A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

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Chapter 7





Geralt sighed. “Come on Yenny, you’re nearly there” she said.

“I said no… Barely making any progress” she grumbled, arms crossed as she glared down at the book in front of her.

“Yenny, you’re making amazing progress. Just because you aren’t seeing it doesn’t mean it’s not happening”


“... Tell you what, just finish the next one. We’ll pick it up again at the weekend”

Yennefer sighed. “A hunt… uh... huntsman? came past, and… uh… bethought? himself, "How can an owd… old woman... snore like that? I'll... just have a wook… look to see what it is." “ she read each word aloud, doing her best to pronounce each syllable correctly.

Geralt rubbed her back and smiled. “Good girl Yenny” she praised. Yen huffed and stuck her thumb in her mouth. In the aftermath of the herb, Geralt and Yennefer had found that Yennefer was basically a 2 year old in most ways. She got off lucky, considering both Triss and Ciri weren’t even considered to be a year old at the time.

Now, 2 years later, Yen was finally working her way back up to adulthood. She knew all the words still, but actually learning the letters and how the words were written seemed to be taking longer than she’d have liked.

“Come on. We’ve to get you ready for the party now” Geralt said, taking Yen’s free hand. Yen huffed and kept sucking her thumb. If she was being honest with herself, Geralt would say Yen is excelling in most parts of natural development… then falling behind in others. She’s reading at a level above a 4 year old, and certainly able to speak like an adult barring her occasional lisp.

But she still needs diapers, much to both their dismay, and her potty training has so far been a complete failure. She still falls back on comforts like sucking her thumb, or hugging something soft like a blanket or teddy bear. But otherwise, most people remarked on how ‘mature she is for her age’.

In the bedroom, Ciri and Triss were both in the playpen. Priscilla stood outside the pen reading a book, glancing in at them. She looked up at Geralt and Yen as they walked in. “Hi Yenny! Did you and Mommy finish the story already?” she smiled, closing her book.

Yen pouted and shook her head. “She’s getting frustrated with it, but we’re getting there. She’ll be reading like a big girl in no time” Geralt chuckled, squeezing Yen’s hand. “Where did Dandelion go?”

Priscilla scoffed. “Little Triss here said she wanted some sort of rose for the party” she said, ruffling Triss’ hair which made her giggle. “So I sent him out to fetch one from your garden” she bent down and pulled the back of Triss’ diaper out. “Oh Triss! I just changed your diapie you stinky girl!” Priscilla said, making Triss giggle even more.

She picked Triss up and brought her over to the changing table. “You are so lucky it’s your birthday little missy” Priscilla grumbled. Geralt chuckled, letting go of Yen’s hand.

“Do you think you can get dressed by yourself?” she whispered. Yennefer nodded and fetched her dress from the closet. Geralt picked Ciri out of the playpen. “Hello there little Swallow” she said, kissing Ciri’s cheek. Ciri snuggled into Geralt as she sucked her paci. She hugged Vese as she did.

“I don’t know how you manage to keep up with all 3 of them. The second I tried changing Ciri earlier, Triss tried to draw on the walls. And I had to change Ciri into a different onesie to keep her from crying too” Priscilla said, wiping Triss’ bare crotch. Geralt had quickly grown tired of trying to clean the shit off their pubic hair and just kept them all well shaved.

“Well, it helps that Yenny is such a good big Sister. She’s nearly able to change their diapers now too” she said, checking Ciri’s diaper. “Just a bit damp” she muttered, bouncing Ciri on her hip. Yennefer came out in a frilly black and white dress, her diaper just barely peeking out from under it.

“And she got dressed all by herself? She’s a VERY big girl already” Priscilla praised as she slid a new diaper under Triss’ butt. Yennefer had a small blush at the praise and started sucking her thumb again.

She stopped for a second, then scurried over to Geralt. “Mommy, I think I have to go potty!” she whispered excitedly. Geralt got to her knees and pulled an adult sized training potty out from under her bed. Yennefer squeezed her legs together as she stood over it. Geralt sat Ciri down on the floor and untapped Yen’s diaper. As soon as she sat down on it, they could clearly hear Yen peeing.

“Well done Yenny!” Geralt praised, kissing Yen on the cheek. Yennefer smiled behind her thumb, now giggling as she watched her pee going somewhere that wasn’t a diaper for the first time in years.

Priscilla handed Geralt a wet cloth, carrying Triss on her hips. “Very well done sweetie! I’m sure you’ll be potty trained in no time” she said. Yennefer stood up to let Geralt wipe the last drops of pee from her crotch and put her diaper back on.

“Would you mind getting their highchairs set up and put them in? I want to get them fed before I put their party dresses on” Geralt said. Priscilla nodded and bent down to pick Ciri up too.

“Come on Ciri, time to get you and Triss some num-nums” she cooed, walking out of the bedroom.

As soon as she left, Yennefer wrapped her arms around Geralt and hugged her tightly. Geralt chuckled. “See? You’re making progress” she said.

“I haven’t fewt wike I needed to go in tho wong!” Yen blushed slightly at her lisp coming out, but her grin stayed wide. She bit her lip. “So… does this mean I get a reward?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. Geralt chuckled. Sure, Yennefer was treated like a 4 year old by everyone. But she was still an adult in body, and still had her needs.

“I suppose I’ll have to let you stay up a little longer tonight. We can play on your unicorn for a couple of hours later” Geralt whispered teasingly. Yennefer kissed her lips.

“Ooh, are you sure it isn’t my birthday too Mommy?” she giggled. Geralt snorted, leading her out of their room so she could help feed Ciri and Triss. It was definitely a slow, painful process for them. But soon enough, Yennefer would have most of her adult capabilities back. She just hoped the woman wouldn’t be tempted to try to completely fix reality with the herb. Geralt had definitely changed enough diapers for a lifetime already. She could do with not having Yen back to square 1.



End Chapter 7

A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021


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