The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 35
Chapter 35

Chapter Description: Ozzie helps Tavi try and locate his mother, and meet an old friend of hers.

Upon waking up, Ozzie and Tavi both had very soggy diapers. Ozzie, the regressed magic baby skunk, stretched and yawned big as Tavi, the orange, yellow, and black tiger-chipmunk did much the same.

Hehe, we bof wet.” Ozzie giggled.

Uh huh, vewy soggy.” said Tavi, poking at his diaper. “Time fow a change.”

Ozzie stood up and blushed, feeling a pressure in his gut and then relief as his diaper sagged. “Um, yeah, especiawwy now.” he giggled.

Oh man, 'tinky skunk!” Tavi teased, fanning his nose. “Come on 'tinky butt.” He hopped down from the adult-sized crib.

Ozzie blushed and floated himself down onto the floor. “Hehe, otays.” he said, laying on a changing mat.

Tavi smiled and untaped the little skunk's diaper, opening it and wrinkling his nose. “Phew!” he teased. “Smewwy baby.” He used several baby wipes to clean Ozzie's fur, then disposed of the dirty diaper and replaced it with a clean one. He slid it under Ozzie and sprinkled powder on it, then pulled it up between his legs and taped it snugly. “Dere we go. Aww cwean again.”

Ozzie sat up and huggled the little munk, then sniffed the air. “Hehe, I not da onwy 'tinky one.” he said “Now its yer tuwn.”

Tavi just smiled and laid on the changing mat where Ozzie was before. He had messed his diaper while changing Ozzie.

Ozzie untaped Tavi's diaper and opened it up. “Whew!” he teased. “So 'tinky!” He giggled and began cleaning up Tavi.

Not as 'tinky as you was!” Tavi giggled.

Nu uh!” said Ozzie, blushing as he cleaned Tavi's fur. He rolled up the dirty diaper and tossed it in the diaper pail, then replaced it with a clean one. He slid it under the little munk's bottom and sprinkled powder in it, then settled his bottom onto it and pulled the front up between his legs, taping it snug. “Now we bof not 'tinky.”

Tavi sat up and hugged Ozzie. “Yup, now we bof smeww good again.” he said. “Now fow some bweakfast!” He waddled to the kitchen with Ozzie and opened the fridge, getting out some eggs and sausage.

Wanna be gwon up to cook?” Ozzie asked.

Nah, I can do dis even as a cub.” Tavi giggled. He hopped from counter to counter and to the stove, turning it on and getting things ready to cook.

Ozzie watched and smiled as Tavi cooked. Indeed it did seem like he was capable of doing this as a mere toddler. He decided to help by pulling out a small table out of his storage portal, meant for small cubs to eat at.

With lightning speed, Tavi soon had breakfast cooked and ready. He served up some fried eggs and grits on two plates. The two sat across from each other at the cub table and smiled. Each began feeding the other food like they were both playing cub and caretaker at the same time, yet it felt more bonding than that. They couldn't help but giggle when each of them dribbled some food down their chin.

Ya such a baby.” said Tavi, wiping Ozzie's face.

Wook who's tawkin.” Ozzie giggled, wiping Tavi's face. Once they were done, they prepared to leave.

We shouwd be big to do dis.” said Tavi. “Peopwe wiww wondew why a coupwe babies awe askin awound about stuff.”

Hehe, dats twue.” said Ozzie. He used his magic to grow himself and Tavi back up into their adult selves, though still diapered. Ozzie decided to wear some overalls and a blue shirt while Tavi wore some gray jogging pants and an orange shirt. Ozzie opened a portal and the two stepped through.

The two found themselves in an open parking lot. Luckily they appeared behind a car and no one saw them. They looked around and saw they were at a park with a lot of children playing as their parents watched.

This place looks fun!” said Ozzie. “Do you remember it?”

Tavi looked around and nodded. “Kind of.” he said. “Very faded memories of playing on that slide and that see saw.”

Lets walk around a bit.” Ozzie suggested. They both walked around looking at all the play equipment. It all looked so fun to play on, Ozzie soon found himself feeling smaller.

Tavi looked and noticed. “Heh, you're getting little.” he said. “Better be careful.”

Oh oops.” said Ozzie. He ducked behind a tree to adjust his age. “Heh, couldn't help it. It looks so fun to play on.”

Maybe we can come back later and play on some of this stuff as cubs.” Tavi suggested.

Yeah!” said Ozzie. “That'll be fun. First lets see if we can find some clues about your mom.”

Tavi looked around. Memories flashed in his head of being pushed in the swings and playing on the slides. He saw his mom's smiling face, then suddenly her sad face chasing after him as he was taken away by someone. He could see his chunky toddler arms reaching out to her. For a second, he swore he could see electricity in her fur as she ran faster, then darkness.

Hmm, remember something?” asked Ozzie. He noticed Tavi's expression change.

Yeah, I remember seeing my mom.” said Tavi. “I think she had powers like me. Maybe that's why I was abducted. They wanted to do experiments on me.”

That sounds very likely.” said Ozzie. “If that lab wasn't already in ruins I would go there myself and destroy it.” Ozzie grumbled, clenching his fists.

We were in the parking lot.” said Tavi. “Right over there.” He moved over to the exact spot. “We must have lived somewhere in this area.”

Where though?” asked Ozzie, looking around.

“I don't know.” said Tavi. “I don't even remember her name, just her face. How are we going to find her?”

Hmm, let me see.” said Ozzie, putting a hand on Tavi's head. He could see into his thoughts and saw his mother's face. Concentrating, he produced a physical image on a piece of paper. “How's that?”

Oh nice!” said Tavi. “We can show that to people and see if they've seen her.”

Ozzie smiled and nodded. “That's what I thought too.” he said, giving Tavi the photo. “Now lets do some detective work.”

Together they went around to the people in the park, showing them the photo and asking if they had seen her. Sadly, no one there seemed to know her. Leaving the park area, they headed into town, asking various people on the street. They walked around for hours until they finally found another familiar place. It was a small home painted white with a brown roof and wooden porch. On the porch was a long wooden swing.

This place.” said Tavi. “I remember sitting on that swing.”

Should we ask the resident?” asked Ozzie.

Yeah, I gotta know.” said Tavi. They both walked up onto the porch and knocked on the door.

After a few seconds, an elderly female gray wolf wearing a pink dress answered the door. “Hello?” she said. “May I help you?”

Um, yeah.” said Tavi. He took out the picture and showed it to her. “Do you know this person?”

The old wolf lady put on a pair of glasses and looked at the picture. She squinted a bit but then gasped in surprise. “Why...yes, I do!” she said. “My my, I haven't seen her in ages.”

You know her?” asked Tavi excited. “She is my mom. I'm trying to find her.”

The elderly wolf stepped out onto the porch to get a better look at Tavi. She looked him up and down and into his eyes. “Little Tavi?” she asked. “Is that really you? You were just a baby when I saw you last!”

Y-you know me?” asked Tavi. “I...I remember being on this porch swing, but I don't remember you.”

Oh my.” she said. “You probably wouldn't. You were so small then. I helped your mother find a place here. She came to me shortly after you were born.”

Can you tell me more about her?” asked Tavi.

Of course I can.” said the lady. “Please, come in.” She invited the two inside and they sat on a couch. It was a typical home belonging to an elderly lady, complete with nick-knacks on display and doilies on the tables. She sat across from them and pulled out a photo album. Inside were photos of her family and friends. As she turned the pages of time, she got to a spot with photos of Tavi's mom.

That's her!” said Tavi. He saw photos of her with him sitting on her lap as a baby. “And that's me!”

Aww, you look so cute!” said Ozzie with a smile.

Tavi blushed and mumbled. “Not cute...”

I was friends with her mother.” she said. “I guess, in a way, you could call me your auntie. My name is Mabel.”

Nice to meet you Aunt Mabel.” said Tavi, giving her a hug.

Ozzie smiled and hugged her as well. “Its a pleasure Miss Mabel.” he said.

She hugged them back. “Oh, don't be so formal. Just call me auntie. Both of you.”

Oh, my name is Ozzie.” said Ozzie, introducing himself.

Good to meet you Ozzie.” said Mabel. “Now then, let me tell you about your mother.”

I don't even know her name.” said Tavi. “I was a baby when I was taken from her.”

Oh, so you remember being taken.” said Mabel, her expression changing to concern. “Her name is Yvonne, and she was special.”

Yvonne...” said Tavi, thinking. “It sounds familiar.”

She was on the run from those people in the lab.” said Mabel. “They did experiments on her. Such bad things.”

She escaped.” said Tavi. “We found her name tag in a lake a few miles from the old lab. Why didn't she take me with her?”

She did take you with her.” said Mabel. “She was pregnant. One of the lab's hybrid experiments.”

She escaped before she gave birth?” asked Ozzie. “That means she must have known where the lab was.”

Then why didn't she come save me?” asked Tavi.

She tried.” said Mabel. “Oh how she tried. No one believed her though, and the lab claimed you as their property. She went through so many legal teams trying to get you back, and even tried breaking into the lab a few times.”

Those bastards...” said Ozzie, grumbling.

Tavi looked down, tears in his eyes. “My mom tried so hard.” he said. “Please, tell me what happened to her.”

I'm so sorry hun.” said Mabel. “They eventually brought charges against her and with their money and power, they had her convicted and thrown into prison. She served time and got out, but wasn't the same. She wanted to move far away so she wouldn't have the lab breathing down her neck and watching her every move.”

Where did she go?” asked Tavi.

To a small place near the mountains up north.” said Mabel. “Please believe me that she never gave up hope in seeing you again, though she knew it may be a long time. I can give you directions on how to get there.”

Oh, thank you so much auntie!” said Tavi, giving her another hug.

You're welcome sweety.” said Mabel, hugging him back. “Why not stay here the night and make your way there bright and early in the morning?”

Oh, we couldn't impose on you like that.” said Ozzie.

Its not imposing if I offer dear.” said Mabel. “Besides, I can tell those diapers need changing.”

Ozzie and Tavi both blushed. They didn't realize they had wet their diapers nearly to the point of leaking.

How did you...?” asked Ozzie.

I'm old enough and experienced enough to know when a diaper needs changing my dear.” said Mabel with a smile. “I've babysat many little ones over the years. Even you Tavi.”

Tavi blushed and smiled. “Well, we can take care of that.” he said. “We wouldn't ask you to change two grown men's diapers.”

Grown up in body, yes.” said Mabel. “But you both still have the aura and hearts of little cubs.”

Ozzie blushed as well. “You can tell?” he asked.

I could tell the moment you walked in.” said Mabel. “I have a guest room upstairs. Please use it as you see fit. I'll have some supper on in a bit.”

Thank you for everything.” said Tavi.

We really appreciate it.” said Ozzie.

Its no trouble, really.” said Mabel. “You're both welcome.”

Ozzie and Tavi smiled, heading upstairs to the guest room. It was well kept even though it was clear it hadn't been used in quite a while.

She's really nice.” said Ozzie. “I'm so glad we found her.”

Me too!” said Tavi. “She's helped us so much. I feel kinda bad. Maybe we can make it up to her somehow.”

I could restore her youth.” said Ozzie.

Hmm, I dunno.” said Tavi. “Wouldn't people notice?”

Yeah, true.” said Ozzie. “I guess I could make her young on the inside. Give her more energy. Think she would want that?”

No idea.” said Tavi. “Maybe we can think of something nice to do for her while we're here. In the meantime, its change time skunk butt.” He patted Ozzie on his padded rear and motioned toward the bed.

Ozzie blushed and took off his pants, spreading out a changing mat on the bed and lying down on it.

Tavi smiled and unfastened Ozzie's disposable diaper, cleaning him up with a wet wipe.

Ozzie cooed softly as he was gently and lovingly cleaned by Tavi. He lifted his legs up so his bottom could be cleaned as well.

Tavi smiled and rolled up Ozzie's wet diaper, disposing of it in a plastic bag. He then replaced it with a clean one, powdered his groin and pulled the front up between his legs, taping it snugly. “There, all clean and crinkly.” he said, helping Ozzie up and giving him a hug.

Thank you sweety.” said Ozzie, smiling and blushing. “Now its your turn.” He stood up and motioned for Tavi to lay on the pad.

Tavi chuckled and nodded, taking off his pants and laying down on the changing pad where Ozzie was just lying down.

Ozzie looked down at Tavi and smiled. He unfastened his disposable diaper, pulling the front down and laying it open. He grabbed a few wipes and began to lovingly clean his diaper area.

Tavi blushed and smiled, looking at Ozzie as he was cleaned. He enjoyed the feeling of being cleaned and changed by him.

Ozzie lifted Tavi's legs and wiped his bottom clean, then rolled up the sodden diaper and tossed it into the plastic bag. He then pulled out a clean diaper and placed it under the cute tiger-chipmunk's bottom, powdering it and his groin, then pulling the front of the diaper up between his legs and taping it snugly. “All clean!” he announced.

Thanks!” said Tavi, sitting up and hugging Ozzie. He pulled Ozzie down onto the bed for a snuggle and the two giggled. “And thanks for helping me find my mom.”

“You're very welcome!” said Ozzie. “I enjoy our diaper changes together.”

Me too.” said Tavi, looking into Ozzie's fluffy face. He gently touched his cheek and felt the fur on his head.

Ozzie blushed a little and reached over to touch Tavi's face, running his fingers through his fur. He petted and rubbed Tavi's fur and smiled.

Don't say it.” said Tavi, faking anger.

What?” asked Ozzie. “That you're cute?” He giggled as Tavi suddenly tickled him.

Not cute!” said Tavi, smiling and tickling Ozzie.

Downstairs, Mabel could hear the two giggling as she cooked some chicken and dumplings. She smiled, looking up at the ceiling. It had been a while since she had guests, let alone ones with such youthful energy.

Ozzie and Tavi looked into each others' eyes and slowly moved closer. Soon their noses touched and they were nuzzling, then their lips touched and they kissed. They cuddled and kissed on the bed, crinkling in their soft bulky diapers when they suddenly picked up a delicious aroma.

Oooh, that smells good.” said Ozzie.

Smells better than your dirty diaper.” Tavi teased.

That goes for yours too ya stinker.” said Ozzie. “Come on, lets go!”

The two got their pants back on and washed up, then joined Mabel downstairs. She had set out bowls for them full of tasty and freshly cooked chicken and dumplings. The two ate happily and talked more with Mabel about her past.

This is so good!” said Ozzie.

Yeah, we can't thank you enough.” said Tavi. “If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.”

You don't need to do anything for me.” said Mabel. “I'm just happy to help. I hope you find your mom. If you do, make sure to come visit me again with her.”

We will.” said Tavi.

It'll be a big happy reunion!” said Ozzie.

I look forward to it.” said Mabel.

Soon they had finished eating and Ozzie and Tavi returned to the guest room. After a nice night sleep all snuggled up together, followed by a fresh morning shower, the two said their goodbyes to Mabel and left, following her directions to find Tavi's mother.



End Chapter 35

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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