A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

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Chapter 6
Epilogue 3 (GOOD END)

The liquid contained within the magical aura burst out, completely covering all 4 of them. Geralt shut her eyes and started scratching as the itch she’s been feeling the past few days came back all at once. Her head, breasts, neck, face, anywhere that got splashed was pulsing and itchy. She barely managed to hold on to Ciri the whole time. Then, it stopped. She refused to open her eyes at first. She didn’t feel any different, but then as Triss said the effects could be delayed.

She opened her eyes, and watched in amazement as Yen’s clothing morphed and rippled. Geralt grunted as she… he felt his dick pop out. He looked to Ciri, still in his arms. Her clothing changed completely to what she’d worn when he arrived back with Eskel. Although she still seemed groggy. “Geralt?” she mumbled in her daze. He heard Yen laugh. He joined in.

“Great Melitele it worked” Triss muttered. Yennefer didn’t give her time to say anything else, giving the red headed woman a bear hug. “I can’t breathe Yen” she said.

Geralt turned his attention back to Ciri. “Are you feeling alright?” he asked, letting her down to her feet but keeping his arms around her to stop her falling. She nodded, holding her head in her hands.

“What happened?” she asked, finally opening her eyes. “Triss?! When did you get here?” 

Geralt, Yennefer and Triss all laughed. “It’s a long story little sis” Triss said turning to Yennefer. “One that I think needs a lot more alcohol to tell” she said. Yen shook her head.

“After what happened the first night I don’t think I’ll be touching alcohol ever again” she said. She hugged Geralt and Ciri. “But I do think you should at least know about the colossal fuck up I managed to make”

Geralt snorted, earning a light slap on the chest from Yennefer. “I’ll tell Marlene to prepare a big dinner then. Assuming you can stand the sight of food” he said. Yennefer scoffed and dragged Ciri out.

“I assume that means everything is back to normal?” Triss asked. Geralt nodded with a chuckle.

“Yep. As normal as we ever were”

2 weeks later

Geralt grunted as he hacked down yet another Nekker. The damn things had made a nest not 20 meters from the edge of his vineyard. One of the workers had gotten injured after decapitating one with a spade and ran back to tell him.

He stabbed the last one and took its head off. “Better find the nest too” he said, grabbing a Samum bomb from his belt. Once he found it, he dropped it in and stood back. The blasted things took advantage of his days as a woman. Where before he’d patrolled a whole 50 meters around the estate, he hadn’t gotten to do it for a couple of days with all the diaper changes.

“3 fucking days off and I’m still cleaning up 2 weeks later” he muttered, shielding his eyes as the nest burst into flames. He lit the corpses on fire to make sure no corpse eaters would get the wrong impression of food and made his way back to his house.

“At least Eskel and Lambert will be around the next couple of days… Could use a bit of help” he muttered. Ciri’s birthday was today, and Regis, Dandelion, Priscilla and Zoltan had already arrived and more were sure to follow in the next couple of hours.

He pulled off his mud soaked boots and walked into his room barefoot. Yennefer had at least made the room as big as it was during the herb incident. Neither of them had realised just how cramped the damn room felt. He placed his armour on a stand and got dressed in his casual attire.

“Couldn’t even put on a doublet for Ciri’s birthday?” Yennefer asked from the doorway. Geralt turned around, intent on making a snarky reply. But he stopped. And stared at her. “Surprised?” Yen asked.

Geralt groaned. “Yen what the hell are you up to? Don’t tell me you messed around with the herb again” he said. Yennefer stood before him in a black and white dress. The same one she’d worn 2 weeks ago during the herb incident. And she even had a bright pink diaper peeking out from underneath it. Yennefer laughed.

“I did tell you I thought the style was cute didn’t I?” she said, waddling over to him. She did, but he’d just assumed it was a phase the herb put her through. “And yes of course I was” she said.

“Are you insane?! We need to get you to Triss right now!” Geralt whispered harshly. Yen stopped him from moving. He watched as her outfit morphed back to her regular attire, then to her ball gown, then back to the baby attire.

“I may or may not have learned how to control it… and by extension control reality” she said. Geralt stared at her slack jawed. Yennefer had just said she could control reality. And he was just supposed to believe it?

“Observe” she said. Her grunted as he saw flashes of memories of another lifetime. A reality where Ciri took Yennefer as her daughter, and everyone treated her as a baby. Nobody saw anything wrong with her somehow also being over 100 years old.

“Yen this is dangerous” he said. Yennefer put her arms around him and chuckled.

“To tell you the truth Geralt, it’s not anymore. I could accidentally cut off all my limbs and I’d be able to regrow them in under a second” she said. Both their attentions turned to the open door as Ciri and Triss could be heard approaching.

“Oh by the way, as far as everyone but us is concerned, I’m Ciri’s daughter, and you’re Ciri and Triss’ Father” she said.

“I’m Triss’ what?!” Geralt whispered harshly. Yennefer snorted.

“Don’t be so prude Geralt, you’re over 100 and she’s not even 50. You’re old enough to be her Grandfather. I just had to make sure she wouldn’t try to bed you while I was taking my well deserved relaxation time” she said.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, toddler Yenny is needed. And she wants her choccy ice cream” Yen said, licking her lips. Ciri and Triss walked into the bedroom and Yen immediately waddled over to them. “Mommy! Mommy! Gandad thaid I could have choccy ithe cweam” she lisped, excitedly hugging Ciri. Ciri smirked and looked at Geralt.

“Did he now? Well you’re not getting any ice cream until after you’ve had your boobie milk sweetie” she said, picking Yen up like a baby. Yen must have altered her weight for Ciri to be able to pick her up like that. Yen pouted as she was carried out.

Geralt sighed. “You spoil her too much” Triss said, leaning on the doorframe. Geralt walked over to her.

“I’m sure she’ll grow out of it” he said. Acting wasn’t his strong suit, because Triss’ expression immediately changed.

“Dad what’s wrong? Did the herb change something again? I swear I didn’t touch it” she said, speaking far too quickly for someone who was innocent.

“No Triss, nothings wrong I’m just tired after fighting Nekkers… Are you sure you didn’t touch the herb?” he asked, walking over to the door. Triss bit her lip.

“I may have tried using magic on it, but Yenny was nowhere near me and I was far enough away” she said. She acted more like a child that had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Geralt crossed his arms as he stood in front of her.

“I think it’d be safer if we just ignored it altogether. Don’t even try burn the thing. Leave it where it is and make sure it isn’t touched” he said. Triss sighed in defeat.

“Alright. Can’t have you being a milf and Ciri being Yenny’s playmate. I promise I won’t touch it again” she said.

Geralt, brushing off Triss’ milf comment, looked past her shoulder. Yen was acting the part of the toddler girl, even letting Dandelion throw her in the air and catch her despite Priscilla’s scoldings. Triss turned around. “She’s so adorable in that little dress… You think Ciri would let me enchant it for her?” she asked. Geralt pulled her into a hug.

“Not sure what she’d need enchanting on it for, but I’m sure we could convince her together” he said. Triss chuckled.

“Thanks Daddy” she said, hugging him back. This was going to be a LONG birthday party.



End Chapter 6

A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021


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