The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

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Chapter 6
Chapter 6

Chapter Description: Its Ozzie's birthday and Luna decides to give him a little surprise.

Many months passed, and Ozzie had learned a lot from his constant training. However, that wasn't his focus right now. Today was Ozzie's birthday. He hadn't really kept track of his age in recent years, but he still knew when it was. Not that it mattered much now since he was a baby. By this time they had convinced the people of the village that Luna was his adoptive mother so that they could go out without worry. He was able to send notice to his home kingdom that he was still on a journey so that they wouldn't think him missing. All was well taken care of, at least for the moment.

After his afternoon nap, Luna changed Ozzie and dressed him in his baby mage robes, then brought him downstairs. “Happy birthday Ozzie!” she shouted. She had put up birthday decorations in the home and made cake just for him.

Ozzie looked around and smiled, more at the obvious love and effort than the actual decorations themselves. “Oh wow!” he said. “Fank yoo! Ish been a wong wong time since I had a birfday pawty.”

I imagine so.” said Luna. “Adults tend to get boring as time goes on and only celebrate with a stiff drink and a few friends. I have something special planned for you though.” She grabbed the diaper bag and the two headed out.

Ozzie couldn't help but wonder what she had in mind. He looked around at all the people and got a few smiles and waves from other mothers as well as regular customers.

Luna carried him to a colorful shack. It had paintings of cartoon-style animals and children playing together on it. Inside there was a person behind a counter. “Two tickets please.” Luna said. She paid for the tickets and entered a dark room. The room was full of seats as well as a screen in front. It was also full of parents with their small children and babies. Most of them were sucking away on their glowing pacifiers.

Suddenly, Ozzie wanted his pacifier. “Um, can I haf my paci pwease?” he asked.

Luna nodded as they sat down and got the pacifier out of the bag and gave it to him. “Here you go sweety.” she said.

Fanks.” Ozzie said, popping it in his mouth and sucking on it. He looked around at all the tots in the room. There were people as well as beast kin. The beast kin children were extra adorable, having soft round features in addition to their furry faces. They had big eyes, cute snouts, and some had little whiskers. He absently wondered what it would be like to have fur and a tail.

Soon there was a soft buzzing sound, and the lights dimmed. Everyone got quiet as a light shined on the screen. Cheerful music began to play as a picture of a cartoon person was shown on screen. Then the character suddenly moved and waved at everyone. There was an audible gasp as this was still a new thing to most people. Someone had figured out how to make drawings move by drawing a character over and over in different poses to give the illusion of movement. Further, they figured out how to project the image onto a screen using light magic.

Ozzie stared at the screen, his mouth open, with his pacifier dangling from it. He had never seen anything like this before. He watched the character jump and dance around, and even be joined by a beast kin character. It was a bunny with long ears and big feet. They ran around the screen and danced on the ceiling. Ozzie giggled at the antics of the two as they bonked each other on the head with hammers, only to have them squash and stretch and left unharmed. There was no color and no dialogue, but there was music playing that would strike different notes each time the characters did something funny. He joined in with the other babies and children laughing and giggling. It was a great and funny show. Once it was over, Ozzie and the others clapped. “Dat was amazing!” he said.

It sure was!” Luna replied. “I had heard about this from some customers the other day. Its a new form of entertainment, particularly for kids. I thought that today would be a good day to give it a try.”

Gwad ya did!” Ozzie said happily. The cartoon had given him some ideas on how to playfully use some magic.

Luna carried Ozzie out of the theater and the light of the sun made them squint after being in the dark room for so long.

Ozzie smiled and sucked on his pacifier as he thought about the cartoon he just saw. No doubt he would remember this for a long time.

Luna had even more surprises for him once they got home. She had his high chair in the living room this time, and sat him in it. She put a “Birthday Boy” bib on him and a little party hat, before putting one on herself. It just made Ozzie blush and look adorable.

Hehe, aww dis jus fow me?” he asked with a smile.

Of course!” Luna replied. “Just for my little baby boy.” With that, she brought out the cake. It was a rectangular chocolate cake decorated with blue frosting and white moons and stars. She had spelled out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY OZZIE” on it, and stuck one candle in it. “It wouldn't make sense to put over a hundred candles on it, so I figured just one will do. It kinda fits anyway.” she giggled.

You went aww out.” he said. It made him tear up a bit. “Ya been so good to me.”

Aww, its okay!” she said, hugging him. He always felt so small and helpless in her arms. “You've come a long way and put in so much time and effort. You deserve this. Now make a wish before blowing out the candle.” She lit the candle and sang a sweet birthday song known by most people.

Ozzie smiled and wished for the threat of the witch to be gone, and blew out the candle.

Yay!” Luna cheered. “Good job!” She took the candle out and served Ozzie a slice of cake, and had one of her own.

No fowks?” Ozzie asked, not seeing any utensils.

You're a baby sweety.” Luna reminded him. “On birthdays, babies eat with their hands.”

Ozzie looked at the cake and at his tiny hands. He shrugged and grabbed the cake with his hands and stuffed it into his mouth, getting cake and frosting all over his face and hands. “Ish good cake.” he said with a mouthful. He had gotten used to acting babyish in public, but as a result he also began to let those behaviors out at home as well.

Luna just smiled and ate her cake with a fork. “I'm glad you like it!” She chuckled at Ozzie's cake covered face. He had some smeared on his bib as well. “You're going to need a good clean up after this.”

Ish your fawt.” he responded, licking his hands. “Ya shouwdn't haf made such a yummy cake.” He smiled and ate some more.

Here, have some milk.” said Luna, offering him a baby bottle of fresh milk.

Ozzie thirstily drank the milk. It tasted so good after eating all that cake. After they had both finished eating, Luna cleaned up Ozzie's face and hands. She took off his bib and picked him up. “That's not all.” she said. “I have a present for you.”

A pweasent?” Ozzie said, trying to contain his excitement. “Ya aweady done so much fow me.”

Oh shush.” she said. “You're my baby now and my baby gets presents on his birthday.” She put him down on the floor and gave him a colorfully wrapped box.

Oh boy!” he said and began ripping the paper off. He ripped open the box and pulled out a cute and very soft little teddy bear. It had a red ribbon bow tied around its neck and a heart-shaped ruby on its chest. “Awww, a teddy beaw!” He smiled and hugged it tightly. When he did, the ruby glowed with a magical light. “Oooh, it wights up!”

That's right!” said Luna. “Now you'll have a little pal to cuddle with in your crib when you're not sleeping with me. Plus, if you get scared, you can squeeze him and he'll light up the dark for you.”

Ozzie blushed. Sometimes he did wake up with baby emotions running high and afraid of the dark. “Fank yoo so much!” he said, reaching up to Luna.

She picked him up and gave him a big birthday hug. “You're welcome little man!” she said while holding him. “I know we've spent the eight months training and working hard, so today lets just take things easy and relax.”

Sounds good to me.” Ozzie said, laying his head on Luna. He held his teddy as she held him, and felt totally relaxed.

Luna sat down with Ozzie in her arms and rocked him in her rocking chair. She tousled his hair and hummed a soft tune to him while he played with his teddy and made it light up over and over.

The babyish treatment was making him mentally regress again, and he stuck one of the teddy bear's ears in his mouth to suck on. He cooed and held the plush closely.

Luna just chuckled a bit. “Does it taste good?” she asked. “Probably not as good as the cake huh?”

Ozzie just nodded and smiled, drooling down the plush. “Beaw.” he said, identifying the object to her.

Yes, it sure is a bear.” Luna said in the same tone a mother would say to her child. “My baby knows his animals.”

He just smiled and giggled, enjoying the praise from his mommy. The sugar from the cake was making him a bit antsy though, and he squirmed and wiggled.

Luna felt his diaper grow warm. “Oh my, does my baby need his diaper changed already?” she asked in a teasing way.

Ozzie just giggled and suddenly floated out of her grasp. He began to fly around the room giggling and holding onto his bear.

Guess I have to catch you to change you huh?” Luna said with a grin. They had done this before, but it was training then. Now it was play time. “Mommy is gonna get you!” She chuckled, charging at him.

Ozzie squealed and flew around in circles, staying just out of her reach. He was having so much fun. He would later come to treasure these times with her. Even though his baby mind had taken over, he was now fully aware of what was going on and just let it happen naturally. He continued to fly around the house as Luna followed him. He eventually settled down on her bed.

Oh no.” she said. “You're not going to leak on my bed again!” She giggled and reached for him but he flew away again. This time he turned upside down with his feet on the ceiling, pretending to walk on it. “Cheeky baby.”

He looked down at her as a bit of drool fell from his mouth and onto the floor. The baby wizard danced around on the ceiling just like the cartoon characters did, and then went and into the bathroom where he floated down to the changing table.

Good boy.” said Luna. “But lets make sure you're done.” She reached down and tickled Ozzie's sides and feet, making him squirm and giggle a lot.

Ozzie wiggled and kicked his little feet happily. He felt nothing but pure happiness and joy. This was Luna's way of making sure he had emptied his bladder before bed. It worked every time, and he felt the warmth spread around his front and backside. It no longer embarrassed him like it used to. It was just natural now. He even came to enjoy the warm wet feeling. He just didn't like it when it got cold or when he had pooped.

After making sure he had emptied his bladder, Luna unfastened Ozzie's diaper and began cleaning him up. She removed the diaper, leaving him bare, and filled the tub. “Its time for a nice birthday bath.” she said, adding some soap.

Yay!” Ozzie cheered. “Birfday baby baff!” He looked down at the filling tub.

But teddy has to stay here, okay?” she said, gently taking the plush and putting it on the counter. “He'll be right here waiting for you.”

Ozzie whined a bit, but nodded. Besides, she had gotten him some bath toys that he could play with.

After the tub had filled, Luna then removed her clothing. “Mind if mommy joins you?” she asked. She sometimes got in the tub with him to get them both clean at the same time. It was also one of the more tender moments they both enjoyed together.

I dun mind.” Ozzie said, blushing a little at seeing her without clothing. There was no sexual attraction nor such feelings between them, but in the back of his mind he still knew they were both adults.

Luna picked him up and stepped into the tub. She sat down with him in front of her and let him settle in before bathing him all over.

Ozzie cooed as the warm water surrounded him. He felt the tickles of the soapy cloth as he was cleaned from head to toe. He held and squeaked a rubber ducky, playfully splashing around and playing with the bubbles. Suddenly he turned and playfully splashed Luna.

Hey!” she said in a mock expression of surprise. “You're going to get it little man!” She playfully splashed him back using her tail.

Ozzie giggled and grabbed her tail. “Mine now.” he said, teasing.

Luna chuckled and wiggled her tail. “Nu uh, its mommy's tail!” she said laughing. After a while of playing in the tub, she drained the tub and stood up. She picked up Ozzie and turned on the shower head. “Its raining!”

Ozzie giggled and shook his head back and forth, getting water everywhere. Luna's wet fur always tickled him, and he could feel her skin underneath it.

Luna rinsed Ozzie and herself off in the shower, then turned it off and stepped out. She dried Ozzie off in a towel and sat him down on the counter next to the teddy bear.

While Luna dried herself, Ozzie grabbed the plush and hugged it. He was still wrapped in the wet towel, and felt warm, safe, and clean.

Luna wrapped herself and her hair in a towel and carried Ozzie to the bedroom. She laid him down on her bed and prepared a night-time diaper.

Ozzie giggled and kicked his little feet in the air. This had been such a good day. He felt the diaper being placed under his bottom and inhaled the sweet scent of the baby powder as it was applied to him.

Luna fastened his diaper and then pulled out a tiny button-up sleeper with clouds on it. “Ready for jammies?” she asked with a smile.

Ozzie nodded and smiled. “Weady!” He smiled as he was dressed. First his feet were placed inside, then his arms, and the rest of him. Then it was buttoned up over his diaper, tummy, and chest. It was so soft and comfortable. He snuggled his bear and yawned.

Time for sweet baby dreams.” Luna said, picking him up and giving him a kiss on the cheek, then placing him in his crib.

C-can I sweep wif yoo tonight?” Ozzie asked meekly. He often slept better with her in her bed.

Sure sweety!” Luna replied. She got dressed in her nightie and picked him up again. She carried him to her bed and laid down with him next to her. “Good night Ozzie.” Her tail curled around his back.

Ozzie smiled and cooed, feeling safe and warm surrounded by her warmth. “Good night Wuna.” he said, curling up with his plush. They both slept peacefully through the night.



End Chapter 6

The Adventures of Ozzie Astaroth

by: Ouroboros | Story In Progress | Last updated Aug 21, 2022


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