The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022

Chapter 32
Chapter 32

Chapter Description: Ozzie and Deven fight Exomus.

After a nice nap and a diaper change, Ozzie put his clothes back on and the two packed up their camp again. They walked up to the stairs leading up. The stairs seemed to go into the clouds.

Ya fink it weally goes into da sky?” asked Ozzie, the regressed baby skunk wizard.

I dunno.” said Deven, the regressed baby dragon boy. He looked up and saw that the top was covered by clouds. “Guess we jus gotta see.” The two began going up the stairs and soon the ground looked very far away.

It goes weally high up.” said Ozzie. He looked up and strangely saw an opening in the sky. “Ish anothew woom!”

Dis pwace is weiwd.” said Deven, and the two kept going up into the new room. The two immediately noticed that this new room was really hot.

Phew! Its hot in hewe!” said Ozzie. He looked around and saw there was lava flowing through it and a large lava fall pouring into the room.

Dats why.” said Deven. “Ish wava. Dat stuff is supew hot. Good fing I a dwagon. Heat dun bothew me.”

It bothews me.” said Ozzie. He decided to strip down to his diaper to keep cool. After storing his clothing in his storage portal, they both continued on, walking on solid rocky areas between the lava. Luckily they could fly so they didn't have to worry about large gaps where there was nothing but lava.

Just then, Deven noticed something in the lava below them. “I see somefin.” he said, looking down into it. Some bubbles came to the surface. “Get back!” He and Ozzie both stood back as a big rock monster emerged from the lava pool.

Its a gowem!” said Ozzie. He had seen many rock monsters before, but none formed out of lava. The golem gurgled and swiped at the two, spraying red hot lava onto the floor. The two dodged and flew out of reach.

Guess its not fwiendwy.” Deven said. He tried using his dragon fire, which could burn anything, even lava, and the creature melted. “Hah! Dat wasn't so bad.” But then the creature reformed and began attacking again.

Uh oh, dats not gonna wowk.” said Ozzie. “Maybe some ice!” The little wizard conjured up some strong ice magic and cast it on the lava golem, freezing it in place. “Now bwow it up!”

I got it!” said Deven. He snarled and inhaled, then spit out a big ball of fire at the creature. It hit the iced golem and blew it to bits. “Yay!”

I think we got it dat time.” said Ozzie. He didn't see it reforming, so they continued on. Eventually they spotted more bubbles though.

Uh oh, it stiww hewe!” said Deven. “Its comin back togethew!”

Maybe we can make it out befow it can!” said Ozzie, and the two hurried toward the stairs. However, the creature was too quick and appeared again in front of them.

Dis getting annoying!” Deven shouted. But then it got worse as multiple big lava golems appeared around them.

Oh gweat!” said Ozzie. “Now we can't go back eithew. We gotta deaw wif dis fing now!”

Hit me wif some ice magic!” said Deven. He flew into the air and began spinning.

Ozzie conjured up a ball of ice magic and threw it at Deven. When it hit, it combined with his powers and surrounded him in ice instead of fire.

Deven then flew through each and every lava golem, freezing them in place and making them explode. “Woo!” he shouted excitedly. “Now wets get outta hewe!”

Good job!” said Ozzie. They both headed to the stairs and made their way up.

What is dat?” asked Deven, looking up through the top of the stairs. It looked all shimmery.

“I dunno.” said Ozzie. He reached up to touch it and his paw passed through, but became wet. “Its watew.”

Watew?” asked Deven. He took stuck his hand into it and pulled it out wet. “How though?”

“I dunno.” said Ozzie. He walked up into it and found that the room was full of water, yet somehow it wasn't leaking down to the floor below. He quickly swam back down. “We gonna need aiw.” Ozzie quickly conjured a magic bubble of air around their heads.

Dats handy.” said Deven, and they both ventured up into the water-filled room. They swam around in what looked like the bottom of an ocean. The water was crystal clear and had many fish of different colors and sizes swimming through it. Unfortunately, Ozzie forgot that his diaper wasn't water proof and it soon expanded with water, slowing him down quite a bit. Deven giggled at the huge waterlogged diaper on the little skunk.

Ozzie stuck his tongue out at Deven and simply wiggled out of his heavy diaper. He made sure to dispose of it by teleporting it to a diaper pail. Then he accidental swam through a school of fish, which tickled his fur, making him giggle. Along with Deven, he swam through the water, which was illuminated by glowing sea plants and some of the aquatic life which had bio-luminescence.

The fishies awe vewy pwetty!” said Deven, swimming around a large glowing fish.

Yeah, dis is nice.” said Ozzie, swimming around some coral formations. They both looked at glowing jellyfish floating by and swam past a giant whale. Soon they saw some stairs leading up.

Its da exit!” shouted Deven. He swam over only to be confronted by a giant black octopus. “Uh oh.”

Umm, I dun suppose its fwiendly.” said Ozzie. The giant octopus had glowing yellow eyes and suddenly swung at them with its tentacles. Ozzie swam out of the way, as did Deven. “Guess not.”

Guess he guard da staiws.” said Deven, as he prepared to launch into his fire attack. Unfortunately, it was difficult to conjure up fire under water. “If I use my fiwe undew watew, it make a steam expwosion. Dat not be good fow us.”

Hmm, how shouwd we deaw wif it den?” asked Ozzie. The two swam around dodging tentacles.

I can distwact him whiwe you tie up his tentacwes!” said Deven. He began ramming the octopus in the face with his horned head.

Ozzie swam around and grabbed one of the creature's tentacles, wrapping it around another tentacle, and then doing so again and again until he had effectively braided the tentacles together. The octopus squirmed and tugged at its own tentacles trying to get them untangled.

Deven gave it one last punch in the face before the two moved on to the stairs. “Weww, dat was fun.” he said. “I wondew wha is next.”

Going upstairs led out of the water and into a new room full of pristine white columns and walkways among a flowery field. There even appeared to be a sun in the sky. Ozzie shivered and shook the water out of his fur, and let the air bubbles around their heads pop.

Oh, dis pwace is pwetty too!” said Deven. He walked around the place with Ozzie. Everything was huge to such small cubs. Ozzie hadn't thought to redress himself so both were wondering around without a stitch of clothing on.

Ozzie smiled and sniffed a flower. “Hmm, ahhh, so nice.” he said. Looking around, he couldn't see any more stairs. “I fink we at da top.”

Dat means whatevew is makin da magic scwamble is hewe.” said Deven.

Yah, I can feew somefin stwange.” said Ozzie. He could sense a strong magical disturbance coming from the center of the room. “Wets go dat way.” The two headed towards the center and saw a bright glow coming from a circular colonnade.

Well well, what do we have here?” said a booming effeminate voice. “Two naked little babies are in my flower garden.”

Ozzie blushed, covering his front with his tail, only just now realizing he wasn't wearing anything. “Um, who awe you?” he asked shyly.

I am Exomus.” said the voice. “I am a magic elemental of this world.”

I'm Ozzie.” said Ozzie.

And I'm Deven.” said Deven.

I know who you are.” said Exomus. “I have been watching you climb my tower.”

This is your towew?” asked Ozzie.

Yes it is.” said Exomus. “I felt a source of magic I didn't recognize enter this world, and discovered that it was you. I am the one responsible for you being unable to contact your special one.”

Why wouwd you do dat?” asked Deven.

Because I want your power.” said Exomus. “I am the most powerful being of this world, and I intend for it to stay that way. Your power is immense, and if left to your own devices, it could become a threat to me, so I intend to take it for myself.”

You can't do dat!” said Ozzie angrily. “I won't wet you!”

You cannot stop me.” said the elemental. “Not many have ever made it to the top of this tower, which says a lot about your power. However, you have had the help of this little dragon along the way. Without him, I doubt you could have made it. Even so, I will take your power and your life!”

My peopwe haf spoken of you.” said Deven. “But dey not say anything about you being a greedy butt!”

Ah yes, the dragons.” said Exomus. “I have maintained an alliance with them for centuries. However, once I obtain this power, I will get rid of them, as they too will be a threat to me.”

You wiww do no such fing!” shouted Deven. He covered himself in flame and sped toward the elemental like a comet. Unfortunately he simply passed right through.

Nice try.” said Exomus. “But I have hidden my real form. Like I said, there is no stopping me.”

Damn you!” shouted Deven.

Ozzie tried to fly but found he was suddenly unable. “Wha?” he said. “I can't fwy.”

I have scrambled all magic in here.” said Exodus. “You will find you are quite unable to use your magic. Without that, you really are just a helpless babe.” The elemental laughed and began zapping Ozzie of his power.

N-no!” Ozzie said. “Won't...wet you!” He struggled against the elemental while Deven recovered.

Oh yeah?!” said Deven. “Ya can't hide fwom dis!” He began to super heat the room, causing the grass and flowers to catch fire.

If you do that, you will hurt your friend.” said Exomus. “Without magic, he cannot protect himself from it.” The boastful elemental laughed again.

Deven tried to get in between the light and Ozzie but it was no use. “Ozzie!” he yelled. “Fight him! Dun give up!”

As Ozzie struggled, he felt as if the life was being pulled from him. He saw images of Azrael and Luna fading away in his mind. “NO!” shouted the little skunk. “NEVER!” Then came a voice from deep within. It was a familiar voice he had not heard in a long time.

Ozzie!” said the voice. “Ozzie!! I leave you alone for a little while and this is where you find yourself?”

A-Azrael?” said Ozzie. He was in his mindscape again.

Its been a long time.” said Azrael. “I have occasionally peeked in on your adventures. I always keep tabs on you just in case. Looks like its a good thing I did.”

Azrael its really you!” Ozzie hugged the muscular dark demon within his mindscape. “Its so good to see you again!”

D-don't get all friendly with me!” Azrael said with a bit of a blush. “Sorry, but time is short. I was going to show you this technique when you were ready, and I think you are. Either way, you won't win without knowing this. That being you're dealing with may be able to control the magic in that world, but I doubt it can control the magic from mine. This incantation will fuse my spirit with yours, but only for a limited time. If you stay in this state for too long, it could kill us both. Do you understand?”

Y-yeah.” said Ozzie. “I'm ready!”

You must repeat this incantation after me.” said Azrael. Then the two spoke in unison. “Time without beginning nor end and ever infinite space, lend me your power so that we may interlace. Let darkness and light combine and be whole until at least we achieve our goal. DEMONIC MERGE!”

Suddenly Ozzie was surrounded by a ball of light and darkness. Inside he screamed as his body grew to adult size, became stronger, and began to change. His fur shifted color. Where his fur was white, it turned black, and where it was black it turned white. The crescent moon shape on his chest took on a dark glow. The hair on his head remained white, but the blue at the tips became purple. His hair also grew long and his claws grew on both his hands and feet, becoming pointy and threatening. Finally he opened his eyes and they emitted a purple glow.

What is this?” asked Exomus. “You should not have any power!”

Whoa Ozzie!” said Deven. “Wha happen?!”

This is a power even you can't touch!” Ozzie shouted to Exomus in a deep echo-y demonic voice. “You try and take power by force, but it is only when we work with friends that our true power is shown. I don't see any friends of yours, unless you count those pathetic fools we fought along the way.”

Exomus growled and his light fluctuated. “You dare insult me?” it said. “Even if you do have power, you cannot use it on me.”

Is that so?” Ozzie smirked. He looked over at one of the columns and his eyes emitted a dark light which peeled back the veil of magic the entity was hiding behind. It was revealed to be a giant crystal-like creature with arms, legs, and facial features that distorted wildly. “I see you.”

How is this possible?!” shouted Exomus. He grew in size and began raining down spell after spell, destroying everything it hit. “If I can't have your power, I'll simply kill you!” He continued his barrage until he was sure he was victorious.

Once all the dust and dirt had settled, Ozzie remained, floating in the air with his arms crossed. He had shielded Deven with a magic dome and all around him was untouched. “Now its my turn!” he said. Ozzie held out his hands and began blasting the entity with spirals of dark and light magic. Space and time began tearing Exomus apart.

This can't be!” shouted Exomus. “I am the most powerful! Not you! Its me! I'm the god here! Me! Meeeeeee!” With that, the mighty elemental exploded, shattering everywhere, then vanishing into nothingness.

We did it Az.” Ozzie sighed. “Thanks for everything.” He then dropped to the floor unconscious. His fur returned to its normal colors and his body shrank back down to its four-year-old form.

O-Ozzie?” said Deven. “Ozzie!” He walked over to the little skunk and tried to heal him. “Come on, say something!”

Ozzie moaned and rolled over, sucking his thumb while in a fetal position with his eyes closed.

He's asleep!” shouted Deven. “You little...I thought you were...” He sighed, then smiled. “Fine. I'll take you back. You just rest.” He picked up the little skunk and flapped his wings flying the two out of the tower. The magical wind interference was gone now, which let him fly freely. It took the remainder of the day and night to get back home, but Ozzie remained asleep for all of it. Once he had arrived, he explained what had happened to mother dragon, and they laid the sleeping little skunk in a bed after putting a diaper on him.

Ozzie slept and dreamed of the days he spent as Luna's baby. Soon he would be able to contact her again, and the adventure would continue.



End Chapter 32

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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