone and removed.

Lets just get rid of this.” said the mother dragon. She blew dragon fire onto the soiled diaper, incinerating it.

Deven brought her a bowl of soapy water and some diapers. “Here you go mom.” he said. He smiled, feeling like a big help.

Thank you Deven.” she said, smiling and patting him on the head. She used a soapy wet cloth to clean Ozzie's diaper area completely clean, then used some gentle flames near his fur to warm and dry him. She then got one of the diapers and opened it, applying some powder and then fastening it onto the little baby skunk.

Fankoo ma'am.” said Ozzie with a blush. He floated down next to Deven.

You are welcome.” said the mother dragon. “Now lets talk about what happened. Deven said you uttered something about a demonic merge. I should tell you that demons are enemies of the dragons.”

They are?” asked Ozzie. “But I sweaw Azwaew is a good demon.”

He is from a world different than ours.” said mother dragon. “Also he helped you and has not made any threats against us, so while I still do not completely trust him, I appreciate that at least. I'm afraid that you should leave soon though. If the others were to learn you merged with a demon, you could be treated badly. Not everyone understands such things.”

But, wha about da baby humans I bwought you?” Ozzie asked.

I made sure they were taken to a human village where they will be taken care of and raised properly this time.” said the mother dragon. “It is strange for you to worry about the condition of your enemies.”

Weww, dey kinda had no choice.” said Ozzie. “At weast dey gots a second chance now.”

This is true.” said mother dragon. “You handled that situation more peacefully than I would have.”

I dun wike to huwt anyone if I can hewp it.” said Ozzie. “Befowe I go, I need hewp wif anothew worwd. An eviw gwoup of peopwe awe kidnapping and expewimenting on othews and I need hewp to stop dem. Can you hewp me?”

Hmm, I do not like to meddle in the affairs of other worlds.” said mother dragon. “However, Deven may accompany you if you wish.”

Is dat otay wif you Deven?” asked Ozzie.

Sure!” said Deven. “I wanna go on mowe adventuwes!”

Hehe, yay!” Ozzie cheered. “I'm gwad. Ya wiww be a big hewp, but fiwst I need to find Wuna.”

Deven nodded. “Yah, when ya need me come get me.” he said, giving Ozzie a hug.

Ozzie smiled and hugged back. “Fankoo fow evwything.” said Ozzie. “Bof of you.”

You're welcome little one.” said mother dragon, scooping up Ozzie and giving him a hug. She was huge, but very gentle and loving.

Ozzie cooed and hugged back, feeling very small in her arms. “I wiww be back soon.” he said.

Bye Ozzie!” shouted Deven, waving to him.

Goodbye Ozzie!” said mother dragon.

Bye bye!” Ozzie smiled and waved. He then opened another portal and hopped through.



End Chapter 33

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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