The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 23
Chapter 23

Chapter Description: Ozzie finds that he is not the only one who likes to wear diapers in this new anthro world.

Shiro lived in a large one floor house not too far from the city. He chose to live more in the wooded area, somewhat secluded from the prying eyes of the city. He had a large fenced-in back yard, much like Jenn had. Inside was a modest home consisting of wood paneled floors with bamboo-lined walls and wooden furniture.

Ozzie, now a skunk anthro, looked around and saw many things he didn't recognize. It was a much more modern home than he was used to though. A rectangular object that displayed images and sound was on the living room wall. “Is this some kind of portal?” he asked.

Portal?” said Shiro. “No silly, that's a television. You do know what televisions are don't you?”

Oh, I guess not.” said Ozzie. “There are none where I come from.”

I see.” said the gray tabby cat monk. “Well these show us things like news and entertainment.” He changed the channel to show a cartoon.

Amazing!” said Ozzie. The last time he had seen such was the black and white moving drawings with Luna. These were in color and moved much better and with more detail. “Such things are possible without magic?”

Well, yes.” said Shiro. “You sound like you're from another time. You're not some kind of time traveler are you?” He was joking abut half serious.

No, of course not.” said Ozzie. “I'm just...” He was interrupted by a wet feeling between his legs. “Oh no! No no no no no no no!” He fretted as he hopped around on his feet paws, dribbling on the floor.

Oh gosh!” said Shiro. “I forgot your were incontinent!” He quickly ran to the back of his house and came back with an adult-sized diaper, placing it over his front. “Here, you can finish going then you can use my bathroom to get cleaned up.”

I'm so sorry!” said Ozzie, but then he wondered. “You have diapers here?”

Shrio nodded and showed Ozzie a stack of diapers he had in the bathroom. “There are people out there, both anthro and human, who like to wear diapers and participate in age play.” he said. “I sometimes act as a caretaker for them here in secret where no one can judge them.”

Y-you do?” asked Ozzie as he finished using the diaper. “ to wear them too.” It felt good to admit it to someone who understood. “They feel comfortable, and remind me of happier times.”

Most of the others feel the same way.” said Shiro. “They sometimes meet up to just hang out in their diapers and baby outfits and relax. I also like to help people to relax with meditation if you ever want to try that. Or I can just act as your caretaker for a bit. I even have some toys you can play with.”

Toys?” Ozzie's ears perked up. “What kind of toys?”

I'll show you.” said Shiro. “But first you should get cleaned up. Use my bathroom. Its right over there. It has some diapers that should fit you. I'll get something to clean this floor with.”

Ozzie blushed and nodded. “Thank you.” he said, and went into the bathroom. It was a white tiled bathroom with a large tub and shower. He noticed that there were bath toys and baby bath soap bottles around as well. On the sink was a small box with the image of baby anthros on it. Ozzie opened it to find that it had sweet smelling wet cloths inside. He guessed this must be what Shiro meant and used them to clean himself up. He then spotted the diapers. They weren't the cloth ones he was used to, but some kind of smooth, soft, crinkly material. They also had the image of colored baby blocks on them. He took off his robes, as they had gotten wet anyway, and opened one up, but was unsure of how it worked.

Shiro cleaned up the puddle on the floor outside. This is why he had hard wood floors in the first place. They were easy to clean in case he or someone else had a leak. He noticed Ozzie was taking a while and decided to check on him. “Ozzie?” he knocked. “Are you okay in there?”

Um, yeah.” said Ozzie. “I'm not sure how these diapers of yours work. I'm used to cloth ones. What are these even made of?”

They have a plastic backing but the inside is made of a disposable cotton weave and crystals that absorb wetness and eliminate odors.” Shiro explained. “You don't use pins for these. They have tapes on the sides.” Shiro demonstrated how the tapes worked and helped fit one onto Ozzie. It even had tapes in back to accommodate different sized tails.

Oh wow.” said Ozzie. “That's so convenient! No need for pins or washing. Plus they have cute designs on them.”

Yes they do.” said Shiro. “I can show you some different patterns later. Now let me show you something I think you'll really like.” He led Ozzie to a back room, which had a blue floor with red, yellow, and green circles on it. It felt soft on Ozzie's feet, like it was a rug but also the floor. The walls were a sky blue with white clouds painted on them. What was really surprising was the adult-sized crib and changing table that was in the room. It was basically a giant nursery room.

Awesome!” shouted Ozzie happily. “An actual adult baby room?”

Yes that's right.” Shiro smiled. “But there's more.” He opened his closet to show Ozzie a large stock of various diapers and cute baby clothing, all in adult sizes.

Oh boy!” Ozzie smiled and giggled. “I've never seen such things before! I'm overwhelmed!”

Go ahead.” said Shiro. “Pick something to wear.”

Ozzie gleefully looked through all the different outfits. So many outfits that included shortalls, overalls, onesies, pajamas, and more. He picked out an outfit he had never seen before. It was a white pair of footed pajamas with a zipper going from the leg up to the neck that had images of teddy bears, baby blocks, and baby rattles on it. “I like this one!” he said excitedly. “What is it?”

You've never seen a pair of footed pajamas before?” asked Shiro. “Here, let me help you.” He helped Ozzie get into the pajamas, being careful to adjust for his fluffy tail.

Ozzie looked at himself in a mirror and saw a cute skunk anthro wearing footed pajamas with an obvious diaper bulge. “This is so much fun!” he said happily, not realizing that his tail was swaying back and forth.

You do look cute.” said Shiro. “Want to play?”

“Play?” asked Ozzie with a smile. “You bet I do!”

Shiro went over to his toy chest and opened it. “Here are some toys we can play with.” he said.

Ozzie looked inside. He saw toy versions of the vehicles he had seen in the city earlier, as well as blocks, balls, and little figures. “These are great!” he said happily, and got out some of the vehicles. He played on the floor with them, zooming them around and playing happily while Shiro watched. “Want to play with me?”

Shiro shook his head. “Like I said, I'm more of a caretaker.” he said. “Please enjoy yourself to the fullest though. As you can see, I do enjoy allowing visitors and friends to indulge here in secret. Not everyone thinks our interests are okay.”

So this is kept secret?” Ozzie asked. “People aren't allowed to openly wear these things?”

Shiro shook his head. “No, it could be taken the wrong way.” he explained. “Some think we want to do inappropriate things with actual children.”

That's awful!” shouted Ozzie in disgust. “I would never do such a thing!”

Of course not.” said Shiro. “Neither would I nor my friends. People just don't understand, and seem to refuse to understand. But at least here we can let loose and be ourselves.”

So there are those who hate anthros and those who hate humans.” said Ozzie. “Then you have those on both sides who frown upon people like us who wear diapers and play like children do?”

Shiro nodded solemnly. “So much hate from misunderstandings.” he said. “Is there such hatred where you come from?”

No.” said Ozzie. “Not really. There are humans and beast kin, and they get along for the most part. Of course, I've never worn adult-sized baby clothing before now, let alone out in public. I didn't know such things existed.”

You thought you were the only adult who felt this way?” asked Shiro.

Yeah, pretty much.” said Ozzie.

Many of us think that at first.” said Shiro. He continued watching Ozzie play on the floor and finally asked him something he had been wondering. “Ozzie, be honest with me.” he said after a while. “You're not from here are you? By that I mean, you're not from this world.”

Ozzie suddenly stopped playing and looked at Shiro. “Can you keep a secret?” he asked.

Shiro nodded. “Absolutely.” he answered. “I have kept many.”

I came here from another world.” Ozzie admitted. “I used my magic to travel here to look for my friend, who is actually my mommy.”

Your mommy?” asked Shiro. “You mean for real or play time?”

Well, that's complicated.” said Ozzie. “Want to hear a story?”

Shiro nodded. “This should be very interesting.” he said, getting comfortable.

Ozzie inhaled deeply, then began telling Shiro his story. He told him all about the demon Azrael, his regression, Luna, Jenn, the battle with Devzla, and his other experiences.

Shiro took it relatively well. “Amazing story.” he said. “You mean to tell me you can open portals to other worlds, travel between them, and become any age you want?”

Ozzie slowly nodded. “I was stuck as a baby for so long, I came to like it and all the feelings, love, and attention involved.” he admitted. “Luna's love and care for me made me feel the best I had ever felt in my whole life. I never thought of living life as an adult baby. I just didn't think it was possible. As much fun as this is, I have to say I still prefer to actually be little.”

Can you show me?” asked Shiro. This was something he just had to see.

Ozzie nodded and smiled. “Sure.” he said. He concentrated and soon began to shrink into his clothing.

Shiro watched in amazement as his new friend shrank and regressed. “This is unbelievable!” he said in amazement.

Ozzie shrank down from adult to teen, then to child, then toddler, and finally he crawled out of his clothing a cute little bare baby skunk. “See?” he said with a smile. “Oh yah, dis fiwst time I been a babee skunky. I wanna see!” He giggled and waddled over to the mirror. What he was was an extremely cute little skunk boy with a little button nose, rounded face, chubby body, and small but very fluffy tail. “So cute!” He wiggled his little fluffy bottom. His fur had become very soft and downy.

Shiro just looked on, still unable to believe what he had just seen. “Y-yeah, you sure are!” he said finally. He picked up the little baby skunk and looked him over. He was so soft and fluffy. “Wow, I can't believe it. You actually turned into a baby!”

Hehe, yeah!” said Ozzie. “I can twy to do it to yoo too if ya want. I not had much pwactice doin it to otherws though.”

No thanks.” said Shiro. “I do not wish to be a baby. I have had the opportunity before though.”

Oh?” asked Ozzie curiously, still being held by Shiro. “How so?”

In this world, there is a fountain of youth that can turn people young again.” Shiro explained. “Kind of like the lakes that turn people into anthros, these waters regress people to various ages depending on how long they are exposed to it and how much they drink.”

Some watew can wegwess?” Ozzie asked. “Dat wouwd haf been handy in my worwd.”

I imagine so.” said Shiro. “Although its not without its problems. When you are regressed using the water, you have to grow up all over again. There is no water that can age progress someone. There have been a rare few who get stuck at the ages they regress to for unknown reasons. Also, many of those who regress to toddlers or babies tend to forget who they were and all of their knowledge.”

Dats not good.” said Ozzie. “I kinda expewienced dat. Ish wike woosing yersewf.:”

Some don't care." said Shiro. "They get so depressed and tired of the adult world that any escape is worth it. The water also strictly guarded and not anyone can get it.” He put Ozzie back down on the floor. “People aren't meant to live forever, so such a thing is very dangerous in the wrong hands.”

Twue.” said Ozzie. “Ish kinda da same wif my magic. I was twusted wif dis powah.”

That's a lot of power for such a little fluff ball.” Shiro teased. “Better get big again and get dressed before you have another accident.”

Ozzie blushed and nodded. “Otay.” he said, and floated over to his clothes. He wanted to stay little, but he also wanted to try the many adult diapers and outfits Shiro had. He slowly grew back up, watching himself in the mirror as he did to note the changes in his body as he became an older child, then entered double digits, then became a teenager, and finally an adult.

Shiro helped Ozzie get rediapered and dressed in the sleeper. “Now then.” he said. “You can stay here tonight if you want. I have food and diapers you can freely use. We talked about training in martial arts earlier. I can teach you some self defense moves. You may be able to use magic, but that doesn't mean you should always use it. It could freak out the wrong people or get you a lot of negative attention.”

Right.” said Ozzie. “It sure is more of a hassle being an adult. I wish I could just be a baby all the time.”

Maybe some day you can.” said Shiro.”But for now, best to keep that sort of thing private.”

I will.” said Ozzie. “Thank you for everything.”

You are welcome.” said Shiro. “I am going to meditate. You can join me, or keep playing here.”

I have never meditated before.” said Ozzie curiously. “How effective is it?”

I find it very effective at calming my mind.” said Shiro. “Maybe you should try it. From the story you told me, it seems you need to have better control over your emotions. Meditation would be good for that.”

You have already helped me so much.” said Ozzie. “I would hate to ask for more.”

Think nothing of it.” said Shiro. “I am glad to help when and where I can.”

I certainly appreciate it.” said Ozzie, sitting next to Shiro.

Cross your legs like this.” said Shiro, sitting with his legs crossed.

Ozzie tried and did so with his now fuzzy legs. “Okay, now what?” he asked.

Press your hands together like this, and close your eyes.” said Shiro, demonstrating the meditation pose. “Clear your mind of all distractions.”

Ozzie did so, and tried to quiet his mind. It had been so stimulated recently and he had learned so much that it was difficult.

Focus on your breathing.” said Shiro. “In...and out. In....and out.”

Again, Ozzie did as he was told. After a while, his mind began to clear. Thoughts of Luna crossed his mind and the importance of his journey to find her. He concentrated and could almost see her. “L-Luna?” he said finally, but that broke his concentration and he lost it.

You did well.” said Shiro. “You were in meditation for quite a while.”

Really?” Ozzie asked. He looked around and noticed the sun was going down now, and his diaper was wet. “Is this typical?”

Yes it is.” said Shiro. “Once you are in deep mediation, time can seem to move slower than it actually is. It can help you to focus on important things and better control your emotional responses.”

That is quite useful.” said Ozzie. “If I had learned this before that day, I may have been able to safe Luna without losing her.”

Its no good to fret about the past.” said Shiro. “What's done is done, and cannot be undone. Focus on the now and the future. Focus on what can be done and what needs to be done.”

Right.” said Ozzie. Then his stomach growled. “What needs to be done now is dinner!”

Shiro chuckled. “Indeed.” he said. “I'll cook up something for us both.”

Can I help?” asked Ozzie.

Have you ever cooked before?” asked Shiro.

Uh, no.” said Ozzie blushing. Even before his regression all his meals were cooked for him.

Then maybe you should just watch some TV and learn more about this world while I cook.” suggested Shiro.

Oh, okay.” said Ozzie. “I do need to know more.” He sat on a couch and watched the TV for some time. He learned a few things from the news, but was mostly confused by the commercials and other shows. He found the cartoons more amusing and much preferred them to the news. A delicious aroma entered the room and made Ozzie drool a bit.

Dinner is ready!” Shiro announced. He had prepared fried rice with chicken and sat it on the dinner table.

It smells really good!” said Ozzie. “I don't think I've ever had food like this before.”

Its what we call fried rice, and I've cooked chicken to go with it.” said Shiro. “I hope you like it. I also have some soy sauce to go with it. It enhances the flavor.”

Thanks! I'll try some.” said Ozzie, and he sat down at the table. He got himself a bowl of rice and chicken and poured the soy sauce on it. Upon eating it, he found it was very delicious. “Mmm, so good!”

I'm glad you like it.” said Shiro, eating some himself. “What sort of things are you used to eating?”

Baby food.” Ozzie blushed. “Well, that and sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, soup, stews, things like that.”

Sounds very basic.” said Shiro. “I'm glad I could expand your food horizons.”

The two ate until they were full, then sat and watched TV for a bit. Shiro explained a few things Ozzie didn't understand, and filled him in on some of the world's modern culture. Ozzie was able to grasp the basic things without issue, but didn't fully understand everything just yet.

Eventually, Ozzie felt his diaper become warm and heavy. His body was expelling the waste from the food he ate earlier and a familiar odor filled the air.

Shiro wrinkled his nose. “Phew!” he said. “You're quite the stinky skunk.” He teased Ozzie, poking his diaper and covering his nose.

Ozzie just blushed and nodded. “I guess so.” he said. “I know skunks spray as a defense mechanism. Does that mean I can as well?”

Not unless you've developed those glands.” said Shiro. “Some skunks out there can spray, and some can't.”

Ozzie thought about it. He didn't want to spray. “I guess I'll just be smelly in a different way.” he giggled. “These diapers hold a lot.” He patted the warm wet front of his diaper and giggled. “No leaks.”

I should hope so.” said Shiro. “They are some of the best we have. Lets get you changed.” He got up from the couch and led Ozzie back to the nursery room. “Go ahead and take off your sleeper and lie down on the changing table.”

Ozzie blushed and did so, removing the sleeper and then laying down as directed. He was used to following these instructions. “You really going to change me?” he asked. He had never been an adult being changed by an adult before and wasn't sure how to feel.

Shrio nodded. “Sure.” he said. “I offer to change all of my diapered guests.” He untaped the sides of Ozzie's diaper, then opened it. “You made quite a mess.”

Ozzie just blushed and laid there, concentrating on controlling his emotional state so he didn't just turn into a baby on Shiro.

Now lift your legs up.” said Shiro.

Ozzie lifted his legs up, exposing his messy rear. It had a worse smell than his baby messes, and he didn't like it.

Shiro took some wipes and began cleaning Ozzie's bottom. These used a special cleaning soap that can clean fur as well as human skin completely. He pushed against Ozzie's furry feet and removed the messy diaper, then replaced it with a clean one. He then powdered the diaper and settled Ozzie's bottom onto it. “Okay, legs down.” he instructed.

Ozzie lowered his legs and felt the diaper under him crinkle.

Shiro powdered Ozzie's front then pulled the diaper up and over him, taping it snug. “There, all clean.” he said, washing his hands.

Th-thanks.” said Ozzie. He sat up and then hopped off the changing table. “You are very kind. I wish I could repay you somehow.”

Just being a friend is all I ask.” said Shiro. “Come on, I'll teach you how to do some martial arts while wearing a diaper.”

Ozzie giggled and nodded. “Haha, okay!” he said, and the two headed outside.

I'm a Shaolin monk.” said Shiro. “It took me a very long time to master martial arts, so don't expect to become an expert quickly. This takes time and effort. We'll start off with some light defensive moves.”

"Okay." said Ozzie. "This is certainly a first for me." He had a difficult time at first, but Shiro was patient and encouraging. Ozzie was a fast learner, but even he couldn't expect to be a master in a short amount of time. Shiro and Ozzie stood in the back yard, with Ozzie in just diaper, practicing moves until the sun went down. By the time they were done, they both needed a bath.

Well done!” said Shiro with a smile.“I think we both need a good bath now. Feel free to use the shower.”

Thanks Shiro.” said Ozzie. “I appreciate all you have done for me. You didn't even know me, but you helped me out so much.”

Think nothing of it.” said Shiro. “If you need anything, just let me know.”

Ozzie went into the bathroom and took off his diaper. Thankfully the tub and shower worked pretty much the same as they did in his world. He made sure the water was warm and stepped in. It was an unusual feeling now that he had fur. It felt heavy when he was wet. His tail especially felt weighty and he let it sit on the bath tub floor. There was body soap meant for furry bodies in the shower, and it was scented like lavender. It smelled very nice as he applied it all over. He could use this to wash his hair and his whole body, making it a more simple task. Once he had rinsed himself off, which took a while, he turned the water off and wrapped himself in a towel, drying off. His fur poofed out once it was dry and made him laugh. It kind of tickled too. He walked out of the bathroom with the towel around his waist.

Have a good shower?” asked Shiro. “How did it feel compared to being human?”

It felt very different.” said Ozzie. “Being wet makes everything so heavy. Washing my tail was fun though. That's a new body part that I have to get used to.”

Come on.” said Shiro. “I'll help you get into a night time diaper and you can sleep in that big crib tonight.”

That sounds awesome!” said an excited Ozzie. He quickly followed Shiro to the nursery where he laid on the changing table.

You ready for this?” said Shiro, pulling out a massive diaper. It was sized for an adult, but the sheer bulk was more than double of what he was used to.

Oh wow!” said Ozzie in surprise. “I've never seen one like that before. I bet it feels great.”

You're about to find out.” said Shiro, as he diapered the newly minted skunk in the huge bulky diaper.

Ozzie got up and tried to walk, but was forced to waddle. “Oh man, this is great!” said Ozzie. “I almost want to drink up before bed.”

Then its a good thing I brought this.” said Shiro, pulling out a baby bottle sized for an adult. It had warm tea inside. Perfect for going to sleep, but also for swelling a huge diaper over night.

You thought of everything.” said Ozzie, climbing into the crib and accepting his bottle.

Shiro smiled and closed the side of the crib. “Now, you're not allowed to get out by yourself.” he said. “You have to call me on that baby monitor. Just press the button and speak into it and I'll hear you.”

Ozzie watched Shiro demonstrate how to work the device. “Okay, got it!” he smiled and nursed on his bottle.

Good night Ozzie.” said Shiro, turning off the light.

Good night Shiro, and thanks again.” said Ozzie. The room was dark, except for a crescent-moon-shaped night light plugged into the wall. It made him think of Luna and he looked down at his chest to discover that the crescent-moon-shaped fur was glowing softly. He just smiled and closed his eyes as he nursed on his bottle. He pulled his fluffy tail up between his legs and snuggled it, eventually falling asleep and sleeping peacefully through the night.

To be continued...



End Chapter 23

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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