The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 26
Chapter 26

Chapter Description: Ozzie attends a tree house party with other regression victims in this new furry world.

Morning came, and so did the usual diaper change and breakfast. Shiro put Ozzie in a high chair and fed him, which made Trip snicker and Ozzie blush. The now eight-year-old skunk and twelve-year-old monkey played for a while until it was time to go. They all got dressed and Shiro packed a diaper bag.

We ready to go?” asked Shiro. “Anyone need to potty?”

“Nope.” said Trip confidently.

Nope, just got changed.” Ozzie giggled. “Time to go!” He opened a portal to Trip's apartment and everyone went through.

Trip led Ozzie and Shiro to the meeting spot. It was a big tree house in the middle of the park. It was lit with colorful lantern string lights and had a sign that read “Bitter Sweet Neverland” on it. Out in front was a little girl dressed like a security guard, but with a diaper bulge. It was a cute six-year-old chubby brown and blue porcupine with blue quills.

Hi Eevana!” said Trip. “Guys, this is Eevana. She's a fellow regression victim.”

Hi guys!” said Eevana.

Hihi Eevana!” said Ozzie, waving to her. "I like your quills!"

"Thank you!" Eevana said with a blush.

Greetings Eevana.” said Shiro.

These two are new.” said Trip. “The skunk here is Ozzie, and the cat is Shiro. Shiro is a caretaker, so he's cool.”

Oh I know about Shiro!” said Eevana excitedly. “We normally only allow regressed people in here, but if he's a caretaker he can come in if he wants.”

I appreciate it!” said Shiro, knowing he was about to enter a den of regressed little ones.

Go on up!” said Eevana, stepping aside to allow Ozzie and the others entrance up the ladder and into the tree house.

Inside there were many regressed cubs. Some were standing and talking, others were playing a board game, and others were running around playing.

Wow, so many regressees!” said Ozzie, happy to finally see so many who have went through what he did in some way. “Some of em are wearing diapers too!”

Yeah, we allow that here.” said Trip. “Though if you need a change, you have to go to a caretaker. Unless one of the older ones volunteers.”

Oh that's fine.” said Ozzie. “I want to meet them all!” He smiled and walked up to a five-year-old blue furred boy kitten who was wearing only a diaper. “Hihi! I'm Ozzie. What's your name?”

Y-yure.” said the shy little kitten. “I haven't seen you here before.”

Yeah, I'm new.” Ozzie smiled. “I wear diapers too, see?” He showed Yure his diaper and giggled.

Yure smiled. “Yeah, I'm potty trained but I have a hard time using the bathroom in front of other people.” he said. “So sometimes I don't make it.” He blushed and wiggled his fuzzy feet paws.

Aww, it's okay.” said Ozzie, giving Yure a hug. “I was turned into a baby for a long time, and became unpotty trained. So I have to wear them, but I like wearing and using them. I think they are better than the potty.”

Yure just giggled. “I like them sometimes.” said Yure, blushing. “They can be comfy and its better than accidentally getting pee on the floor.”

Ozzie giggled. “That's true.” he said. “So how did you regress?”

I accidentally drank some fountain of youth water.” said Yure. “Now I'm stuck like this. I never age past five-years-old. “

That's rough.” said Ozzie. “I was regressed by a demon. But eventually I made friends with him and now I can control my age, but sometimes I slip up and regress. I have changed the age of others before, but I don't know about mixing regression magic. It could be dangerous.”

It's okay.” said Yure. “I don't mind being this young.”

I like being little too.” said Ozzie. “It's much more fun.” Then Ozzie saw someone standing behind Yure. It was a six-year-old black cat wearing only a pair of yellow underwear.

Yure saw Ozzie looking and turned around to see his friend. “Oh, hi Severo.” he said. “This is Ozzie. He's new here.”

Hihi Severo!” Ozzie greeted.

Hello Ozzie.” said Severo. “Nice to meet you.”

Are you regressed too?” Ozzie asked.

No, I just look out for Yure.” said Severo. “He may have been an adult before, but he's more immature than me and sometimes gets into trouble.”

Oh, I see.” said Ozzie. “Well, I'm glad he has you for a friend then! I used to have a caretaker mommy, but I lost her. She's an adult female raccoon with blue and purple fur named Luna. Have you seen her?”

Not that I'm aware of.” said Severo.

Yure shook his head. “No, sorry.” Then he blushed. He needed to find a bathroom again. “Umm, Severo?” he asked.

Let me guess.” said Severo. “Bathroom?”

Yure nodded, holding his paws over his diaper front.

“Why do you always wait until you're about to have an accident before telling me?” Severo scolded. “Come on, lets go find one.” He led Yure by the hand. “It was nice to meet you Ozzie!”

Nice to meet you both!” Ozzie waved. He looked around and saw that Trip was over talking to some older-looking kids while Shiro was changing a diaper. He spotted a table that had cups, sippy cups, and baby bottles of punch in them. He walked over and took one of the sippy cups, drinking from it. Then he spotted a fellow skunk, only this one had blue fur and looked to be around four-years-old and wearing just a light green disposable diaper and orange shirt with a smiling face on it. He decided to get to know the fellow skunky. “Hihi!” he said, greeting the little blue skunk. “My name is Ozzie! What is yours?”

Hi Ozzie!” the little blue skunk greeted. “My name is Gus. Nice to meet you.”

I became a skunk just a few days ago.” Ozzie explained. “So it's nice to see a fellow skunky! I wear diapers too, see?” He showed his diaper to Gus.

Gus smiled and blushed. “Yeah, I kinda need em after I regressed.” he said.

How did you regress?” asked Ozzie, interested in all forms of regression.

I used to be an officer, but I got caught in an explosion.” Gus explained. “They used an experimental drug that uses FOY water to try and heal me, but it turned me into a baby. I'm not stuck though, I am still growing. I just lost my potty training permanently.”

Oh wow.” said Ozzie. “An explosion? You must have had a dangerous job. At least now you won't have to deal with that any more.”

Y-yeah.” said Gus. “It's more awkward for me because I have a son who is the same age as me now, and he is in training pants.”

Aww, that's got to be embarrassing.” said Ozzie. “But it's not like you can help it. You'll get to experience something other fathers can't. You'll be growing up with your son! You can help him in school and teach him how to be a cool kid.” Ozzie giggled.

Th-thats true.” said Gus. “I hadn't thought about it that way. He will be attending school soon. I'm not sure if I should. I have the option, since I did loose some of my education, but I may attend a special school for regression victims.”

It's so cool that there are schools and help for regression victims.” said Ozzie. “I'm glad such services exist. There were none back where I came from, but there weren't as many regression victims there. I was regressed by a demon, but I learned his magic and now I can change my age whenever I want. I just like being little. Plus I lost my potty training too, so now I have to wear diapers no matter what age I am.”

I've never heard of anyone being regressed by a demon before.” said Gus. “That's a new one on me, but it's cool you can change your age. You're very lucky.”

Well, I sometimes accidentally regress when embarrassed or if I get too emotional. I can also try to change the age of others.” said Ozzie. “But only if they really want to, because it would mean mixing regression magic and that could be dangerous.”

Dangerous how?” asked Gus.

Well, you could end up stuck as a four-year-old or even younger.” said Ozzie. “Or you could end up an old man. That wouldn't be good.”

Well, if you ever manage to find a way, I may be interested in trying.” said Gus. “I see you know Shiro. He babysits me sometimes, so I'm sure we will meet again.”

Yeah.” said Ozzie. “Shiro is a really great guy. I've been staying with him since I got here. He showed me to a pool that turned me into a skunk.”

He's always helping regressed and recently transformed anthros.” said Gus. “He knows the stress we go through and how some of us actually enjoy our regressed lives. We can be ourselves when around him and when here with others.”

Yeah, this place is great.” Ozzie said, looking around at everyone. “I'm looking for someone. A tall female raccoon with blue and purple fur. Her name is Luna. Have you seen her?”

Gus thought for a bit. “Hmm, no, I don't think so, but I'll keep an eye out for you.”

Thanks, I appreciate it.” said Ozzie. He glanced behind Gus. “Hmm, who is that?” Ozzie pointed over to a brown and white wolf husky boy wearing a diaper and green hoodie. He looked to be around six-years-old.

That's Jacy.” said Gus. “He was only recently regressed. Let me introduce you.” The little, diapered, four-year-old blue skunk crinkled over to Jacy along with Ozzie. “Hi Jacy! This is Ozzie. He's new here, like you.”

H-hey.” said Jacy shyly. His tail curled underneath his diaper.

Hihi Jacy!” said Ozzie. “Nice to meet you.”

N-nice to meet you t-too.” said Jacy, looking down at the floor.

What's wrong?” asked Ozzie.

N-nothing.” said Jacy. “I just feel embarrassed having to wear this diaper. On my 19th birthday, someone thought it would be funny to prank me with FOY water. I shrank down to a six-year-old and lost all my potty training. Now I have to wear these diapers all the time.”

Yeah, same here.” said Ozzie. “I was regressed by a demon. At first I was a baby for a really long time, but then I learned to control the magic and now I can change my age whenever I want. But I lost my potty training for good.” He blushed and showed Jacy his diaper.

Oh, that's cool though!” said Jacy. “Maybe you can make me older again!” His tail crinklewagged happily.

Maybe someday.” said Ozzie. “I'm still working on that part. I don't want to mix up regression magic. It could be dangerous.”

Oh, I see.” said Jacy defeated. “I guess it's not all bad. They're not making me go to school like this, and I get to play Guitar Hero in my room as much as I want now.”

What's that?” asked Ozzie. “I know what heroes and guitars are, but guitar heroes?”

It's a video game where you try to play music in rhythm.” said Jacy. “You've never heard of it?”

Oh I see.” said Ozzie. He had a basic understanding of video games, even though he had yet to play one. “Sounds cool. I've been staying with Shiro, but he doesn't have any video games.”

Shiro?” asked Jacy. “I know him. He's a cool guy. He doesn't mind changing my diapers when he babysits me.”

You know him too?” asked Ozzie. “Do you happen to know or have seen an adult female raccoon with blue and purple fur? Her name is Luna.”

Sorry, I haven't.” said Jacy. “I don't get out much except for the occasional trip to the store or here or to Shiro's.”

Well, thanks anyway.” said Ozzie. “Hey, maybe we can all get together at his place and have a big sleep over!”

That would be awesome!” squeaked Gus. “I can bring my video games too!”

Sweet!” said Jacy. “Lets go ask him.” The three walked over to Shiro who was sitting on the floor watching the others.

Shrio!” said Gus. “Good to see you!”

Hey Shiro!” said Jacy.

Good to see you too!” said Shiro. “How are your diapers holding up?”

They all blushed. “Umm, okay I think.” said Jacy.

We were wondering if it would be okay for them to have a sleep over with us at your place.” said Ozzie. “Can they please?”

Shiro smiled and looked at the little eight-year-old skunk, the four-year-old skunk, and six-year-old pup. “Of course.” he said. “So long as they have permission from their legal guardians.”

I'll have to ask my wife.” said Gus blushing.

I'll ask my parents.” said Jacy. “They know you so they should be cool with it.”

I wonder if Yure wants to join in.” said Ozzie. “Do you know of him?”

Yes I do.” said Shiro. “He can be a little nudist at times.”

Ozzie giggled. “I didn't know that.” he said. Though he knew he enjoyed being nude sometimes himself.

May I invite him?” asked Ozzie.

Sure.” said Shiro. “But try not to ask many more. I only have so much room.”

Thanks!” said Ozzie, and he rushed over to find Yure. “Hey Yure!”

Yure blushed and looked at Ozzie. “Oh, hi again!.” he said.

Did you find the potty?” asked Ozzie.

Sort of.” Yure blushed. “I had to use my diaper, but Severo changed me so I'm good now.”

Hehe, that's good.” said Ozzie. “We're having a sleep over at Shiro's house. Do you wanna come?”

A sleep over?” asked Yure. “That sounds like fun! Sure, I'll go!”

Great!” said Ozzie happily. “Then it's settled. Come on.” He led Yure back over to Shiro and the others. “He said he can come too!”

Yay!” shouted Gus and Jacy.

Then lets plan to be at my place tomorrow afternoon.” said Shiro.

Everyone smiled and nodded in agreement. After meeting a few more regressed people, a group of those who wore diapers gathered around an adult wolf with yellow, orange, and red fur. He was wearing a red shirt and darp purple cargo shorts, and had a diaper bag. He was checking their diapers.

Who is that guy?” asked Ozzie.

That's Sunset.” said Shiro. “He's a caretaker that volunteers to help regressed victims like I do. Except he has actual children of his own, so he has experience raising actual kids.”

That's nice of him.” said Ozzie. He blushed when suddenly he felt his diaper being checked by Shiro.

Aha, I thought I smelled something.” Shiro teased. “He's got his hands full, so I'll change you.” He pulled out a diaper changing mat and laid it on the floor. “Here you go. Lay down.”

Ozzie blushed. He hadn't realized he had messed his diaper, but he soon felt a warm wetness as well. “Um, okay.” he blushed and laid down, not used to being changed in front of a bunch of others. It was strange and embarrassing, even though a lot of them were wearing diapers too.

Shiro knelt on the floor at Ozzie's feet and untaped his diaper. “Do any of you need a change?” he asked Gus, Jacy, and Yure.

Yure shook his head. “No, I just got changed.” he said.

M-maybe.” said Gus, who was clearly wet.

Umm, yeah.” said Jacy, who had a messy diaper as well.

Very well then.” said Shiro, cleaning up Ozzie who was now on full display for everyone.

Ozzie blushed when he saw Gus and Yure looking at him, and began to shrink.

“Oh wow!” said Gus. “He really does regress when embarrassed!” He watched in amazement, having never witnessed it himself in spite of being a victim of it.

Ozzie.” said Shiro. “Calm down, okay? They're both in the same boat as you.” He lifted the shrinking skunk's legs and cleaned his bottom, then rolled up the diaper and put it in a nearby diaper pail.

Um, sowwy.” said Ozzie, who was now the same age as Gus.

You're as small as me now!” Gus giggled. “So that's what it looks like from the outside.”

Jacy had averted his gaze, but couldn't help but watch when Ozzie shrank. It must have been how others saw him when he shrank.

Yure just watched shyly, giggling a bit when Ozzie suddenly sprang a leak on Shiro.

Oopsie!” said Shiro, and expertly blocked the stream with a diaper.

Ozzie blushed and shrank again, now only three-years-old. “I sowwy!” he said in a squeaky voice. He was laying in a pile of clothing at this point.

It's okay.” said Shiro. “But I think you're too young for this party now.” He pulled out a diaper that was in Ozzie's size and slid it under him, then applied powder and taped the diaper up snug.

Fanks.” said Ozzie, sitting up. He saw the diaper had little cartoon characters on it meant for small kids who couldn't read or use a potty. It felt very thick.

Next!” said Shiro, guiding the others over. He changed both Gus and Jacy without incident, although they were both very blushy when it was their turn. They both thanked him for their fresh diapers and returned to the party.

After changing everyone, Shiro turned to Ozzie. “Would you like to meet Sunset before we go?” he asked.

Would you like to meet Sunset before we go?” asked Shiro.

Ozzie nodded. “Yes pwease.” he said, getting up and waddling over to him.

Shiro picked up Ozzie's clothes and stored them in the diaper bag. He figured wearing just a diaper was good enough for now. He walked over to Sunset with Ozzie. “Hey there Sunset!” he said. “Good to see you!”

Good to see you too Shiro!” said Sunset. “And who is this little one?”

This is Ozzie.” said Shiro. “Another regression victim and recently transformed into a skunk.”

I saw him shrink during that diaper change.” said Sunset. “Is he going to be okay?” He had known of others who continued to shrink even after their initial exposure to FOY water. Some ended up very young babies.

He's fine.” said Shiro. “He can control his age, except for when his emotions overwhelm him and cause him to regress.”

He can?” asked Sunset. “That's pretty amazing, though it must be embarrassing.” He knelt down to Ozzie's eye level. “How long have you had this condition?”

Umm, a few yeaws.” said Ozzie. He was unconsciously clinging to Shiro's leg. “I fowgot how owd I usta be.”

That's terrible.” said Sunset. “Though since you can control it to a degree, you can just stay however young you want now. Your real age doesn't really matter does it?” He smiled at the little skunk and patted his head.

He's looking for his former caretaker mommy.” said Shiro. “She is an adult raccoon with blue and purple fur named Luna. Have you seen or heard of her?”

Hmm, doesn't ring a bell.” said Sunset. “But I can ask around. I work with others who help regression victims. One of them may have heard something.

Fank you.” said Ozzie. “I appweciate it.”

You're welcome little guy.” Sunset smiled and stood back up. “Well, I've got some more diapers to change. I'll give you a call if I find out anything.”

Okay man.” said Shiro. “See you around.” He picked up Ozzie and they both waved to him as they walked over to Trip. “Coming home with us?”

Trip saw that Ozzie was now a toddler. “Oh, guess he's too little for the club now eh?” said the twelve-year-old monkey boy, poking Ozzie's diaper.

Yeah, he had a bit of an embarrassing diaper change.” said Shiro, bouncing Ozzie in his arms a bit.

I'm gonna hang here for a while, then go home.” said Trip. “Maybe I'll come visit you again soon when you get big again.”

Just give me a call.” said Shiro. “Have a good night.”

Nini Twip!” said little Ozzie waving.

Good night you two.” said Trip, waving back.

Shiro turned went back over to Gus, Yure, and Jacy. “See you all tomorrow afternoon!” he said.

See ya guys!” said Ozzie.

Bye Ozzie! Bye Shiro!” said Gus, Yure, and Jacy.

Shiro went over to the entrance and descended the ladder. They said good bye to Eevana who was still working security, and once they got far enough away, Ozzie opened a portal back to Shiro's house, and they went through.

That was fun.” said Shiro. “Did you have fun?”

Yah.” Ozzie blushed. “Even tho I wegwessed again, it was fun meeting othews. I hope we has wots of fun tomowwow!”

I'm sure we will.” said Shiro. “It'll be a house full of little diaper butts.”

Hehe, yup!” Ozzie said smiling.

Want to try getting big again or want to stay little?” asked Shiro.

Wanna stay widdle!” answered Ozzie. “I wike bein widdle mowe dan big.”

That's fine with me.” said Shiro. “Small diapers are easier to change.” He went over and saw on the couch with Ozzie in his lap. “You clearly need more practice controlling your regression and emotions. We should practice meditating more.”

Yah, I wouwd wike dat.” said Ozzie. “It hewp me contact Wuna too.”

That's right.” said Shiro. “I was going to suggest it earlier, but then you and Trip were having such a good time. I didn't want to interrupt that.”

Ah, yah.” said Ozzie. “I guess I get distwacted easiwy.”

A common trait among the regressed.” said Shiro. He held Ozzie as the two watched programming meant for his current age.

Ozzie smiled and actually enjoyed the colorful and silly animations. Then his tummy grumbled. “Uh oh, hungwee.” he said.

No problem.” said Shiro. He carried Ozzie into the kitchen and sat him in a high chair at the dining table. He then made some sandwiches and cut them into small squares, and served them to Ozzie along with some chocolate chip cookies and a baby bottle of milk.

Ozzie smiled and at the little sandwich bites with his tiny fingers. He happily ate the sweet cookies and drank his milk, then patted his belly. “Fanks fow dinnew Shiwo.” he said with a smile.

You're welcome little guy.” said Shiro, cleaning Ozzie's face and paws. He then picked him up and carried him back to the living room. He let Ozzie play with his toys on the couch until it was bed time.

Once again, Ozzie was changed and dressed in a cute footed sleeper with little clouds on it. This time though, Shiro laid him down in a smaller crib that fit his toddler body.

Good night Ozzie.” said Shiro, turning out the lights but leaving a night light on.

Nini Shiwo.” said Ozzie, yawning and cuddling his tail.

Shiro did some preparations for the next day, knowing he would have a few little regressed rugrats to babysit, but soon also went to bed. They slept peacefully through the night.



End Chapter 26

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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