A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

"Yen, you need to calm down" Geralt said in some vain attempt at consoling the sorceress. Although Yennefer's temper usually meant spells were being launched, currently she looked close to crying and wasn't even trying to cast a spell. 

"How the fuck do you reckon that Geralt?! I can't read anymore, I'm wearing a bloody diaper and that's all on top of wetting the bed last night! This is exactly the time to panic" she whispered harshly. 

"Panicking will only make things worse" he said. She stood up rather quickly and hugged him. They stood there for a few minutes, Geralt comforting her by rubbing her back and whispering that it was okay. When Yennefer finally parted she looked up at him. 

"We need to contact Triss… She found the herb, maybe she's done more research on it since" she said. She dragged Geralt outside to a small shed he hasn't seen before. Inside was Yennefer's megascope. 

Just then, he felt his chest flare up again. He was vaguely aware of Yennefer speaking but everything but the itch seemed out of focus. 

"For fucks sake what's changed now?!" Yen shouted. Geralt could faintly hear a trickling sound, which slowly got louder. Yen however didn't seem to notice, still looking around to see what might have changed. 

"Yen… Are you wetting yourself?" Geralt asked, already knowing the answer. Yennefer's scowl sent shivers down his spine. 

"Geralt this is no time for jests! What the hell makes you think I pissed myself?!" she shouted. Then she stopped. Geralt could hear the soft pats of the last few drops of piss hitting her diaper as she put her finger in the damp padding. 

He saw tears start trailing down her cheeks as she nodded. She seemed unusually emotional, and not in the way he'd expect her to be. Geralt felt another itch in his chest flare up, hearing another disconcerting sound. 

Yen started sobbing as the back of her diaper clearly bulged out. "Geralt… Please tell me I'm not…" she said. Geralt could only stare as he scratched his chest, vaguely aware of 2 small bumps now being present. 

Yennefer couldn't take it any longer. 

"Aaahaha!" she cried, not trying to hold her tears back any more. Geralt, acting on instinct, pulled Yen into a hug. He cringed at the feeling of tears wetting his shirt and itchy chest, but opted to comfort Yen first. He looked up and, seeing the megascope had vanished, decided it would be better to bring Yen back into the bedroom. Contacting Triss would have to wait.

He wasn't quite sure what possessed him to do so, but he picked her up, squishing her diaper against her butt. She wrapped her legs around his waist and started crying louder at the feeling. 

He noted there were a couple of odd things strewn about the bedroom as he sat Yen on the bed. A small velvet blanket on the bed. A bow similar to the one Ciri had been wearing on the bedside drawer… A dirty diaper on the floor that hadn’t been there this morning.

“*sniff* Geralt we need to find Twi… Triss! I don’t want to be turned into a damn baby!” Yen cried. Geralt took a step back and sighed. With the megascope gone, they had no way of contacting Triss fast. Would she still show up for Ciri's birthday? A letter might take weeks to get all the way up to Kovir, if she was even still there. 

Geralt started opening drawers. Yennefer was already emotional enough. A dry diaper would at least be better than a used one. He grabbed a cloth diaper and managed to find some powder and a damp cloth. 

"What are you doing?" Yen wept as Geralt put the items beside her on the bed and moving her to the floor. 

"I know you'd rather not be wearing a diaper at all, but I'd also think you'd prefer a dry one rather than sitting in your own piss and shit" Geralt said, gently pushing her shoulder to get her to lay down. 

Yen reluctantly nodded and lay back on the floor. Geralt pulled her dress up enough to change her. He took the diaper cover off to see a yellow stained cloth diaper pinned together. 

He felt a small flare in his chest, Yen starting to breathe quicker. "Yen having a panic attack every time something changes won't help at all. Deep breaths. We'll fix this" he said, unlatching the pins to reveal the damage. 

Yen had sat directly on her shit, smearing it all over her crotch. Geralt groaned, doing his best to wipe most of it off with the front of the diaper. Just then, B.B. walked in. Yen looked like she was about to yell at him to get out, so Geralt lightly tapped her knee. Surprisingly, it worked.

"Oh, apologies Master Geralt, I didn't realise you were changing miss Yennefer" he said, promptly shutting the door. 

"Why the fuck-" 

Geralt held his hand up. "To see how he'd react. Not looking good for us either" he said as he pulled the diaper out from under her. "Seems in addition to the changes, people's views of us are changing as well. When I saw Ciri, she was sucking her thumb. Everyone around her didn’t seem to notice. And if she noticed herself, she didn’t show it. We need to find her" 

Geralt wrapped the diaper up, placing it next to the older one on the floor while he wiped Yennefer's butt clean with the damp cloth. "So… If Barnabas-Basil didn't see anything wrong with me wearing a diaper, nobody else will either" Yen said, seeming to realise just how bad their predicament had gotten. 

Geralt nodded, pouring powder on her crotch. Maybe a little too much. "Hopefully I won't have to get used to this" he grumbled. 

"Wait, why aren't you changing?" Yen asked, struggling to keep her bottom lip from pouting. 

"Well I currently have small breasts growing. And if both you and Ciri are starting to act like the babies everybody else is starting to treat you as, it could only mean one thing as far as I'm concerned" Geralt got Yennefer to lift her butt so he could place the new diaper under her. 

"That you would be the mother" Yen said as Geralt pinned the diaper into place. Geralt nodded, putting the diaper cover back on. Yennefer sat up, scrunching her hair in one hand, and took a deep breath. 

"Feeling better now?" Geralt asked.

“Well let’s see, I have the reading ability, emotional control and continence of an infant and I can’t remember any spells to help get us out of this. Oh I’m just splendid Geralt” Yennefer snapped, her tongue at least as sharp as ever. “Help me up would you?” 

She couldn't help but yelp as Geralt startled her by pulling her up by her armpits rather than her hand. When the 2 walked out, it was immediately clear something was off. They could hear Marlene talking to someone. Or rather she was cooing at them. Ciri ran around the corner and, after nearly stumbling, hugged Geralt and Yennefer.

She’d changed again since Geralt had seen her. Rather than her thumb, she now had an adult sized pacifier in her mouth and her clothes seemed less likely to be used in a fight as they would in a ball. Gone was her armour, replaced by a more elegant Toussaint dress. With the pacifier clipped to it, she looked like she could be a child playing dress up in her mothers clothes.

“Mommy! Daddy! Wook! Mawene gots me a new teddy!” Ciri said, shoving the stuffed animal in their faces. Marlene was already walking back into the kitchen and just gave Geralt a courteous nod. Geralt felt his chest flare up again.

“Did you name him yet Ciri?” he asked. Against his will at that. It felt rather similar to how it felt to first have Axii cast on him during his training as a child in Kaer Morhen. The Witchers used it to get the children to recognise that they were definitely being manipulated. Yet he could not withstand it.

Ciri turned the bear back to look at it. “I dunno what ta caww him” she said, all her concentration seemingly on the bear. Geralt could feel Yen jabbing an elbow at him, but he could only ignore it as he was once again forced to speak.

“Don’t worry sweetie you’ll come up with a good name for him. I’m sure of it” his usually gruff voice seemed to soften out. “How about we go play outside”

Ciri giggled and started skipping out the door, Yen and Geralt following a few paces behind. “Would you mind explaining what the hell that was?! And why doesn’t Ciri remember anything?!” Yen whispered harshly.

“I wasn’t speaking of my own will, this thing is starting to pick up. And if I knew the answer to that, I’d probably know how to get us out of this” he said, scratching at his now slightly larger breasts. Thankfully he could still feel his dick although if they didn’t find a way to contact Triss soon, he had a feeling that wouldn’t be the case for long.

The seat Yennefer had set out when she first arrived was still there, only now as Ciri skipped towards it there was also a large area carved out of the land. A sandbox filled with toys. A swing that seemed far too big for any child. A giant slide connected to an adult sized jungle gym. Geralt would have chuckled if he knew Yen wouldn’t have a negative reaction. Seems he can’t help but spoil Ciri, no matter what.

Ciri ran with her new friend into the jungle gym as Geralt and Yen sat down. “If reality really is changing… will Triss even be coming to Ciri’s birthday?” Yen muttered. Geralt nodded.

“I’m not sure if it’s just a gut feeling or something to do with this reality changing things, but I know she’s coming… It’s just a matter of when she decides to arrive” he said, watching as Ciri laughed going down the slide.

“Geralt that could be today, it could be in 6 days. How do we know we won’t start to forget like Ciri?” 

Geralt continued to watch Ciri, now trying to climb the monkey bars with one hand holding her new bear. Without Yen’s megascope, their best option was carrier pigeon and there was no telling if it would survive the journey to Kovir. “Carrier pigeon could die but it’s our only other option than waiting”

Yennefer didn’t seem too pleased but closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I never thought I would want to start throwing a temper tantrum” she said, removing her gloves. Geralt snorted.

“And I never thought invoking the law of surprise would result in a child. Destiny apparently loves ruining our expectations” he said. Ciri ran over to them still giggling.

“Mommy come pway wif me!” she said, grabbing Yennefer’s hand and dragging her towards the jungle gym. Yennefer stumbled trying to keep up with Ciri. Geralt smiled as Yennefer started laughing along with Ciri. It was wrong. He knew he should be worried that she was actually enjoying running across a rope bridge to go down a slide. But after this morning, she likely needed some fun.

“I believe young Cirilla will be needing a change soon sir” B.B. said, placing a folded diaper and all the supplies he’d need to change on beside him.

“Thanks B.B. By the way, could you send for a carrier pigeon? Ideally one that’ll make it to Kovir” he said.

“I assume to contact Miss Merigold sir?” Geralt nodded, prompting Barnabas-Basil to remove a letter from his pocket. “This just arrived sir. I of course had a look to make sure it wasn’t some escort proclaiming her love for you again as it had no seal on it. Miss Merigold shall be arriving some time tomorrow morning”

Geralt took the letter with a frown. “Thanks B.B.” he said. Opening the letter, he felt another itch flare up. He noticed there were now 2 diapers beside him. Neither Yen nor Ciri seemed to intend on stopping, so he didn’t see a point in calling them.

Hey Geralt, I’m in Toussaint a little early. King Tancred heard of your connection to the Duchess and requested I act as his ambassador due to our own connection. I’ll be caught up in politics all day, but I’ll pay you, Yen and Ciri a visit tomorrow when I get the chance. - Triss

A huge coincidence that the sorceress they were looking to contact, yet had no reliable way of contacting, was already on her way. Maybe a little too coincidental, given Triss had been the one to give Yen that herb. Geralt shook that thought from his head. Triss had always been conniving, but there was surely no way she’d have figured out what it did and sent it to Yen without suffering the effects of it herself.

“Daddy! Me an’ Mommy need diapie tangies!” Ciri shouted behind her pacifier as she dragged a blushing Yen back over to him. Now that they were beside him, Geralt could see that both Ciri’s and Yen's dress' changed to accommodate easy access to their diapers. 

Ciri laid down on the grass. "Do me fiwst Daddy!" she shouted and giggled. He glanced at Yen, who despite her clear discomfort just held her tongue and nodded. Ciri first it was. 

Changing Ciri's diaper was much more difficult than Yen's had been. She wriggled from the cold wipes of the cloth as she played with her new teddy and even tried to get up and walk off before he could put a new diaper on her. 

She giggled the whole time too. He hasn't known her to giggle so much. But then she was already well past toddlerhood when he first met her.

The second Geralt had her dress fixed, Ciri was already running back to the slide. "At least someone is enjoying this shit show" he grumbled as Yen laid down. Once he could inspect the damage of her diaper, Geralt sighed. 

"I don't know how you've pissed this much in the space of what? 10 or 15 minutes?" Yen just looked away, unwilling to keep eye contact. At least changing her diaper was much easier than Ciri. 

"I was wondering too…" Yen mumbled. "I haven't had so much fun since… ever. Geralt…" Yen sat up, hugging Geralt. "I'm… I'm scared that… By the time Triss gets here… I won't want to go back"

Geralt squeezed her tightly, unconsciously rocking her back and forth. "Good news then. Whatever changed with reality worked out in our favour this time. She's coming some time tomorrow" he said. 

It was as if Yen had gotten a static shock judging by her sudden flinch back. "Tomorrow?!" she whispered, the corners of her mouth just threatening to turn up into a smile. Geralt nodded, receiving what was definitely the drooliest kiss on the cheek he'd ever gotten. 

"Oh I could nearly kiss her for coming here early" Yen chuckled, laying back down. 

"If it's as sloppy as that one, I think she'd pass" Geralt said, using his shoulder to dry his cheek. Geralt finished changing her and helped Yen to her feet.

Unfortunately for Yen, Ciri had already run back over and was dragging her back to play again. Geralt sat down, noticing a book that hadn't been there before. He glanced back over to Yen and Ciri playing, then back to the book. 

"May as well try to keep myself entertained" he muttered. 

It was amazing just how long the 2 could go down the same slide or swing in the same swings. Just going off the sun, Geralt reckoned it was easily 3 or 4 hours before they came back over to him. He'd been bored with the book for a while, something about romance. 

"Daddy! Barney cawwing you. It Wunch time!" Ciri shouted. To be fair, he'd not heard B.B. calling. As the 3 were walking back into the house,

Geralt felt an itch flare up again. Only this one was on his scalp. Yen squeezed his hand as they sat down at the table, with Geralt trying to not scratch himself like a mangy dog. 

He noted that while his food looked relatively normal, a large plate of bread and what he assumed was chicken liver pâté, Yen's and Ciri's were vastly different. 

Ciri set her new Teddy down beside her food. A bowl of macaroni and cheese for both of them. Geralt found his body moving against his will again as he got up and pulled a rather large bib out of a drawer beside the table. 

Ciri fidgeted as he put it on her. She didn't even try to use the fork given to her, instead just grabbing it with her hands and shoving it in her mouth. "Ciri" Geralt sighed, making her giggle. 

Before anyone could do anything else, another flare up came. Certainly the strongest one he'd felt. Yet he found himself forced to grit his teeth and squeeze his eyes shut, as his body would not heed any other commands. 

When the pain subsided, he sighed. Opening his eyes was the last thing he wanted to do right now. Against his better judgement, he did so. 

Neither Ciri nor Yen had escaped any changes, as both were now in highchairs. Yen looked on the verge of tears once again as she tried to control her breathing. Ciri, none the wiser, continued to play with her food. 

Geralt must have been unconscious, because his plate was completely empty and he was spoon feeding Yen her mac and cheese against his will. "Yen, what happened?" he whispered harshly, his hand gently placing the food into Yen's mouth. Yen smiled and sighed in relief as she swallowed.

"Please don't scare me like that again" she whispered. Geralt glanced back to Ciri. She was a mess. The bib had done little to hinder her efforts to get as much of her food on herself as she got in her mouth. Although she strangely had a different bowl. Not anymore juvenile than the last. "Geralt, you looked like you had a damn seizure at lunch. That was 6 hours ago now!" 

Geralt snapped back around to Yen. The idea that 6 hours had passed in what literally felt like the blink of an eye was unfathomable. "But I was just sitting here watching you and Ciri eating by yourselves" he said. Now speaking above a whisper, he didn't recognise his own voice. It was far more feminine, which sure he expected given how this… Thing has progressed. The thing was, his voice sounded, well beautiful. He couldn't think of any other way to put it. 

"Fucking hell. I could probably sing with a voice like this" he muttered, his hand once again feeding Yen a spoonful. He could see some subtle differences in how she looked. Her dress was still black, but was more in the style of a sundress you might see on a nobleman's daughter. He couldn't see her diaper fully, but behind the diaper cover he could see some shade of pink. 

He scooped out the last of the mac and cheese. It occurred to him that if Triss couldn't fix this, it would probably be the last spoon of solid food Yen ate for a while. Although she seemed confident that Triss could help. 

Geralt shifted in his chair. He still felt his dick down there, although he couldn't tell if it had gotten smaller. Deciding against checking at the table, he helped Yen out of her highchair. She could still walk thankfully, although it was more the unsteady waddle of a toddler that hasn't yet worked up the confidence to start running. 

He had to clean Ciri up before taking her out. Her bib had several mouthfuls worth of macaroni on it. She managed to get some in her hair, her lap, and even somehow got some in between her breasts underneath the bib. And of course her hands were covered in cheese. 

While Geralt himself was rather reluctant to invade Ciri's privacy by literally picking pasta out from her breasts, his body held no such notion. She giggled as he did so, sucking the cheese off her fingers and happily swinging her feet. 

He pulled her out of her highchair and, grabbing her teddy, she immediately tried running away. Although, she ran towards his and Yen's room rather than the guest room upstairs. He knew why as soon as he walked in. The room was now MASSIVE. Yen had already put a small expansion spell on the room, mainly so she could fit her unicorn in, but it was easily three times the size it had been. 

Ciri ran over to the wardrobe, where she pulled out a pink footed sleeper. "Wanna weaw dith one Daddy!" she squealed. He supposed that if it was nearly 7PM, that it would be time for Ciri to get ready for bed. She needed to be in bed by half.

It was like a second set of memories had come in. They didn't replace the first set, but he just knew that it was nearly Ciri's bedtime. Then he would get Yen ready for bed an hour later. They might have sex on the unicorn, which now had a silencing spell around it to prevent Ciri hearing, then he would either tuck her into bed and leave the room until he was tired himself, or he would go to bed early with her. 

He complied with Ciri's request, only after checking her diaper was dry. He managed to dress her rather easily at that. He was in complete control of his actions. It was more like he'd done this thousands of times before. After clipping her pacifier to the sleeper, he gently pushed it into her mouth. “All ready for sleepies?” 

While he didn’t outwardly react, Geralt had to stave off a flinch. He’d still been in full control there. Still, Ciri giggled and nodded. “Uh huh” she said, hugging her teddy. Geralt lifted her up and brought her over to her crib in the corner. “Vethe” she said.

“What was that Ciri?” Geralt asked. Ciri looked rather sad now as she stared down at her teddy. She pouted behind her pacifier and sniffled. Geralt lifted her chin, trying to decipher what she had said.

“I namin’ him Vethe afta unka Vethemiw” she said, holding her teddy out in front of him. Vese, after Vesemir. Geralt sighed and pulled her into a hug. He could feel her tears wetting his shirt as he rocked her back and forth. His memories of what happened in this reality were far more grim than the previous one.

Ciri hadn’t fought like she did originally. But Imlerith had still killed Vesemir in front of her. Her young mind had clearly understood enough of what happened, and her outburst was far worse. She actually managed to kill Imlerith herself, with Caranthir barely escaping with Eredin and a few others.

“Shh shh shh… It’s alright Ciri” he whispered. He could hear Yen slowly approaching. “Mommy and Daddy are here. We’ll make sure nothing like that happens again” Certainly a promise he could afford to make given the last few years of no fighting.

He felt Yen wrapping her arms around the 2 of them, though he couldn’t make out what she was whispering. More memories trickled into his head. Of him singing when she had one of these crying fits. Might as well try, he didn’t have anything to lose. And so he began singing a tune he knew this Ciri loved.

Wolves asleep amidst the trees. Bats all a swaying in the breeze. But one soul lies anxious, wide awake… Fearing no manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths” 

He had to admit, his voice would make him a great trobairitz. Ciri had stopped sobbing.

“For your dolly polly sleep has flown. Don't dare let her tremble alone. For the Witcher. Heartless cold. Paid in coin of gold. He comes, he'll go, leave naught behind. But heartache and woe. Deep, deep woe”

The Lullaby of Woe wasn’t exactly something he would consider using to soothe a child, and from her stares he would guess Yennefer didn’t either. Yet Ciri still snuggled into his… er… breasts. He swore he felt her start to smile through his shirt.

“Birds are silent for the night. Cows turned in as daylight dies. But one soul lies anxious wide awake. Fearing no manner of ghouls, hags and wraiths. My dear dolly polly shut your eyes. Lie still, lie silent utter no cries. As the Witcher. Brave and bold. Paid in coin of gold. He'll chop and slice you. Gut and dice you. Eat you up whole”

Ciri started giggling at the last line, much to Yennefer’s surprise given her jaw dropping and raised eyebrows. Ciri peeked out from his… breasts. Now grinning.

“Eat you whole” Geralt said, tickling her armpits. That got her outright laughing. Her pacifier fell out as she hit the pillow, curling up to try to avoid the tickling. “Feeling better now?” he asked.

“Hehe! Yeth Daddy” she said, still giggling to herself. Geralt bent down and gently kissed her forehead, before pulling the covers up over her. Yen bent down to give her a kiss as well. Geralt put Ciri’s pacifier back in her mouth and lifted the cribs rails. “Night night” Ciri mumbled, already falling asleep.

Geralt and Yen sat down on their bed and stared at her sleeping. “Didn’t know you could be so wholesome” Yen said. Geralt snorted.

“Didn’t know I could sing either”

Even with the Witcher mutations, he swore he could feel something akin to happiness. He turned to look at Yen, only to see her sucking her thumb. “Yen?”

Yennefer sighed, removing her thumb. “I know Geralt. But you were acting like you’d completely forgotten anything was wrong and… I got scared…” she leaned into him, putting her head on his shoulder and putting her thumb back in her mouth. “Triss will fix it… she has to…”

Geralt wrapped his arm around her. “It’s difficult to stay positive when everything is progressing so fast” he said. Just this morning, a wet bed had been the most of their worries. Now it might be a common occurrence for Yen and Ciri.

“... We’re having sex tonight…” Yen said.

“Yen this is hardly the time-” Geralt was cut off.

“Now is the perfect time Geralt. By morning I might prefer to sit in my own filth, picking my nose and putting snails down my blouse. If Triss can’t fix this… I want 1 last orgasm” she said. It was depressing to think about. After all, if Triss couldn’t help then they might be stuck like this. Geralt certainly would. Would Yen and Ciri even be able to grow back up?

Geralt groaned. “Alright” he said, unbuttoning his shirt. The breasts were unusually large. He held one in his hand. Almost like…

“For fucks sake Geralt. Couldn’t keep your hands off yourself?” Yen chuckled quietly.

“Yen… I’m lactating” he said. Yennefer’s smile vanished.

“Just get on the unicorn” she mumbled, pulling her dress off. His dick was thankfully still the same size. But who knew what would happen come morning…



End Chapter 2

A Mysterious Herb - A Witcher Story

by: Just4n0th3rUs3r | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 8, 2021


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