A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021

Chapter 8
A New Normal

Geralt groaned as he woke up. Cracking open an eye, he saw Yennefer was still fast asleep on top of him. She gently sucked a pacifier in her sleep and he was pretty sure he could feel her peeing her diaper on his leg.

He took a deep breath. It was a common occurrence for Yennefer to do this nowadays. She switched back and forth between being an adult and an adult baby so often, it had gotten difficult to tell which she was on a given day.

As it turned out, Yennefer LOVED being pampered and having her every need looked after by someone else. She just didn’t want to be stuck like that forever, with no control over it. Geralt twirled Yennefer’s hair in his fingers. She didn’t change anyone else’s reality often in the past 5 years of being able to do so. Although he struggled to not chuckle when he thought back to when she turned the entire Lodge of Sorceress’ into adult babies.

It wasn’t fun at the time, since he had to change so many diapers, but taking the likes of Philippa Eilhart and Fringilla Vigo down to giant babies was satisfying. She’d made sure they were aware, but of course erased their memories of it afterwards. Watching the proud Sorceress’ go from furious to nothing more than adult babies throwing temper tantrums… He could have replayed the memory all day.

Philippa drooling and bawling her newly grown eyes out as she lost control of her bowels. Fringilla pissing herself, and only realising when she started stamping her foot in the puddle at her feet. Although Margarita seemed to also enjoy the spectacle, despite having the same things happen to her. “Mmmph” Yen groaned.

“Good morning to you too” he said, stroking her hair. Yennefer didn’t bother opening her eyes yet, instead just sucking her pacifier. Geralt groaned again as he felt his chest grow out, making Yennefer giggle. “I really wish you’d tell me when you’re going to do that” she said, now a woman with lactating breasts.

Yennefer smirked behind her paci and opened her eyes. “If I did, you might try to object” she said, taking her paci out and latching onto one of Geralt’s breasts. Geralt kept stroking Yen’s hair. As if her objecting would have mattered. She remembered when a prostitute in the Passiflora tried flirting with her on one of their few visits to Novigrad. Despite Geralt telling her not to, Yennefer changed the girl. The Passiflora had a lot of diapered prostitutes drooling on themselves by the end of the day.

She eventually changed them back of course, but any time a prostitute tried flirting with Geralt from then on strangely started sucking their thumbs and walked away. Regardless of whether Yennefer was with her or not. Geralt moaned as Yennefer suddenly stuck 2 fingers in her pussy. “Such a cheeky baby girl” she muttered. Yen giggled as she kept drinking.

“Mommy! Me and Twiss need tangies!” Ciri’s voice echoed from upstairs. Geralt groaned again. Ciri and Triss had ‘unexpectedly’ decided to just live with them at Corvo Bianco after the herb incident. Neither Geralt nor Yennefer had told them of the reality changes. Some days they were big girls who’d happily take care of little Yenny, other days Yennefer decided to be the Mommy. And then there were days when she just wanted playmates.

“You’ll be the death of me yet” she said, sweeping Yen into her arms as she got out of bed. She grunted as Yennefer bit her nipple. She slapped Yen’s thigh in response. Walking out of her room completely nude, she made her way up to Ciri and Triss’ room. Of course, it now looked like a playroom with a giant crib in the corner.

Ciri and Triss were hugging each other in the crib, giggling as Geralt walked up to them. Both were wearing nothing but diapers. She didn’t even need to check their diapers. They were clearly bone dry. “Are you sure you two need your diapies changed?” she asked, swapping Yen to her other breast.

Ciri hid her face in Triss’ breasts. Triss took her paci out. “Thowwy Mommy. Thiwi wanted to make cummieth” she lisped, making Ciri giggle as she peeked out from Triss’ breasts. Geralt snorted. It was going to be one of those days then.

Yennefer stopped sucking and Geralt felt her breasts refill. “Better give the princess what she wants Mommy” she teased. She put Yen in the crib beside Triss and picked Ciri out. Ciri was still giggling as she sucked her paci. She sat down on a chair beside the crib and took the pacifier out. Ciri immediately started sucking Geralt’s breast milk, uncaring for the drool Yennefer had left on her breast.

Geralt started rubbing the front of Ciri’s diaper, causing her to moan. “You’re such a needy little princess, aren’t you sweetie?” she whispered. “Is you horny? Does Mommy’s little Swallow want cummies?” she kept rubbing the front of Ciri’s diaper.

Before the herb incident, she’d have never dreamed of doing this to Ciri. But then, she also could never say no to her either. Ciri smiled and moaned as she started to buck her hips into Geralt's hand, dribbling as much breast milk as she was swallowing. 

Geralt reached around and tickled her nipple, making her laugh and spit her milk all over her own breasts. Ciri moaned loudly and Geralt felt her squirts of cum against the front of her diaper, followed by her peeing in the diaper too. Ciri sighed and went back to drinking Geralt’s breastmilk.

“Is my baby girl happy now?” Geralt asked. Ciri shook her head no and put her hand in her diaper to start fingering herself. She glanced up at Yennefer and Triss. They were both just snuggling as Triss patiently waited her turn. She wouldn’t have thought 5 years ago that she’d ever see Triss and Yennefer getting along so well. “Well then,” she said, looking back to Ciri. “Mommy will just have to help you go cummies again, won’t she?”

Ciri moaned again and Geralt heard her farting. “We should pay a visit to the Lodge again” Yennefer said. Geralt sighed. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to see Philippa and Fringilla being so embarrassed again”

To be honest, she couldn’t say she didn’t want to see that.



End Chapter 8

A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021


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