The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 28
Chapter 28

Chapter Description: Ozzie finds the furry world's fountain of youth, and the secret lab built around it.

Ozzie decided to spend a bit more time with Shiro, learning all he could about meditation and martial arts that he could from the adult gray tabby cat monk. The little skunk wasn't great at physical combat, but at least he knew some defensive moves just in case. Meditation really helped with clearing his mind and helping control his emotional state. He had decided to stay and help, as he knows Luna wanted him to do. However, in order to do this, he would have to have access to the Fountain of Youth water that was the cause of regression for most people.

After Shiro gave him a lead to where the fountain was, he headed to see for himself. He dressed in some new mage robes he had bought, and of course a diaper. He decided to be an adult for this mission and simply fly there in short trips so as not to alarm anyone, and used a map to make sure he stayed on course. He knew it would be heavily guarded and didn't want to endanger any of his new friends, so he went alone. At each stop he would have a look around in case there was anyone watching, then move on.

Eventually he came upon a large white building with no windows. “They must have built that around the fountain.” Ozzie thought. “How can I get inside without anyone seeing me?” He looked around and wondered how he could pull this off. The building had an entrance in front and a loading back in back where crates were loaded onto trucks. Each was guarded by security officers. The only ones coming in and out seemed to be dressed in white lab coats.

Carefully, he flew down to the roof where there were no cameras. He got a good look at the lab coats the people were wearing, and concentrated. His robes magically turned into a perfect replica of their lab coats, then he picked an unoccupied area where there were no cameras and descended. He walked around to the loading area and saw that they were loading bottles of water onto them, but also something else. It seemed to be some kind of chemical. They were also unloading another truck that pulled up. However, this truck had people in it. They seemed to be in restraints and being marched into the building. There were humans and anthros alike among them. It became obvious that they were there against their will. Ozzie knew he would have to free them and any other prisoners on the inside. Walking up alongside the others, Ozzie blended in to a group of white coats and made his way inside.

Inside was a typical sterilized lab environment. Ozzie looked around and saw people being led into one area and bottles being taken out of another. He followed the group, being as indistinct as possible, and saw that people were being led into a room where they were lined up and exposed to different sprays of water. Some shrank down to teenagers while others became kids, and some unfortunates became little babies, wailing and screaming at the world around them. Ozzie frowned. While he enjoyed being little and becoming little, he knew it was wrong to force it on others. Especially if it was permanent. Then he looked and saw them each sprayed again, this time with something different. Slowly they aged back up to adults, but a few remained kids. Some also clearly remained mentally regressed and unpotty-trained.

Damn it!” said one of the scientists. “I thought we had a cure that time. Lets move on and test the next formula.”

Ozzie watched as the anthros were sprayed with something. They gasped and writhed on the floor, their fur disappearing and their tails receding back into their bodies. Their snouts melted away into human faces and their hands and feet grew smaller and less animal-like until soon they were mere humans again.

Success!” shouted one scientist. “Now we have a cure for anthro-ism!”

Ozzie wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing, but then the humans began transforming back into anthros.

No!” shouted the scientist. “This one is a failure too. Take them away. We will try again later.”

Ozzie watched as the poor people were led out of the room. “It's wrong to force transformations on others.” he thought. “But if they were transformed by accident or against their will, perhaps a cure would be a good thing for those individuals. It would just be dangerous for those who don't want to be human again.” He was somewhat torn on the issue, and could see both sides, but forcing people to test the experiments was wrong. That also meant that either people didn't want to change back or they had gone through all their volunteers already. Either way, this had to stop. He made sure to note the locations of cameras and guards along the way, making a plan.

Moving on with the group, he saw people in little rooms behind clear glass where the scientists could see them without the victims being able to see out. He saw mostly anthros, but there were a few humans as well. People were various ages, and those who were babies had nurses wearing gloves and masks inside caring for them. Some of the older kids were playing with blocks while some were simply crying in the corner. It made Ozzie want to scream in anger, but he kept his cool and continued on.

The next area was where they were mixing FOY water with various chemicals in an attempt to produce a potion that would guarantee a person became a certain age and would either grow up or stay that age. Some also mixed in some of the anthro water to see what the results would be. Some were labeled with the age and animal they would turn a person into. Ozzie made a note of it as he went into the next room.

The next room had people sitting at computers researching different forms of regression that existed in this world. FOY water wasn't the only way to regress someone. Some were studying regression magic while others were researching curses and natural abilities some people were born with. Others were researching the causes of incontinence and age freezing from the FOY water. It looked like some of these people were trying to be helpful.

The next room finally revealed the fountain. It was a pristine stone fountain with water flowing from the top down into a pool at the bottom. It seemed to be a spring of continuously generated water, which would explain why they had so many bottles of it in another room. Ozzie got closer and closer to the fountain to try and get a better read on it's magical origins. He waited until no one was looking and then stuck a finger in the water. He could feel the magic swirling around the water and going very deep underground. He closed his eyes and concentrated, tracing the magic to its source. It seemed to be some kind of crystal growth underneath the grown in a large cavern. Somehow, the crystals were producing water which filled up the area underneath and gushed upwards onto the surface in the fountain.

Hey you!” a voice shouted in the distance. It was a scientist pointing at Ozzie. “Don't touch that! You could end up in diapers in one of those rooms!”

Ozzie quickly removed his hand from the fountain. Its effects had already regressed him about a year. “Oh um, right. Sorry” he said and tried to blend in again. It was a close call, but now he had a handle on how the fountain's magic worked. He could now attempt to reverse its effects on people who didn't want to be little, theoretically at least. He kept with the crowd as they moved about and as they passed the prisoners again, he secretly used magic to unlock their doors.

When the doors flung open, the prisoners who were able dashed out. They caught some guards by surprise and knocked them out, taking their batons and tasers. Ozzie pretended to be afraid, but secretly helped them with magic tricks as they needed. He made sure guards were knocked out and cameras were off using electronic magic. He then changed his clothing back to his mage robes and flew around, helping to free the rest. He scooped up the infants and toddlers using magic, and made sure they all made it outside. The scientists were held at bay by people with squirt guns filled with FOY water. None of them wanted to be back in diapers, so they surrendered. The alarms were blaring, but there was nothing they could do to stop the skunk mage and the freed prisoners. Ozzie was able to guide them to the trucks and made sure every single one was saved before they all took off.

You saved us stranger!” said one of the freed people. “How did you do all of that?”

I know many magic abilities.” said Ozzie. “But that's not important right now. Is there a place everyone here can go where they will be safe?”

Yes.” they said. “The police station in the city.”

Good. Then head there.” said Ozzie. “I'll make sure they don't do this to anyone again.” With that, Ozzie opened a portal back to the fountain. He went through and closed it, then looked around. “Everyone get out!”

All the scientists fled the building and Ozzie made sure to take the unconscious guards outside. After making sure no one else was in the building, he created a magic seal around it that would only allow him and those he allows into it. He didn't want to outright destroy the facility, since its research could benefit the people, but at the same time he couldn't let this company continue doing what it was doing.

Once he was done, he made a portal back to Shiro's house and went through. He told Shiro what had happened and he agreed that he had done the right thing. Later, on the news they saw a report about the incident and how some described a mysterious flying skunk in blue robes saving everyone.

You're going to need to stay hidden for a while.” said Shiro the tabby cat monk. “They'll be looking for you.”

I can hide easily.” said Ozzie. “But I won't hide when I can help people. I need someone to try my magic on so I can see if I can reverse the fountain's effects.”

I believe Jacy wanted to become an adult again.” said Shiro. “Gus may want to as well. I can give them a call.”

Please do.” said Ozzie. “But tell them there is no guarantee it will work.”

I will.” said Shiro, and went to contact Jacy.

In the meantime Ozzie got more comfortable by doing a quick and sudden regression on himself. Instantly he poofed into a three-year-old skunk in just a diaper as the rest of his clothing fell to the floor. He gathered up his clothes and put them away, floating around the house as he did. He eventually made his way back to Shiro.

Jacy will be here tomorrow.” said Shiro. “Gus says he has decided to stay little so he can help his son grow up. It's what his wife wants too.”

Ozzie nodded. “I see.” he said. “Dats fine.”

In the meantime,” said Shiro, “how about some food and then bed time?”

Ozzie nodded happily. “Sounds good!” he said, floating over to Shiro.

Shiro plucked the little skunk out of the air and hugged him, then placed him in a high chair. “Here comes the airplane!” he said, feeding Ozzie some creamed corn.

Ozzie ate the yummy food happily, dribbling some down his chin. “Mmm, good!” he said, enjoying the food.

Glad you like it.” said Shiro. “Try these.” Shiro offered Ozzie a piece of hamburger.

Ozzie ate it and smiled. “Mmm, oooh!” he said. “Dats weally good!”

It's hamburger.” Shiro explained. “Chopped and grilled beef.” He smiled and fed Ozzie some more.

You ish a good cook.” Ozzie said and smiled. He continued to eat happily until he was full, then Shiro gave him a baby bottle of green tea.

Ozzie suckled on the bottle happily. His face was wiped clean and he was taken to the living room where he sat in Shiro's lap drinking tea until he finally started to doze off.

You must have used up a lot of energy today.” said Shiro. “It's no wonder you're tired.” He carried the sleepy little skunk to his crib and tucked him him snugly. “Sweet dreams little hero.”

Nini Shiwo.” Ozzie said with a yawn and a smile. He cuddled with his fluffy tail and eventually fell asleep.

The next day, after a diaper change and some breakfast, Ozzie got ready to try his magic on Jacy.

He'll be here soon.” said Shiro. “His parents will be dropping him off for the day.”

Otays.” said Ozzie, still in his three-year-old form. “I hope dis wowks. If it does, I can hewp othews awound hewe.”

I hope it does too.” said Shiro. “But how will you fix the whole world?”

No one can fix da whowe worwd by demsewves.” said Ozzie. “I gonna need hewp and a wot of time.”

I'll help however I can.” said Shiro. “I can see if I can find others to help as well.”

Fanks Shiwo.” said Ozzie. “Ish gotta be secewet though. If da wong peopwe find out, dey come wookin for us and you too.”

I know.” said Shiro. “It's risky, but it's worth it if it helps others.” Soon there was a knock at the door. “That must be him.” He walked to the door and opened it. It was indeed Jacy, the brown and white six-year-old wolf wearing a disposable diaper and a yellow shirt with cartoon characters on it. “Come on in Jacy.”

Jacy shyly waddled inside. “Thanks Shiro.” he said softly. He wondered into the living room and saw the little skunk floating in the air. “H-hello Ozzie.”

Hihi Jacy!” Ozzie greeted in return. “How ya doin?”

Um, okay I guess.” he said. “The usual.”

You said you wanna be big again wight?” Ozzie asked.

Jacy nodded. “Y-yeah.” he said. “That would be nice. I want to be big so I can do big boy things.”

I wanna twy to make you big again.” Ozzie said. “Are ya okay wif dat?”

Y-yeah.” said Jacy. “I'm okay. Go ahead.”

Okay, jus stay stiww.” Ozzie said. He concentrated and put a paw on Jacy's head while floating near him. He felt the flow of regression magic within Jacy and began trying to reverse it. It took a while, but eventually Jacy began to grow.

It's working!” said Jacy, wagging his tail and causing a crinkle. He continued to age upwards into double digits. Ozzie made sure to keep his diaper and shirt the appropriate size the entire time. His body became more defined, less plump, and his muscles grew. Jacy winced a bit when going through puberty in fast forward, but then he was finally a nineteen-year-old boy again.

I fink dats it.” said Ozzie, letting go of Jacy. “How do you feew?”

Jacy looked around the room, which now seemed much smaller to him. “I feel big!” he said in a more mature tone of voice. “I sound big too!” He looked in a mirror and saw he was still wearing a thick diaper. “Except for the diaper, I feel big!” He smiled and hugged Ozzie and Shiro both. “Thank you!”

You welcome!” said Ozzie.

You should stay here for the night to make sure things are okay.” said Shiro. “I have some clothes that should fit you.” He went to the back and brought out a pair of jeans, and some boxers. “You already have a shirt that fits. So these should be all you need.”

R-right.” said Jacy. He went into the bathroom and removed his diaper. He noticed it was wet, but he figured it was from before his progression and put on the boxers and jeans and came back out.

Lookin good!” said Ozzie. “What shouwd we do fow da west of da day?”

Lets watch some cartoons!” said Jacy. He went over and sat on the couch.

Cartoons?” asked Shiro. “Are you sure?”

Yeah, why?” asked Jacy.

“No reason.” said Shiro. He turned on the TV to the cartoon channel where Jacy and Ozzie both watched happily. He noticed that Jacy was still acting very much like a kid.

Oooh, I like this part!” said Jacy as they watched a funny cartoon dog. He laughed a lot when the character fell into a hole, and didn't notice that he had wet himself. It wasn't until a bit later when he moved that he felt the warm wetness underneath him.

Shiro noticed the spreading dark stain on the front of the jeans. It was something he had seen before with other regressed and incontinent people. “Jacy?” he asked. “Do you need a change?”

Jacy blushed and held his tail in front of his wetness. “Um, yeah.” he said shyly. “I guess I do still need diapers.” He blushed and wanted to cry.

I sowwy.” said Ozzie. “I guess aww I couwd do was make you owder. Ya stiww incontinent.”

It's okay.” said Shiro. “Come on, I'll help you get cleaned up.” He led Jacy to the nursery where he removed his wet jeans and soaked boxers, then laid on the changing table.

Jacy covered his eyes as he was cleaned, powdered, and diapered in an adult-sized diaper with dinosaurs on it. “Th-thanks.” said Jacy. He got up and hugged Shiro, curling his tail between his legs and around his diaper.

You're welcome.” said Shiro. “Do you feel okay?”

Y-yeah.” said Jacy. “At least I'm big now. They're still gonna make fun of me for needing diapers, but they still have to pay for them too.”

But now that you're big again they won't have to babysit you.” said Shiro. “Which means they won't be able to make fun of you as much.”

Jacy nodded. “That's good I guess.” he said, and waddled back to the living room.

Shiro followed and cleaned up the wet spot he made on the couch. Luckily he had plastic guards on it just in case. With cubs around so often, it made sense to be prepared.

Jacy just blushed and continued to watch TV with Ozzie until it was dinner time.

Shiro smiled and served Jacy some home made tacos. “Eat up kiddo!” he said, giving him a pat on the head.

Jacy smiled and ate the tasty, crunchy tacos happily. He drank a cup of soda and burped. “Heh, excuse me.” he said.

You are excused.” Shiro chuckled. He fed Ozzie some taco meat and cheese.

Ozzie smiled and yummed it all up. “Oooh, so good!” he said. “You make da best food Shiwo!”

Uh huh!” said Jacy. “Very tasty!”

Thank you both.” said Shiro. “I'm glad you always like my cooking. I do try and make the menu interesting when I can, but also fit for cub pallets. He cleaned Ozzie's face and helped Jacy wash his hands, then let them go back into the living room while he cleaned the kitchen.

Oooh, I wike dis cawtoon!” said Ozzie. It was a cartoon about farm animals teaching basic education in a humorous manner.

Hehe, me too!” said Jacy. He held Ozzie in his lap as they both watched the silly cartoon.

Ozzie felt comfy in the diapered adult's lap and began to relax. After watching a few more shows, he had fallen asleep in his lap.

Sh-Shiro?” said Jacy softly. “I think Ozzie fell asleep.”

Aww, he sure did.” said Shiro. “Let me take him.” He gently scooped up the sleeping little skunk and carried him to his crib, tucking him in. He returned to Jacy in the living room. “Want to sleep in the big bed or the race car bed?”

Umm, the race car bed.” said Jacy. “It's more comfortable.”

As you wish.” Shiro smiled, and led Jacy to the bed. He tucked the nineteen-year-old wolf pup into bed and turned out the lights, leaving the night light on. “Good night.”

Good night Shiro.” Jacy said softy so as not to wake the skunk.

In the morning, Shiro checked on them. Jacy was still an adult, which was good, but his diaper was wet and messy. He noticed Ozzie's diaper was in the same state.

Ozzie awoke and let out a big yawn. “Mownin Shiwo.” he said, rubbing his eyes.

Morning little one.” said Shiro. “Sleep well?” He picked up the little skunk and placed him on the changing table.

Uh huhs.” said Ozzie, letting out another yawn as Shiro began cleaning him.

Jacy woke up, hearing the two talk. “Good morning.” he said. He sat up and blushed, feeling the mess between his legs. “I think I need a change too.”

No problem.” said Shiro as he rolled up Ozzie's used diaper and tossed it in the diaper pail. He then placed a clean one under the skunk's fluffy bottom and powdered him, then taped the diaper snugly.

Fanks Shiwo.” said Ozzie. He floated off the table and hugged him.

Shiro smiled and hugged back. “You're welcome.” he said. “Okay Jacy, hop on up.”

Jacy blushed and laid down on the table where Ozzie had been. He blushed and covered his face as Shiro untaped his diaper and cleaned him. He was always shy about have a stinky diaper.

Shiro didn't make a comment on it and simply went about cleaning him up, tossing his dirty diaper, then replacing it with a clean one and powdering and rediapering the adult cub. “There, all clean and ready for a new day.” he said.

Th-thanks Shiro.” said Jacy. He sat up and hugged him.

You're welcome Jacy.” said Shiro, hugging him back.

The day went about as usual until the news came on and again talked about a magical skunk.

Are they talking about you Ozzie?” asked Jacy.

“Shhh!” Ozzie winked. “Don't tell anyone. Hehe”

Jacy smiled and nodded. “No problem!” he said. “Wow, you're like a real life super hero!”

I jus twyin to hewp.” said Ozzie. “I dun need pwaise ow weward.”

“Just like a real hero!” said Jacy. “You should make a super hero costume!”

Hehe, maybe I wiww.” said Ozzie. “Buh fow now I gonna way low. I jus wanted to hewp you befow I go into hiding.”

You're a good friend Ozzie.” said Jacy. “Thank you.” He hugged the little skunk.

Yer wewcome.” said Ozzie. He hugged back and smiled.

Sometime later, Jacy went home. Shiro and Ozzie talked a bit about plans for the future. They discussed the possibility of taking down the company responsible for the kidnappings. There were reports of other mysterious abductions around the world. Ozzie resolved to help everyone he could, but first he would need help. He wanted to find Luna.



End Chapter 28

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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