The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 34
Chapter 34

Chapter Description: Ozzie meets Tavi the tiger chipmunk!

Ozzie hopped out of a portal and right into what looked like a very old lab. The regressed little skunk boy was still clad only in a diaper and saw himself in a mirror. “Oops.” he thought. He quickly got his clothing out of a portal and put on his mage robs and little boots. Looking around, he saw broken test tubes, odd spills on the floor, some broken and empty large glass tubes, and electrical burns everywhere. There were no lights on, but there was daylight outside some windows that helped him see. Slowly, he made his way through and to the exit. The exit doors looked like they had been blown off their hinges.

Outside was a wooded area and an old asphalt road that looked like it hadn't been maintained in quite a long time. It was warm, and the green grass was almost as tall as he was, so he floated above it and had a look around. There didn't seem to be anyone nearby. Ozzie decided to follow the road to see where it went. It was a very long road though, and eventually came to an end in some dirt. It looked liked the road had been covered up on purpose. There was a main road a few yards away, but this whole area looked like it had been abandoned and hidden away. Whatever happened here, no one wanted anyone to find it. He looked around some more and ventured into the forest. He didn't want to follow the road to a city just yet, given his current appearance.

Eventually he came upon what looked like a house made out of a very large tree. The three was as big and tall as a medium-sized home. It had a few round windows here and there, a hatch at the top, and a door at the bottom. Curious, he went up to one of the windows and peeked in. The inside looked very nice and well kept. It was mostly wood, of course, but also had some nice furniture including a big couch, a big soft chair, and even a TV. There was also a kitchen with a sink, oven, stove, and refrigerator. Flying upward, he peeked into the top windows to see a bedroom with a large crib-like bed with orange sheets and pictures of light houses and trains on the walls. He didn't see anyone inside though, and wondered who owned the house. That's when he heard a voice from behind him.

Hey there!” came the voice. It was a small but masculine voice. “Who are you?”

Ozzie meeped and turned around. He saw what looked like a large chipmunk with orange fur and black stripes like a tiger would have. He was wearing a blue shirt and black jogging pants and had climbed up the tree behind the house. “Oh, hi!” he said. “I'm Ozzie, who awe you?”

My name is Tavi.” said the tiger-chipmunk. He was apparently unphased by seeing a floating baby skunk wearing mage robes. “I've never seen a flying skunk before. Where did you come from?”

Oh um, faw away.” said Ozzie. He floated down to the ground where Tavi soon joined him.

You're just a baby.” said Tavi. “A cute one, but still. How did you get here?”

I'm a magic baby!” Ozzie giggled. “Can you keep a secwet?”

Sure!” said Tavi. “I'm good at keeping secrets.”

I came fwom anothew worwd.” said Ozzie.

Another world?” asked Tavi. “Its kind of hard to understand you.”

Oh yeah, hang on.” Ozzie said, and concentrated. He began to grow, also making his clothes grow with him, until he was an adult again. “How about now?”

You got older!” said Tavi. “How did you do that?”

Its magic!” said Ozzie. “I can do a lot of different magic things.”

You really aren't from this world.” said Tavi. “I didn't think magic was real.”

Its very real!” said Ozzie with a smile. “At least in my world and a few others it is.” His diaper showed a bit as he moved.

You wear diapers?” asked Tavi, pointing at Ozzie's diaper.

Um, yes.” Ozzie blushed. “I'm...incontinent.”

Really? Me too!” said Tavi. He tugged his jogging pants down a bit, showing a white crinkly disposable diaper underneath.

Oh wow, another incontinent person!” said Ozzie happily. “That means you have some good diapers in adult sizes right?”

Of course!” said Tavi. “I have lots of different diapers. Want to see?”

Yes please!” said Ozzie.

Tavi smiled and invited Ozzie inside the house tree. He led him into his bed room where he had various packs of diapers stacked high. There were some in different sizes, but most of them were sized for an adult-sized tiger-chipmunk.

Oh wow, so many diapers!” said Ozzie. “You could make a castle out of them!”

Haha, that sounds like fun really.” said Tavi. “I sometimes have guests over who wear diapers too.”

Really? Do they wear big baby clothes too?” asked Ozzie. “I once met someone who had guests like that. He even had an adult-sized crib like yours!”

They sure do!” said Tavi. “We call ourselves adult babies. You see my crib there. They make some baby furniture in adult sizes just for people like us. I like wearing the adult sized sleepers. They are so comfortable and cozy.”

Oh me too!” said Ozzie. “I love footed sleepers the best.”

I like overalls and shortalls.” said Tavi. “Would you like to try some on?”

I sure would!” said Ozzie excitedly.

Tavi smiled and picked out some blue shortalls and a red onesie in Ozzie's size. “How about these?” he asked.

So cute!” said Ozzie. “Can I really wear them?”

Sure you can!” said Tavi. He helped Ozzie get into the outfit, which had snaps along the crotch for easy diaper changes. He thought the diapered skunk looked really cute in the outfit.

Hehe, this feels so babyish!” said Ozzie, looking at himself in the mirror. The fabric was soft and stretchy, showing off his diaper bulge quite nicely. He smiled and wiggled his diaper bottom. “I love it!”

You can have it.” said Tavi. “Consider it my gift to you.”

“Aww, thank you!” Ozzie said, latching onto Tavi and hugging him tightly. “You're so nice! I wish I had something to give you. Oh yeah, I know! Do you want to be a baby for real?”

You mean like you were?” asked Tavi. “You can make me little? Yes please!”

Hehe, okay! Get ready!” Ozzie said, wiggling his fingers and gesturing at Tavi.

Tavi felt a tingle all over and looked around as the room seemed to expand around him. With each passing moment he grew smaller and younger. When he reached his teens, he suddenly shrank a great deal, causing his pants and diaper to fall down. He giggled and waved his arms around in his floppy sleeves. “This is amazing!” he said, his voice getting higher. His little chipmunk voice squeaked as he entered single digits and he shrank into a pile of clothing.

Ozzie giggled and walked over, picking up the tiny munk from his clothing. “So how's it feel being a baby for real?” he asked with a smile. “You sure look cute!”

Na cute...” Tavi said with a pout. He blushed and wiggled, giggling. “It feew amazin!” He was very tiny in Ozzie's adult hands. Being part chipmunk, he was smaller than Ozzie would be at the same age.

I guess you grow at a different rate than others.” said Ozzie. “You're only two-years-old, but you're as small as a one-year-old.”

Yeah.” Tavi squeaked. “We chipmunks awe smawwer dan a wot of othews. Fanks to my tiger DNA, I gots a gwoth spurt when I was a teen.”

I kinda saw that in reverse.” Ozzie giggled. “Well, how about a properly fitting diaper?”

I don't fink I have any in my size.” said Tavi.

Don't worry, I got some.” Ozzie said. He opened up his magic portal and pulled out a little diaper in Tavi's size. It had a picture of a train baby toy and train tracks on it.

Oooh, I wuv twains!” said Tavi. He giggled and clapped his little paws as Ozzie laid him on a changing pad. He lifted the little munk by the ankles and slid the diaper underneath him, then used some neaby baby powder, sprinkling it on him, and taped the diaper snugly around him.

How's that feel?” asked Ozzie, patting Tavi's diaper.

Tavi sat up and felt the bulky garment pushing his legs apart. “I wike it!” he said happily. “It so fick n poofy!”

Yay!” said Ozzie. “I'm glad you like it.” He picked up Tavi and snuggled him closely. “Aww, you're like a little living plushy! So soft and cuddly!”

Hehe, and yer wike a big big pwushy!” said Tavi, snuggling the fluffy skunk. “I wike dis. I dun wemembah much about bein a baby. I jus wemembah my mommy and den bein captuwed and stuck in da wab.”

Lab?” asked Ozzie. “You mean that old abandoned place way out past the destroyed road?”

Yeah, you saw it?” asked Tavi.

“I did.” said Ozzie. “But it looks like no one has been there in many years.”

Dats cuz they haven't.” said Tavi. “Dat pwace was expewimenting on us hybwids. Injecting us wif stuff n shocking us. Dey huwt so many of us.”

“That's terrible!” said Ozzie. “What happened?”

One day I got ewectwic powews.” Tavi explained. “Once I figuwed out how to use em, I set off an EMP, takin out aww da systems n settin evwyone fwee.”

You were a hero!” said Ozzie, bouncing Tavi in his arms a bit.

Yah. Aftew dat, dey shut down da wab and I set up home hewe in dis twee.” said Tavi. “My fwiends fwom da wab stiww comes to visit me sometimes, and I made new fwiends too, but I nevew saw my mom again.”

Aww, that's sad.” said Ozzie. “I'm missing my mommy too. Maybe I can help you find yours.”

Weawwy?” asked Tavi. “I wouwd wike dat!”

Hehe, yes!” said Ozzie, bouncing little Tavi in his arms a bit.

Tavi giggled and clapped his little paws. “Ya know, I couwd use a widdle fwiend to pway wif.” he said with a smile.

No problem!” said Ozzie. He sat Tavi down on the floor and began to regress himself. This time he only kept his diaper a fitting size as he shrank into his other clothes. He soon popped out of his robes as a baby wearing just a diaper. He made himself a few months younger than Tavi, but was still quite a bit bigger than he was.

Yay!” said Tavi. “Now we can pway!” He began to run around the room, using his electric powers to run really fast.

Wow!” said Ozzie, watching the little speedster. “Yer fast!” He floated up into the air and tried to follow Tavi, but he was just too fast.

Yeah!” said Tavi. “My powews wet me wun fast!” The little diapered munk giggled as he ran around making super sonic crinkles. He ran up the walls and up the stairs to his bedroom. Everything was so huge now that he could run super fast in his own home and not run into anything.

Ozzie giggled, following behind the little munk blur. “Ya too fast!” he said. “I can't keep up!”

Not many can.” said Tavi. “I wuv bein widdle! Now I can wun awound aww I want inside!”

Bein widdle is wots of fun!” said Ozzie. “I know I wuv it!” He smiled and waddled over to the little munk, giving him a fluffy warm hug.

Tavi smiled and hugged back, their diapers crinkling together. “Ya stiww biggew dan me.” he said.

“Yah, but youngew.” said Ozzie. “Ish kinda funny.”

Wets go pway outside!” said Tavi, zooming downstairs and out the front door.

Ozzie giggled and followed the speedy munk outside where he saw him already climbing trees. “Ya cwimb fast too!” he said.

I wuv to cwimb twees!” said Tavi. “Even when I big.” He climbed up to the top of a tree and looked around. Then he saw Ozzie floating up to his height.

Hehe, hi.” said Ozzie waving. “Whacha wookin' at?”

Jus wookin at a cute skunk.” Tavi giggled, making Ozzie blush.

“Oh so I cute buh not you?” Ozzie teased. “Dats not faiw.”

Dats wight.” said Tavi, smiling and folding his arms. “I not cute, I handsome.”

Ozzie giggled. “Handsome is jus aduwt for cute.” he said.

Nu uh!” Tavi said, sticking his tongue out. “Teww ya wha. If ya can catch me ya can caww me cute. Okay?”

Hehe, otay!” said Ozzie. “On yer mawk, get set, go!”

Tavi took off, going light speed, stirring up piles of leaves and leaving a trail in the dirt. He ran so fast that he was leaving after images through the forest.

Ozzie just giggled and watched from above as the little munk raced about. He was able to slow the perception of time in such a way that it allowed him to see him instead of just a blur. “Hewe I come!” he shouted. Then he flew down very fast, slowing time as he did so that it appeared that he was moving faster.

Tavi looked and saw the little skunk flying towards him. “Hey! Whoa!” he said in surprise. He sped up even faster, running through logs, up trees, down rocks, and around obstacles to try and lose him.

Ozzie smiled and pushed farther. He was impressed that Tavi's speed seemed to alter time in some way. He slowed time, yet Tavi was still moving pretty fast. Eventually he had to nearly stop time to catch up and tag the little munk on his diaper. “Got you!” he said giggling.

Tavi stopped as soon as he was tagged, kicking up a huge dust cloud. “Whoa! How'd you do dat?” he asked.

I has time magic.” said Ozzie. “I can swow it down, speed it up, or even wevewse it!”

Dats cheating!” Tavi said with a giggle.

“No mowe dan you cheats wif yer ewectwic powahs!” Ozzie said, sticking his tongue out.

Faiw enough.” said Tavi.

I guess I can caww you cute now?” asked Ozzie.

Tavi blushed and nodded. “I guess, buh onwy you!” he said in mock annoyance.

Ozzie smiled and hugged the little munk, then they both fell to the ground and rolled around in the leaves. “Hehe, okay, ya cute!” he said, booping his nose.

So awe you!” said Tavi. The two nuzzled and snuggled in the forest. They had gone so far that they made it to a lake. It was still warm out, so they decided to go for a swim. They took off their little diapers and hopped into the calm, clear lake.

Ozzie was a bit of a better swimmer than Tavi, but he loved the water, and helped Tavi to stay afloat. He swam around Tavi and giggled, going under water and coming up on the other side of him.

Tavi giggled and splashed water at him. He used his super speed and paddled around the lake using his feet and hands. Then he got up on the edge and began running faster and faster until he could run along the surface of the water.

Oooh, wow!” said Ozzie, floating in the water. “Dat's amazing!” He watched as Tavi ran across the lake back and forth, making waves that rocked him back and forth. “Hehe, hey! Be caweful!”

Tavi giggled and ran around the lake, making a whirlpool. “Wook out for da waves!” he shouted.

Ozzie started to swirl around the lake as the whirlpool intensified. He giggled and clapped his little paws, enjoying the ride. Soon he ended up in the middle and shot straight up into the air, spinning around and floating there. “Nice wowk!” he said with a smile. He then looked down and saw something beneath the water. “Hey! Ish somefin under da wake!”

Huh?” asked Tavi. “What is it?”

Lemme check!” Ozzie dove down into the water and swam to the bottom. He grabbed the shiny object and came back up, swimming to the bank and up to Tavi. The little wet skunk shook his fur out and held the object up. “It wook wike a owd piece of metal.”

Lemme see.” said Tavi. He examined the object and saw that it was a metal name tag. “Its a name tag. People in da lab wore em. Dey has a twacking chip in em.” The little munk rubbed some gunk off of the tag and saw that it had his mom's name on it. “Its my mom's!”

Your mom's name tag!” said Ozzie. “She was hewe?”

I didn't know.” said Tavi. “It wooks weally owd though. I fink she escaped da wab befowe I was bown.”

She must have tossed it in da wake when she escaped so dey couwdn't twack hew.” said Ozzie. “Guess dat expwains why dey kidnapped you. Dey went wookin' for hew and found you.”

“Yeah.” said Tavi, looking at the metal tag. “I bet she's stiww wookin' fow me!”

She must be!” said Ozzie. “Maybe she's not faw away.”

Buh why she not come save me?” asked Tavi with a frown. “She knew whewe da wab was and who dey were. She had to have known dey wouwd bwing me hewe.”

Ozzie hugged little Tavi tightly. “Maybe she jus couwdn't.” he said. “I suwe she has hew weasons. We can ask hew when we find hew. It'll be okay.”

Fanks Ozzie.” said Tavi, hugging Ozzie back and sniffling a bit. “I nevew had a weal chiwdhood. Aww I have is one ow two memowies of my mom when I was a baby.”

I knows.” said Ozzie. “But now ya can have a second chance to have one wif her when we find hew.” He was doing his best to stay positive for the little munk, wanting him to find his mommy and be happy like he was with Luna.

How we gonna find hew?” asked Tavi.

I can wook at yer memowies.” said Ozzie. “I can twy to see hew face n see whewe ya was. Maybe den I can take us dere and we can stawt wookin.”

“Ya can do dat?” asked Tavi. “Wow, I'm so gwad I met you!”

I'm gwad I met you too!” said Ozzie, hugging Tavi again. “We shouwd go home and grow up again befowe we twy it though.”

How about tomowwow?” asked Tavi. “Wets jus sit hewe by da wake fow a bit.” said Tavi, sitting on the ground.

Hehe, okay.” said Ozzie, sitting next to the little munk.

Tavi scooted closer to Ozzie and put his arm around him.

Ozzie put his arm around Tavi as well, and the two watched the sun set over the lake. The two cuddled together by the lake and felt a special bond between them. They turned and looked at each other and smiled.

Tavi moved closer and kissed Ozzie on the nose.

Ozzie blushed and smiled, feeling a different kind of love building between them. Different from the love between him and Luna. Although they were cubs in body, they still had adult minds and their adult feelings began to show through. He leaned forward to kiss Tavi back when his lips touched the little munk's lips, and the two kissed under the moon light by the lake. “You so cute.” said Ozzie.

Tavi smiled and blushed. “Na cute.” he said, laying his head on Ozzie's shoulder. “But you awe.”

Onwy 'cause you say so.” said Ozzie. He smiled and murred, cuddling with Tavi. Soon they made their way back home.

I wanna stay a baby tonight.” said Tavi.

Me too.” said Ozzie. “Bein a baby with you is da best! We better get diapees on though.”

Tavi nodded and pulled out a changing mat, laying it on the floor. “You fiwst.” he said.

Ozzie smiled and laid down on the mat, lifting his legs up in the air and providing Tavi with a thick night time diaper in his size.

Tavi unfolded the diaper and sprinkled powder on it, then slid it under the little skunk's butt.

Ozzie settled his rear onto the diaper and spread his legs so that Tavi could apply powder there as well.

Tavi smiled and sprinkled Ozzie's groin with powder, then pulled the diaper up between his legs and taped it snugly. “Aww done.” he said, patting the diaper.

Ozzie sat up and hugged Tavi. “Fankoo.” he said.

Tavi smiled and hugged back. “You wewcome.” he said. “Now ish my tuwn.”

Ozzie got up and let Tavi lay down in his place. He knelt down at Tavi's feet and lifted his legs, mimicking the way he had been changed by Luna and others so may times. He slid a smaller night time diaper under Tavi's little bottom, then sprinkled powder on it and settled him down onto it.

Tavi cooed as Ozzie sprinkled powder on his groin and pulled the diaper up between his legs, securing it snugly with the diaper's tapes. He sat up and hugged Ozzie. “Fank you.” he said.

Ozzie hugged back and patted Tavi's back. “You wewcome widdle munk.” he said. Then he levitated them both up and into Tavi's adult-sized crib.

Too bad we dun have a smawwer cwib.” said Tavi.

We can get one.” said Ozzie. “Buh now we gets a extwa huge cwib to sweep in! Ish so big n comfy.” He giggled and bounced a bit on it.

Hehe, yeah it is!” said Tavi, hopping around on it as well. The two bounced around until they flopped down on their backs next to each other.

Nini Tavi.” said Ozzie, looking at the cute little munk's sweet face.

Nini Ozzie.” said Tavi, looking back at Ozzie's baby skunk face. The two snuggled up together under the covers and slept peacefully, like babies, through the night.



End Chapter 34

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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