The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022

Chapter 36
Chapter 36

Chapter Description: Ozzie and Tavi follow Mabel's directions to find Tavi's mother.

It's going to be a long trip if we walk there.” said Tavi, looking at the directions given to them by Mabel.

What if we fly?” Ozzie suggested with a smirk.

Well, we don't want people to see us doing that do we?” asked Tavi.

“But there are people with powers here right?” asked Ozzie. “We could just say we have that power.”

Heh, that's true.” said Tavi. He got in a sprinting position. “Okay, ready?” Light blue sparks of electricity flow off his fur as his black stripes glowed.

Ozzie levitated off the ground. “Ready!” he shouted. He too began to glow a light blue color as he surrounded himself with magic.

Go!” said Tavi, and the two took off like lightning bolts. They moved quickly down the road, moving around to avoid any people or cars that were around. They moved their little race to a path parallel to the road within the woods to prevent anyone from getting hurt as they sped by. Eventually they came upon a rail road track and began racing down that until they saw a passenger train headed their way. Tavi dodged off to the left while Ozzie went right and both zoomed down the sides of the train, leaving streaks of sky blue light behind them. The people on the train got a bit of a light show, but had no idea what was going on.

Tavi was always ahead, but Ozzie was able to keep up using his magical flight. As he watched Tavi's electrical glow, he began to understand how it worked. Without thinking, his magical copy ability worked it into his own magic for a speed boost. The two were neck and neck, but then Ozzie slowed down. “Whoa...” he said.

Tavi noticed and slowed down as well, then they both stopped. “What is it?” he asked.

I” said Ozzie, suddenly falling to his knees.

Oh yeah.” said Tavi. “When you move like me, you burn a lot of calories. Heh.” He helped Ozzie up. The two walked a little further to a nearby park and sat down at a bench. “Good thing Mabel made us some snacks to take along.”

Yeah, she was really sweet.” said Ozzie. He got out a neatly wrapped box from his bottomless storage portal and opened it. Inside was a jar of toddler meat sticks, some home made chocolate chip cookies, baby carrots, and a baby bottle of strawberry-banana fruit juice. “Haha, oh man...” He almost immediately began shrinking.

Haha, she got you pegged.” said Tavi. He opened his and found pretty much the same arrangement. “Awww, she has us both pegged!”

Ozzie was already back in his childhood, eating the meat sticks while engulfed in his over-sized robe. He continued to shrink and regress until he was a tiny toddler skunk munching away atop his mountain of clothing. “Mmm, ish good.” he said. “Hit da spot!”

Mind if I join you?” asked Tavi, wanting to eat his lunch as a cub too.

Oh, sure!” he said, happily regressing Tavi down into a tot as well. Both shed their clothing, except for their still fitting diapers, and ate their lunch together in the park. “Mmm, dis is nice.”

It suwe is.” said Tavi. They both ate somewhat messily, but thankfully there were napkins inside, as well as a note. “Hmm, whas dis?”

Oh, wets see.” said Ozzie. “It says 'Enjoy your “little” lunch and remember to stop and change your diapers every once in a while.' Hehe, she so sweet.”

Tavi nodded and giggled. “She dun hafta wemind me.” he said.

Speakin' of which.” said Ozzie. “Mine ish pwetty wet.”

“Mine too.” said Tavi. “W-wanna change?”

I change you n you change me?” asked Ozzie, blushing.

“Yeah!” said Tavi. “It mowe fun dat way.” He giggled and hopped up onto the table.

Ozzie opened his portal and pulled out a cute little changing mat with diapered teddy bears on it, and unrolled it on the table. Then he pulled out two diapers, one in his size and one in Tavi's size, as well as some wipes and powder, and set them next to the mat.

Tavi looked at the diapers and saw that Ozzie's had moons and stars on it while his own had toy trains and railroad crossing signs on it. “Whewe ya get deze?” he asked.

Mowe gifts fwom Mabew.” said Ozzie. “Buh I can copy dem as many times as I need wif magic, so we not wun out.”

Oh, dats handy!” said Tavi. “Otay, you fiwst. Way down.” He pointed to the changing mat as he stood on the table.

Ozzie blushed and climbed up onto the table, then laid down on his back on the changing pad. “Otay.” he said, sucking his bottle of juice.

Tavi smiled and quickly ripped the tapes off the sides of Ozzie's diaper and opened it. He grabbed some baby wipes and began cleaning his new little friend.

Ozzie giggled and blushed, squirming some. “Hehe, it tickwes!” he squeaked.

“I knows.” said Tavi, giggling and lifting him by the ankles and wiping his fluffy little butt. “Ya got a cute widdle butt.”

Ozzie blushed again and finally finished off his bottle, then tossed it into his portal. He felt the warm air blow across his wet fur, which felt very nice.

Tavi rolled up Ozzie's used diaper and stuffed it into a used diaper bag, then unfolded the new diaper and slid it under his little bottom. He sprinkled some baby powder onto it, as well as his bottom and then settled his butt onto the thick padding. He pulled the front of the diaper up over his groin and taped it snugly. “Thewe.” he said. “Aww done.”

Ozzie sat up and hugged Tavi tightly. “Hehe, fankoo!” he said. “Now ish yer tuwn.”

Tavi hugged back and cooed, then replaced Ozzie on the mat.

Ozzie smiled and unfastened the tapes on each side of Tavi's diaper, then opened it. He plucked some wipes from the pack of baby wipes and began cleaning him. “Hehe, ya so cute when ya bwush.” he said.

Tavi blushed a little and covered his face with his paws. “Na cute.” he said, smiling.

Hehe, oh yah, I fowogot.” said Ozzie. He lifted Tavi by the ankles and cleaned his fuzzy butt, then rolled up his used diaper and tossed it into the bag of used diapers. “Yoo say ya not cute, buh I disagwee. I fink ya vewy vewy cute! Especiawwy when ya widdle wike dis.” He giggled and unfolded the new diaper, then sprinkled powder into it and slid it under Tavi's rear.

Tavi just blushed and grumbled, secretly enjoying the talk.

Ozzie powdered Tavi's bottom then settled it onto the diaper. He pulled the front up and taped it snugly around his waist and patted it. “There, all done.” he said.

Tavi sat up and hugged Ozzie. “Fankoo.” he said.

Yoo wewcome.” said Ozzie. Together they sat on the table and hugged, resting for a while and watching trains go by.

Twains ish awesome.” said Tavi. “Dey wots of fun to wide in.”

I wode one befowe, buh not wike dem.” said Ozzie. “It was fun tho. We shouwd wide one togethew sometime.”

“I'd wike dat.” said Tavi. He slowly moved his paw over to Ozzie's and held it.

Ozzie looked into Tavi's eyes and smiled. They shared another kiss as a train went by. “I wuv you.” said Ozzie, blushing.

Aww, I wuv you too skunky.” said Tavi. The two continued to snuggle and nuzzle until it was getting late.

We bettew go.” said Ozzie. “We aweady behind.”

“Den wets get big again.” said Tavi.

Ozzie nodded and concentrated. Both of them began to grow, their diapers growing with them, changing to fit as they did. The table began to feel a bit too small and they scooted off, growing back up to their adult forms. They each got dressed and put their diaper changing supplies away, then continued their journey. Tavi once again sped along as Ozzie flew behind him, but before long it began to get late.

They decided to stop and make camp after getting about half way, and watched the sun go down after making a fire.

It's been a while since I've been camping.” said Tavi.

“It's not so bad when you have the right equipment.” said Ozzie. They had setup a tent with a comfortable sleeping bag inside. He reached into his portal and pulled out two sticks and a bag of marshmallows.

Oh wow, I can't remember the last time I roasted marshmallows.” said Tavi. He took one of the sticks and skewered a marshmallow onto it, then held it near the fire.

Ozzie smiled and did the same. “Yeah, same here.” he said. “I only did such when I was a kid...the first time...and human.”

Human?” asked Tavi. “You used to be human?”

Yeah, I can show you.” said Ozzie. He concentrated and soon his ears disappeared, his tail shrunk, and his fur receded. His snout shrank and his features returned to his human form. “Oh, wow. It feels weird to be human after being a skunk for so long.”

Wow, how do you do that?” asked Tavi, taking his marshmallow stick out of the fire and blowing on it.

It's hard to explain.” said Ozzie. Whenever I come in contact with certain kinds of magic, I kinda learn how it works and can replicate it.”

I wonder what it's like to be human.” said Tavi. He bit into his marshmallow, eating the gooey treat happily.

Ozzie smiled and ate his as well. “I could try turning you into one.” he said.

Maybe.” said Tavi.

Hmm, want to try?” asked Ozzie.

Heh, why not.” said Tavi. He stood prepared and waited.

Okay, let me see...” said Ozzie. He concentrated on Tavi, thinking of turning human.

Slowly, Tavi's fur began to fade, giving way to dark brown skin. His ears shrank and relocated to the sides of his head. His tail shrank and disappeared into his back. His feet and hand paws shrank and his claws disappeared, becoming the typical hands and feet of a human. His clothing was a bit bulky on him without the fur, and he looked himself over.

Oh wow, you're...cute.” said Ozzie. He blushed, looking Tavi's human form over.

This feels...weird.” said Tavi. “No fur...” He felt the top of his head. “Short, curly hair? Can I see? Do you have a mirror?”

Sure!” said Ozzie. He conjured up a full length mirror for Tavi to look in.

Tavi looked at himself and turned, looking at his back. “So weird not having a tail.” he said. He tried to wiggle his non-existent tail but nothing happened. “I gotta know.” He began taking off his clothes until he was just in his diaper. It sagged a little due to lack of fur and being a little wet. He had some black body hair on his chest, arms, back, and legs.

Ozzie giggled a little, looking at the human Tavi. “Human looks good on you.” he said.

Tavi smiled and posed, flexing. He had plenty of muscle due to his active lifestyle. “You like it?” he asked.

“I do.” said Ozzie. He got up and went over to him, then began removing his clothes as well. Once he was down to his diaper, he stood next to him. “What about me?” He showed that he had white body hair, though not a lot of it. He was of average build, but had a bit of a pudgy tummy.

Tavi giggled and looked at the human Ozzie. “I love it.” he said, coming in to embrace his diapered boyfriend. The two looked in the mirror at each other and smiled as they both hugged. “Heh, you're wet.” He reached down and patted the front of his diaper.

Ozzie giggled and wiggled. “Yeah, so are you.” he said. “Being in warm wet diapers is” He smiled and poked at Tavi's diaper.

“I like it too.” Tavi giggled. He shivered a little and hugged him. “It's a bit cold without fur huh?”

We could always sit by the fire.” said Ozzie. He walked with Tavi over to the fire and sat down, diaper butt on the grassy ground. He leaned on Tavi's shoulder and rubbed his chest. “This is something humans get when they are older. This body hair. I guess it's kind of our version of fur.”

Oh yeah?” asked Tavi. “Well I think you know how to remedy that.”

“I sure do.” said Ozzie. He smiled and concentrated and the pair began to shrink away by the fire. Their features softened and rounded, becoming less defined. Their body hair began to fade and disappear, leaving smooth skin behind. Their muscle tone faded to slightly chubbier frames. Ozzie stopped the regression at around age eight. They both now had gaps in their teeth where their adult teeth were growing in.

“Hehe, we're kids again!” said Tavi.

Yeah, look at our bodies now.” said Ozzie.

Tavi looked down and saw that their body hair was gone. Their skin was smooth and soft now. “Oooh, I see what you mean.” he said. “I think I like not having that hair. It's all itchy on this smooth skin.”

I agree!” said Ozzie, giggling and leaning back against a log.

Tavi giggled a little and relaxed next to Ozzie. “It's nice to be like this.” he said. “I've only done it a few times before.”

Oh yeah?” asked Ozzie. “You mean relaxing with someone while only wearing a diaper?”

“Yeah, when I was a kid.” said Tavi. “I had a friend that wore them with me. We would sneak off and play like this.”

Never as an adult?” asked Ozzie.

Y-yeah, sometimes.” said Tavi. “With other ABs. It was never this much fun though.”

Hehe, aww, I'm glad you like this more.” said Ozzie. He snuggled up with Tavi and looked into his eyes.

Tavi smiled at Ozzie's cute face and hugged him closely. Then the two laid next to each other by the fire, holding hands and looking up at the stars. Tavi pointed at the various constellations, telling Ozzie about them all.

Ozzie looked and watched as Tavi taught him some astrology. The stars in this world were in different formations than his. He had never thought to look at the stars in other worlds. He was too busy trying to find Luna. It was nice to have Tavi with him. He felt so warm and snuggly. They laid by the fire, chatting and looking up at the stars until finally they both let out big yawns and decided to head into the tent.

We better put out the fire.” said Tavi.

Ozzie nodded and gestured with his hand, making the fire go out as if turning off a light.

“We need a diaper change.” Tavi said.

Ozzie nodded and conjured up the changing supplies again. The diapers were in just the right size for them. Once they were all clean and padded, they got into the large sleeping bag and curled up together. They slept peacefully through the night, and when morning came they got up and changed each other, then had some breakfast. It was some food Ozzie kept stored away. Cookies! Once they were done eating, it was time to get dressed.

Should we be adults or kids?” asked Ozzie.

Hmm, it feels better to be a kid, but we should go back to our adult furry forms.” said Tavi.

“Hehe, oh yeah.” said Ozzie. He concentrated and the two kids began growing their fur back. Their tails grew back as well, then their ears and muzzles. They shook a little as they floofed out into little furry children. “Hehe, you look cute as a little munk kid.”

You look cute as a little skunk kid.” said Tavi. They both began growing until they were their adult selves again, then hugged before getting back in properly fitting clothes.

After packing everything away, they headed out again. This time, Ozzie conjured a magic ball around himself and Tavi, then flew them over the trees and up the mountain trail, going super fast. This way neither would expend too much energy and could get there without having to stop again.

We'll be there in no time!” said Ozzie.

Yeah we will.” said Tavi. “You know, I'm not sure what to do when I see her.”

Really?” asked Ozzie. “I think first a hug is in order.”

Yeah, but I haven't seen her since I was a baby.” said Tavi. “I'm a little nervous.”

“Aww, but you've both been looking for each other for a long time.” said Ozzie. “She never forgot you or anything.”

I know, but she went through so much for me.” said Tavi. “I just kind of gave up.”

You didn't give up.” said Ozzie. “You just lost her trail.”

“Yeah, and I found it again thanks to you.” said Tavi. He hugged Ozzie inside the bubble.

Ozzie smiled and hugged back, able to keep the bubble going while doing so. “I can't wait to meet her.” he said. “I hope she doesn't mind us...being together.”

“I hadn't thought of that.” said Tavi. “I'm sure she'll be fine with it though. If she loves me, she'll love you too.”

She'll love you.” said Ozzie, smiling. “She's your mommy.”

“Thanks Ozzie.” said Tavi. He hugged the skunk extra tightly as they kept following the directions left by Mabel. Eventually they came upon a modest little home in the woods, surrounded by trees. It was made of stone and wood, but had electricity going to it.

This is it.” said Ozzie. “Ready?”

“More than ever.” said Tavi. He raced up lightning fast, and knocked on the door.

Hehe, wait for me at least!” said Ozzie, speeding to the door.

The door opened and an older tiger-chipmunk lady wearing a purple dress opened the door. “Hello?” she spoke.

For Tavi, time seemed to freeze. It had been so long since he heard her voice, yet he knew it was her. He immediately embraced her for a hug, surprising her a little. “Mom!” he shouted with tears in his eyes. “I finally found you.”

T-Tavi?” Yvonne asked in surprise. “My boy, is that really you?”

It is mom.” said Tavi, hugging her tighter. “It really is.” His diaper crinkled slightly as he hugged her.

Ozzie smiled and watched the scene, wiping a tear away, not wanting to interrupt.

Oh my little Tavi!” shouted Yvonne. “I never thought I would see you again!” She hugged him tightly and kissed him on the cheek several times. “Come in, please!”

Tavi turned to Ozzie first and grabbed him by the hand. “Mom, this is Ozzie.” he said. “He helped me find you.”

A pleasure to meet you Ozzie!” said Yvonne. She walked over and gave him a hug too.

Ozzie smiled and hugged her back, his diaper crinkling a little. “It's so nice to meet you finally!” he said.

Yvonne noticed the crinkles but didn't say anything about it for now. She led them both inside and to the living room. Inside her home were hard wood floors, wood walls, decorative rugs, a soft black couch, a wooden rocking chair, and a television. She had the two boys sit on the couch while she sat in the rocking chair. “Please, tell me how you found me.” she said. “I spent so much time trying to find you.”

I know mom.” said Tavi. “We spoke to Mabel.”

Mabel!” said Yvonne. “I haven't seen her in ages. How is she?”

“She is well.” said Tavi. “She gave us directions to your house.”

“She is the only one I trusted with my location.” she said.

I was able to get her location by scanning Tavi's memories.” said Ozzie.

Scanning his memories?” asked Yvonne. “How can you do that?”

He has powers mom.” said Tavi. “Just like me.” His stripes began to spark and glow as he showed her his electrical powers.

Oh my.” said Yvonne. “That cursed lab. I take it you came from there too Ozzie?”

N-no, I didn't.” said Ozzie.

“Ozzie isn't...from here.” said Tavi.

Right, enough said.” said Yvonne, making a halting gesture with her hand. “No need to tell me if you aren't comfortable.”

It's not that.” said Ozzie. “It's just kind of unbelievable.”

Indulge me dear.” said Yvonne. “But only if you wish. Believe me, I have seen and heard my share of strange things.”

Ozzie explained his story to her, telling her how he came to be how he is, what is powers are, and how he got here.

That certainly is a strange tale.” said Yvonne. “However you came to be here, you are welcome in my home. I'm so glad you could help reunite us.”

Me too.” said Tavi. “He's been so kind to me.”

“You have been one of the kindest people I've ever met.” said Ozzie. He blushed and scooted a little closer to Tavi.

“You two have been on a long journey.” said Yvonne. “Let me get you something to drink.” She got up and went to the kitchen.

Do you think she knows?” asked Ozzie.

About us?” asked Tavi. “I think she may have an idea. Should we tell her?”

Maybe later.” said Ozzie. “One thing at a time.”

Soon Yvonne returned with some cups of chocolate milk. “Here you go boys.” she said.

Ooh, chocolate milk.” said Ozzie. “Thank you.” He took a glass and began drinking.

Thanks mom.” said Tavi. Boy it sure felt good to call her mom. He took a glass and began drinking his own.

You're welcome.” said Yvonne, sitting back down. “So tell me what you have been up to Tavi.”

Besides finding you, not a whole lot.” said Tavi. “Trying to make friends and find others like us.”

Any luck with that?” asked Yvonne.

“Some, yeah.” said Tavi, though he was talking more about other babyfurs than experiments, he had come across a few who were experimented on at the same lab. Unsurprisingly, many of them developed a desire to wear diapers and be babied, since their own childhoods were taken from them. He went on to tell her about the people he had met, and the places he had been before meeting Ozzie.

I'm glad you have such nice friends.” said Yvonne. “I've been mostly in isolation, due to my past.”

Well, I don't think you have to worry about that anymore.” said Tavi. “The company who ran the lab hasn't been in operation in a long time. I believe they were caught and the law put an end to their experimenting.”

Still.” said Yvonne. “You never know. They could be doing work under another name, sending their spies all over.”

“Please don't worry.” said Ozzie. “I have been trying to read the area with my magic since we arrived. No one but us is around.”

That's good.” said Yvonne. “I'm just so sorry I missed out on your childhood. I should have been there to take care of you and raise you myself.”

“You tried.” said Tavi. “That's what counts. You couldn't help what happened.”

You say that, but I still feel like I could have done something more.” said Yvonne. “I missed your childhood years.” She sniffled and wiped away a tear. “Those evil monsters deprived us of that time together.”

I'm here now.” said Tavi. “That's what matters.” He reached out and held her hand, smiling.

Ozzie smiled, and had an idea. He worked his magic, and slowly Tavi began to shrink and regress. “Well, this is something I can help with.” he said.

Yvonne gasped as she watched her son shrink and regress into his clothes. “What is happening?” she asked.

Tavi just blushed and looked at Ozzie as he shrank down into his teens. “He can make people younger.” he said. “I guess you'll get the chance to take care of me after all.” He chuckled as he quickly shrank down into his clothes.

Yvonne leaned over and looked down into the clothes. She saw a diaper peeking out, then saw her son's little fluffy head poke out.

Supwise!” said Tavi, giggling.

Oh honey...” said Yvonne, plucking him from his clothes. “Oh you are just how I remember you.” She cuddled him and nuzzled his cheek, then sat in the rocking chair with him. She cried happy tears as she rocked her little baby boy. “I don't know how, but thank you Ozzie.”

You're welcome.” said Ozzie. “I have another gift for you.” He smiled as he began regressing her as well.

Yvonne felt strange tingles in her body as time ticked backwards. Aches and pains she had gained over time began to fade, as did any wrinkles and gray hairs. She looked into a hand mirror and saw that she had been returned to her prime, in her late twenties, when she had given birth to Tavi. “This is a miracle...” she said in disbelief. She smiled and held her baby boy in her arms, both looking just as they did on the last day they saw each other.

Ozzie smiled and looked on, loving the cute scene. His heart felt warm and fuzzy, and his chest marking began to glow.

Tavi felt so small, but so loved as he looked up at his mother's beautiful young face. This is how he remembered her, and how he wished things could have been before. He felt so comfortable, being cuddled by his mother and being rocked in the rocking chair.

You are so cute my little boy.” said Yvonne.

Tavi just blushed. He wanted to say that he wasn't cute, but it was okay that his mom said it. She could say it all she wanted. “F-fanks mom.” he said, blushing and squirming.

By the way, I noticed you had a diaper on.” said Yvonne, stroking her son's baby soft fur. “I know you have one on too Ozzie. Did something happen? Are you both incontinent?”

Ozzie blushed and nodded. “Y-yes.” he admitted. “We both are incontinent, but there is more to it.” He went on to explain about babyfurs and adult babies, describing how they develop these desires and how diapers are involved.

I..I wike bein' a baby mommy.” said Tavi, blushing. “I wuv bein' yer baby.” He snuggled into her, nuzzling her chest and cooing.

Aww, so cute!” said Yvonne. “I love being your mommy.” She cuddled with him and patted his fluffy rear. “But I know that babies need diapers.”

Tavi blushed and stuck a finger in his mouth. “Oh yah...” he said, as if he had forgotten.

I can help with that too.” said Ozzie. He conjured up a changing table and stack of diapers, as well as some baby powder from his magic portal.

How lovely!” said Yvonne. She placed Tavi on the table and tickled his feet. “Choochie coochie coo!”

Tavi giggled and kicked his little legs happily. He loved this treatment from his mom. He never thought he would experience this, yet here he was, a baby again, with his young mother.

Let's see if I remember how to do this.” said Yvonne. She took out one of the diapers and opened it, then lifted Tavi's little legs and slid it under him. Next she grabbed the powder and sprinkled some onto it and his little bottom, before settling it back down onto the soft, bulky, disposable baby diaper. Next she sprinkled more powder onto his crotch and then pulled the front of the diaper up between his legs and fastened it across his waist. “Yes, I think I do.” She smiled and picked him up, nuzzling him.

Tavi smiled and cooed softly, crinkling in his little diaper, feeling very tiny and loved. Then he turned to Ozzie, who was still on the couch smiling. “Otay Ozzie.” he said. “Ish yer tuwn.”

Ozzie blushed and shook his head. “This is for you, not me.” he said, though he had already gotten a little younger just watching the adorable scene play out. He couldn't help it.

Nonsense.” said Yvonne, carrying Tavi over to the couch. “I can take care of two little boys. Besides, you deserve it for helping my Tavi. As far as I am concerned, you are family.”

Ozzie smiled and began shrinking on the couch. It was the first time he had felt like family to anyone besides Luna and Jenn. His feet pulled up off the floor and his shoes fell with a thump. His height lowered and his legs retreated up into his shorts and onto the couch. He was left a tiny infant in a sea of adult clothing, peeking his little head out and raising his arms.

Awww, there he is.” said Yvonne. She sat Tavi down on the couch then picked up Ozzie, leaving his clothes behind. “A cute little baby skunk.” She laid him down on the changing table and tickled his tummy.

Ozzie giggled and squirmed, blushing and sucking his thumb.

You know, I had a feeling.” said Yvonne, beginning to diaper the baby skunk. “When I saw you two, I thought I heard a familiar rustle of a certain kind of underwear.” She slid a fresh diaper under Ozzie and sprinkled it with powder, then lowered him onto it. “You both exude an aura of early childhood. It is as if your souls cry out your inner infancy.” She sprinkled more powder onto his crotch then taped his diaper snugly across his waist. “That's why I gave you both chocolate milk. I have plenty of tea, juice, and soda, but that seemed more appropriate for some reason.” She picked up the cooing little skunky and then picked up her son. She sat back in the rocking chair, holding both babies, and rocked them gently.

Hehe, ya figuwed us out.” said Ozzie.

When he did dis to me da fiwst time, it was so weiwd.” said Tavi. “I wuved it.”

And I wuv you.” said Ozzie, blushing.

Tavi blushed as well, and both looked up at his mother.

Yvonne smiled down at the two boys. “Aww, do you mean to tell me you two are in love?” she asked.

Tavi nodded and blushed, wanting to hide his face.

That's simply adorable!” said Yvonne. She snuggled both of them closely and rocked them gently. “You are both my baby boys. I know you have a mommy you are looking for Ozzie, but please consider me your mommy too.”

Ozzie blushed and sniffled. It had been a long time since he had been babied by a mommy like this, and it felt great. His chest marking began to glow again.

Tavi smiled at him as his little feet found Ozzie's. The two began playing footsie with one another and giggled, feeling so happy and babyish.

You two make a cute couple.” said Yvonne. “Never thought I would get to take care of my baby boy again, let alone his mate. This is like a dream come true.” She continued to rock them for a time as it began to rain outside. A few rumbles of thunder sounded, making Tavi's ears perk up.

I heaw a stowm comin.” said Tavi.

We'll be all safe and sound in here.” said Yvonne.

“I wuv thundew stowms.” said Tavi.

Me too.” said Ozzie. “Especiawwy when ya can be aww nice n snuggwy inside.”

Then this is perfect.” said Yvonne. She smiled and patted their padded little rears, rocking them as it stormed outside. It was as if there wasn't a single person in the world other than them right now.

Tavi let out a tiny yawn, fallowed by Ozzie.

I don't suppose you have a crib in that space of yours.” said Yvonne.

Ozzie nodded. “Yah, buh it gonna need a woom.” he said.

No problem.” said Yvonne. She got up and carried the two sleepy babies down the hallway to her bedroom. The lightning illuminated the room for a moment before she turned on the lights. All that was in her bedroom was a bed and wooden vanity with seat and mirror. “There should be plenty of room in here for one.

Ozzie nodded and gestured with his finger. A small wooden baby-sized crib appeared, then settled onto the floor. It was painted baby blue with crescent moon carvings in it, and came with a nice, soft, comfy mattress and colorful baby blankets inside. Above it was a mobile with moons and stars spinning around as soft, tinkling music playing.

Oh, that's perfect!” said Yvonne. She smiled and gently laid the two sleepy babies in the crib together.

Ozzie smiled and snuggled Tavi as they were tucked in by the kind young tiger-chipmunk mother.

Yvonne put on her night gown and got into her bed, then turned out the lights. “Goodnight my babies.” she said.

Nini mama.” said Tavi.

“Nini.” Ozzie yawned.

Love you both.” said Yvonne.

“Wuv you too!” said both babies. They smiled and snuggled up together as the thunder and rain made them very sleepy. Soon they had both drifted off into the most blissful of baby dreams.



End Chapter 36

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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