The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 25
Chapter 25

Chapter Description: Ozzie has a play date with Trip.

Back at Shiro's house, Ozzie and Trip settled in and opened their transforming toys.

Let me show you how these work.” said Trip, the twelve-year-old monkey regressed monkey boy. “You just fold the legs and arms in like this, then push the head in like that. Fold these out and fold these in, and now its a car!”

Wow!” said Ozzie, the currently eight-year-old age changing skunk wizard. “These are so neat. Nothing like these exist in my world. We just have wooden toys for the most part.”

They make wooden toys here too.” said Trip. “But they're kinda boring and for little little kids.”

You two play nice while I whip up some lunch.” said Shiro. He left the two regressed adults to play together in the living room.

So like this?” Ozzie asked, showing a mostly transformed robot truck.

Almost.” said Trip. “You have to fold these bits in like this.” He showed the little skunk how to properly transform the toy.

So cool.” he said. “These are like a puzzle, vehicle, and action figure all in one.”

Yeah!” said Trip excitedly. “They're really cool.” The two continued to play and watch cartoons until it was lunch time.

Shiro had made some chicken nuggets and tater tots for them. “Here you go kiddos.” said the anthro tabby cat monk, letting them eat on the floor in the living room.

Oooh, thanks!” said Trip. He dipped a tater tot into some ketchup and ate it.

Ozzie wasn't sure what it was. “What are these?” he asked.

These are chicken nuggets.” said Shiro. “That's breaded and fried chicken meat. The others are what we call tater tots. They are diced and fried pieces of potato. The red sauce there is ketchup. Its made of tomatos.”

Oh, okay.” Ozzie tried each and smiled. “They're good! Perfect for little fingers.” He giggled and ate some more, getting ketchup on his fuzzy face.

Just try not to make too much of a mess.” said Shiro as he ate some food as well.

Ozzie and Trip ate as they played and watched TV.

Look!” said Trip. “Its the show these toys came from!”

Oooh, neat!” said Ozzie. “I wanna see this!” He watched the cartoon and Trip explained the characters when Ozzie had questions. It was certainly an entertaining show.

Once the show was over and their lunch was eaten, Trip had an idea for something to do. “Hey Shiro?” he called. “May we use your costume closet?”

Sure.” said Shiro. “As long as you put everything back when you're done.”

Costume closet?” asked Ozzie.

Yeah, come on!” said Trip. He got up and led Ozzie to a closet in the hallway. He opened it and showed Ozzie a lot of different costumes in different sizes. “See? We can dress up as super heroes or anything we want!”

Oooh, that does sound like fun!” said Ozzie, examining the outfits. “I like this one!” He pulled out blue and red super hero costume.

Neat!” said Trip. “Then I'll wear this one!” He pulled out a green and black super hero costume.

That looks cool too!” said Ozzie. He smiled and slipped off all of his clothes except for his diaper, then went about the task of putting on the costume. He needed a little help with the cape and zipping up the back, but Trip helped him. He also helped Trip zip up the back of his costume.

We're super heroes!” shouted Trip, and pretended to fly around the room.

Yeah we are!” Ozzie giggled and made them both fly with magic. “We can fly!”

Whoa!” said Trip. “This is awesome!” He held his arms out as Ozzie levitated them both around Shiro's big house.

Wheee!” shouted Ozzie as they flew by Shiro who was watching them from the living room.

Careful cubs!” Shiro said. “Don't run into anything doing that.” He was still amazed by the ease at which Ozzie flew around.

We'll be careful!” said Ozzie as they flew around the house.

Its so fun!” said Trip, still holding his arms out. The two continued to fly around and play super hero until the sun began to set. They had stopped flying and were playing with action figures on the floor.

Ozzie made the figures float around with his magic as they played. “Transform!” he shouted happily.

Let's go!” shouted Trip, and they played until dinner time.

Shiro had made hot dogs and mac and cheese for the kids. They both ate happily and watched cartoons until Shiro's nose picked up a scent. “Ozzie?” he asked. “Did you poop?”

Ozzie blushed and nodded, feeling the mess on his bottom. “Uh huh.” he said. “I wet too.”

Trip just made a face. “Stinky diaper.” he said. “I'll go use the potty while you get changed.” He went over to the bathroom to do his business.

Shrio led Ozzie to the changing table where the little skunk laid down with a squish. He opened the diaper and began cleaning him. “You two seem to be getting along well.” he said.

He's a fun friend to have.” said Ozzie. “He and I share the same interests in toys and cartoons. He doesn't wear diapers, but he also doesn't mind them.”

There are many who are like that.” said Shiro, disposing of the dirty diaper. “Some just like to be little, but not too little. Its very freeing to be a kid again.” He slid a clean diaper underneath Ozzie's bottom and powdered him, then taped it up snug.

Ozzie sat up and hugged Shiro. “Thank you.” he said. “For everything.”

Shiro smiled and hugged back. “You are welcome.” he said. “Its almost bed time. Do you want to get into a sleeper?”

I sure do!” said Ozzie happily.

Shiro pulled out a dark blue sleeper with white stars and moons on it. “This one glows in the dark.” he said, helping Ozzie into it. It was a bit big on him, but he liked it that way.

Oooh, that's so neat!” Ozzie said, looking at the glowing stars and moons. He smiled and crinkled his way back to the living room where Trip was sitting on the couch.

Lookit this!” said Ozzie, showing off his sleeper.

Ooh, nice!” said Trip. “Glow in the dark!”

Would you like a sleeper too?” asked Shiro. He had many pairs of babyish and childish clothing in various sizes for all occasions.

Sure!” said Trip. He picked out one that had his favorite transforming robots on it.

I like it!” said Ozzie. The two sat down and watched more cartoons until it was bed time.

Shrio tucked Ozzie into the crib with a baby bottle of water, and Trip slept in a car-shaped bed in the same room. “Good night kids.” said Shiro. “Sleep tight.” He made sure to leave a night light on for them.

Nini Shrio!” said Ozzie from the crib.

Good night Shiro!” said Trip, and the two fell asleep all snug and comfy.

Shrio went to his room and laid down on his bed. His mind wondered through the events of the day and the previous day. He was glad that Ozzie was taking being a skunk so well. A lot of humans who turn into anthros have a hard time adapting to all the changes and feelings. He also hoped he could help Ozzie find his mommy Luna. Perhaps tomorrow would bring some good results.

To be continued...



End Chapter 25

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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