A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

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Chapter 5
Epilogue 2 (NEUTRAL END)

The liquid contained within the magical aura burst out, completely covering all 4 of them. Geralt shut her eyes and started scratching as the itch she’s been feeling the past few days came back all at once. Her head, breasts, neck, face, anywhere that got splashed was pulsing and itchy. She barely managed to hold on to Ciri the whole time. Then, it stopped. She refused to open her eyes at first. She didn’t feel any different, but then as Triss said the effects could be delayed.

She opened her eyes to find both Triss and Yen on the floor. “Is everyone alright?” she asked. Yen just nodded, moaning as she sat up. “Now I just hope it worked” she whispered. She groaned as she felt pressure on her crotch. Hopefully a good sign.

“Great Melitele” Triss mumbled as she sat up, still clearly dazed as she rocked side to side. “Yeah Geralt, I think so” she said as she got up. Geralt looked back to Yen. She watched in awe as Yen’s dress rippled, losing its frills.

“What happened?” Ciri whispered, panting. Geralt forced a quick laugh. Then started chuckling. Ciri was speaking normally again. She still had a pacifier attached to her dress, and the diaper was still there. But she was speaking again.

“Oh you’ve no idea Ciri” she said. Geralt held back a grunt as a lump started to grow out in her crotch. Who’d ever heard of growing a dick back? Yen struggled to her feet, but managed to stay standing. Geralt noted she was still sucking her thumb. “Well… At least things are getting back to normal” she said, looking around at the other women. Then she saw Triss. Her heart definitely stopped for a second. “Uh… Triss? What’s that?” she pointed to Triss’ crotch.

Triss gasped when she saw it. A diaper. More like the ones Yen and Ciri wore the first day, but it was there. “Dammit. I think we’re definitely going to have to research this herb further before we panic” she said, poking her new garment. Geralt watched as a pacifier materialised in her mouth and she began to suck it, though Triss didn’t seem to notice as she got to her feet as well.

Yen was staring at Triss, but seemed to be holding her composure better than earlier. She took her thumb out. “Do you have it on you? The herb?” Yen asked. Triss nodded.

“It’th with my bag… What’th in my mouth…” Triss said, trying to not look down. She grabbed the pacifier and pulled it out. “I don’t think I’ve fully fixed you… In fact I think I just gave you some of my own maturity or whatever it is”

“What are we wearing?!” Ciri shouted, pulling at her dress. “And why are you hold… ing… me… Geralt?” Ciri stared at Geralt, eyes wide and mouth agape.

“It’s a long story Ciri. A story it looks like we’ll have a lot of time to tell” she said, helping the girl down onto her feet. “But maybe instead of rushing into the next little experiment, we could actually try to figure out WHY this is happening?”

Yen and Triss nodded. “The changes seem to have stopped for them moment. I’ll get in touch with Ida, hopefully my megascope is back to-” Yen stopped. Took a deep breath. Then sighed. “Geralt would you please fill Ciri in on what’s happened? I need to go change…” she said, dragging Triss off with her.

“So,” Geralt turned to Ciri. “What’s the last thing you remember?”

2 weeks later

Geralt groaned as she was woken up with her breast being sucked. “Oh stop complaining, it’s not exactly easy on me either” Yen said. She opened one eye. Yen was sucking away at her breastmilk.

“You know you could at least wake me up first” she grumbled, running her fingers through Yen’s hair. She’d hoped she’d changed her last diaper and given her last breastfeed 2 weeks ago. Now they were still a daily thing. Fine motor skills were 1 thing that neither Yen, Ciri, nor Triss had. So diaper changes either took an age, or they asked Geralt to change them.

And oh the mess when they all realised the food situation. Their digestive systems completely rejected solid food when they tried eating that night. Changing diapers was bad enough. Changing them when the wearers essentially had food poisoning was worse. At least Geralt’s body managed to produce enough nutritious milk to support all 3 women.

She reached down to adjust her morning wood. She got her cock back… right above her vagina. Yen had some fun with that every night. She lifted her head. Ciri was still fast asleep in the crib. She’d originally went back up to the guest bedroom, sleeping with Triss. But she fell out of the bed every night for 3 nights. And since the crib was still there, she decided to make use of it. A good night's sleep without hurting herself was worth more than a little pride.

Yen stopped sucking and covered her mouth to burp. “You’re gonna have to stop your research today you know” Geralt said. It WAS Ciri’s birthday after all. Yen nodded, going back to sucking. Not like it would make a difference anyway. They’d made no progress in understanding the herb.

When Yen had contacted Ida, the Aen Saevherne elf had taken some convincing to believe that there was anything wrong with them. The effects on reality were still firmly in place. Ida couldn’t remember a time when Geralt wasn’t a woman, nor a time when Ciri, Yen and Triss didn’t wear diapers.

But they weren’t the worst things. The worst were the little things. Yen got mad because the 3 still needed naps during the day. Triss blushed when she realised she’d walked around the estate with her breasts on full display, and nobody even cared. Ciri’s embarrassment when she kept calling Geralt Mommy was amusing though.

Geralt sat up, Yen still latched onto her breast as she carried her over to the changing table. Geralt waited for Yen to stop before changing her diaper. “We should try to find a way to store it. It’s a hassle having to stay around you just to drink” Yen said, sticking her thumb in her mouth.

Geralt shrugged. She didn’t really mind personally. Not like she wasn’t already following the 3 of them all day, every day. Just as she opened the diaper, a spurt of pee shot out onto her hand. She sighed. “Thowwy” Yen muttered, blushing as she sucked her thumb. Geralt wiped her hand off.

“It’s alright, not exactly your fault” she said. At least changing their diapers was much easier now without all the fidgeting. After finishing up the change, Geralt walked to the wardrobe and grabbed a few outfits. On the brightside for Yen, there were now many black and white outfits for her. On the downside, they still looked like giant children’s clothes.

As Geralt was getting Yen and herself dressed, Ciri started to stir. She rubbed her eyes with one hand as she hugged Vese with the other. She grabbed her paci that was clipped to her shirt and stuck it in her mouth.

“Wight. I need to go theal off the wab. Don’t want anyone wandewing in today” Yen said hopping off the changing table and grabbing a black paci from her nightstand. Geralt walked over to Ciri and lifted her out of the crib. Yen took her thumb out of her mouth to say “Happy birthday Ciri” before putting her paci in and walking off.

“I wish you’d jutht wet me get out on my own” Ciri grumbled as Geralt lay her on the changing table.

“Well I wouldn’t be a very good Mommy if I didn’t meet your every need” Geralt chuckled. Ciri scoffed and shook her head.

“Hope I pee on you” she said as Geralt took off her diaper.

“Wouldn’t be the first time” Geralt said as she wiped her down. After she finished putting Ciri in a new diaper and an adorable little burgundy dress, she picked her back up and lay down on the bed. Ciri sighed and took her paci out.

“You know… I could get used to being treated like a little princess again” she joked, latching on to Geralt’s breast. She laughed.

“Yeah, Calanthe did her best to make sure you were more like your Mother than her or Meve. There were enough warrior Queen’s around then” she said, stroking Ciri’s hair. They just lay there as Ciri drank her fill. There would be enough talking to be had later at the party.

“All done?” Geralt asked as Ciri got up. She nodded and stuck her paci back in. “Right. If you see Triss just send her in” she said, getting herself dressed. Ciri nodded. Just before she left, Geralt spoke again. “Oh and Ciri?”

Ciri turned back around, Geralt walking over to her. “Happy birthday little swallow” she said, giving her a hug. Ciri blushed.

“Thanks… Mommy”



End Chapter 5

A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021


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