A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

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Chapter 4
Epilogue 1 (BAD END)

The liquid contained within the magical aura burst out, completely covering all 4 of them. Geralt shut her eyes and started scratching as the itch she’s been feeling the past few days came back all at once. Her head, breasts, neck, face, anywhere that got splashed was pulsing and itchy. She barely managed to hold on to Ciri the whole time. Then, it stopped. She refused to open her eyes at first. She didn’t feel any different, but then as Triss said the effects could be delayed.

She opened her eyes to find both Triss and Yen on the floor. “Is everyone alright?” she asked. Yen just nodded, moaning as she sat up. “Now I just hope it worked” she whispered. Ciri began to whimper and sob, so Geralt started bouncing her in her arms. She swore her breasts actually felt slightly larger.

“Great Melitele” Triss mumbled as she sat up, still clearly dazed as she rocked side to side. “Yeah Geralt, I think so” she said as she got up. Geralt looked back to Yen as she was examining herself and pouting.

“Can you try walking Yen?” Geralt asked, hoping to avoid having another sobbing girl. Yen hesitated. Then she pushed herself to her feet, her diaper sagging behind her as she did so. Unlike earlier she didn’t collapse back to her butt and actually managed to stay standing, but her steps were that of an infant just starting to walk. Although, it seemed more than enough to cheer Yen up.

“Mommy! Me walkie again!” she shouted, still very off balance. She swayed her arms back and forth, giggling as she took another couple of steps. Triss covered her mouth to laugh. Yen nearly fell forward, but Triss and Geralt were both there to prevent that.

“Like I said, the effects might take a couple days to actually come through. But this is definitely a promising sign” she said, holding Yen up by her armpits. She wasn’t quite ready for the barrage of thank yous and kisses Yen gave her. “Haha, you’re welcome Yenny” she said, picking her up. “You need help changing diapers?”

“Hopefully for the last time” Geralt huffed. The changes were clearly small, but Yen could somewhat walk again. Maybe by the time Ciri’s birthday rolls around, they’ll be able to tell everyone about this harrowing adventure. She snorted. As if Yen would let her go around telling everyone. Geralt and Triss walked back to Geralt’s room with Ciri and Yen in tow.

Ciri quietly sucked her paci as Geralt changed her diaper. “Aw. Is you a bit gwumpy sweetie?” Geralt cooed at her. She pulled out one of the strange new diapers she’d seen earlier. Unlike the plain white diapers she’d used earlier, it was a pastel pink colour with light blue coloured swallows all over the front. She unwrapped it and slid the diaper under Ciri’s butt. Ciri hugged Vese closer to her face. “Such a sulky wittle girl you are” she cooed. She noted a small bin labelled ‘Diaper Pail’ and dropped the used diaper in it.

Geralt finished taping up the diaper and picked Ciri back up. She had to hold back a laugh when she saw what Triss had changed Yen into on the floor. Yen was pouting as the plain white diaper she had been put in earlier was replaced by an adorable pink diaper that featured Long Locks on the front. Triss however did laugh. “Hahaha. No need to be so pouty Yenny. I know you’re really older than what I see you as but as far as I’m concerned you’re obsessed with Long Locks. You can complain to me all you want when you’re back to normal”

Geralt bit her lip to hold back a laugh. Indeed, her memories of Yen from this reality confirmed it. Little Yenny was completely enamoured by fairytales. Long Locks especially. As was the case with most little girls. Far too many children dreamed of a handsome prince coming to take them away. Reality is often far too brutal. Yen huffed and stuck her thumb in her mouth, glaring at Triss.

“And since they’re not back to normal yet, I think a nap is in order?” Triss said, only making Yen’s glare more intense.

Geralt couldn’t help but giggle. “A little too early yet. We aren’t up that long” she said, putting Ciri down in the playpen. They were barely even up an hour. But then that might just be Geralt’s fault for not waking up earlier. It was at least close to noon by now. She watched as Triss picked Yen up and put her beside Ciri. Triss really had no idea how much of an earful she’d get when Yen was back to normal.

“Now since the effects will take a while to wear off, I’d like to speak to you privately” Triss said, turning to Geralt. Geralt sighed at Yen’s glare.

“Alright. We can talk in the garden” she said. Yen huffed again and turned to Ciri. “Even if it’ll get me in trouble” she chuckled. Triss giggled at that, and the 2 left the room. As the 2 women walked through the garden and into a small meadow of blooming flowers, Triss spoke up.

“You know… As far as I’m concerned you’re still their Mother… So how will I be affected?” she asked. Geralt had no answer. How could she? “And even more concerning is how will reality be changed this time? Truly incredible that such a small thing could change life so drastically…” she trailed off.

“To be honest, I’d rather neither of you did any more experimenting with it. Breastfeeding 2 grown women for a day is more than what I’m willing to go through. Would rather not become some half cat giggolo next time” she said.

“Oh don’t be a drama queen” Triss chuckled. Geralt suddenly felt the itch flare up with a vengeance. She tore her shirt off, scratching everywhere she could manage.

“Please be fixing things” she whispered harshly as her nails made several cuts along her body. She panted heavily once it had subsided. She looked to Triss, who had fallen down in the flowers, staring at Geralt in shock. Before Geralt could speak, her heart sank as she watched Triss’ clothes begin to disappear. Then her worst nightmare. She could make out the diaper on Triss’ crotch.

"Fuck! Triss are you alright?" she shrieked. She felt her breasts pulsing still as Triss came out of her daydream.

"Um... I think so..." she says, a line of drool falling down her chin. Geralt heard a sharp hiss and could only watch in defeat as the front of the diaper sagged. A pacifier materialised in Triss’ mouth and she started to suck it. Triss’ attempt to fix things had failed. In spectacular fashion. A loud fart vibrated against the diaper. She’d pissed and shat her diaper.

"Damn it, not you too…” Geralt put her head in her hands. She could only imagine how panicked Yen was right now. Taking a deep breath, she knelt down to Triss. “Do you want your diaper changed Triss?" she asked. She could practically see the intelligence leave Triss’ eyes as she asked.

"Yay! Diapie tange!" Triss shouted, now seemingly no better off than Ciri was. Geralt picked her up and walked back to her room. “Mommy I wanna pway dweth up! Wanna weaw my buttafwy” she shouted, bouncing up and down in her arms.

As Geralt entered the room, she could already make out Yen’s faint sobs. She stared at Geralt and Triss, not saying a word. Geralt walked over to the changing table. “Can… Can you still speak?” she asked. She could clearly hear the shaking in Yen’s breathing.

“Why?...” Yen whispered. Geralt started changing Triss. “No… NO NO NO!” Yen shouted, managing to hold her tears back. Geralt said nothing as she wiped Triss down. Everyone in the room flinched as Geralt felt a small itch.

“NO! ‘Top tangin’!” Yen shouted. She was barely containing her tantrum, the tears in her eyes starting to trickle down. Geralt finished taping up Triss' diaper and trudged over to the closet. There were now 3 sets of everything, baring a pea green butterfly costume. Triss cheered when she saw it. 

"Agagaga!" she babbled, reaching out for the dress. Geralt slipped her into it and put her down in the playpen, lifting Yen out. Everything had gone so wrong in only a few minutes. Yen hugged Geralt tightly, sobbing into her shoulder. 

She brought Yen outside and sat on the bench just outside the door with her. They both sat there, Geralt rocking back and forth in a vain attempt to console her. Yen staggered to her feet and stared Geralt in the eye.

"I dun wanna be a baby Mommy!" she cried, her voice going a little as she stomped her feet. Geralt stood and wiped her tears away, noting her diaper was wet again. 

"Shh shh, don't cry Yenny" she whispered, although Yen kept crying. Geralt dug through her memories from this reality to find something to at least calm her down. 

"Why don't we get you changed, then Mommy will buy you some choccy ice cream after you drink your boobie milk" she said. Yen sobbed again.

Geralt embraced her once again. "Don't worry… we'll get through this… we always do" she said. If she was honest with herself, it was more to convince Geralt herself than Yennefer. 

"Buh Twith (hic) Twith a baby wike Thiwi" Yen managed to say. Geralt lifted her chin to look at her directly. 

"She is… but we're still not giving up right?" she asked. "We'll keep going, contact the Lodge if we have to. Hell, we'll get you all back to normal the old fashioned way if we have to. You'll learn to read and write and walk and use the potty again. We're only stuck like this if we give up" 

Her little pep talk seemed to work as Yen stopped sobbing and nodded slowly. "Buh… you can't weawn to be a big boy again" she said, cringing slightly at her vocabulary. True enough. Geralt had likely lost her male life forever if they can't fix things properly. 

"I can live with being a woman. You can't live with being a baby. We'll figure it out" 

Yen sniffed and leant in to hug Geralt again. "Now… let's get you changed" she said. The first day of many ahead…



End Chapter 4

A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021


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