The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 12
Chapter 12

Chapter Description: Jenn babysits as Ozzie does his best to act like a baby and Luna helps out. Devzla makes another threat.

I think you two are almost ready.” said Jenn. It had been a few months and she had watched Ozzie and Luna's light grow immensely. They no longer had to pretend to be mother and son, they were without doubt.

Hehe, wha do we need ta do now auntie?” asked the regressed wizard. He had on his usual diaper and blue mage robes.

Now for some special training.” said the wise former dark witch. “I have arranged for some visitors.”

Visitors?” asked Luna. The lady raccoon, wearing a short white dress ,held Ozzie in her arms as they talked.

Lets see how well you play with other kids.” Jenn smiled. “These won't be regressed people, so do not expect them to know as much as you do, and do not use your magic. You must act as if you are an actual one-year-old baby. That means no big words and no long sentences. Luna, you must show you can take care of actual children, so you will be helping me babysit.”

Oooh, this will be a challenge!” said Luna excitedly. Her bushy tail swished back and forth.

Yes it will.” said Jenn. “At no point are you to give any other impression than being mother and son.”

Got it.” said Ozzie. “When dey comin?”

Any minute now.” said Jenn.

Kind of short warning.” Luna laughed. “But we can do this!”

The first to be dropped off was a 3-year-old boy. He was human, but had blue hair, a blue puppy tail, and pink puppy ears. He was what is known as a half-kin. Half-kin are born when one parent is a beast kin and the other is human. They tended to be mostly human, but with a few animal features, such as ears, tails, paws, and noses. He wore a diaper and slightly over-sized yellow shirt with a puppy on the front.

Aww, a half-kin.” said Luna. “What is your name little guy?” The tall raccoon lady bent down to pat his head.

Akiwa.” he said shyly, fidgeting with his shirt.

Nice to meet you Akira.” Luna smiled. “I'm Luna, and this is my baby boy Ozzie. Say hello to Aki Ozzie.”

Hewwo.” Ozzie said shyly. This was feeling a bit awkward already, but he knew he could do this.

Hi Miss Jenn!” said Akira with more enthusiasm. He knew her well.

Welcome Aki!” said Jenn. “Toys are in the usual box and there will be cookies and milk later.”

Oh boy!” said the little half-kin as he scurried over to a small wooden chest. Inside the chest was some wooden toy blocks, plush dolls, wooden train, and a few colorful wooden balls.

Most of the little ones are okay as long as they have something or someone to play with.” Jenn said to Luna. “If you ever get into the babysitting business, its good to have a good selection of toys for all ages.”

Luna nodded, making mental notes. “Oh, here comes another one.” she said as there was a knock at the door.

This time a parent dropped off their one-year-old daugther. She was a human with black hair in pigtails, wearing a small pink dress and diaper. She had a small plush cat in her arms and was sucking on a pacifier that was glowing purple. Her mom handed her over to Jenn.

And who is this adorable little girl?” said Luna with a smile.

Joy.” said the baby girl. She saw Ozzie and was happy to see another baby her age. “Baby!” She pointed at Ozzie.

Yes he is!” said Luna, bouncing Ozzie a bit. “He's a baby like you!”

Ozzie waved shyly. “Hihi!” he said loudly. He had noticed that younger kids were loud talkers. “I Ozzie!”

You two can play on the floor together.” said Jenn, placing the baby girl down by the toys.

Luna placed Ozzie down next to her. “You two play nice okay?” she said with a smile.

Ozzie nodded and started stacking some wooden blocks. He remembered how he used some blocks to spell out things for Luna before and smiled.

Joy smiled around her paci and stacked some blocks with him. “I got kitty!” she said happily, showing Ozzie her plush.

Hehe, I wike it.” said Ozzie, stacking blocks with her. This felt nice. Nothing strenuous or stressful. Just basic play and socialization with a baby his own age.

The next to arrive was a six-year-old boy who had messy black hair that faded to brown at the tips, and a blue right eye and yellow left eye. He wore a diaper and blue shirt along with little brown shoes but nothing to cover his diaper.

Oh, we have a big boy with us today.” smiled Luna. “My name is Luna. What is your name?”

I'm Steven.” said the boy. His odd hair and eye color tended to be a sign of magical changes going on within someone. Sooner or later, this little boy would have completely different hair and eye color, along with mixed magical abilities. As he is now, he pretty much was like any other little boy his age, except for his diapers.

Little Steven is incontinent.” said Jenn. “He gets teased by other kids his age sometimes, but he gets along well with the younger ones.”

Aww, well don't worry.” said Luna. “They make diapers in all sizes for a reason. There's nothing to be ashamed of.”

The little boy nodded and smiled. He reached out and touched Luna's tail. “Its so soft.” he said.

Luna smiled and wiggled her tail for him. “Yes it is.” she said. “Do any of your friends have tails?”

Some of them do.” he said. “But they're not as big and soft as yours.” He smiled up at her.

You go play and we will have cookies and milk later.” said Jenn.

Okay Miss Jenn.” said Steven, running off to play. He started playing with Aki.

The next to be dropped off was a brown-skinned four-year-old boy. He had short hair, wore glasses, and had on some cute blue striped overalls over a white shirt, brown shoes, white socks, and an obvious diaper bulge.

Hello little one.” said Luna. “My name is Luna. What is yours?”

EJ.” he said shyly. He was shy around people until he got to know them.

He wears glasses, so you should make sure he keeps track of them.” said Jenn.

Got it.” said Luna. She knelt down to the little boy with glasses and patted his head. “Ready to play?”

EJ nodded happily. “Yeah!” he said excitedly.

Then go play!” said Jenn. “Have fun, but don't give Miss Luna a hard time okay?”

The little boy nodded and went over to play with the babies. All of the children played together happily. Everyone knew who each other were, but none of them knew Ozzie.

As you can see,” said Jenn to Luna. “they all wear diapers. This will get you used to changing bigger diapers with bigger messes. They also have different needs, so you will need to keep track of those as well. I'll be helping you, of course, but I expect you to take good care of them.”

Of course I will!” said Luna. “I may have only had practice with Ozzie, but I feel like I can take care of older kids as well.”

I have faith in you.” said Jenn. “Now lets get started.” Jenn went into the kitchen and came back with a tray full of cookies. “Time for cookies children!” The children all cheered and came to her. “Luna, you can get the milk.”

Right!” said Luna, and she headed to the kitchen. On the table were two baby bottles of milk and three sippy cups of milk. She put them on a tray and brought them out. She guessed and gave the bottles to Ozzie and Joy, then gave the sippy cups to Akira, EJ, and Steven.

All of the kids happily ate their cookies and drank their milk. This was something they did every time they were babysat by Jenn. According to them, she made the best cookies in the world.

Ozzie munched on a cookie and smiled. It was really good! He suckled on his milk bottle and looked around at the other kids. It was certainly a mix of ages, but he noticed they all wore diapers. Even the oldest, Steven, wore one and drank from a sippy cup. He figured that each child developed at different rates than others. So far he had enjoyed playing with Joy and EJ. Together they had built a small castle made of wooden blocks.

After cookies and milk, it was time for the kids to play outside. Jenn carried Ozzie while Luna carried Joy and led the others out into the back yard. “We're all going to play hide and seek!” she announced. Since she had a fenced in back yard, none of the children would get lost.

Ozzie looked around as the bigger kids went to hide. “Me hide too?” he asked.

Of course sweety.” said Jenn. “You and Joy both get to hide too. Luna and I will turn around and count to ten, then we will try to find you.”

Ozzie giggled. “Fun!” he shouted.

Hide n peek!” said Joy happily.

They were put down on the ground and the two adults turned around. Each of them went and hid.

Ozzie crawled behind a bush to hide and saw the others hiding behind trees, rocks, and bushes. From here he could get a good view.

Jenn and Luna counted to ten and turned around. “Ready or not, here we come!” they both said in unison. They could hear the children giggle and many were hidden in very obvious places. They could see Joy's diaper poking out from behind a rock and Akira's little bare foot sticking out from behind a tree. The others were more well hidden.

I seeeee yooooou.” teased Luna as she reached out and tickled Akira's foot.

The little three-year-old half-kin yipped and giggled babyishly. “You fouwnd me!” he shouted.

Jenn quietly went over to Joy. “I wonder who's diaper butt this is.” she said with a smile, and patted Joy's diaper.

Joy squealed and giggled. “My diapee butt!” she giggled, hugging her plush kitty tightly.

The two adults kept looking and eventually found Ozzie behind the bush.

Found an Ozzie!” said Luna, picking him up.

Ozzie squeaked and giggled. “Mama!” he said happily hugging her.

Two little ones left.” said Jenn. “Where could they be?” She could hear giggling from above, and looked up to see Steven in a tree. “Ah, there you are!' The white haired lady's body was too badly aged by dark magic to climb a tree.

I got this.” said Luna, handing Ozzie over to Jenn. Being a raccoon, she had sharp claws that helped her climb, and she used them to reach Steven. “Got you!”

Steven giggled and wiggled as he was carried down to the ground. “Thanks for helping me down.” he said.

You're welcome.” said Luna. “One more left.” She used another helpful beast kin talent by sniffing around. Eventually she picked up the smell of a wet diaper and followed it to EJ who was sitting behind a stump.

You fouwnd me!” the four-year-old boy giggled and held his little arms up.

Yes!” said Luna, picking him up. “I think you need a diaper change too.”

We found them all!” said Jenn. “Good game my children! Now line up for a diaper check.”

All of the little ones got in line, some blushing. They knew to obey Jenn because she was so nice to them and gave them cookies.

Luna, tell me which ones need a change.” said Jenn. “This will be a test to see if you can properly check for a dirty diaper.”

Luna nodded. “Well, I already know this little one needs a change.” she said, pointing out EJ who giggled. She went down the line and checked each diaper, which was met with giggling. “All of them are wet. Joy and Steven are messy.”

Jenn inspected her work and nodded. “Very good!” she announced. “Now its change time.” She spread out a blanket on the ground. “Everyone lay down on the blanket.”

All of the little ones made their way to the blanket and laid down on it. One by one, Luna went to change each diaper as Jenn looked on.

Akira was a bit shy being changed by someone new, but Luna won him over by tickling his tummy. After he was properly cleaned and rediapered, he got up and ran around yipping like a puppy.

Joy was shy as well, but not as much. Luna had never changed a female before, but being female herself, she knew which areas needed to be cleaned and was gentle in her care. Soon she too was clean and freshly diapered.

EJ fiddled with his glasses as he was changed. He still wasn't used to Luna, but she moved quickly to unbutton his overalls to get to his diaper. She unfastened the diaper and cleaned him up before replacing the diaper with a clean one and powdering him before pinning it closed. All done, EJ got up to play with Aki and Joy.

Steven was next, and he too was shy being changed by someone new, but he saw Jenn nearby and that made him feel okay. Luna wasn't used to changing large diapers, but found it was mostly the same. Steven was the oldest of the kids, but he was still light in weight and Luna was able to lift him by the ankles to clean the large mess from his bottom. It was more cleaning than she was used to, and caring for so many little ones was definitely draining. Even so, she soon had the six-year-old boy clean and rediapered. He too got up and thanked Luna before joining the others in play.

Ozzie was last to be changed, but he just smiled and cooed, behaving like an actual baby. He wiggled his little legs and sucked his thumb as he was changed. Luna was a pro at this now, and had Ozzie all clean and rediapered quickly. The regressed wizard then crawled over to join the others.

Good job.” said Jenn. “You would make a good babysitter.”

Thanks,” said Luna. “I think I'll pass though.” She laughed and sat down on a stump, watching the children.

Ozzie crawled up to Steven. “You big boy.” he said in a babyish way. “Big boy diapees?”

Steven nodded. “Big boys can wear diapers too sometimes.” he informed the infant. He was used to sometimes being treated like a baby at home, but he didn't want to be a baby.

You wike diapee?” asked Ozzie curiously.

Steven blushed. “Uh, yeah.” he said shyly. “Its better than wet or poopy undearwear.” He made a good point.

Poopy poopy poopy!” Akira giggled. He thought the word was funny. “Steven makes big poopies!”

Cuz I'm a big boy.” Steven said blushing. “Your poopy diapers are smellier!”

Nu uh!” said Akira, sticking out his tongue. “EJ's is!”

Hey!” shouted EJ. “I not 'tinkier than you!”

Joy just giggled at the arguing children. “Poopy 'tinky!” she said, clutching her plush kitty. She had been around them for a few months now. Even though she was only a year old, she knew them well.

You all stink when you're poopy!” shouted Jenn, having heard the conversation. That made Luna chuckle and the children blush.

hey continued to play for a bit as Jenn and Luna talked to each other. Suddenly, a naked Steven came streaking by.

Steven!” shouted Jenn. “Put your diaper back on!”

Luna just laughed out loud. “Steven! We can see your hiney!”

Steven just giggled and continued to streak around without a stitch of clothing on. He was known to do this sometimes, as he didn't like the restriction of clothing. However, it often caused a chain reaction of others taking off their diapers and streaking as well.

Better catch him before the others get bad ideas Luna.” said Jenn, poking at the raccoon mommy.

Luna got up and began chasing Steven with his diaper in her paw. “Come here nakie butt!” she shouted playfully. The other children just giggled at this.

I wanna be nakie too!” shouted Akira, taking off his diaper.

“Don't you start!” shouted Jenn, but it was too late. Now there were two streakers running around in the back yard giggling.

Luna chased them both and caught Steven when he tried to climb a tree again. “Got you!” she said with a smile, and put his diaper back on. “Now, keep that diaper on or you won't get any cookies later.”

Steven blushed an nodded. “Awww, okay.” he said defeated.

Same goes for you Aki!” shouted Jenn. “Diaper on or no cookies!”

Aww, man.” said Akira as he slipped his diaper back on.

The whole thing was very amusing to Ozzie, and made him giggle. He decided to get up and toddle around, and picked up a flower, then waddled over to Luna and gave it to her. “Fower.” he said with a smile. “Fow you.”

Luna beaned down at her little boy. “Aww, thank you sweety!” she said, and accepted the flower, then put it in her hair. She picked him up and bounced him on her knee. “Gather around everyone! Its story time!”

The children all cheered and gathered around Luna while Jenn went inside to get more cookies and milk. They all sat and listened as Luna told a story about a great wizard who saved the kingdom and a princess from evil monsters. Ozzie knew it was a story about him, but with a few details changed. Jenn brought out the milk and cookies and quietly distributed them to the kids while Luna told the story. All of them listened attentively as they snacked and soon many found themselves feeling sleepy.

Okay everyone, its nap time.” said Jenn. This was met with a few moans, but also a few yawns. She led them all inside and carried Joy while Luna carried Ozzie. She had a few mats out for the older ones to lay on, but they put Ozzie and Joy in the crib, since it was big enough for them both.

This was the first time Ozzie had shared his crib with another baby. He just snuggled his teddy bear plush as Joy snuggled her kitty plush and they both fell asleep, as did the other kids.

They are really tuckered out.” said Luna. “But so am I. I didn't know taking care of children would be this exhausting.”

Maybe you need a nap too.” Jenn smiled.

How do you keep up with all of them considering your lack of energy?” Luna asked bluntly.

Oh, a few herbs and a bit of magic help with the aches and pains.” said Jenn. “I can give you some recipes if you want.”

I may take you up on that.” Luna said, flopping on the couch. “So what is next?”

Next we make a more nutritious meal than cookies for their lunch.” said Jenn. “We should have it ready before they wake up.”

After a bit of rest, the two went into the kitchen to make some lunch for the children. They made some ham sandwiches and some cut up carrots and other veggies. Easy to make, but would the kids like it?

As Ozzie slept, he began to dream. He dreamed of happily playing with his new friends and other children. Then he noticed that one by one they disappeared until it was just him in a dark room. Glowing red eyes suddenly pierced the darkness and a lanky form began lurching from the shadows. It was a very skinny shadowy figure with long bony arms. Ozzie suddenly realized that it was Devzla!

I...have found you!” screeched the evil witch. “You and your precious mommy, and all of your friends will be mine!” She cackled evilly and showed a mouth fully of jagged yellow teeth.

Ozzie was so afraid. He was just a little baby, unable to do a thing against this evil being that loomed over him. He began to cry loudly, screaming for Luna, for mommy, for anyone to save him.

They can't hear you!” shouted Devzla as her evil dark smoke filled the room and her bony hands began to surround little Ozzie. “Not long now! It won't be long now!” She cackled again, loudly, screaming in horrid laughter.

Ozzie woke up with a start and looked around. Some of the children had awoke and were looking at him. Just then he realized that he had messed his diaper in his sleep.

Akira giggled and pinched his nose. “Now Ozzie is da smelliest!” he jokingly mocked.

Tears welled up in Ozzie's eyes and he began to cry loudly. His baby emotions had completely taken over and he was scared out of his mind from the dream. He screamed and cried as if he were being attacked and woke up those still sleeping.

Luna came rushing into the room. “Ozzie? Ozzie!” she shouted, her heart pounding. “Ozzie are you okay?” She picked up the crying baby and held him close. “Shhh, shhhh, oh my poor little baby.” The motherly raccoon gently rocked Ozzie in her arms. She noticed his dirty diaper and laid him on the changing table.

Ozzie continued to cry loudly. He thought they were hidden from the witch, but she had somehow found them. It scared him so much that he lost all control of himself.

Awww, my poor little guy!” Luna worried. “What's wrong? Please tell me!” She didn't know what else to do besides change his diaper, then hold him close. “Lets go see Jenn.” She carried Ozzie into the kitchen to see Jenn.

What's wrong with Ozzie?” Jenn asked, having heard all the crying.

I don't know!” said Luna clearly concerned. “He just won't stop! Can you help?”

Jenn used her special sight and saw turmoil within Ozzie's little body. She noticed a trace of something dark. “Oh my.” she said with a frown. “Oh no. She can see you! Devzla can see you!”

But I thought we were shielded from her!” shouted Luna. “What are we going to do now?!”

She must have grown in power since you left your home.” said Jenn. “Be calm, and let me try something.” She held out her hands towards Luna and Ozzie, who was still crying, and chanted. The former witch used a spell to cast away the darkness that had invaded and drove it away.

Soon after, Ozzie began to calm down. He breathed hard, exhausted from crying so much.

Ozze?” asked Luna, gently petting his head. “Are you okay now?”

The tiny baby wizard took a bit to fully calm down, then nodded. “Uh...huh...” he tiredly said. “”

It was Devzla wasn't it?” Luna asked. “She invaded your dreams again.”

Ozzie nodded. “She say she gonna...” he said, taking a moment to breathe. “get aww of us.”

Like hell she will!” said Jenn. “I won't allow it!”

Miss Jenn?” said a small voice from behind them. It was Steven, standing there with EJ and Akira. The little ones had gathered nearby, concerned for Ozzie. “Is Ozzie okay?”

Oh, sorry little ones.” Jenn said, turning her attention to them. “Yes, he is fine. We just had to calm Ozzie down. He had a bad dream.”

Oh, otay.” said Akira. “I thawt it was cuz I said he was 'tinky.” He was ready to apologize for it.

No, no sweety.” Luna reassured him. “He just had a very bad dream and a dirty diaper. He was an unhappy baby, but now he's all better.”

Ozzie did his best to smile amid still sniffling a bit. “Yah, me ok.”

Okay then,” said Jenn. “Its lunch time!” She went and got Joy from the crib and brought her to the table, putting her in a high chair.

Luna held Ozzie as she sat at the table, and fed him.

Ozzie cwy cwy.” said Joy. “I cwy cwy too. It ok.”

EJ smiled and ate his food, unaware of anything wrong. “Babies cry a wot.” said the four-year-old with a mouth full of sandwich. “Not me. I'm big.”

No talking with your mouth full.” said Jenn disapprovingly. She helped Joy eat by chopping up the food for her.

Joy ate happily with her little fingers grabbing the small bites of food and shoving them into her mouth. “Nummy!”

Akira ate his sandwich. “I dun wike veggies.” he grumbled. His parents had a hard time making him eat them too.

They're tasty though!” said Luna. “Just look at how much Ozzie likes them.” She looked at Ozzie and winkled, then fed him a piece of carrot, which he chewed and ate with no problem. “See? He ate his and he's just a baby.”

Akira picked up a carrot stick and bit into it. “I guess ish not so bad.” he said while chewing.

No talking with your mouth full.” Jenn reminded him.

Steven had no issues eating all he was given. “I'm a big boy and I eat my veggies.” he said with a smile.

Ozzie smiled a bit, feeling a bit better being surrounded by friends and having a nice lunch. He had been so focused on his baby life that he was caught off guard by the dream. He was glad to have Luna and Jenn help him calm down and compose himself.

After they all finished lunch it was time for another round of diaper changes. By now Luna had gained their trust and none of them were shy. She smiled and cooed at them as she changed them, making them feel comfortable and happy. She had fully adjusted to the mommy role rather well. She played with them, sang to them, and made sure they were all safe.

Ozzie was able to calm down and play with Joy, Akira, EJ, and Steven as they would play games of tag, build with blocks, and even color using wax crayons. Ozzie found he couldn't draw very well, given his poor babyish dexterity, but neither could most of them. He tried making a picture of Luna but it was mostly a blue and purple blotch.

Joy just made scribbles and claimed they were all her friends. Akira drew himself as a full beast kin puppy, complete with diaper. It looked like a stick figure, but it was still cute. EJ drew himself as a big powerful mage, and Steven drew a nice picture of Jenn. They each got to hang their pictures on Jenn's wall. Soon it was time for everyone to get ready to go home.

Luna, come here a moment, and bring Ozzie.” Jenn said to Luna. They all headed to the kitchen for privacy. “These kids will now need extra protection, as will you both. I need you to use your light to strengthen the protective spell I've placed on them.”

Okay, how do I do that?” asked Luna, holding Ozzie.

Its very simple.” said Jenn. “Just give them a kiss on the forehead while holding Ozzie. You both think of your bonds and spread your light to them.”

We can do dat?” Ozzie asked, still unused to such magic.

Yes,” said Jenn. “your love and light have many protective uses against the darkness. Now, let us move quickly. We don't have much time.”

Ozzie was sad to see his new friends go, but he knew they would be safer with their parents.

Luna smiled and kissed each one on their forehead and gave each a hug as Jenn cast her protective spell over them. She had grown to love them after just one day of babysitting. “They were all really cute and good kids.”

They weren't always so adorable.” said Jenn. “If we had the time, I would let you take care of a new batch of kids, but those are used to me and my rules. Its not always so easy. Even so, you both did very well, and I'm very proud of you.”

Ozzie smiled. “We did good?” he asked. “Yay!”

Yes you did.” said Jenn, kissing Ozzie on the cheek. “I need you to do one more thing. Close your eyes and concentrate on your light again. Imagine it spreading to cover us all, then this house, then the yard, and finally the whole village. While you do that, I will cast my protection spell over and over so that we may keep Devzla at bay for a while longer.”

Ozzie and Luna nodded. “We will do our best.” said Luna. The two began to concentrate as Jenn cast her spell. The light was so strong and so bright that it covered the land.

Meanwhile, far away, Devzla had been watching. Suddenly she was blinded by the bright light and turned away. “AGH!” she screamed. “Their light is too bright even for me!” The skinny old hag of a witch stumbled back and caught herself on a table. “But no matter. Soon they will be infected by my darkness and I will have a new young body!” With that, she cackled a loud laugh that echoed through the dark, dank cave she lived in.



End Chapter 12

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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