The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022

Chapter 27
Chapter 27

Chapter Description: Ozzie has a sleepover with some new furry friends.

The regressed little skunk awoke in the morning and stretched. He immediately noticed the smell coming from his diaper and poked at it. It was very swollen and warm between his legs. He remembered the day before and how his embarrassment caused him to regress in front of the others. They would be coming over to spend the whole night with him today. He was excited to get the day going.

Shiwo!” he called, still being around three-years-old. “I awake!”

Shiro walked in wearing his usual monk outfit. “Good morning Ozzie!” the gray tabby cat greeted the little skunk. “I can already tell you need a new diaper.”

Ozzie giggled and blushed. “Good mownin!” he said. “Yah, I do.” He held his little arms up.

Shiro picked Ozzie up and out of the crib and out of his sleeper, then laid him on the changing table. “So, will you be big today or are you going to stay little?” he asked, untaping Ozzie's diaper.

Hmm, I fink I gonna be same as Gus.” said Ozzie as his legs were lifted and his fuzzy bottom cleaned.

Well, he's four I think.” said Shiro. “Yure is five, and Jacy is six.”

Fouw, five, six!” Ozzie giggled.

You're such a smart baby!” said Shiro with a laugh. He rolled up Ozzie's dirty diaper and tossed it into the diaper pail. “Okay, go ahead and get big again. I'd say at least eighteen or so. That way we can practice some meditation without baby thoughts getting in the way.”

Oh, wight.” said Ozzie. “Good idea.” He concentrated and began growing on the changing table. The table was big enough to fit adults, so he grew up past age five, six, seven, and on into double digits, then teenhood, and finally stopped around age eighteen.

Good job.” said Shiro, and he then proceeded to diaper him in properly fitting adult diapers that colorful balloons printed on them. “Breakfast first.”

Yum!” said Ozzie, and he followed Shiro into the kitchen where he sat in the adult-sized high chair.

Apple-cinnamon oatmeal with buttered toast today!” announced Shiro. He tied a bib onto Ozzie and sat by him, and began feeding him.

Ozzie ate happily, dribbling some down his chin. “Mmm, ish good!” he said, swallowing the food. It was fun being babied while also being big.

Good boy.” said Shiro, feeding Ozzie some more. He then held an adult-sized baby bottle of fruit juice for Ozzie to drink from.

Ozzie smiled and suckled on the bottle. It flowed easily through the big bottle's nipple and he happily swallowed the juice. “Mmmm, thank you!” he said.

You're welcome little one.” said Shiro, cleaning Ozzie's face and helping him out of the high chair. “Now then, lets practice some meditation.” He led Ozzie over to a room with yoga rugs inside and sat down on one of them.

Ozzie sat next to him on another rug and assumed the position with his legs crossed and arms in his lap.

Let your mind go blank.” said Shiro. “Close your eyes and clear your mind. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in...and out. In...and out.”

Ozzie did so, letting his mind go blank. When he focused on his breathing, he soon was in a meditative state. There was nothing but darkness and silence until a familiar voice called out to him.

Ozzie...” said the voice. “Ozzie....Ozzie....Ozzie...” The voice became clearer and clearer.

Ozzie finally realized that it was Luna's voice, but this time tried to keep calm about it. “L-Luna?” he asked. “Is that you?”

Oh my sweet little Ozzie!” said Luna. “Yes it's me. I've been trying to contact you for a long time.”

I'm so sorry Luna!” said Ozzie. “I have been trying, but also getting distracted. I am on this new world looking for you and I came across others like me. People who have been regressed. I've also...changed.”

Changed?” asked Luna. “How?”

Ozzie appeared to Luna in his skunk form. “I became a skunk.” he said.

Oh my.” said Luna. “You're a beast kin like me now!”

They call it anthro here.” said Ozzie. “Is that not what they call it where you are?”

No, it's not.” said Luna. “That must mean...”

Ozzie sighed. “I'm on the right world.” He began to cry and regressed down to a child.

Aww, sweety.” Luna appeared in her blue and purple raccoon form and hugged him. “It's okay. It's okay.”

No, it's not!” said Ozzie. “I failed! I couldn't get to the right world!”

So you try again.” said Luna. “Come on now. Smile for mommy.”

Ozzie sniffled and smiled up at Luna.

There we go.” she said, stroking his back and tail. “You make a very cute skunk. I'm so proud of you.”

Are you still okay?” Ozzie asked.

Yes, I'm fine.” she said. “I'm working at an orphanage helping to take care of children waiting to be adopted. They do have beast kin here, but they are called hybrids.”

Hybrids?” said Ozzie. “What else can you tell me about the world there?”

They have tall buildings here. People live in big cities and in the forest. Their technology beyond anything we ever had.” she said. “They have this thing called television and telephones.”

They have those here too!” said Ozzie. “So I was close. I've made so many friends here. I hate to leave them.”

Then stay for a while.” Luna said with a smile. “I'm fine here for now. I don't want to keep you from having a life.”

No, I'm going to find you as soon as I can.” said Ozzie. “I just need to concentrate harder and try again. Even if I have to travel to countless worlds, I'm going to find you and we'll be together again.”

Oh Ozzie.” said Luna, hugging him tight in the mindscape. “I can't wait until we are together again for real. I will try researching what I can about the existence of other worlds. I can also tell you that magic exists here. It's similar but different, which makes it harder for me to communicate with you. I've been trying to work on that too.”

If only I were there, I could learn that magic and tune our connection to match.” said Ozzie.

Silly boy.” said Luna. “If you were here you wouldn't need to.” Her image began to fade.

Luna?” Ozzie asked. “Don't go yet! I want to be with you longer.”

I'm afraid I'm running out of magic energy again, and something is pullinig from your side.” she said. “Don't worry. Everything will be okay. Remember, I'm fine and I'm glad to know you are okay too. I want you to have fun with your friends sweety, for as long as you want. Come for me when you are ready and able. Don't rush. Remember that Jenn said you will spread your light to others. I imagine this is what she was talking about.”

Mama.” Ozzie said, giving Luna one more big hug. “I love you and miss you so much.

I love and miss you too sweety, with all of my heart.” said Luna. “Until next we talk, be safe and be well my cute little skunk.”

You too mama.” said Ozzie with a smile. “And I will!” Slowly Luna's image faded and he began to become more aware of his surroundings. Shiro was standing in front of him looking concenred.

Ozzie!” shouted Shiro. “There you are. You've finally come back.” He smiled and hugged the teary-eyed skunk.

Ozzie blinked away tears that had been running down his furry cheeks. “Sh-shiro.” he said in a high pitched voice. He had regressed down to an eight-year-old again from the emotional strain. His little body hugged the cat monk back. “What's wrong? How long was I out?”

About five hours.” said Shiro. “When you started to cry and regress, I tried to wake you, but then I saw you smiling and stopped. I can tell you had a happy reunion with Luna in the mind scape.”

Yeah.” Ozzie smiled. “I saw her and we talked. She saw my new skunk form. She says I am cute.” He blushed and stood up, holding his now over-sized and very wet diaper up.

Looks like you could use a change.” said Shiro. “Come on.” He led Ozzie back to the nursery. “Just go ahead and let that slip down.”

Ozzie nodded and gently stepped out of his large diaper, handing it to Shiro. He then laid down on the changing table.

Shiro disposed of the diaper and turned to Ozzie, cleaning him up with a baby wipe. “I guess now is as good a time as any to regress to a four-year-old.” said Shiro. “You said that's the age you want to be for the party right?”

Ozzie nodded. “Oh yeah.” he said smiling and regressed himself down to a four-year-old skunk boy. “Dats better.”

Shrio smiled and got out a properly fitting diaper that had little cartoon-style race cars on it and slid it under the little skunk. He then powdered and taped the diaper onto him snugly. “Now then, what do you want to wear?” he asked.

Um, a sweeper, since it's a swumber party.” he said, then looked through the various sleepers in his size. He picked out one that had toy trains and track on it. “Dis one!”

A fine choice sir.” Shiro said, pretending to be a butler. He helped little Ozzie into the sleeper, adjusting for his tail, and zipped it up. “There you go.”

Hehe, thanks Shiwo.” Ozzie said, giving him a hug.

Shiro hugged the little skunk back. “You're welcome.” he said. He then led Ozzie back to the living room to watch cartoons until guests arrived.

Ozzie heard ringing sound echo through the house. “What is that?” he asked, having not heard such a door bell before.

It's the door bell.” said Shiro. “That means someone is at the door. I'll go check.” He went to the front door and came back with little Gus, the four-year-old blue skunk with white stripes. He was wearing only a red onesie and diaper.

Hi Ozzie!” said Gus excitedly as he ran in and gave him a hug.

Hihi Gussy!” said Ozzie, hugging him back. “I gwad yer here!”

Glad I could come.” said Gus, looking Ozzie over. “Yer as big as me again! Nice sleeper too! I brought some Pjs to put on!”

Cool!” said Ozzie. “Put em on whenever ya want to!”

I'm gonna go put it on right now!” said Gus, heading to Shiro for help putting it on.

Shiro undressed and redressed the little blue skunk in his dinosaur Pjs. “There you go little on.” he said, patting his diapered bottom.

Gus blushed and smiled. “Thanks Mr. Shiro!” he said and returned to the living room where Ozzie was.

They wook good on you.” said Ozzie, giving a little thumbs up.

Thanks!” said Gus, climbing up onto the couch next to Ozzie. “Ooh, you gots toys!”

Hehe, yeah!” said Ozzie, bouncing on the couch. “Shiwo took me to a toy stowe and I got a coow toy!” He picked it up and showed it to Gus. “It tuwns into a twuck!”

Oooh, I like those!” said Gus. “Since we're regressed adults, we don't have to mind the ages five and up on the box.” He giggled and bounced on the couch, crinkling softly.

So you wike bein widdle now?” Ozzie giggled.

“Umm, it's fun sometimes.” said Gus. “When I'm with other regressed friends. We can let go and act our age and not be embarrassed about it!” Then the door bell rang again.

Oooh, I wondew who is is!” said Ozzie excitedly. He looked to see Shrio leading Yure into the room. Yure, the five-year-old blue kitten, was wearing only a plain white diaper.

Hihi Yure!” said Ozzie with a smile.

Yure!” yelled Gus happily.

Hi guys!” Yure waved. “Nice pajamas!”

Would you like some to wear?” asked Shiro.

Sure!” said Yure happily. He went to the nursery room and came back wearing a sleeper that had little air planes on it.

Good choice!” said Ozzie.

Yure smiled and sat on the couch with Ozzie and Gus. “So what are we going to do tonight?” he asked.

I brought some video games.” said Gus. “We can play that if you want.”

Ooh, I haven't pwayed any of those befowe.” said Ozzie. “I wanna twy it!”

Okay, I know how to set it up!” said Gus, hopping down and crinkling over to his bag to get his game system out. Just then there was another ring of the door bell.

Oooh, its gotta be Jacy!” said Ozzie, hopping on the couch.

Sure enough, Shrio soon walked in with a shy Jacy, the six-year-old diapered white and brown wolf boy. He was wearing just a red shirt and diaper.

H-hi guys.” said Jacy waving a paw.

Hihi Jacy!” said Ozzie, waving back.

Hi Jacy!” said Gus and Yure.

Come on in!” said Ozzie. “We're about to pway some video games.”

Oh, I like video games.” he waddled over, clutching his brown wolf plushy and sat down on the couch with a soft crinkle.

Want to weaw a sweeper?” asked Ozzie.

N-no thanks.” said Jacy. He was too shy to partake in the age play.

Gus finished hooking up the game system and turned it on. “How about this racing game?” he asked.

Sounds good to me.” said Ozzie. The others nodded.

We can all play at the same time.” said Gus, and handed everyone a controller.

Ozzie looked at the device in his hands. It was small, so it was perfect for his tiny hands. It had a joystick and buttons on it. “How do I use it?” he asked.

Ya gotta use the joystick to move da car.” said Gus. “You press this button to go and this button to stop.”

Okay, I may not be vewy good.” said Ozzie. They started to play and sure enough, Ozzie kept running into walls. “Oops! Ish hawd to contwol.”

Ya gotta keep trying.” said Gus. His childish way of speaking was being drawn out by being around other cubs.

I win!” shouted Yure. He had played before and was used to the controls.

Aw, I lost.” said Jacy. “I almost had it too.”

Can we twy again?” asked Ozzie. “I wanna get a bettew chance.”

Hehe, okay.” said Gus, and started it back up. This time Gus came in first, followed by Jacy, then Yure, then Ozzie.

Oooh, awmost had it!” said Ozzie.

No ya didn't.” Yure giggled. “Ya came in behind me!”

They played the racing game a few more times before switching to a new game. This one was a game where the player controls a cartoonish anthro character jumping around on platforms collecting things.

Oooh, this one wooks wike fun!” said Ozzie. He watched Gus play and then had his chance. He wasn't very good at first, but then began to do much better, and even completed multiple levels.

Ya did good!” said Gus.

For someone who's never played video games and is currently a four-year-old, you did great!” said Yure.

You did better than me!” said Jacy. “Let me try!” He was passed the controller and he too passed multiple levels, but eventually got a game over. “Aww! Not again!” He pouted and then blushed as he felt a squish in his diaper.

The others soon smelled it and covered their noses. “Someone tinky.” said Ozzie. “It not me dis time!”

Not me either!” said Gus. “Phew! It's a big tinky one!”

“I don't poop my diapers.” said Yure.

I-it was me.” said Jacy shyly. “Sorry.”

Hehe, ish otay.” said Ozzie. “Jus ask Shiwo to change you.”

O-okay.” said Jacy. He got up with his tail curled under his diaper and waddled off to Shrio.

Shiro picked up the smell as the pup waddled to him. “Hello there pup.” said Shiro. “Smells like you need a change.”

Jacy blushed and nodded. “Uh huh...” he said shyly.

Come on.” said Shiro. “Lets get you changed and clean.” He led Jacy by the paw to the nursery where he guided him to lay on the changing table.

Jacy laid on the changing table, feeling his diaper squish under him, which made him blush harder. He covered his face as Shiro opened his diaper.

It's okay little one.” said Shiro as he cleaned Jacy. “You're not the first 'big boy' I've changed. They're all stinky.” He chuckled as he rolled up the messy diaper and tossed it into the bin, then got out a fresh one in his size and slid it under him.

I-I know.” said Jacy. “But it's just so embarrassing. Mom and dad change me at home and say how smelly it is. It's not like I can help it.”

Aww, yeah.” said Shiro as he applied powder to Jacy. “I know that. Even though there are some who can control it and choose to use their diapers, I know there are those like you who can't help it.” He taped the puppy themed diaper onto Jacy and smiled. “There, all clean and changed.”

Th-thank you.” said Jacy, getting up off the changing table. He gave Shiro a hug.

Shiro hugged him back and gave him a pat on his diapered bottom. “Now go play and tell the others it's almost dinner time.” he said.

Okay.” Jacy smiled and waddled off to the others. “Hey guys! Shiro says it's almost dinner time.”

Otay.” said Ozzie. “Jus watchin Yure pway dis game.”

Yure was in deep concentration playing the video game. He had to pee but he didn't want to stop playing, so he held it in as best he could. It became harder and harder though as the urgency built up within him.

Ya was doing so good Yure!” said Gus. “What happened?”

I gotta pee!” shouted Yure, who then jumped up from the couch and ran into the bathroom. Inside, he fiddled with his diaper tapes, trying to get them off, but it was too late and he began wetting himself. Defeated, he walked out shyly and up to Shiro.

Couldn't make it huh?” asked Shiro, patting Yure's head. “It's okay, I'll get you changed.”

Yure nodded and blushed, being led to the changing table. He laid down on it with his legs up, knowing the position all too well.

Shiro just smiled and removed the tapes on Yure's diaper, then cleaned his fur with some wipes. He rolled up the used diaper and tossed it into the pail, then got out a fresh one with cartoon characters on it. “This one is a bit babyish, but they are the only ones I have in your size.”

It's okay.” Yure blushed. After being powdered and diapered, he thanked Shiro and rejoined his friends in the living room.

Shiro washed his hands and finished preparing dinner, then called for the kids to come in. “Dinner is ready!” he shouted.

The little ones stopped their game and entered the kitchen.

Who wants a high chair?” Shiro asked.

Ozzie and Gus raised their hands.

I-I don't need a high chair.” said Jacy, though he kind of did want to sit in one.

Okay then.” Shiro picked up Ozzie and Gus and put them each into their own high chair and tied bibs around them. The others sat at the table on booster seats as needed. Shiro put out plates for each of them. “It's spaghetti and meatballs!” He began giving each their own helpings of food.

Oooh, sketti!” said Ozzie. “I wuv it!”

Me too!” said Gus, drooling a bit.

I like it too.” said Yure, happily eating some already.

It looks good.” said Jacy.

Eat up everyone!” said Shiro. “If you need help eating, let me know.”

Ozzie ate his using a little fork, but made a mess of his face, paws, and bib.

Gus did much the same, but was a bit cleaner.

Yure and Jacy ate happily, only getting their faces a bit messy with spaghetti sauce.

Mmm, sho good!” said Ozzie smiling.

Yah!” said Gus. “Nummy food Shiro!”

I cleaned my plate!” said Yure, licking his plate clean.

So yummy!” said Jacy. “You're a good cook Shiro.”

Thank you!” said Shiro. “Now lets get you all cleaned up.” He smiled and cleaned each of the cubs' faces and paws, then got Ozzie and Gus out of their high chairs. “Go on and play some more. Later it's bath time.”

Baff time?” asked Ozzie. “Aww of us?”

Yes, all of you.” said Shiro. “A caretaker must make sure their charges are clean.”

Hehe, that sounds fun.” said Yure. “Severo rarely helps me bathe.”

M-my mom and dad sometimes help me get a bath.” said Jacy. “It's so embarrassing when they say I'm cute in the tub.”

At weast you don't hafta get a bath with your own son who is the same age as you.” said Gus with a blush. “My wife makes us bathe together to save time. My son and I could pass for twins.”

Aww, dat sounds sweet though.” said Ozzie. “I bet she wuvs you bof a wot.”

She does.” said Gus. “I wuv them too.” He put another game in. This time it was a fighting game for up to four players.

“Ooh, anothew one we can aww pway!” said Ozzie happily.

I've played this one!” said Jacy. “It's really fun! You can fight each other until time runs out. The winner is the one with the highest score.”

You use these buttons to pway.” said Gus, most of his childish speech patterns showing. He showed Ozzie how to play and even let him practice.

Oh, otay!” said Ozzie. “I'm weady!” He smiled and picked a character he liked. It looked like a super hero.

After playing a match, Jacy won. “Yay!” he shouted in celebration. “I win!”

I almost got you.” said Yure, who came in second.

“Yeah, I'm not as good as you two.” said Gus.

Me neithew.” Ozzie said giggling. “I did badwy.”

It's yer fiwst time pwaying.” said Gus. “It's okay.”

How come you talk like Ozzie now?” asked Yure.

Oh, um, sometimes when I am with other cubs my mind kinda slips.” said Gus blushing.

“It's okay.” Ozzie smiled. “Happens wif me too.”

They all continued to play with Ozzie actually winning a round.

Good job Ozzie!” said Gus. “You're getting good at this!”

Yay!” cheered Ozzie. “I did it!” Then he felt a heavy squish in his diaper.

Phew!” said Yure. “You sure did!”

Ozzie blushed and giggled. “Guess I did!” he said. “I fink someone ewse did too.” He nudged Gus who was blushing.

Um, who? Me?” asked Gus with a blush. “I'm not stinky!”

Jacy smiled and checked the back of Gus's diaper. “Yes you are!” he said. “Smelly skunk!”

You were smelly earlier.” Yure reminded Jacy.

B-but not this time!” said Jacy with a blush. Although he was wet.

Shiro came in to check on the boys and sniffed the air. “Okay, I guess it's bath time.” he said with a laugh. “Come on, everyone into the bathroom.”

W-we gotta bathe together?” asked Jacy shyly.

Yes, it saves time.” said Shiro. “Plus it's a very big tub. So don't worry.”

Yay!” Ozzie cheered and toddled into the bathroom with his diaper drooping.

Gus blushed and waddled along behind him, holding his diaper bottom with his hands.

Yure and Jacy both blushed and walked in as well.

Shiro ran some water in the tub and let it fill. “Okay, first we need to get those bottoms cleaned.” he said. “You first Ozzie.” He removed Ozzie's sleeper and lifted him onto a fold-out changing table.

Ozzie giggled and lifted his legs as Shiro untaped his diaper and wiped him clean. “Ish not dat tinky.” he said.

Dats cuz you're used to it!” said Gus. “Mine's not as smelly.”

Yure sat on the potty to do his business. “Poop is gross.” he teased.

Well, mine's not as smelly as yours.” said Jacy.

Shiro just shook his head and put a clean and naked Ozzie in the tub. “You're next Gussy.” he said, and undressed him as well, laying him on the changing table.

Gus blushed and glanced over at Ozzie who was playing in the tub. He lifted his legs and was wiped clean, then placed in the tub as well.

At least it's not stinky like skunk spray.” said Yure, still on the potty.

Hey!” said Ozzie. “I dun spway!” He stuck his tongue out.

Me neither.” said Gus. “Most skunks have theiw spway glands wemoved when they're bown. Mine was removed aftew I wegwessed.”

Oh, I didn't know dat.” said Ozzie. “I jus dun have any spway glands. I never has spwayed.”

Yure, you can hop in after you finish.” said Shiro. “Jacy, lets get that wet diaper taken care of.”

Jacy blushed and laid on the changing table. He covered his eyes as Shiro untaped his diaper and wiped his fur clean.

Okay, hop in.” Shiro instructed.

Jacy slowly got into the tub while covering his front with his tail.

Yure finished on the potty, and after Shiro helped him wipe, he got into the tub.

Shiro smiled and helped the cubs bathe. “You all enjoying your time here?' he asked.

Y-yeah.” said Jacy. “Its been a lot of fun hanging out with othe regressed people. I didn't know being little could be so fun.”

Its been fun.” said Yure. “You're a good caretaker.”

Thanks Yure.” said Shiro, washing Yure's fur. “I do my best.”

Its been lots of fun!” said Gus, splashing in the tub. “At home I jus got my wife and son as company. She wants me to pway wif him but it feels weiwd cuz I used to be big.”

Shiro started bathing Gus next. “Because you are both the same physical age, but you are more mentally adult.” he said, pouring water over the little blue skunk.

Y-yeah.” said Gus. “He hasn't been to high schoow or gone to work or anyfing wike dat, but I have. I even...made him, with my wife.” He blushed thinking about it. “Now I can't even do that for her.”

But you can be her little man.” said Shiro, washing Gus's fluffy tail. “You can help your son which will help her.”

I guess yer wight.” said Gus, perking up a bit. “She says it dun bothew hew, but I dunno.”

Ozzie splashed Gus with bubbly water. “Dun wowwy about it!” he said with a smile. “Jus wet go n haf fun! Ish not wike ya did it on puwpose. Ya can't hewp it so ya may as weww go wif it.”

Yer wight!” said Gus, splashing Ozzie back. “I got you!”

Shiro then began washing Jacy. “How about you Jacy?” he asked. “How has regressed life been treating you?”

It's okay I guess.” said Jacy. “I like not having responsibilities, but I can't drive or go places on my own.”

I understand.” said Shiro, washing Jacy's fur.

I kinda like the diapers.” Jacy admitted. “But I get made fun of when I poop in them. My friends who regressed me make fun of me.”

They don't sound like good friends.” said Shiro, rinsing Jacy off.

They're mean sometimes.” said Jacy. “They do help by buying me diapers though, because it was their fault and all.”

“That's good at least.” said Shiro, who then moved onto Ozzie. “I imagine they should be doing even more though. Using FOY water as a prank is a crime.”

We didn't press charges since they agreed to help with money and all.” said Jacy. “They even babysit me when they need to.” He blushed thinking about it.”

I wuv bein widdle.” said Ozzie as he was being bathed. “I been as widdle as five-months-old and as owd as fifty. I fowgets how owd I was befowe, but I dun care. I wike bein wike dis and weawin my diapees.”

I like being this young too.” said Yure. “Being stuck at five-years-old means I won't die from old age and never have to worry about getting old. I am okay with needing help and wearing diapers, but if I can make it to the potty, I'd rather use that.”

Shiro nodded. “I know some adults like that.” he said. “They just like to wear them but not use them. It's all a matter of personal preference.”

Weww, if I figuwe out how to fix your ages, wouwd ya want me to?” Ozzie asked them all.

Yes.” said Jacy. “I want to be big again. Even if I am still stuck in diapers.”

No.” said Yure. “I'm good this way.”

M-maybe.” said Gus. “I gotta think about it.”

Otays.” said Ozzie. “No pwessuwe.”

Shiro finished bathing everyone and let them play in the tub for a while, then got them out one at a time and dried them off in warm fluffy towels. He got out a fur dryer to use on Gus and Ozzie's fluffy tails, which made them both poof out. He then led them to the nursery where he powdered and diapered each of them before putting them in their sleepers for bed.

Wanna watch cawtoons?” asked Ozzie. “We gots a bit of time befowe bed.”

“Sure!” said Gus. “I watch cartoons with my son a lot.”

As long as it's not some dumb baby show.” said Yure.

I'm okay either way.” said Jacy.

They all gathered on the couch again and watch cartoons about super heroes and villains. It got them all pretending to be their favorite character and running around the room. Soon they had worn themselves out and it was time for bed.

Lets get to bed everyone.” said Shiro. He shut off the TV and led the little ones into the nursery. “Ozzie and Gus, you can sleep in the crib. Yure and Jacy, you can share the race car bed.”

Oooh, it'll be fun to shawe a cwib wif anothew skunky!” said Ozzie happily.

A-a crib?” asked Gus. “O-okay, I guess.” He blushed as he was placed in the crib with Ozzie.

Shiro smiled and tucked everyone in, then turned out the light, leaving the nightlight on. “Good night little ones.” he said. “Sweet dreams.”

Nini Shiwo!” said Ozzie. “Sweet dweams!”

Good night Shiro!” said the others, and Shiro went to his own bedroom for the night.

I weally has enjoyed bein wif you aww today.” said Ozzie. “You my new fwiends.”

I had fun too.” said Gus. “I haven't had so much fun in a while.”

Yeah.” said Yure. “We get treated like kids a lot by others, and it's not always fun, but here it is. I feel like I can be myself around you guys.”

You're all fun cubs.” said Jacy. “I'd hang out with you even if I was still big.”

Wets hang out again sometime.” said Ozzie, letting out a yawn.

I'd wike dat.” said Gus, slipping a thumb into his mouth.

Me too.” said Yure, rolling over onto his side.

Yeah.” said Jacy, smiling.

Soon all of the regressed little cubs were asleep, and they slept peacefully through the night. In the morning they would all go home, but it wouldn't be the last time they got together to have some fun.



End Chapter 27

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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