The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Ozzie finds himself a mere baby and unable to communicate with his friend Luna, who thinks he is a real infant.

Luna was tending to her store and also making dinner. She had a few customers that day so she was able to buy a lot of food. Her tail swayed back and forth as her thoughts had turned to Ozzie throughout the day, and she had hoped he was okay. She imagined him using her scroll to return to her safe and sound. She had heard the tales of how he had saved the kingdom many times, and she had always admired him. He is the reason she got into magic in the first place. She could do most simple magic spells, but she excelled in various types of healing magic. Many would come to her seeking to be cured of poisons and curses, and so far she had been able to cure the majority of them. At this point, she thought she had seen all the ailments and afflictions there were. Then there was a sudden burst of light and wind in her living room. It took her by surprise, but he thought it was Ozzie and came running in only to find a white haired baby boy sitting completely bare on top of a pile of clothes.

Once Ozzie's vision cleared, he looked around the huge room he was in. He recognized it as Luna's home and let out a sigh of relief. Then he saw her and blushed. He tried speaking to her, but all that came out was baby jabber.

Wh-who are you little one?” Luna asked, inspecting the baby boy. “Where did you come from?” She inspected the articles of clothing and items within and recognized them. “These are Ozzie's. What happened to him?”

Ozzie blushed and again attempted to answer, but became frustrated and started to cry. A warm puddle formed underneath him, making the situation all the more embarrassing and frustrating as he cried louder.

Oh, oh my!” Luna said, wrapping the crying baby in Ozzie's robes to contain the flow of urine, as well as any other messes. “Oh gosh, I don't have any diapers! What do I do?” She was experienced in treating babies, but not taking care of them. The only experience she had with that was growing up with many siblings. She gently rocked the baby boy in her arms. “Shhh, shhh... It'll be okay little one.” She went into her bathroom and turned on the water. While she did live in a small village, they did have running water thanks to various magical technology. She removed the wailing infant's clothing, putting it in a small bowl. She then began to bathe the boy in a tub.

Ozzie managed to stop crying, but was now sniffling. He was completely embarrassed having to be washed from head to toe as a weak infant. What's worse is that she was seeing him completely bare and small all over. He looked up at her with big eyes and reached a small chubby hand up to her face to touch it. He had never felt so small and helpless, and somehow seeing her face eased his mind.

Luna smiled and clasped his tiny hand in hers. “That's better isn't it?” she said, giving him a bath. “All clean down there. What do we have here?” Luna moved her hand down to Ozzie's little feet and toes. “Are these little piggies? I think they are.” She playfully wiggled his tiny toes in her hands, and tickled his feet gently.

In spite of himself, Ozzie began to giggle, sounding just like a giggling baby. It was a surprising automatic response since he didn't think the situation was funny at all, but the laughing did make him feel better. His baby body kicked and squirmed in response. His skin was soft and sensitive to her touch. His feet used to be calloused from walking everywhere, but were now pink and soft, as if they were barely used.

There we go.” Luna smiled. “A happy and clean baby boy.” She removed him from the water and dried him off, then used a spare cloth to wrap around him as a makeshift diaper. “This will do until we can find you proper diapers.”

Ozzie just blushed, wearing a 'diaper' and thinking about how he was now young enough to need real ones. He kept looking around for ways to tell her who he was, but couldn't find anything. Before he knew it, she had taken him out of her home and down to the market. He couldn't help but blush even more as people looked at him and saw just a baby instead of a powerful wizard.

Do you have any diapers that will fit this baby?” Luna asked the salesman. He showed her to a section full of baby clothes, including diapers. She guessed at which ones would fit, and then looked at some clothes.

Ozzie blushed again, seeing her look at the babyish outfits. He looked away, then saw some alphabet blocks. “Perfect!” he thought. Now if he could just get her to buy them. He tugged on her shirt and made excited baby noises at her.

What is it little guy?” she asked the baby in her arms. She saw him gesturing towards some toys excitedly. “You want a toy? Which one?” She saw him pointing to the blocks. “These? You seem to really want these. Okay sure! I made a good bit of money today. If it'll make you happy, I'll get it for you.”

Ozzie smiled and drooled a bit. With those blocks he could spell things out for her.

Now how about this?” she said, holding up a baby sized wizard robe with little duckies on it.

Ozzie blushed. He didn't know they made baby-sized versions of wizard robes. He just gurgled a response.

I'll take that as a yes.” she said, adding it to her items. After getting some baby food, bottles, and a few other supplies,she paid for everything, and they headed home. “The sooner we get you into a real diaper the better.”

Ozzie felt naked wearing just a cloth. He looked down at his tummy and belly button. His belly protruded like most well-fed toddler stomachs would. He patted it and squeezed it, feeling how soft it was. It was still hard to believe this was his body. It felt so weak and vulnerable, but deep inside he could feel powerful magic. He could sense the demon's presence.

Once the two were back at Luna's home, she took the baby boy to her room and promptly diapered him and also dressed him in the babyish wizard outfit. “Aww, you look so cute.” Luna said, picking him up. “Now how about some food?”

Ozzie was hungry, but also eager to use his blocks for help. He tried telling her that he wanted the blocks, but it wasn't up to him. He was sat on a chair as his food was prepared. He could feel the thickness of the diaper between his legs. Looking down at the outfit, it wasn't so bad. It was befitting a baby wizard after all. He looked down at his bare feet and curled his toes. He had control over his limbs, but they were so weak that he couldn't do much with them. At least he could sit up.

Luna brought over a small bowl with what looked like mush in it. It was a special formula for babies that contained all the nutrients they would need, and had a pleasing flavor. It was mostly made from eggs and milk. She smiled and tried spoon feeding him. “Baby hungry?” she asked.

Ozzie looked at her and the spoon. He was hesitant, but he wanted to get it over with so he could get to the toy. Reluctantly, he opened his mouth and in went the spoon with the food. It passed the first test. It didn't make him want to vomit. It was kind of tasty. His taste buds must be similarly regressed. Even so, he ate eagerly to fill his tiny tummy. When he was finished, Luna gave him some fruit juice in a baby feeding bottle. He frowned at the bottle.

Come on sweety.” she cooed to him. “You did so well with the food. Please drink this to wash it down and then you can play with your new toys.”

Ozzie glanced at the bottle and back to Luna's motherly face. He didn't like that he was relenting to these babyish treatments, but he knew there was no other choice besides disobeying and just prolonging things. His mouth latched onto the bottle and he sucked from it. It took a bit for him to get the hang of it, but pretty soon he had a rhythm going and the juice was actually pretty good. However, while drinking it he began to get very drousy.!” he thought, trying to fight off sleep. He had been through a lot today though, and his body was simply exhausted. He fussed and squirmed, but his body refused to obey. Soon he was fast asleep in Luna's arms.

He's so cute, but who is he?” Luna wondered to herself. “Why is he here? Did Ozzie send him? Why would there be a baby in the cave?” Her mind wondered as she held the sleeping babe in her arms. She was feeling tired herself, so after laying him on her bed, she had dinner, closed up her shop, took a shower, and laid down and curled up around him, using her tail to surround and protect him. Hopefully answers would come in the morning.

Ozzie tossed and turned in his sleep. In his dreams, a dark cackling figure was after him. He dreamed he was an adult again, running from this strange figure, but as he ran, he shrank more and more until he was a tiny baby who had to crawl. He kept getting younger until he couldn't even crawl nor control his body at all. Even his teeth had begun receding into his gums. He saw the figure come closer, and it was the witch. He screamed and squirmed, but was completely silent. He grew tinier and tinier, feeling more and more helpless until he finally woke himself up, crying loudly with tears streaming down his face.

Luna, who had gotten up earlier to make breakfast and heard the loud wailing. It sounded urgent, so she came running. “Oh! You're awake!” she said as she came over to check on him. “Shhh, its okay! I'm here now. I've got you.” She picked him up. His diaper was wet and soiled, and drooped low. “You poor thing. Lets get you cleaned up.” Luna took him over to the changing table where a basin of water was set. She unfastened his diaper and began cleaning him up.

The baby boy slowly stopped crying and was sniffling again as he realized he was just dreaming. Still, it was very scary. He saw a pretty lady in front of him. “She must be my mommy!” the baby thought. The sight of her made him smile and kick his little legs. He cooed and babbled to her, forgetting who he was and what was going on.

Oh, there's my happy little guy!” said Luna with a smile. She still didn't know what to do with him, but she figured she would wait until Ozzie showed up. After finishing diapering her little charge, she took him into her kitchen. “Ready for some breakfast little one?”

The baby smiled and giggled. He didn't understand her, but loved every word she said. There was new furniture now, a high chair was next to her table, and he was soon seated in it. Once the tray was clicked into place, he played his little hands on it. It was cool and smooth. He started kicking his little feet and drumming his pudgy little hands on the tray.

Here we go!” said Luna. “Nummy tasty breakfast for baby!” She spooned up some of the baby food and fed the eager little boy. He just smiled and chewed, getting a lot of it on his face and drooling down his chin. “Oh dear. I almost forgot.” she said, tying a bib onto him. “I've had to get so many baby things today. I hope I got all I need. I also hope Ozzie reimburses me for all of it...” She continued to feed the baby and then gave him a bottle. This time there was no fuss and he eagerly latched on, suckling like it was second nature. “You seem MUCH happier today. I'm glad!” She smiled and held him as he suckled on the bottle. She rocked him gently and stroked the baby-fine hair on his head. So smooth and pure white. Odd for a baby to have. Once he had finished, she put him over her shoulder and patted his back gently, causing him to let out a tiny burp. Then she put him on the floor with his blocks. “You play here while I open my shop. Be a good boy for me!” She left a magic barrier around him that would only let him explore certain areas. She also made sure that she could see him and he could see her as she did her work.

The baby looked at her and smiled, then turned his attention to the toys. There were some wooden animals and soft plush ones too. He grabbed them and put them in his mouth. They tasted strange, but he continued to suck on them. Then he lay on his back and looked up. Above him were swirling stars and moons. It was an illusion spell created by Luna as a sort of mobile for him. The baby reached up to them, cooing and gurgling before sticking a thumb in his mouth to suck on. He kicked his chubby legs in the air, feeling the bulk of his diaper between his legs and under his bottom. He felt safe and secure, and happy as could be. Soon his feet looked like they could go in his mouth as well, and he pulled one up to his face. His little toes fit into his mouth perfectly, and they felt good to suck on. After a while of drooling on his tootsies, he sat up and saw the blocks. The blocks! Suddenly his mind began to return.

Ozzie looked at his hands and saw and felt the drool on them and his toes. “Did I...?” he wondered. “How did I get here?” Then he remembered being turned into a baby and the events of the previous night and blushed. He looked and saw Luna standing at her counter tending to customers. He tried crawling to her but the barrier prevented him from getting far. Once again, he tried using his own magic to dispel it, but couldn't get anything to work. Even the strongest of mages only really develop their powers around the age of 10 or so. He looked over to the blocks and smiled. Crawling over to them, he arranged them to say 'I AM OZZIE' plain as day. Now if he could just get Luna's attention.

Luna had just finished up tending to a customer. It had been a busy morning, but still no sign of Ozzie. She was really beginning to worry. She heard the baby yelling and decided to go check on him. “Are you okay baby?” she asked, walking through the barrier to pick him up.

Ozzie babbled and pointed to the blocks.

What?” she asked. “You got something to show me?” She looked at the blocks and gasped. “It can't be...” She looked at the baby and back to the blocks. “Are you...really Ozzie?”

Ozzie nodded and blushed. “Ah..gah!” he said, still unable to make words.

I...can't believe it.” said Luna in surprise. “How did this happen?”

Ozzie tried to explain, but couldn't. He pointed to the blocks again.

Oh, right.” Luna said. “You're too young to talk.” She put him down on the floor by the blocks and watched as he spelled out DEMON then CRYSTAL. “Demon crystal? You mean like one of those summoning crystals?”

Ozzie nodded then spelled out YES. Then he spelled out TIME, DEMON, YOUTH, BABY.

Oh, I see.” she said. She was able to guess correctly from that. “You wished for youth turned you into a baby. What happened to it?”

Ozzie spelled out BROKE IT, then DEMON INSIDE ME.

Its in YOU?!” Luna gasped. “How can that be?” She didn't know about the ritual that binds demons to this world. Her tail swayed back and forth as she wondered. “I guess that explains why your hair turned white. It must have been a very traumatic experience.”

Ozzie nodded, then spelled out THANK YOU with the blocks.

Aww, you're welcome.” said Luna. “But now what do we do?” Her nose wrinkled as an unpleasant smell rose up. “Oh my, I think the first thing we need to do is change that diaper.”

Ozzie blushed and looked surprised. He hadn't noticed his diaper use. It wasn't until she pointed it out that he felt it on his rear. With tears in his eyes, he held up his small arms.

Aww, there there.” she said, picking him up. “It'll be okay. We can figure this out. I'll take care of you.” She took him over to the changing table where she proceeded to change him like before. Only now it felt slightly different since she knew the wiggling baby in front of her used to be the most powerful magician in the land. It was surreal. After the diaper change, she sat him on the floor behind her counter where no one would see him.

Ozzie sat there looking up at Luna, eager to figure things out. He felt betrayed by life. All of his life he had worked to help others and this is how he ended up. He thought maybe his desire for youth was indeed greedy and maybe he did deserve this for seeking it out. Maybe the demon was right. His thoughts were interrupted by Luna.

Now that I know its you,” she said. “I know I won't have to worry about you wondering off. I have some books on the subject of summon crystals and time spells. Maybe there's something in there. Since you can spell, you must be able to read. You and I can read them together.” She sat one book down in front of him and opened one to read for herself.

Ozzie nodded and gave her a thumbs up. He began reading the huge book in front of him. It was very interesting, but not much helpful information was being found in it. Also after reading it, he let out a big yawn. His baby body needed to recharge already.

Luna read from her book in between chatting with customers, then saw baby Ozzie let out an adorable yawn and look very sleepy. “Looks like its nap time.” she said with a smile.

Ozzie shook his head but she had already picked him up. He fussed, not wanting to be treated with such indignity.

I know, I know.” she said, carrying him upstairs to her room. “You're not a baby for real, but your body is physically regressed, so it acts like one. Trust me, you'll feel better after a nap, and maybe by then I'll have found something to help. Oh, and look.” She pointed to a new piece of furniture in her bedroom, a baby blue crib with a smiling moon on it.

Ozzie looked at it and then back to her with a pouting expression. It was adorable, and he hated it. But his baby body betrayed him again by letting out another yawn.

Yep, its definitely nap time.” she said, laying him down in the crib and tucking him in. “You'll be safe and sound here, and I'm going to help you so don't worry. Just sleep for now, okay?”

Ozzie reluctantly nodded. It was a very comfy and cozy place to sleep, and perfectly sized for him. It had large bars on the sides so he wouldn't fall out, and had a horn next to it to act as a baby monitor of sorts. It was connected to a similar horn downstairs so Luna can listen in. The blankets were so soft and smooth that he nearly fell asleep on the spot.

Sleep well Ozzie.” Luna said, leaving the room. “I'll be right downstairs. If you need me, just use the horn next to you.” With that, she left, going back to reading and tending customers. She read through multiple books and had some ideas on things to try.



End Chapter 2

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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