The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Chapter Description: Luna helps Ozzie regain his speech and a few abilities with a magical bonding, then the two find out more about the evil witch.

While Luna did her research, Ozzie slept, well, like a baby. It was mostly peaceful until he dreamed of the witch again, but shortly before waking up he could hear a familiar voice. It sounded like it was shouting from a distance, and was none too happy. He woke up and rubbed his eyes, letting out a tiny yawn. Looking out of the window, he could tell it was evening. He had slept for a good while, and his diaper was soaking wet. Although the diapers were cloth, they were enchanted with magic so that instead of leaking, they would simply swell to contain the liquid. Unable to get out of the crib on his own, he babbled incoherently into the horn.

Downstairs, Luna heard baby talk and went upstairs. She saw the adorable baby Ozzie standing in his crib, looking at her with big eyes, and having a very drooping diaper. “Oh good, you're awake!” she said, picking him up. “And in need of another diaper change.” She smiled and laid him on the table again, unfastening his wet diaper. “I found some information in the books that may help.” she said, wiping Ozzie clean. She was getting better at changing diapers too.

Ozzie blushed but smiled at the good news. He clapped his little hands together and wiggled happily. “Finally!” he thought.

There are many spells that can undo other spells.” she said, lifting him by the ankles and wiping his bottom before removing the wet diaper. “I couldn't find any that reverse a summon crystal's effects, but I did find some that can be useful.” She slid a clean diaper under him and powdered his bottom and front before fastening it snug onto him. “I think I found one that will at least let you talk and use some magic.”

Ozzie's eyes lit up. It wasn't what he was hoping for, but it was a start. Being able to talk would streamline a lot of things, and any magic would be preferable to none. He held his arms up to her, ready to start.

Luna smiled and picked him up. “I guess that means you're giving me the okay to try this.” she said, carrying him downstairs. She sat him down on the floor in front of her and pulled out a piece of paper. She held his tiny hands and closed her eyes. “Keep your eyes closed for this.”

Ozzie closed his eyes as Luna chanted. At first nothing happened, but then he could see a blue light glowing brighter and brighter. Even though his eyes were closed, he could see the image of Luna clearly as light surrounded her and then flowed into him. His hands felt warm and tingly.

Luna, with her eyes closed, saw Ozzie's baby form absorbing the blue light from her. Within him, she could see his own magic, but also something more. Something much stronger. Once she was finished, she relaxed. “Okay, open your eyes.” she said, opening her own eyes as well.

Ozzie slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Everything seemed the same, but something felt very different. He looked at his hands, and on the inside of his palms were the shapes of crescent moons. Luna's symbol. “My hands...” he said in a tiny high pitched voice.

You can talk!” Luna said happily. Then she looked at him and gasped a bit. “Ozzie, your eyes!” she said. “They've turned blue! Your hair has blue tips as well!”

Ozzie blinked in surprise. “Wha?” he said, feeling of his hair. “My haiw?” He still had a baby's lisp, but at least he could form words.

Luna picked him up and showed him a mirror. “Look, see?” she said.

Indeed his hair now faded to a light blue at the ends, but was still mostly white, and his eyes were a deep blue color. He still looked like an adorable baby, but one that would definitely stand out in a crowd. “Why dat happen?” he asked.

Well, I used a spell that sort of used my magic power to jump start your own.” she explained while they both looked in the mirror. “My guess is that my own power mixed with your own, plus whatever that demon's power is inside you. I see my symbol is on your hands. Its also on mine.” She showed him her hands, which also had crescent moon shapes on the palms of her hands that had not been there before. “Its a sign of our bond.”

Bond?” Ozzie asked, looking at his hands and back at the baby and raccoon lady in the mirror. “Wha kinda bond?”

Its a magical bond.” she explained, carrying him back to the living room. “Part of my magic is in you, and part of yours is in me. You should be able to do a bit of magic now. Give it a try. Something small, like a light spell.”

Ozzie nodded and concentrated with one hand out. Soon a small sphere of light appeared in his hand and floated upward. “It worked!” he said happily. He giggled as he made the ball fly around the room before making it dissipate.

Excellent!” said Luna. “Let's take this slow though. Baby steps.” She giggled. “Sorry, couldn't help it.”

Ozzie blushed. “It alwight.” he said, and tried standing up. It was much easier now that he could ue magic to reinforce himself. “I can stand up!” Next he tried walking. He wobbled a bit, but was able to walk around the room and back to Luna. “I did it!”

Luna smiled and clapped. It was like watching a baby take their first successful steps. She was proud of him. “Great work!” she encouraged.

I can't fank you enough!” said Ozzie. He waddled over to her and gave her a big hug.

Luna hugged back and churred in a happy animal-like way. “You're very welcome.” she said. “You know, you have always been my inspiration.” She blushed as she looked Ozzie in the eyes. “So I feel like I owe you. I've never had any babies before. Have I done a good job?”

Ozzie nodded and smiled. “Yes you have.” he said. “You wouwd be a good mommy.”

Luna blushed at that. “Not sure I'm ready to be called a mommy, but I'm glad I'm doing so well.” she said. “Now, how about some food? You can actually tell me what you like and don't like now.”

Anyfing you make wiww be fine.” said Ozzie. “As wong as you cut it up.” He blushed, still not able to eat anything too large. He had teeth, but they were baby teeth, and he still had a small baby stomach too.

Okay, well I've made some stew.” she said. “Should be easy for you to eat.” She scooped him up and took him to his high chair.

Do I gotta use da chaiw?” he asked, not liking being confined to baby things.

Its the only chair small enough for you.” Luna said. “Besides, its cute, and just a chair after all. It helps.”

Oh, fine.” Ozzie sighed. If it would make things easier for Luna, he would do it. He sat there as she brought him a bowl of stew. It had soft vegetables and meat cut into tiny pieces in it. He carefully gripped a spoon with one hand and tried to eat. It was difficult, and he spilled it on his chair.

Oops, do you need some help?” Luna offered.

Ozzie tried again with the same result. “Yes pwease.” he said defeated.

Luna smiled and tied a bib onto him, then spooned up some stew and fed it to him.

Ozzie blushed and ate the stew. It was very tasty and warm. “Mmm, ish good.” he said after swallowing. He managed to dribble some down his chin, which collected on his bib.

Oh, glad you like it!” said Luna happily. “I have some bread if you think you can eat that too.”

Oh yah.” Ozzie said. “I wike bwead.” He ate a small piece that was given to him. It was a bit chewy, but he was able to eat it all. After being fed some more, his tummy was full. “Ah, dat was good Wuna.”

Luna giggled a little at the babyish pronunciation of her name. “How about some juice? Or would you rather have water?”

Juice is good.” he said. “In a cup though pwease.” After being given the juice in a small cup, he drank from it, but spilled most of it down his bib. “Oh gweat! Weak baby hands”

Its okay!” Luna said. “Clothes and skin can be washed.” She watched his adorable attempts to eat and drink like a big boy, but knew he just wasn't ready for that much yet. She pulled a baby bottle of juice out from behind her back and offered it to him.

Ozzie blushed again and reluctantly accepted. “Fanks.” he said, latching on to the bottle's nipple and suckling from it like an infant would. It was easier and he got more in his mouth, so it would do for now. No one would blame a baby for using a baby bottle after all. If Luna didn't recognize him, odds are most others wouldn't either. Especially now that his hair and eyes were different, distracting colors. He finished his bottle while Luna ate her food.

All done?” Luna asked. She picked him up and patted his back without thinking.

Ozzie let out a tiny burp and blushed. “I dun need a burp.” he complained.

Oh oops, sorry!” Luna apologized. “But are you sure? Better safe than sorry right?” She looked at his blushing face. “Look, I know this is all super embarrassing for you, but there are still some things you just can't do yourself. I don't mind taking care of you. I think you've been rather sweet and patient all things considered. Although there was that one time when you really did act like a baby. It was after your first nap. You woke up and acted just like a happy little baby.”

I...dun wemembah.” Ozzie said, trying to think. He just remembered going to sleep and then suddenly being on the floor playing with toys. Then when trying to remember, he flashed back to the cave where he heard the witch's laughter and it struck him. “Da witch!”

"Huh?” Luna asked. “Witch? What witch?”

I guess I gotta stawt at da beginning.” he said. Ozzie explained to Luna what happened in the cave, why he went there, what the demon said, and about hearing the witch just before leaving.

Luna took it all in. “I see.” she said, mulling it all over. “There used to be a witch that lived here a very long time ago. Before my time. The people of the town drove her out after it was revealed that she was stealing children and their magic. It could be the same witch. They tend to linger on in evil ways.”

Can ya wook into it?” Ozzie asked.

Yeah, lets go to the library tomorrow and see what we can find.” Luna said. “So...should I take you home to your kingdom?”

Ozzie thought about it for a bit, but shook his head. “It too faw fwom hewe and no one wouwd bewieve I am me.” she said looking down. “Besides, ish nuffin I can do dere as I am now. I weft notice dat I wouwd be gone on a wong twip and may not be back fow a wong time.”

Oh, okay then.” Luna said, kind of glad that he would be staying with her. “For now, what would you like to do?”

Ozzie thought for a bit. “Pwactice magic?”

Sounds good!” Luna said. “I'll help and who knows, maybe we can tap into that demon's magic somehow. Eventually.” For the rest of the evening, she watched and helped as Ozzie practiced magic. He wasn't capable of the impressive feats he originally was yet, but he was able to use smaller versions of all elemental magics. She cheered and praised him for each success, and consoled him for any failures.

The little wizard practiced magic until he was exhausted. “Dat took a wot out of me.” he sighed. “But now I know wha to wowk on.” He sat down, but then blushed. He felt a warm squish underneath him.

Luna's sensitive nose picked it up immediately. “Oops, guess potty training is still an issue.” she teased.

Sowwy.” Ozzie apologized. “I can't hewp it.” He sounded like a real toddler. “Its gwoss and humiwiating.”

Aww, I know.” Luna said, picking him up. “Its okay. Like I said, I am fine taking care of you. It doesn't bother me, really.” She laid him down on the changing table. “I know, how about a bath?”

Ozzie blushed. “B-baff?!” he squeaked. It was embarrassing enough being exposed and having the poop cleaned from your behind, but another to be nude and cleaned all over. “But I be nakie!”

Luna nodded and chuckled. “Yes, but you are naked when I change you too.” she said, removing his diaper and wiping him down. “I've seen it a bunch already, and I imagine I'll be seeing it a lot for a long time. So we both may as well get used to it right?”

I guess.” Ozzie pouted. She had a point. He peered down over his tummy to see his legs lifted again and saw how small he was. He was a baby all over. Then there was the mess. “I nevah been so embawwassed.” He covered his eyes.

Aw, its not so bad.” Luna reassured. “You could be dead or in the clutches of that witch, but instead you're a cute little baby with me.” She smiled and carried him to the bath tub.

Easy fow you to say.” Ozzie said. “You not the baby.”

Well, think of it this way.” said Luna, getting the water ready. “You get a do-over in life. Not many people get that. Sure, you're a baby, but you probably won't stay that way. You can grow up and be even more powerful.” She added some baby bath soap into the warm water, making bubbles.

Baby baff too?” Ozzie asked, peering into the tub.

Yes.” Luna replied. “I got some at the shop the other day. It will get you all squeaky clean and smelling nice. Its made specifically for baby skin.” She gently lowered him into the water.

His feet felt the warm water first, then all the way past his legs to his bottom and tummy, when he sat down in the tub. It felt very nice, and he found himself relaxing in it. “Feews good.” he said, waving his hands through the bubbly water's surface. He grabbed some of the bubbles with his tiny hands and played around with them. He made swirls in the water with his fingers and started to enjoy it.

Looks like fun.” Luna said while watching. “I enjoy taking baths. Especially after a long, busy day.”

Yah, I wike em too.” Ozzie said, poking his toes up through the surface of the water. “I jus na used ta bein washed wike a baby.” He grabbed at them and examined them. The flexibility of his body was amazing at this age. He could pull his foot all the way up to his face if he wanted. He got lost in thought at one point, and didn't realize he had been playing in the water for a few minutes already.

Lets get you all clean.” Luna said after patiently waiting a while. She began bathing him with a bath cloth, washing his face, ears, and nose. She washed his chest, arms, and hands, then worked down to his tummy. “Okay, now stand up for me.”

Ozzie stood up, blushing, feeling the warm water trickle down his tummy and legs.

Luna gently cleaned Ozzie down below, back and front, then held his hand as she washed each leg and foot. She was able to make him giggle when she washed his tiny toes. “Now to wash your hair.” she said, pouring some special shampoo in her hands and rubbing it into his hair. She worked up a good lather, then playfully made his hair into different styles. She would show him a mirror and he would giggle. Once done with that, she rinsed him from head to toe with clean water, then pulled him from the tub and wrapped him in a dry towel. “All clean and dry now.”

Fanks again.” Ozzie said as he stood there with the towel around him. He looked up at her and smiled.

You're welcome, as always.” Luna said, picking him up. “Now lets get you dressed for bed.” She took him into the bedroom where she laid him on the bed and proceeded to diaper him. Then she took out a footed sleeper that was dark blue with yellow stars on it. It was sized just for babies and buttoned up from the leg to the neck to allow for easy diaper changes. She worked his feet into it first, then his hands and arms, before buttoning it up on him. “There. How is that?”

Ozzie had to admit, it did feel very soft and comfortable. “It feews nice.” he said, looking at it. “It comfy and wawm.”

Good!” Luna said happily. “I'm glad you like it.” She picked him up again and laid him in his crib. “Will you be okay here while I take my bath?”

Yeah. I be fine.” he said, already feeling drowsy.

Okay, I'll leave the door open a bit just in case.” she said as she went into the bathroom. Her concern for him was starting to resemble that of a mother for her child. She may not have raised any children before, but she had a very motherly instinct. Plus she had spent some time reading baby books before she learned that he was actually an adult on the inside. They had become very helpful even so. She drained and refilled the tub before disrobing and getting in. She added special soap meant for the fur of beast kin. It smelled like strawberries and was very relaxing. Taking a bit of time to simply relax felt good, but she knew she couldn't take too long.

She bathed and cleaned herself before rinsing off and drying her fur with a fresh towel. She put on her night gown and walked back into the bedroom to find Ozzie fast asleep in his crib. She smiled down at him and turned down the lights before getting into her bed. The events of the day replayed through her head and she couldn't help but think more about the strange situation she found herself in. Soon enough she drifted off to sleep.



End Chapter 3

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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