The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 14
Chapter 14

Chapter Description: Ozzie and Luna continue their journey and face a few threats sent by the witch.

There was trouble as soon as the two got off the train. A mysterious cloaked figure awaited them on the platform. It approached them an made a threatening gesture. “You will never defeat our queen!” it shouted and began to expand.

Ozzie! Quick!” shouted Luna as she put up a shield.

Ozzie nodded and froze time. “Madness.” he thought to himself. He lifted the shadowy ballooning figure up and took it far far away where there was nothing around for miles, then quickly flew back. Once he unstopped time, there was the sound of a large explosion in the direction Ozzie took it.

They're getting desperate.” said the concerned motherly raccoon beast kin. “That would have taken the lives of everyone here at the station.”

Dey dun cawe who dey huwt.” Ozzie said. The regressed baby wizard was getting angry. Such threats and actions were unforgivable. He looked around at all the people with children who looked confused as to what just happened. They all would have been gone, and the darkness would have spread.

We had better hurry.” said Luna, putting all their things on a cart. She wrapped Ozzie in a blanket and tied it around her chest so that he was held in front of her. This way she could use both hands. She hurried to the village, which was close by, and was relieved to see that everyone was okay.

Good.” said Ozzie. “She not been hewe.” He looked around at the people and saw that things were going as usual.

Still, we don't want to invite trouble.” said Luna, hurrying to her house which was still under her protection spell. “I just need to grab a few things and we can go.” Inside, things were as she left them. She unloaded their luggage and packed some small bags with scrolls, amulets, gems, potions, diapers, and a few other things.

Ozzie helped her pack, flying around to gather various things for her. He packed some food and water for them, as well as some juice.

Luna sat down finally and sighed. “I don't like leaving as soon as we got here, but we must.” she said.

Ozzie floated over to her and onto her lap. “I no wike it eithew.” he said, leaning onto her. “But aftew dis, we can wive in peace.”

Will you go back to being an adult?” she asked while stroking his hair.

Ozzie hadn't wanted to think about it, but at the very least, it would be good to have his adult powers back. “M-maybe.” he said finally. “I wike bein yer baby. Da time I spent wif you made me so much happier than any othew time in my life.”

Awww, and I love being your mommy.” she said, hugging him. “You can stay a baby if you want to. I won't mind taking care of you for as long as you want. However, you must free Azrael.”

I know.” said Ozzie. “I stiww gonna do dat.”

You had better.” grumbled Azrael from within. “We should talk before we go.”

Azwael wants to tawk.” said Ozzie, looking up at Luna.

A good idea.” Luna said, putting her hand on Ozzie's head and concentrating.

Inside Ozzie's mind they all appeared. Only this time, Ozzie appeared as his baby self instead of his adult form.

I see you are getting more and more used to being an infant.” said the muscular blue-skinned demon. “I don't like all this baby stuff, but if it will help defeat Devzla then fine. Just don't expect me to participate in it.”

We know.” said Ozzie, able to talk without a lisp here. “Soon you will be free, so you won't have to deal with it anymore.”

I want to thank you.” said Luna suddenly. “If not for you, I would not have my baby boy here.”

You're thanking me?!” said Azrael in surprise. “I turned him into a diaper pooping baby! You think that's a good thing?”

It wasn't at first.” said Ozzie. “I hated it. I hated you for turning me into this. Then I came to appreciate and even enjoy it, thanks to Luna. So I wish to thank you too. If not for you, I would not have had this second childhood and so many happy memories.”

Azrael folded his arms and huffed. “Well, fine. You're welcome.” he said quietly. “But this doesn't mean we are friends!”

Ozzie and Luna just smiled and chuckled a bit.

Enough.” said Azrael seriously. “The reason I wanted to talk to you both is that you will likely need more of my power to defeat her completely. I will let you have access to my full power, but only when needed, and you must maintain control or you could destroy us all.”

Ozzie nodded. “I'm ready.” he said.

You say you are, but you do not know the extent of this power.” said Azrael. “However, I have noticed a power within you that you likely don't know you have. It is what is known as mimic magic.”

Mimic magic?” Ozzie asked. “I think I remember hearing about that somewhere before.”

Yes.” said Azrael. “Which means you can learn almost any magic spell and ability after witnessing it and/or experiencing it. Which also means, you could conceivably learn and use my abilities as well. Such a thing would be a feat no human has ever accomplished.”

Do you really think I could?” Ozzie asked, unsure.

I do.” said Azrael. “Which means I have to be careful what power I lend you. I know your intentions are good, but should your soul become tainted with darkness, those powers could end up dooming us all.”

Luna looked at the little baby wizard floating in mid air. “He would never.” she said. “Look, we both know what kind of person Ozzie is. He would never allow himself to be swallowed by the darkness.”

Well, just in case, I will be limiting what I allow him to use.” said Azrael. “Once I am free, perhaps I can teach you more.”

I would be eternally grateful if you did.” said Ozzie. “I humbly accept the offer.” He held out his tiny hand to Azrael.

Azrael looked at the baby and sneered, but shook his tiny hand. “Then its agreed.” he said. “Once this is all over, and I am freed, I will teach you what I know.”

Agreed.” said Ozzie with a smile. “We may have met as enemies, but I see you now as an ally. I am honored to know you, prince of demons.”

D-don't think we're friends!” shouted Azrael, almost blushing. He wasn't used to humans treating him with respect. “This is just...a temporary alliance. That's all.”

That will do.” said Ozzie. “I have seen your life as well, and I know you have friends and family that you miss. You will be with them again soon, I promise.”

Azrael cracked a slight smile. “I certainly hope so.” he said humbly. “Now, lets go take care of this witch!”

With that, Luna broke mental contact and the two finished packing. She and Ozzie used their light to create a protection spell around the whole village. Even if Devzla could get in, it wouldn't be worth her time and effort to do so. They both set out on horseback, on their way to the infamous Devil's Claw cave.



End Chapter 14

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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