A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

Geralt flinched, the sudden realisation that he was dreaming hitting him. Looking around, he was in a forest of some sort. It looked similar to the surroundings of Kaer Morhen. He turned around when he heard a giggle. Ciri was sitting beside her teddy bear ‘Vese’ in front of him. She was holding a wooden sword and dressed in a bright pink dress, similar to the sleeper he’d put her in for bed. She had the same bow in her hair and pacifier in her mouth too.

“Geralt!” he looked up to see Yennefer standing behind Ciri, arms crossed.

"Relax Yen, she barely fell a few inches" he heard himself say in his regular voice. His dream self waved a wooden sword around. Ciri turned around to Yen.

“Mommy wook! Daddy teachin me ta fight!" Ciri giddily shouted, her pacifier falling out and only saved from getting dirty by its clip.

"Well then you won't mind giving her the diaper change she clearly needs" Yen said with a scowl. Geralt looked down at Ciri’s diaper. The once white material was now clearly holding shit. Which was now probably smeared all over her butt since she fell.

“Fuck…” he heard himself say.

Ciri started giggling again. "Hehe! Poopies Daddy!" she said, apparently finding humour in his situation. He noticed a ripple effect, kind of like a stone thrown in still water, on Yen’s dress.

"And you can change my diaper too while you're at it" she said. Whether he hadn’t noticed it before or it had just appeared with the ripple, Geralt could now see Yen was wearing a diaper. A heavily wet one judging by the condensation and yellowness he could see on the front.

The world around him changed. He was now in his bedroom in Corvo Bianco. It looked more like the current version of the room. There was a pail of used diapers to be washed, a table for changing said diapers and all manner of toys scattered throughout the room.

"Cummies time Daddy!" he turned around to see Yen on the stuffed unicorn. Except it wasn’t the same, taxidermy, unicorn. It was a child's stuffed animal. And Yen was humping it in the frilly black and purple dress, much more childish than the one she wore yesterday. She was in a clearly wet diaper, sucking a pacifier.

"No Yen, it's time for your nap" he heard himself say. This was apparently the wrong thing to say because Yen pouted and started shouting "I no sweepy!” over and over again as she kept humping. Geralt could see the back of her diaper being pushed out. He picked Yen up.

"Come on Yen. Let's get you out of that poopy diaper. You can make cummies after your nap"

Yen was still pouting but conceded anyway. “Otay Daddy” she said.

The world changed again. This time he was squating next to a sandbox. Ciri and Yennefer were both playing in the sand, laughing in well used diapers. He heard a loud fart.

“Ew! Mommy! Yenny poopy!” Ciri shouted. Ciri had called him Mommy? And just called Yen Yenny? Yen just giggled.

“Abaga Mama!” she babbled, seemingly unable to speak now. Geralt heard his feminine voice giggling. He, or rather she, walked over to the two. The scenery shifted and they were now laying down beside him. No… they were feeding. Geralt was breastfeeding Yen and Ciri.

Before the dream could go any further, Geralt woke up. He tried to raise his arms, but found both were being weighed down. Opening his eyes, he could see Yen on his right and Ciri on his left. She must have escaped her crib when he and Yen were asleep. She was drooling on his bare breasts.

Ciri moved her leg, wrapping it around Geralt’s leg. As she did so, he felt her brush by his crotch. Or her crotch would be more accurate. It was a good thing Yen had gotten to have sex last night. He wasn’t sure she’d enjoy humping another vagina.

He turned to look at Yen. She’d progressed much further, now wearing the same pink sleeper as Ciri and sucking the same pacifier too. Although she didn’t appear to be drooling. Geralt tried to slip her arms out but found both women just tightened their grasp.

“Dammit” she whispered. Not only for the predicament of being unable to get out of bed but for the realisation that she had actually thought of herself as a she. She still had all of her male memories, yet found it impossible to think of herself as a man.

Fortunately, Ciri waking up distracted her from that existential crisis. Ciri groaned as her pacifier fell out, immediately latching onto Geralt’s breast. The foreign feeling of milk flowing out of her caused Geralt to shiver with pleasure. She moaned softly, bringing her arm up around Ciri to gently pet her head. There weren’t any windows in the room, so she had no idea what time it was. Hopefully it was after noon. The sooner Triss got here, the better.

She looked around the room. The old unicorn was still here, but now beside it sat the giant plush version Geralt had seen in her dreams. The playpen had grown in size, along with the crib. 

She winced as Ciri started suckling more fervently. She still had her adult teeth. Geralt would be lucky to not have marks after this. She turned her attention back to Yen as she stirred from her sleep. “Yen. Don’t panic” she whispered. Yennefer moaned behind her pacifier, taking a moment to become aware of their situation.

Geralt could see the tears start to form in her eyes as her jaw started quivering. She managed to only let out a quiet whine as she spat her paci out. “Twith hewe to fik fingth yet?” she lisped. Geralt shook her head, partly surprised she could understand Yen’s new heavy lisp. She could see a line of drool make its way down Yen’s chin. She was staring at Geralt’s other breast.

“You okay there Yen?” she asked, mildly amused at the sight.

“Yeth Mommy… !?” Yen said, only registering what she’d said after a few seconds. Yen pouted and lay back down, nuzzling into Geralt’s neck. Geralt brought her hand up to rub Yen’s hair as she was doing with Ciri.

“It’s alright Yen… Triss will fix this…” she said, though she knew they were both growing skeptical of whether the sorceress could actually do anything. Just then, Yen’s stomach rumbled. “Uh Yen?... I don’t think there’ll be any... solid food for you or Ciri anymore” she said. Yen sighed, but didn’t stir for a few moments. She must have decided she’d lose what little dignity she had left over going hungry, as she latched onto Geralt’s other breast and started suckling.

Ciri took her mouth off Geralt’s breast and surprised both her and Yen with a loud *BURP* before going back for more. Geralt couldn’t help but chuckle. “Surprised you’re not scolding her” she mumbled to Yen. They must have lay there a good 5 minutes before both Yen and Ciri had their fill, which only made Geralt groan. Adult women on a purely liquid diet? She dreaded to see what state their diapers were in.

Yen whimpered as she was picked up. She would definitely be more grateful to be in a clean diaper. And after removing her sleeper and diaper cover, it was just as Geralt suspected. Shit that more resembled sludge was smeared over her ass. Thankfully she found cleaning Yen to be much easier, her body likely used to changing multiple diapers a day. She noted the diapers were… well, different. They made a loud crinkling noise and seemed to be made of a material she’d never seen before. They came in all manner of colours and patterns too. “Not the strangest thing I suppose” she whispered.

Yen had stuck her thumb in her mouth to suck by the time Geralt had finished. “Hopefully that’s the last change you need” she said, although it didn’t seem to cheer her up as Yen still looked like she was sulking.

She tried to scoot off the changing table but as soon as her feet hit the ground, her legs buckled. Geralt grabbed under her arms and gently lowered her to the ground. “Me no walkie no mowe?” she whined. Yen pouted again and crawled over to the playpen.

“Clearly not” Geralt said, walking back to her bed to change Ciri’s diaper. Ciri of course wasn’t as easy as Yen. She didn’t seem to think she had time for a change, doing her best to get to the ground. She still clung to Vese despite the thrashings. Now she just had to dress the two of them and herself. “I do not need to see these right now…” she said, holding up a pair of silk panties.

Most of her outfits were the same and had just changed to fit her. Although she did see a couple of things she wouldn’t be caught dead in, like the fishnet stockings. She reluctantly slipped the panties on, and just grabbed her usual attire of a plain shirt and pants, with the addition of a maternity bra. Turning her attention to the less mature section of the wardrobe, Geralt snorted. It wasn’t that there was 2 of every outfit, but more so that they were all bright pastel colours. Except one dress.

The black and purple one Yen had worn in Geralt’s dream. Although it had much more frills than the rest of the outfits, and did absolutely nothing to hide her diaper, Yen would probably appreciate it over wearing any of the pinks, yellows, or any other colours she had to choose from.

She still didn’t look too impressed, but a quick glance at what Ciri would be wearing was enough to keep her from saying anything. With a practised ease, Geralt dressed Ciri in the same bright pink dress she'd worn in her dream. After putting a clip on to make sure she didn't lose her pacifier and tying her hair back with a pink ribbon, Geralt put Ciri in a large playpen. 

"At least one of us doesn't mind her situation" she muttered. Yennefer was sucking her thumb, glaring at the dress she was about to be put in. Geralt sighed and grabbed a cloth. Yennefer blushed as Geralt wiped the dribbles off her chin. She picked up a pacifier and swapped Yen' s thumb for it. "I need both your hands free to dress you Yen" 

Yennefer sighed and held her arms up for the dress to be put on. "No bwa?" she asked. Geralt's eyebrows rose at that. Yennefer had never been one to care about whether she was wearing a bra. Although she supposed it was one of the few parts of adulthood Yen could still have. Geralt searched the drawers. Her breasts were a bit larger than Yen's due to the amount of breast milk she needed to produce, but the smallest bra might fit. 

Yennefer smiled at the sight of it as Geralt put it on for her. She sucked her pacifier intently. "Twith wiww fik thith… An' we waugh abou' it ovew a baba of wine… " Yen said. Geralt smiled as she pulled the black dress over Yen's head.

"Glad to see a bit of optimism again" she said, attaching a pacifier clip to her dress like she did with Ciri. Yen giggled. Geralt pulled Yen's hair from her eyes and tied it with a purple bow. Her memories of this reality came to her. She usually let Yen and Ciri play for a bit while she ate breakfast. "You wouldn't mind entertaining Ciri while I go get breakfast would you?" 

Yen pouted behind her pacifier, but shook her head. "No Mommy" she said, cringing at calling Geralt Mommy again. Geralt picked her up and gently planted a kiss on her cheek. 

"This'll all be over soon" she said before putting Yen down next to Ciri. Walking out of the bedroom, Geralt was greeted with the smell of eggs and bacon. Marlene had already piled her plate and left it on the table. Geralt ate in relative silence, only the faint giggles of Yen and Ciri breaking it. Looking around her, she could see her armour had changed too. Grandmaster quality crafted Witcher gear, except they were made to fit a woman. She sighed.

Triss hadn't said when she was coming over so there wasn't much to do but wait. Hopefully Geralt had changed her last diaper. It was more her male side that found it disgusting. Her female side has been changing dirty diapers for decades now. She groaned as another memory came to her. She'd promised to help Anna Henrietta with her baby. The woman was unwilling to let any child of hers be raised by a nanny like she and Syanna had. So Geralt had promised to teach her everything she could. Which included how to change diapers. 

"Please get here sooner rather than later" she mumbled, shoving another slice of bacon into her mouth. The giggles in the bedroom had turned into outright laughter. Deciding to see what all the commotion was about, Geralt scarfed down the last egg and entered the bedroom. Yen was tickling Ciri. 

"Mommy hewp!" Ciri shouted between laughs. Geralt grinned and walked into the playpen, joining in on the tickling spree by going after both Yen and Ciri. "Mommy! I thaid hewp!" Ciri shouted, not really putting up much of a fight. Geralt stopped tickling, laughing herself as both girls regained their breaths, before starting again. 

A full minute later she finally stopped. Ciri and Yennefer kept giggling, trying to regain the breaths again. Geralt effortlessly picked both girls up at once and walked out. "I think it's time you girls went outside"

Their little playground had changed from yesterday. After all, neither of the girls could walk anymore. The sandbox and Yennefer’s seat were the only unchanged parts. The swings were now hard plastic seats that wouldn't let either girl fall out. The jungle gym and slide was replaced with a crawling tunnel. "Wing wing Mommy!" Ciri shouted.

It was a bit of a struggle to put Ciri into the swing with her excited fidgeting, but once she was in she was happily squealing. "Yeee! Highew Mommy!" she said. Geralt pushed, making sure she didn't go too high. She looked down at Yen, who was still nuzzled into the crook of her neck, watching Ciri play. She sucked her pacifier softly, content to stay in Geralt's arms. 

"You want to get down?" she whispered, pushing Ciri again. Yen shook her head no, instead just snuggling closer. Geralt rest her cheek against Yen's head, finding herself softly humming to her.

"Twith won' wemembew I wath a big giwl" Yen lisped.

"... Probably not. I'm sure I can give her a good idea of what happened" Geralt said. If she was being honest, there was no telling whether she would remember Yennefer the sorceress over Yenny the toddler. They weren't even sure why they remembered the original reality. “Which reminds me, I’m probably going to need to know what was in that potion” she said. Yen sighed and took her pacifier out.

“Bwock, ‘Wawwow an’ Duwdin… Duwde-” Yen sighed and stuck her pacifier back in, frustrated at her lisp.

“Come on you got it. Brock, Swallow and what?” she said. Yen took a deep breath, then took the pacifier back out.

“Duw… Dayn’th decocpfff” she managed before her tongue went limp and drool trickled out her mouth. She groaned and put her paci back in.

“Duldane’s decoction? Is that what you said?” Geralt asked. Yen nodded. She was concerned that Yen was mixing 2 Witcher’s potions along with a potion she’s never heard of and a herb neither has heard of, but scolding her could wait.

"Thand Mommy!" Ciri shouted, bringing their attention back to her. Geralt couldn't help but chuckle. She'd barely been on the swing for 5 minutes and she already wanted to play with something else. She complied and pulled her out of the swing so she could play in the sandbox. Geralt sat down on the bench with Yen, both watching Ciri building mounds of sand as she muttered about looking for 'buwied tweasuwe'. 

"... We do wook kinda cu-c-cute" Yen said, struggling to make a u sound. Geralt snorted.

"Don't tell me you'll be changing your wardrobe when we get back to normal" she teased. Realistically, other than the infantile behaviour and the whole being treated like one by everyone else, the clothing was rather cute. Even the diapers looked cute, aside from the fact that they were actually needed of course. Yennefer giggled and shook her head. 

"Not unweth it bwack wike thith dweth'' she lisped. Yen stared at Ciri. Geralt glanced between them. “I… I kinda wike it yeah… jutht not pewm...pewww… jutht not foweva” Yen said. Geralt raised an eyebrow. The thought of still changing diapers when everything was fixed didn’t appeal to her male mind. But if Yen actually ended up wanting to wear them, she didn’t see herself stopping her. Even if it meant changing diapers.

“Must be nice to be that carefree. Don’t think either of us have had that in life” Geralt said as she watched Ciri clumsily make a sand castle next to her hole of ‘buried treasure’. Hell, most people of the Continent didn’t have childhoods as carefree as Ciri’s was now. Children either grew up fast, or they died. She glanced back at Yen. She was staring at Ciri still.

She decided against saying anything else. Yen was already worried she wouldn’t want to go back to normal, and she saw no reason to encourage that. Yen sighed. “Mommy… I wanna pway… but I don’ wanna fowget” she said.

“You’ve played with her for hours before and not forgotten, why would you now?” Geralt asked. Yen gave her pacifier a few hard sucks, her brain clearly taking longer to process the information. 

“Otay. I go pway” she said, smiling as she slid off Geralt’s lap and crawled over to Ciri. Geralt frowned. She’s definitely been affected mentally in some way, but she couldn’t tell what. Maybe she just got jealous of Ciri’s carefree childhood. She sat back and watched as Yen started helping Ciri build a little fortress. Both girls were uncoordinated as they pat down mounds of sand and dug holes in it. Half the sand went back in the hole.

“She’s really happy” Geralt whispered. She was also a little wet if the slight sag of her diaper was anything to go by. The giggling was infectious as Geralt found herself smiling as well. Suddenly, Geralt’s chest started to itch again. Yen flinched, but otherwise kept playing. Then she heard something. It was almost like a-

“Mommy! Thiwi poopy!” Yen shouted, cringing at her lisp. Almost like a wet fart. 

“Abaga Mama!” Ciri giggled. Geralt froze for a second. Had her dream come true? Or was this just a common sight in this reality? They’d swapped places from her dream, so maybe it was. Yen could at least still speak. She sighed again.

“Yen I just changed her, I can’t change her this soon” she said. Yen glared, but carried on playing with Ciri. It didn’t take long for Yen to get used to the smell as she was soon back to smiling and laughing along with Ciri. “Please get here before I have to change another diaper” she whispered.

Over the next hour, Geralt watched as Ciri and Yen played around their little playground. Ciri would get bored of the sandbox and drag Yen over to the crawling tunnel, then back to the sandbox. Multiple times.

“Mommy! Me an’ Thiwi wanna go on da thwing!” Yen shouted, still blushing and having fun despite it. Geralt cringed as she sat Ciri in the swing, watching the back of the diaper flatten out. That’d be a big clean up job. She pushed both girls, finding herself smiling at their infectious laughter again. Ciri clung to Vese for dear life.

“Well now that’s just adorable”

Geralt turned around to see Triss standing by the sandbox in her pea green dress. “You have no idea how glad I am to see you” she said, pushing Yen and Ciri again. Yen looked even more ecstatic to see Triss, which was probably a first in her life.

“Twith!” she yelled, her pacifier falling out. Triss smiled and walked over to them as Geralt stopped pushing the swing. Yen leaned forward as much as she could in the hard plastic seat and, much to Geralt’s surprise, she hugged Triss.

“Haha, hello Yenny. Have you been a good girl for Mommy?” Triss asked. Geralt pulled Ciri out of the swing and balanced her on her hip. Yen pouted.

“Twiiitth! Me big giwl!” Yen whined as Triss pulled her out of the swing too. Triss giggled as she held Yen as Geralt held Ciri. 

“And being a big girl doesn’t mean you can be bad now does it sweetie?” she said. Yen stuck her thumb in her mouth and shook her head. Hopefully they’d be laughing about this ridiculous situation in a few hours. “And your diapie is soaked! You are such a little fountain young lady”

Yen blushed a deep red and shyly ducked her head to rest on Triss’ shoulder. Triss giggled. “Sorry for arriving so early. I was supposed to meet with the Duchess, but her water broke about an hour ago. I didn’t even know she was pregnant” she said, brushing Yen’s hair behind her ear. She looked back up to Geralt. “Now what was that about being glad to see me?” she asked.

Geralt bit her lip. “There’s really no easy way to put this. I need help. That new herb you’ve come across is more dangerous than you realise” she said. 

“How the fu-” Triss stopped and glanced down at Yen. “How did you know I found a new type of herb?”

“Because you sent it to Yennefer to experiment with” she said.

“Geralt don’t be ridiculous. Why would I send Yenny a random herb I found?” Triss asked as they walked into Geralt’s room.

“Triss it’s like I said, there is no easy way to say this. You sent Yen your new exotic herb, Yen made a potion by mixing Brock, Swallow, and something called Duldane’s decoction. Then when she put the herb into that mixture, the glass exploded and sprayed all over us, and… well it seems to have altered our reality”

Triss stared at Geralt. A full 10 seconds passed. Then 20. Then 30. “I’m guessing there’s no laugh coming?” Triss said with pursed lips.

Yen groaned again. “Big giwl” she mumbled, still quietly sucking her thumb. Triss glanced down at her.

“Yennefer is supposed to be about my age. Ciri is supposed to be 21. I’m not supposed to be a woman. Whatever that herb did when it mixed with the potion has changed us dramatically, along with how others perceive us”

Triss took a deep breath. “Geralt… How the hell do you expect me to believe this?” she asked.

“Because unlike Dandelion, I don’t make shitty jokes. This is serious Triss. Ciri doesn’t seem to notice anything is wrong. Yen still has her memories but that’s about it. And I’m definitely not letting any of the Lodge near any of us. If you can’t fix this, we might be stuck like this forever… or worse” Geralt said, growing impatient. Triss was taking more convincing than she’d thought. She just hoped Triss could fix things.

Yen lifted her head and looked at Triss. “Da Thanned Coup! I hewped!” she said, bouncing a little in Triss’ arms. THAT clearly took Triss by surprise. Of course, as far as she was concerned Geralt could have just told Yen about it.

Triss sighed. “Alright, let’s say I believe you. Where did this so-called potion explode?” 

Upon entering the room in the cellar, the 4 of them were greeted by the same mess that had been left there 2 days ago. Triss bent down and examined the mess. The liquid had turned to a soft pink colour, and the glass was still scattered around it. But the herb was still there. In fact, it looked to have grown. “Ok…” Triss said, picking up the herb. “I believe you”

Yen sighed and whispered something to Triss. “So how can we fix this?” Geralt asked. Triss cast a few spells on the pink liquid.

“Well… if I remember correctly, Swallow forces your body to heal faster, and Brock can increase your strength to hit harder, but makes you more susceptible to poison and the like correct?” Geralt nodded.

“And Duldane’s decoction was an experimental potion created by Gerhardt of Aelle. He privately became obsessed with creating a youth potion in his elder years” she turned to Geralt. “I mean… I can try counteract it, but I’m not a miracle worker. The effects might take days to wear off”

It’s either you or we’re stuck like this. Do whatever you think will work” Geralt said. Ciri started to fidget in her arms.

Triss put Yen down and started chanting. The pink liquid and herb rose and came together again, before the liquid turned a deep red colour. “Shit!” Triss shouted, just before the magic around the liquid disappeared, making it explode out as it had before. All 4 of them were drenched in it. Nobody had time to react...



End Chapter 3

A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021


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