The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 11
Chapter 11

Chapter Description: Jenn helps the bond between Ozzie and Luna grow, encouraging them to act as if they were mother and son.

Ozzie awoke in the morning, as the sun shown through the window. He yawned and looked around. He was surrounded by wooden bars. It was a familiar feeling, but these weren't his usual crib bars. These were plain wood, unpainted, and a very simple design. His blankets and pillows were nice and soft though. Perfect for sleeping like a baby. He stood up in the crib and looked around, but didn't see Luna anywhere. “Wuna!” he called out. “I awake!”

Luna was helping Jenn make breakfast when she heard Ozzie's baby voice. “Oh, he's awake.” she said.

Go tend to him.” said Jenn. “I'll finish up here.”

Luna nodded and went to Ozzie. He looked so adorable peeking through the bars of the crib, standing there in an obviously soaked diaper. No doubt due to the tea. “Good morning sleepy head!” she said cheerily.

Good mownin!” Ozzie said with a smile, holding his little arms up. “I smeww food cookin'!”

The motherly raccoon nodded and picked him up. “I smell a dirty diaper.” she teased, taking him over to a changing table.

Ozzie blushed. “Yah, I'm a 'tinky baby.” he giggled. “Ish a good fing Jenn has dese baby fings.”

Yeah it is.” said Luna, as she removed Ozzie's diaper and cleaned him. “From what she has told me, she has earned money being a babysitter part time.”

Weww, she must be a good one.” said Ozzie as his legs were lifted and his bottom cleaned. “You evew 'tink about babysittin'?”

Oh, no.” said Luna with a smile. “You're enough of a handful and you have an adult mind and magic powers.” She lowered him onto a clean diaper before powdering him and fastening it shut. “But I certainly have had a lot of practice now.” She cleaned her hands and picked him up, then carried him into the kitchen.

Good morning little one.” said Jenn. “Have a seat and we'll all have breakfast together.” She gestured towards a wooden high chair by the kitchen table.

Good mownin Jenn.” said Ozzie. He was put in the high chair and secured with the tray.

Luna tied a bib onto him. “Jenn and I made breakfast today.” she said, getting some food and sitting at the table with it. It was a plate of buttered pancakes covered in syrup, along with scrambled eggs and bacon.

Oooh, yum!” said Ozzie, drooling a bit.

Open wide for mommy.” said Luna as she offered him a bite of pancake.

Ozzie opened his mouth wide and allowed the food to enter his mouth. He closed his mouth and ate the tasty pancakes happily. They were warm, light, and fluffy, just how he liked them. “Mmmm!” he smiled. “Good!”

Glad you like them.” said Jenn. “Its a personal recipe of mine that makes them extra light and fluffy.” The elderly-looking lady sat at the table to eat.

Luna fed Ozzie some eggs, which he ate eagerly. “My my, such a hungry baby this morning.” she said as she prepared some more.

Ish good!” said the little baby wizard. “Fank you fow makin' bweakfast.” He opened his mouth and ate every bite Luna offered.

You're welcome!” said Jenn. “I always appreciate when people compliment my cooking. Not that I get to cook for anyone other than little ones very often.”

They must love you.” said Luna as she ate some breakfast herself. “It also must be difficult, considering the toll dark magic has taken on you.”

It is worth it.” said Jenn. “I make sure to cast protection spells on all the little ones, so no dark witches can find them or trick them.”

You are a good, caring person to do that for them.” said Luna. “If those villagers knew you were so kind, I know they would regret having made you leave.”

Ozzie drank orange juice from his bottle and looked at the two women while they talked. His belly was full of good food, and he felt content.

They could not have known.” said Jenn. “Even I had my doubts. I have had those temptations, but I have severed my connection to that dark place.”

But you still do magic.” said Luna, finishing up her breakfast.

Yes, but not dark magic.” answered Jenn. Her hand shook a bit as she ate. “Not anymore.”

After everyone ate, Luna helped Jenn wash dishes while Ozzie practiced magic on his bear plush. He made it stand up and dance and walk around using control magic. It made him giggle, and was certainly entertaining.

Nice trick.” said Jenn as she walked into the living room. “Ready to practice some light magic?”

Uh huh!” Ozzie said excitedly. “I weady!” He floated up off the floor to the adult's head level.

Then lets go outside.” said Jenn, and lead both Ozzie and Luna out into her back yard. “I have a privacy fence so no one should see what we do.”

Dats good.” said Ozzie. “Dey might have wots of questions about a fwying baby.”

Indeed they would.” said Jenn as she sat down on a nearby tree stump. “Your bond with each other will help give you power when using these light spells. It would help if you increased your bond as much as possible. So from now on, I want you to always refer to Luna as 'mommy' and you may call me 'auntie' or 'Auntie Jenn' even when not in public.”

Oh...okay.” said Ozzie, blushing a bit. “So mowe baby feewings?”

Yes.” said Jenn. “Lets see what you can do. I want you to concentrate on all the positive feelings you get when being cared for. Think about all those happy, babyish feelings welling up inside you. Luna, you do the same, but think about how you feel when caring for Ozzie.”

Ozzie did as he was told, and smiled. He thought of how he first met Luna, his first diaper change by her, his birthday, and all the wonderful things they had done together. The baby boy felt a tickle inside his head that made him giggle babyishly.

Luna thought about the day she found the mysterious little baby in her home, and how she found out who it was. She thought about how nice it felt to take care of him, and how much she loved to see him smile and blush. She too felt a tickle in her head that made her smile.

Good.” said Jenn. “Very good.” Jenn could see the warm glowing light of love coming from them both. Ordinary people would not see it, but having been in the darkness for so long, the light was all too visible to her. “You two obviously share a deep connection.”

Ozzie was enjoying this warm, happy feeling very much. He did love Luna, but not in any sort of romantic way. He loved her as if she were his own mother. “I wuv u mama.” he said in a very babyish way.

Luna beamed and smiled. “I love you too my sweet baby boy.” she said as she hugged him. She too loved him as a mother would love their own baby boy. She wanted to care for him and protect him forever. Their inner light grew even brighter.

Now, I want you to imagine your light expanding outward.” said Jenn as she squinted. “Spread it outward, but keep it strong.

Luna and Ozzie did so, and their light formed a sphere around them, and began growing and growing. The flowers around them began to bloom, and the vegetables grew large and healthy. Everything around them within the light became alive and vibrant. Even the stump that Jenn sat on began to sprout leaves.

Amazing..” said Jenn. “That's enough for now. Take a look around you.”

Ozzie looked around and saw all the life around them. “Wow!” he squeaked. “We did dis?”

Luna reached down and clutched a flower. “Unbelievable.” she said in amazement.

Indeed you did.” said Jenn. “The power of light is life. Your love brings it out. All children carry this light, as do their parents. However, since you have combined magic with not only each other, but with Azrael, its like a magnifier. Plus, you are aware of this light and can bring it out. Used correctly, it can restore and heal better than any potion or healing spell that exists.”

I'm already good at healing, but this is a whole new level.” said an amazed Luna. Her fur bristled with the feeling of love and life. “Maybe I could even heal you!”

I'm afraid that won't work.” said Jenn. “The damage done by dark magic cannot be undone by mere light magic. This was payment for using that dark magic, and that payment can't be refunded so easily. Anyway, that isn't important right now. You two must use this light against Devzla. To someone so steeped in dark magic, it could be deadly.”

So life can be deadly?” asked Luna.

Only to the darkness.” answered Jenn. “The two are opposites, and as such, that means that her dark magic could be fatal for you. Your light must be stronger than her darkness.”

How we make suwe it stongew?” Ozzie asked curiously.

You must embrace your inner child and Luna must embrace her inner mother.” answered Jenn. “I've noticed you both have been shy or apprehensive about accepting your roles, but you must become closer as mother and son. Do not fight it. Let go of the concerns of adulthood and be a loving baby. Luna, try not to see Ozzie as anything other than your baby.”

Luna nodded and looked at Ozzie. “He little baby.” she said, holding him in her arms.

Ozzie looked up at her and smiled. “She waccoon mommy.” he said, feeling a tingle in his head. He giggled a bit, and felt his diaper grow warm.

Luna felt the warmth of his diaper on her hand. “Aww, did my baby go pee pee?” she teased, booping his nose.

Uh huh!” Ozzie squealed. “I went pee pee mama!”

Does it feel good?” she asked, rocking him gently, her tail swaying back and forth.

Uh huh!” Ozzie repeated. “Feew wawm. Feew good.” He gave in to his baby side and sucked his thumb.

Luna held him out and ran around the back yard with him. “Zoom!” she shouted. “My soggy baby can fly!”

Even though he actually could fly with magic, he felt all giggly at being held like this. “Wheee!” he said gleefully as he held his arms out. “I can fwy!”

Jenn sat and watched the two play and smiled. She did want children of her own, but she was always afraid the temptation would get to her, or other witches would. “Maybe these two can change things.” she thought to herself. “Maybe there is hope after all.”

Suddenly Luna stopped. “Uh oh...” she said playfully. “Here comes...the tickle monster!” She began tickling Ozzie with her tail and hand.

Ozzie squealed and giggle loudly, wiggling in her arms. “N-nohoho!” he squeaked. “Not dat!” He giggled more as his face grew red. It forced tears of joy from his eyes and forced breakfast into his diaper.

Ozzieeeee....” Luna teased. “Did you poo poo?” Her sensitive nose had picked it up.

Y-yush...” he lisped. “I made a 'tinky in my diapee.” The baby wiggled and giggled in his messy diaper. He did enjoy this little trick that the little baby fox Julian showed him. It no longer felt gross, it felt right.

Well then,” said Luna, lying him down on the grass. “I guess its time for a diaper change.” She unfastened Ozzie's diaper.

Jenn brought her some wipes. “I think you'll need these.” she said.

Thank you Jenn!” said Luna. “I was just about to ask.”

"Awntie Jenn! Awntie Jenn!" Ozzie shouted upon seeing her. "I did a poo poo!" The idea of being proud of his babyish behavior made him giggle.

"I see that!" said Jenn as she sat back down. "You sure did a big one!"

The loving mama raccoon wiped Ozzie clean, then removed his dirty diaper, setting it aside. “Does my little man want to be nakie for a bit?” She thought it would be so cute if he ran around completely naked in the yard. She remembered that some of her siblings would do this from time to time as well, in order to air out their fur.

Ozzie's eyes lit up. He had wanted to try this for a long time. “Yes I doooo!” he said happily. He wiggled, completely nude, on the grass as he gazed up at Luna and Jenn.

Since you just emptied yourself, it should be safe for you to go diaperless for a bit.” said Luna. “Besides, its good for your skin to get some air every now and then.”

Ozzie giggled and floated into the air, kicking his little legs. “I nakie!” he shouted, flying around the back yard. “Wheeee!” It felt so freeing. He didn't care that the two women could see his privates and bottom. He was just a baby after all, and there was nothing shameful about it. The nakie little baby grabbed his toes and stuck them in his mouth, still floating around the yard.

Are those tasty toes?” Luna asked. It made her happy to see him acting so free and innocent.

Yuf...” he mumbled with a mouth full of baby toes. He giggled and rolled around in the air.

You have such a cute little butt!” said Luna, giving it a pinch.

Ozzie squeaked and giggled, suddenly letting go of his toes and flying forward. “Even when it 'tinky?” he teased.

Yes, even then.” Luna responded with a giggle. “Though its more cute when it clean.”

Ozzie continued to play in the back yard without a stitch of clothing on until eventually he let out a big yawn and plopped onto his bare bottom.

Aww, my little man is all tuckered out.” said Luna, scooping him up. “Time for a nap?”

Ozzie nodded sleepily. “Sweepy.” he said with another yawn.

Jenn had stood by and watched as they played, and noticed their bond and thus their light grow even more. She smiled and went inside with them.

Then lets get you all comfy cozy.” said Luna, laying Ozzie down and diapering him. Then she put his sleeper on him. “All ready for beddy-bye?”

Ozzie nodded and rubbed his eyes. “Uh huh.” he said softly.

Luna picked him up and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then deposited him in the crib, tucking him in. “Sleep tight my baby.” she said, giving him his pacifier. “Love you.”

Wuv you too mama.” Ozzie said with a smile. He put the pacifier in his mouth and suckled on it and soon fell asleep, and dreamed sweet baby dreams.



End Chapter 11

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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