The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 22
Chapter 22

Chapter Description: Ozzie enters a world of anthropomorphic animals and becomes one of them in order to blend in.

Ozzie appeared in a new world. The air was clear and crisp, just like his own world. The trees and grass were all different though. Instead of bright colors, things were mostly different shades of green. “Luna?” he called out. “Luna!” He shouted her name over and over, but there was no response. So he began to wonder around to see if he could find her or anyone for that matter. It seems he was in the middle of a forest. There were no houses or huts around that he could see, but he carried on. Eventually he did see something flying overhead. It was like no bird he had ever seen, and it made a very loud noise. He decided to fly upwards to get a better look, and saw that it wasn't a bird at all. It was some sort of structure with windows able to fly multiple people through the air.

Looking down at the world below, he spotted a city in the distance. Ozzie quickly flew towards it, staying low to the ground. Once close enough, he began walking again, and stayed hidden. He saw that the people walking around were all beast kin. Not one human was among them. He wasn't sure how he would blend in here. They were wearing colorful and expressive clothing. Nothing like the robes and clothing of his world. Some traveled around in what looked like mobile trains. They had wheels and were made of metal, but only seated a few people each. They moved much faster than the horses he was used to.

Not sure what to do, he turned to go back into the forest when he came face to face with an adult gray striped tabby cat beast kin. He had black hair that was braided in back, brown eyes, and wore a red vest with puffy tan pants.

Hello.” said the kitty. “You look lost. My name is Shiro. What is yours?” His tail swished back and forth.

Oh, um, I'm Ozzie.” said the human with white and blue hair, dressed in mage robes. “Nice to meet you.”

Shiro looked Ozzie over and noticed his diaper, but didn't say anything. “Wow, a genuine human!” he said. “Don't see many of you around anymore.”

You don't?” Ozzie asked. “How come?”

Most humans were turned into anthros hundreds of years ago.” explained Shiro. “The ones that remain mostly live in a walled off country, separated from us. They all thought humans were better and claimed anthros were tainted.”

Anthros?” asked Ozzie. “I thought you were called beast kin.”

Beast kin?” pondered Shrio. “That does sound a lot cooler, but we call ourselves anthros here. Where are you from?”

Um, far, far away.” said Ozzie. He wasn't sure if he should just blurt out that he was from another world. “I came looking for my mo-I mean friend Luna. She's an adult raccoon with blue and purple fur. Have you seen her?”

Can't say that I have.” said Shiro. “But I can help you look for her.”

I would appreciate that very much!” said Ozzie excitedly.

But it would be bad if you went around asking about her while looking like that.” said Shrio. “You're lucky you came across someone who is human friendly.” He led Ozzie into the forest.

You mean anthros don't like humans either?” asked Ozzie as they walked.

Many hold a grudge since the war about fifty years ago.” said Shiro. “A lot of good people died just because humans thought anthros were trying to take over. We weren't of course, we were just letting our inner animals out. We're still people, we just look different.”

Ozzie nodded. “I have no problems with beast kin, I mean anthros.” he said. “I count them among my friends.”

I'm glad to hear it.” said Shiro. “Because in order to blend in, you will need to become one.”

Become an anthro?” asked Ozzie. “How is that possible?”

You'll see.” said Shrio. “But are you willing?”

Ozzie thought it over a lot and decided that if it helped him find Luna, he was willing to do it. “Yes.” he said. “But what sort of animal is within me?”

You will find out soon.” said Shrio.

Ooh! Maybe I'll be a cat like you, or maybe a bear!” Ozzie said excited. He found the idea intriguing.

Shiro just smiled and led Ozzie to a shimmering lake. “Here we are.” he said. “This is one of many bodies of water that somehow changed people into anthros.”

Ozzie studied it and tried to sense any magic from within it. Indeed there was something, but it was one he had never sensed before. “Hmm, so magic does exist on this world?” he asked.

Yes, to some degree.” said Shiro. “There are people who can use magic, but not many do. People developed technology that sort of replaced the use of it.”

Their loss.” said Ozzie. “I'm actually a user of magic. I'm known as a wizard where I come from.”

"I noticed." said Shiro. "I saw you flying earlier. You should be more careful. What sort of magic to you specialize in?” asked Shiro.

Many different kinds.” said Ozzie. “Fire, ice, earth, wind, water, light, shadow, gravity, and even time and space.”

That's quite the resume.” said Shiro, walking over to the edge of the lake. “Most people here only have one kind of magic they can use. I am a monk, so I don't use magic, but I do know many fighting styles.”

I've never learned any form of physical combat.” said Ozzie. “Perhaps you could teach me sometime.”

I would be happy to.” said Shiro, turning his attention to the lake.

So these lakes just showed up one day?” Ozzie asked, looking into the water.

Yeah,” said Shiro. “they just sprung up from the ground. Some of them got into the water supply of civilizations and, well, you can figure out the rest.”

So just being submerged in this will transform me into an anthro?” asked Ozzie, taking off his boots.

That's right.” said Shiro. “Just drinking the water will have a slower effect. Bathing in it is almost instant. However, once you do, there's no going back.”

No way to become human again?” asked Ozzie.

“No, at least not any way anyone currently knows of.” answered Shiro. “Some have tried, but none have succeeded.”

Well, here goes nothing.” Ozzie said, and began to step towards the lake.

You may want to undress first.” said Shiro. “Not only will your clothes get wet, but your transformation may tear them.”

Oh.” said Ozzie, blushing a bit. “I guess you're right.” He slowly removed his robes, revealing his diaper.

I noticed the diaper earlier.” Shiro smirked. “Incontinence issues?”

Y-yes.” said Ozzie. “As much control as I have over magic, I do not have control over my bladder nor bowels.” Ozzie blushed again.

Its alright.” said Shiro. “I do not judge.”

Ozzie just blushed and slid off his diaper, then stepped into the lake. He walked into the water slowly, letting it cover him. He could feel the magic tingling through his body. Fur was beginning to grow on his feet, then moved up his legs. It covered him everywhere the water touched. Then he dove under.

Shiro just watched while sitting on the lake's edge. It had been a while since he saw his last transformation. He had helped many humans who wish to live as anthros become their inner beasts.

Ozzie emerged from the water slowly. He felt a tail growing from above his behind, and his ears moving up to the top of his head. It all felt very strange and his senses were being altered. His teeth felt funny as his mouth elongated and became a snout. Fur had grown all over him by now as he stepped out of the lake. He looked at his hands and saw they had become more paw-like and that he had claws now. He saw that his fur was black, but his palms were still a pink flesh tone. What's more, he didn't see Luna's mark on them. He quickly looked into the surface of the lake and saw that he looked like...a skunk!

Looks like you became a skunk anthro.” said Shiro, looking him over. “Its a bit rare, but not unheard of.”

Ozzie had a sudden urge to shake, and did so, shaking water from his newly grown fur. His tail fur poofed out and he pulled a mirror from his magic storage. Looking himself over, he still had the same long white hair with blue tips on his head, but now black ears stuck out from them. He had a snout and a pink nose. Then he saw white fur on his chest. It was in the shape of a crescent moon. It was Luna's mark! It wasn't gone, it had simply moved. Looking at his back, he could see two white stripes of fur going down it and his tail, but the edges seemed to have a light blue hue, like his hair. “Amazing.” he said finally. "A skunk is not what I expected, but it works."

How do you feel?” asked Shiro.

Fuzzy.” said Ozzie. Then he remembered. “And naked.” He instinctively moved his tail to cover his front.

Shiro chuckled. “Of course, but you will need to adjust your clothing to accommodate that tail of yours.”

Ozzie tried putting his diaper back on, but the tail made it difficult. He decided to just wear his robes for now, since they covered him enough. His boots would no longer fit his feet paws, so he stored them away.

If its clothing you need, I can help with that too.” said Shiro. “Just follow me.”

I am in your debt.” said Ozzie, and followed Shiro to his home. There, he would find even more surprises awaiting him.

To be continued...



End Chapter 22

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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