The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 30
Chapter 30

Chapter Description: Ozzie ventures with Deven to a tower said to be the source of a great magical disturbance.

Ozzie and Deven decided to make camp near a river for the night. The little skunk wizard setup a tent that he had borrowed from Shiro. It was a very modern dome tent that provided a huge area for two little tots. He had also gotten out some little cloth mats for them to lay on.

Meanwhile Deven had made a camp fire using his fiery breath and some dry wood. The little dragon boy got some raw meat from the bag of food he was given and began cooking it over the fire.

What kinda meat is dat?” asked Ozzie.

It's wild boaw.” said Deven. “It's gonna be tasty!”

Ozzie sat next to Deven and took off his little boots, holding his little feet paws near the fire to keep them warm.

Why are mammaws so weak?” asked Deven. “You need diapees, cwothes, wawmth, and othew stuff buh we dwagons dun need any of dat stuff.”

It's jus how wife wowks.” said Ozzie, wiggling his toes. “Is mowe dan jus dwagons out dere. Evwyone is diffwent. To us it's normaw.”

Sounds hawd.” said Deven. “I gwad I a dwagon.”

I wike bein a skunk and a human too.” said Ozzie. “I wike bein widdle and wearin diapees too. Dey comfy.”

Deven looked at Ozzie's diaper peeking out from under his robes. “Buh dey fow hatchies.” he said. “We big boys.”

We not big.” said Ozzie. “We widdle, buh yer a dwaggy so you dun need em.”

Yeah.” said Deven, turning the meat. “I wike bein widdle wike dis.” He looked over at Ozzie and blushed. “Can I teww you a secwet?”

Uh huh.” said Ozzie. “I can keep secwets.”

I been wegwessin mysewf on puwpose.” Deven blushed. “I wike bein widdle too much. When a dwagon gets big, dey hafta get jobs n wowk n go hunting. I dun wanna do dat stuff. I wanna go adventuwe wike we doin now.”

Widdle dwagons get to go on adventuwes?” Ozzie asked.

Yeah.” said Deven. “Dey send us out to expwore n stuff. We gets to do whaevew we wants whiwe we out. We mostwy just pway aww da time. It's wots of fun, buh my fwiends get biggew n I hafta make fwiends wif dere kids.”

Aww, buh dat sounds wike fun.” said Ozzie. “I stay widdle on puwpose too. Most of da time anyway. Sometimes I wegwess if I gets embawwassed ow gets emotionaw, buh I gots mowe contwol over dat wecentwy.”

Yer wucky.” said Deven. “Ya can be any age ya wants. If I wegwess, I hafta gwow back up nowmawwy. It takes wongew fow a dwagon to gwow up dan it does humans.”

I couwd make you big again if you want.” said Ozzie.

Nah, I wanna stay dis way.” said Deven smiling. “Fowevew.”

Hehe, me too.” said Ozzie. “Bein widdle is da best.”

Deven eventually finished cooking the meat, adding a few spices to it to give it flavor. “Twy some.” he said, offering Ozzie some meat.

Ozzie chewed some of the roast pork and swallowed. “Mmm, it's good!” he said. Ozzie smiled and ate some more.

Gwad you wike it!” said Deven, happy that he was a good cook. They both ate happily by the fire until only bones were left from the roast.

Ozzie leaned back against a log and patted his belly. “Fuww bewwies feew good.” he said, then burped loudly.

Deven giggled and leaned back, then let out a huge fiery belch. “Hehe, dats how you buwp.” he said.

Hehe, bwavo!” said Ozzie, clapping his little paws. “So wha do ya do when ya pway?”

We pway baww or tag or hide and seek or see how wong we can fwy.” said Deven.

Doze sound wike fun.” said Ozzie. “Wanna pway tag?”

Sure!” said Deven. “Yer it!” He said, getting up and running around.

Ozzie giggled and got up, waddling around trying to tag the little dragon. “Ya fast!” he said with a smile.

Uh huh!” said Deven. “I'm da best!” He continued to run around, having done so on many occasions and since he had so many years experience as a toddler, he was able to stay ahead of Ozzie. “Yer too swow! Maybe if ya didn't have dat diapee on!” The little dragon giggled at the skunk's babyish garment.

Oh yah?” Ozzie said, and hovered above the ground a tiny bit and began flying toward Deven, able to move much faster in the air. “Hehe, gonna get ya now!”

Gonna fwy huh?” said Deven. “I can fwy too!” He flapped his little wings and hovered a bit off the ground and began flying around. The two flew around between trees and rocks, above the river, and into the sky.

Dis is wots of fun!” said Ozzie. “I nevew pwayed wif anyone who can fwy wike me!” He giggled and kept trying to tag Deven, but Deven had played this game many times with others who could fly.

Ya can't catch me!” Deven teased. He was head of Ozzie, but was getting tired. Flying was a physical activity for him, whereas it was magical for Ozzie.

Ozzie eventually began to catch up. “Hewe I come!” he giggled, and tagged Deven on the tail. “Got ya!”

Deven fluttered to the ground, huffing and catching his breath. “Nu faiw!” he said. “Ya use magic buh I hafta use wings!”

Weww, yoo too fast fow me othewise.” said Ozzie. “Wets pway hide n seek instead.”

Okay!” said Deven. “I bet I win dis time! You go hide and I come find you.”

Ozzie nodded. “Okay!” he said, and waddled off to hide.

Deven covered his eyes and counted as Ozzie waddled off and found a hollowed out tree to hide in. “Weady ow not! Hewe I come!” announced Deven after he was done counting. He began looking around for Ozzie, using his eyes as well as his nose and ears.

Ozzie stayed hidden. It was taking a while for Deven to find him and his diaper had become wet. Soon he felt a pressure in his bowels and his body began to void his dinner. It seems the spices Deven used had upset his stomach a little.

Deven soon picked up a scent and followed it. He looked around, only seeing trees and wondered where Ozzie could be. “Somefin stinks!” he said teasingly. “Did da weak lil skunky poop his diapee again?”

Ozzie blushed and kept hiding, but it was hard since he was in a cramped space with a stinky diaper on. He soon had to give up and come out.

I see you!” said Deven, running over to Ozzie.

Ozzie giggled and ran, but waddled slowly with his diaper sagging between his legs.

Deven easily caught up to Ozzie and tagged him. “Got ya tinky skunk!” he said. “You need a baff!”

Ozzie blushed and nodded. “Yah, I need a diapee change.” he said, and waddled back to camp with Deven.

I dunno how to change one.” said Deven. “We dwagons jus buwn owr waste aftew we go potty.”

Ozzie looked around and to the river. “I can use da wivew to get cwean.” he said, and waddled over to the edge of the river. He slipped his robes and dirty diaper off, then waddled into the flowing river. “Ish cowd!”

Heh, yah.” Deven said. “I can't wawm up dat much watew. I can take cawe of ya diapee though.” The little hatchling used his dragon fire to incinerate Ozzie's dirty diaper, leaving nothing behind.

Oh, fanks.” said Ozzie. He felt the cold water rushing around him and somewhat cleaning his fur. He pulled some baby fur soap out of a portal and began lathering himself up.

Whats dat stuff?” said Deven. “It smewws good.”

It's soap.” said Ozzie. “Soap fow babies wif fur. It gets ya cwean n smewwin good.”

I kinda wike it.” said Deven as his tail swayed back and forth.

Me too.” said Ozzie, bathing himself. It had been a while since he had bathed himself in this way, but he was still able to do so when needed. He eventually cleaned himself off and came out of the river, shaking his fur out.

Hey!” said Deven. “Don't get water on me!”

Hehe, sowwy.” said Ozzie. “My body kinda jus does dat when it's wet aftew a baff.” He grabbed his clothing and toddled back to the fire. He sat down next to it to warm himself and dry his fur.

Deven came over and added more wood to the fire. “So dats what ya wook wike wif no cwothes on.” he said, looking the little skunk over.

Ozzie blushed. “Y-yeah.” he said. “I wike bein nakie sometimes.”

Ya shouwd stay nakie tonight so ya can dwy off.” said Deven. “I wondew what havin fuw feews wike.”

It feews wawm n soft.” said Ozzie. “At weast when ish not wet. When it's wet it's aww heavy n stuff.”

I dun weally have a pwobwem wif tempewatuwes.” said Deven, sitting by the fire.

Yer wucky den.” said Ozzie. “I sometimes gets too cowd or too hot. I can awways put on wawm cwothes buh I can onwy get so nakie.” The little skunk giggled, warming his backside and tail.

Yah, dats twue.” said Deven. “It must be hawed bein a mammaw.”

I guess so.” said Ozzie. “Compawed to dwagons anyway. Hehe” He continued to warm himself and dry his fur, and eventually yawned.

Deven yawned as well. “Its been a wong fun day.” said Deven. “Time for some sweep.”

Ozzie stood up and nodded. “I'm aww dwy now.” he said. “Gotta put da fiwe out.”

I got it!” said Deven. He turned around and patted the fire out with his scaly tail.

Good job!” said Ozzie. He crawled into the tent and laid down on one of the mats.

Deven soon joined him in laying down on a mat. “Oooh, these are soft and comfy.” he said.

Hehe, yeah!” said Ozzie. “I got em and dis tent fwom my fwiend.” He settled in, feeling all warm and comfy.

You mammaws suwe wuv yer soft fings.” said Deven. He wiggled into the soft mat. “Buh it suwe feews good.” The little dragon yawned.

Ozzie yawned too, and curled up, snuggling his tail. “Uh huhs.” he said softly. As soon as their eyes closed, they were both fast asleep. Unfortunately, Ozzie had forgotten to put a diaper on before lying down.

In the morning the two regressed boys woke up to the sound of birds chirping.

Good mownin Ozzie.” said Deven, stretching.

Good mownin Deven.” said Ozzie. He sat up and felt something wet around him. He remembered being in the river before, but thought he had completely dried himself off by the fire.

Deven started giggling after looking at the little wet skunk. “Hehehe, you wet in your sweep!” he laughed.

I fowgot to put on a diapee wast night.” Ozzie blushed. “Good fing da tent and mat awe stain guawded.” He got up, fur dripping, and went to the river again to wash off.

Deven smiled and made another fire to help the skunky dry off again.

Once he was dry, Ozzie fetched some towels from a portal and cleaned up the wetness in the tent and made sure it was completely sanitized before packing it up and tossing it back in the portal. Finally, he powdered and diapered and redressed himself whilte Deven was pottying in the forest.

After some breakfast, Deven put out the fire and they were on their way again. The two headed through an open field of tall yellow grass and flew over several large gaps in the land. They had a lot of fun flying up and down the sunny hills of the fields of fall colors.

Finally the two reached the lake where the tower stood. However, before they could go further, a group of fish men jumped out of the water to attack. They were slimy green creatures covered in scales. Each had three fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot, two bulging yellow eyes, and fins on their heads. Some carried tridents and others carried barbed swords.

Uh oh, deze guys awe enemies of my twibe!” said Deven, getting ready to attack.

Dey wook mean and nasty!” Ozzie rolled up his sleeves, getting ready to cast a spell.

The dragon clan sends mere children to fight us?” asked one of the fish men in a gurgley voice. “Bah, you're no match for us!” They began attacking by causing a huge wave of water to engulf the two.

Ozzie and Deven easily avoided the watery trap by flying up high. Then Ozzie attacked the wet fish men with lightning, sizzling them.

Deven once again engulfed himself in flames and rolled toward the enemies. He instantly incinerated a group of them and landed on the other side. “Ozzie!” he shouted. “Use dat wightning again on my fiwe!”

“Otays, weady to go!” said Ozzie, preparing his lightning. Once Deven flew into the air he used it.

Deven engulfed himself in flames and lightning this time and flew around, scorching and electrocuting all of the fish men remaining. The ones left alive retreated back into the water.

Guess dat takes cawe of dem.” said Ozzie. “Dat teach em not to undewestimate us!”

Yeah!” said Deven. “We kicked their butts!” He flapped his little wings and flew over the lake with the little skunk to the tower.

Dis tower is supew taww!” said Ozzie. “I guess we gotta get to da top?”

Yeah.” said Deven. “We can't fwy up cuz of da high winds n magic scwambwing goin on.”

Den we go inside.” said Ozzie. “We hafta do dis so I can find Wuna.”

Yeah! Wets go!” said Deven confidently. The two brave tots headed inside the huge tower to figure out what is going on.



End Chapter 30

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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