A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

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Chapter 9
The Lodge Of Little Brats

Geralt strolled through her vineyard, taking note of the quality of this years harvest. Of course, Yennefer had decided on a breast milk breakfast again. So Geralt was probably stuck like this until at least tonight, when she’d become a man again and he and Yennefer could fuck.

Although she’d been rather quiet yesterday. She’d spent most of it snuggling and playing with Triss and Ciri. Usually she’d at least take a break from it to change more things. At least she’d not made Ciri an adult baby today. Ciri would definitely make a good Mother one day. If she ever bothered trying to find a man. She snorted. “Yen wouldn’t let her be a Mom. Probably make her the kids little Sister” she muttered, inspecting a basket of grapes.

“Suppose she’ll just have to stick with being a good big Sister” she chuckled, tossing a grape in her mouth. “That’ll be a good batch” she said. She stood up and saw Yennefer toddling down to her. She had a habit of doing that when she decided to have a baby day. And it usually meant she was excited about something. “What did you do?” Geralt asked.

Yennefer giggled. “I dunno what you mean Mommy” she said, smiling behind her pacifier. Geralt pinched the bridge of her nose. “Otay, you MIGHT have a few vithitowth” Yen lisped. Visitors? Arriving unannounced? Geralt tried to think who Yen might have brought over when it hit her.

“Yenny! You did NOT do what I think you did?!” Geralt chided. Yennefer giggled and put on an innocent face, but refused to answer. Geralt picked her up. Yennefer was bouncing in her arms as she strode up to her house. The moment she entered her bedroom, she saw 2 things. The first, it was MASSIVE! It was almost as big as a Nilfgaardian ball room! There was even 7 cribs along the wall. And the second was 5 sorceress’ lying unconscious on the ground. Ida, Keira, Fringilla, Margarita, and Philippa.

Geralt glared at Yennefer. “Yenny! Where are Ciri and Triss?!” she whispered harshly. Yen shrugged and kept sucking her pacifier. She sighed in frustration. “Alright. Fine. What are you doing with them?” she asked. Geralt hardly wanted to take care of 7 adult baby women, even with Ciri’s help, but it didn’t seem she’d have a choice. “Might as well be running a fucking daycare for sorceress’ now” she muttered.

She watched as all their clothing shifted. All were now dressed more like babies and toddlers. Margarita and Keira got the most mature clothes, only wearing frilly blue dresses. Ida was now wearing a green onesie. All of their new diapers peeking out from under their clothes.

Fringilla and Philippa seemed the worst off in black and red footed sleepers respectively with much larger diaper bulges than the other 3. Philippa groaned and sat up, rocking back and forth uneasily. “What the fuck happened?” she whispered. Geralt saw a line of drool fall down her chin. She looked up at Geralt and Yennefer, still clearly disoriented. She didn’t say anything at first. Then she turned bright red. “Geralt?... I… think I just pissed myself” she slapped her mouth, apparently not intending on saying that.

“Jutht pway awong” Yennefer whispered giddily. Geralt walked over to Philippa and checked her diaper.

“What?! What do you think you’re doing?!” Philippa tried pushing her hand away, but Geralt barely even felt it as Yennefer had taken most of the womans strength. The diaper was absolutely drenched.

“Aw, no wonder you’re so fussy sweetie. Let’s get you into a fresh diapie” she said, putting Yen down and picking Philippa up. Philippa thrashed and struggled, but it amounted to nothing as Geralt put her on the changing table. 

"I demand you cease this sick joke now!" Philippa shouted, trying to get off the table. Geralt strapped her down easily. 

"I hope Ciri didn't spank her earlier. She knows it puts her in a mood" Geralt muttered, pretending to not hear Philippa. "Ciri! Where are you and Triss?" she called out. Yenny ran over to Keira and Margarita as they stirred awake. 

"Just giving her a bath Mom. She’s got mud caked in her hair" Ciri shouted from upstairs. Geralt was amazed she could actually hear Ciri given the new size of the room. Philippa had stopped struggling, instead staring at her fellow sorceress’ in the room. 

"Why so pouty Pippa? Is you gwumpy?" Geralt cooed, tickling her chin. She held back a smirk as Philippa’s jaw dropped, letting another line of drool trickle out. She opened the onesie and tore off the diaper tapes. Philippa looked down and blushed when she saw the sagging diaper.

“Y-You don’t seriously expect me to believe you can’t understand me?!” she snapped. Geralt ignored her as she wiped the woman’s crotch down. “Answer me!” she shouted, prompting Geralt to push a pacifier in her mouth.

“I suppose it’s time for their naps… Yenny, is everyone else clean?” she asked. Geralt looked behind her to see Fringilla and Ida were still fast asleep and Yenny, Keira and Margarita were all giggling.

“Maggie needs a new diapie Mommy!” Yen giggled. Philippa started to sniffle. Geralt had to hold back a laugh this time as tears started flowing. Philippa even started to such her pacifier. Ciri walked in with a naked, freshly bathed Triss.

“Sorry for taking so long Mom. Triss didn’t want to leave the bath” Ciri said, putting Triss down on a changing mat beside the table. Triss looked almost as upset as Philippa as she sucked her thumb. Geralt finished changing Philippa and sat her down beside Yen, picking up Margarita.

“It’s okay sweetie, they can be quite the handful” she chuckled. As she started changing Margarita’s diaper, she noticed her eyes weren’t quite as vacant as Triss or Keira’s were. She leaned in. “Let me guess, you actually like this baby treatment?” she whispered. Margarita nodded and giggled. “Typical” she muttered, taping her into a new diaper. “Alright, let’s get them down for nap time”

One by one, she lifted Margarita, Keira and Yennefer into their cribs while Ciri took care of Triss, Fringilla and Ida. She picked up Philippa who was now just short of crying out loud. She kissed her cheek and whispered into her ear. “Shh shh baby girl. You’ll learn to love it”

Philippa just stared at Geralt as she was tucked into the crib beside Yenny’s crib. Yenny was kneeling, looking in at her. “Yenny, you’d better go to sleep this time or Mommy will have Ciri spank you” she waved her finger at her. Yen blushed as she sucked her pacifier. Geralt tucked her in and leaned in too. “I don’t know what you said to make her cry like that. Just… try not to bully her. You can have your fun and not be mean you know”

Yennefer huffed. “Otay Mommy” she whispered with a pout. Geralt and Ciri left the room. “I’d need an army to keep up with all of you” she said. Ciri snorted.



End Chapter 9

A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021


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