Test Run

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

"Test Run" (part 2)

By Dark Oni


As Tim followed Michelle down the stairs to the gym below he said to her, "You know, I can’t have you running around regressing everybody you don’t like."

At the bottom of the stairs Michelle stopped, turned around and with her arms crossed and head tilted replied, "Give me a little more credit than that will you? Look, you did a favor for Sally back there and now I’m asking for one too."

Tim sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "Okay, what am I missing here?"

"Welll..." Michelle hesitated, but then realized Tim wouldn’t relinquish the device without a good reason. He thought with his head, always. It was frustrating sometimes but it was also one of the reasons she liked him so much. Too bad he was too dense to know it.

Playing it safe she decided to go with the truth, or at least most of it. "If you remember my distant past, in other words my freshman year, I actually tried out for and made the Junior Varsity Cheerleading squad."

She said the last part almost in a whisper and Tim swore he could detect a slight blush under her dark makeup. When he nodded she continued. "Three little princesses, Chrissy, Debbie and Sherry, didn’t take kindly to a skinny, science fiction reading outcast being a part of their little club."

Her voice lowered and she continued. "They made my life a living hell. Exploding whipped cream balloon in my locker. My shoe laces tied together just before running onto the floor." Tim winced at that one. "And ... other things." Michelle trailed off as she remembered the time they’d written ’Rub Me’ in magic marker on the back of her uniform panties. The galling thing is some people actually had. God she hated boys sometimes.

"Anyway, I’ve always wanted the chance to get back at them and this is just too good an opportunity to pass on. Maybe I can make it so they’ll never pick on somebody like me again."

"By actually turning them into little princesses." Tim finished.

He remembered some of what Michelle was talking about. In fact, as he recalled, it was the only time he’d ever touched her ass. More to the point though, it was part of the reason she was Goth now. After two humiliating pep rallies Michelle had quit cheerleading. With the popular kid route closed to her, and refusing to be labeled a nerd, Michelle had found the only way to draw attention to herself. He wished she didn’t have the need to resort to such things but it was her life.

"Alright." Tim finally said. "But I’m going to preset everything."

"Great!" Michelle exclaimed. "And thanks. Really."

"Okay, this is how it works...."

Test 3

Michelle snuck quietly into the girl’s locker room just as the squad was almost done getting dressed. Peeking around the corner she could clearly see her prey.

"He he. Enter, three bitches." she thought to herself. Chrissy, a blonde, Debbie, a brunette, and Sherry, a redhead each looked disgustingly alike to Michelle. Each was about 5’4 with medium sized, perky breasts and each even had similar medium length hairstyles which the three of them each tied into ponytails to create the ideal cheerleader effect.

"And don’t they just fill out those outfits perfectly." Michelle thought with a sneer.

Placing the device gently against the side of the locker she was hiding behind, Michelle pressed the device’s red button and held it for the five seconds Tim had instructed her to.

He had explained to her that the device worked basically by creating a temporal bubble around the contours of a person’s body. Within the bubble, time could be accelerated forward or backward, thereby causing the cells of the body to grow or regress. The subject didn’t lose memory going backwards any more than one did going forward because of how redundant the human brain is. As long as enough cells survive, memory pretty much stays intact.

Michelle wasn’t sure if she could grasp the concept of time as something to be manipulated, like light or radio waves, but she was glad the three ’princesses’ would not only be themselves but would also remember everything that would happen to them. As she took her finger off the button Michelle glanced around the locker room.

She hadn’t been lying to Tim either when she said this opportunity was too good to pass on. The five cheerleaders in the locker room would be the only ones there. They were the only ones dedicated enough to practice the last day before Christmas break simply for ’School Spirit’. Even their instructor had left for the Bahamas yesterday.

Michelle considered Amy Wong and Lissette Sanchez, the other two cheerleaders, to be welcome bonuses. "God, they’re just too perky!" Michelle thought to herself.

After sneaking back out Michelle handed the device back to an impatient looking Tim. "Are you sure this’ll work?" she asked.

"Of course. As I explained, the device can work directly or in a delayed mode. Grundel was tight beam, full reverse, nothing preset. A little over a year a second and it only worked if you pressed the button. You just went wide beam, eighty percent power with a preset of ten years in reverse. In other words, the 16 and 17 year olds in there will be 6 and 7 in about fifteen minutes. It’ll really be noticeable after they reach age twelve. Age nine to twelve is the biggest growth period for most girls."

"I just love it when you talk technical." she retorted.

Tim gave her an exhausted look and turned to walk down the hall. "I’ll meet you in the gym in about a half hour." he shouted over his shoulder. "And try not to lose any this time."

Three minutes later Michelle was sitting at the bottom of the gym’s bleachers across the basketball court from the practicing squad. Her entrance had been met with a couple of stares but after that the squad had become engrossed in perfecting a specific routine. So engrossed in fact that they hadn’t yet noticed they were each about fifteen now.

Michelle suspected the fact that all five were regressing at the same rate probably threw them off and you couldn’t see another person’s face clearly bouncing around that much anyway. "Those girls are the only things bouncing over there." Michelle thought with a smile.

Sure enough, she could see Chrissy Jenkins adjust the front of her outfit for the third time. The other girls had each done that once. "Always thought she was a late bloomer. She had to have been using padding when she was a sophomore." Michelle pondered, as she waited for the real fun to begin.

"This is stupid." Chrissy thought to herself. "It’s bad enough I keep tripping over my own feet but that stupid Amy’s bumped into me twice already. And what is with this uniform? Mom was worried about it shrinking but I’ve never heard of a wash making clothing bigger."

Chrissy’s temper was already rising to hissy fit levels when Sherry Mitchell got too close, stepped on the front of her left sneaker and caused Chrissy’s stocking foot to come clean out of it.

"That’s it!" she yelled, and slammed the stop button on the cassette player they’d brought. Chrissy glared at Sherry who shyly looked away. "Would you mind keeping your big feet to yourself?" she said with as much ice as she could muster.

"Sorry." Sherry replied, almost in a whisper and looking at the ground. "I just don’t seem to be moving right."

"I’ll say. And the rest of you! This is a disgrace. What would the school think if they saw us like this."

"You weren’t exactly a ballerina yourself Chrissy." Amy spoke up. "Besides, I don’t think it’s us." Amy tugged at her sleeve. "My uniform and sneakers both feel too big for me."

As Chrissy listened to a chorus of ’yeah’ and ’me too’ she surveyed her squad. The two piece uniforms on each cheerleader looked too big, a few sizes too big.

Lissette then spoke. "Y’know what, we look funny too."

Chrissy sighed and answered, "Of course we look funny, somebody fixed our sneakers and uniforms to grow. Probably when we started sweating."

"And one guess who it was." Debbie Moyer said.

Chrissy followed her friend’s gaze to Michelle who was now starting to laugh. "That little witch. I’m gonna kill her!" Chrissy tore off her right sneaker easily and threw it aside as she marched to where Michelle sat, Debbie and Sherry close behind. Amy and Lissette lagged a bit but followed as well. "Amy?" Lissette asked her friend. "Since when did Chrissy have freckles?"

Michelle had listened the whole argument and loved every second of it. "Figures those narrow minded twits would think their clothes were growing." she thought. The changes had been too slow for Michelle to actually see but she could definitely tell they had each gotten about half a foot shorter and their legs a bit thinner. By the time Chrissy threw her sneaker and started towards her, Michelle reasoned the whole group was around 13 or 14, and didn’t even realize it.

"Time to wake up to reality kiddies." Michelle said quietly. Then shouting in a very patronizing voice she yelled, "Temper, temper Chrissy. You shouldn’t throw things. Don’t mind her girls, she’s just cranky."

Her words seemed to have the desired effect as Chrissy turned a shade redder and walked right up to the seated Michelle.

"You’re going to pay for every one of these uniforms you little witch!" Chrissy screamed at her. "I don’t know how you did it but you’re going to pay and not just with money. Nobody makes us look stupid, right girls?"

Instead of the chorus of yeahs she expected, Chrissy only got a tentative, "Uh, Chrissy, maybe we shouldn’t."

Chrissy turned her head. "Oh, shut up Amy! You are such a goody two shoes sometimes."

"Chrissy?" Sherry asked in a small and frightened voice. "When did Michelle get so big?"

"What do you mean..so....big.......?" Chrissy’s voice trailed off as Michelle stood in front of her. Instead of three inches shorter, Michelle was now about three inches taller than the volatile blonde.

Michelle had never seen anyone go from rage to abject terror as quickly as Chrissy did. The poor girl first looked down at her stocking feet, as if the loss of her shoes could somehow account for the loss of half a foot of height. She then looked up again and started to move her jaw like a fish out of water.

As Michelle stared down at her former torturer she felt a rush of tremendous joy, and power. The girl who had embarrassed her time and again was a freckled 13 year old and getting younger. For once, she was in absolute control and she intended to take advantage of it.

Again in a patronizing tone she said, "Wassa matter honey. Kitten got your tongue?" Michelle looked up at the other girls who finally seemed to be noticing the full changes that had taken place to their bodies.

They were all 12 or 13 now and looked ridiculous in cheerleader uniforms meant for high school juniors and seniors. The four of them studied each other first, noticing the skinny arms and legs each of them had sticking out of their uniforms. They looked at their smaller hands and then their attention gravitated to the newly formed caverns beneath their uniform fronts. Three softly moaned. Amy could be heard whimpering, "My, my, my breasts. Nooooo."

Michelle smiled and looked back down at Chrissy. The poor thing was still staring up at her, seemingly too shocked to accept the situation as it was. Michelle decided to help her along. Grabbing the front of Chrissy’s uniform, Michelle stared down her at her chest. Chrissy’s bra was hanging uselessly from her shoulders while her once perfect breasts were little more than bumps. When Chrissy’s gaze followed hers, Michelle remarked, "Not much left down there, huh? Except maybe an echo that is."

Chrissy started moaning and followed that with a steady, "No, Noo, Nooo, Nooooo this can’t be happening.", as tears followed sobs.

"Oh, yes it can baby doll. You don’t mind if I call you that do you? It’s what Mark Sanders called you after he dumped me." Chrissy looked back up at Michelle and sniffled back some more tears.

"Actually, I think baby will fit even better." Michelle remarked.

To the rest she added, "Okay children, here’s the deal. You were right, I AM a witch and I’ve cast a spell on you all. You’ll be getting younger and stop at about seven years of age."

With that statement the soft whining increased a bit and Amy started to back away. Michelle looked right at her and said, "I will change you back. But anybody who fights back or runs away will be growing up the old fashioned way." In a softer tone she added, "Amy and Lissette, don’t worry. Go play or something. It’s these three brats who need to be taught some manners."

The two girls then looked at each other and warily looked at Michelle before quietly starting to walk back to the tape player. They were the youngest and looked to be about eleven now. Each was almost a foot shorter than when this had started. Michelle also noticed their sneakers were clopping and they were each holding up their skirts. She smiled, this was a peek at what the other three would be going through over the next few minutes.

Michelle glanced at the frightened Debbie and Sherry and gave them a each a one word warning. "Stay."

Michelle then looked down at Chrissy whose uniform she still held. The girl was twelve now and about four inches shorter than Michelle. Her face was just starting to take on a childish appearance and tears were beginning to flow as Michelle said, "My, my baby. What dear friends you have. But then, I thought I was your friend too once."

With that Michelle forcibly pulled Chrissy’s top off over her shoulders. The girl squawked in surprise and tightly covered what little was left of her dwindling breasts. Michelle noted that the elastic on Chrissy’s skirt had moved slightly down from her waist to the top of her hips and soon would slide further. Chrissy realized as much too and was forced to divert her left arm to hold them up.

So there Chrissy stood, a twelve year old child in stocking feet, covering her insignificant chest and holding up her oversized skirt. She was trying desperately to keep what little dignity she had left.

"Please!" she cried in a voice higher than she remembered. "I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything, anything I did. Just stop ... please?"

Michelle paused before replying. Time was on her side after all. Slowly she said, "No, you’re not. Even after this you’ll probably go right back to your bossy, manipulative ways. No, you’re going to pay. You’re going to feel the humiliation, the frustration, the helplessness you’ve made others feel. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll remember how it feels and be kinder the next time." Michelle said the last with a trace of pain in her voice.

Chrissy’s eyes stared wide at Michelle in fear as she wondered what the teenager had in mind for her. Michelle decided to toy with her as a cat plays with a mouse. She reached forward and pulled first one than both of the straps of the bra that still hung on Chrissy’s frame. As the girl fought to hold the bra to her chest, Michelle pulled the straps as far as she could ... then let them go.

"Ahhhh!" Chrissy’s high voice cried in pain as she winced and looked away from Michelle. "That’s for the whipped cream hairdo." Michelle said.

She then reached her hand behind Chrissy’s head, the girl flinching at her touch, and released her hair from it’s ponytail. Grabbing a handful of the blonde locks Michelle lifted the other girl ever so slightly, causing her to rise on her tiptoes. She then positioned the heel of her combat boot on Chrissy’s right toe and proceeded to slowly crush it. The soft ouch’s Chrissy had been uttering were quickly replaced by a painful scream and a renewed fit of tears.

Michelle put her face close to Chrissy’s and said, "That’s for breaking my nose with your little shoelace prank."

Michelle released her grip from Chrissy’s hair and removed her foot. To her credit, the other girl still had a hand over her chest and a hand holding up her skirt. Michelle decided to remedy that.

She crossed her arms and looked down at the little girl. She had shrunk more than three inches in the last minute and probably would shrink three more in the next couple. Michelle was now nearly a head taller and guessed that Chrissy’s weight had been cut almost in half. Chrissy was just under eleven and looked like a full fledged child.

"And now, YOUNG LADY, you’re going to feel what it’s like to have someone’s hand on YOUR ass. Again and again as a matter of fact." Michelle grabbed Chrissy by the ear and pulled her along as she sat back down on the bleachers, getting a satisfactory squeal from the child. Using her other hand to grab Chrissy’s arm she was able to force the cheerleader over her legs and into prime spanking position.

"Oh, God no! Not this." Chrissy shrieked. As Michelle grabbed the child’s skirt and panties and easily pulled then down to her knees Chrissy started to squirm and kick with everything she had. Michelle was glad she’d waited so long as she was just barely able to keep the ten year old in place. She then started to pound Chrissy’s bare little bottom with all the strength she had.

WACK! "Nooo"

WACK! "Nohohoho"

WACK! "Ahhhhhhh"

WACK! "Wahahaha"

By the fifth strike on her behind Chrissy was bawling like a baby and meekly kicking her feet. Her control and her resistance were broken. She was small, she was definitely helpless and she was now willing to simply ride the storm and accept whatever punishment Michelle decided to give her. She felt like the child she’d become and having no other comfort from the pain she returned to something she’d been weaned from years before. Between her sobs Chrissy Jenkins stuck her thumb into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth.

Michelle paused when she heard the crying stop and smiled when she saw the reason. Before she could start again though she heard a strange splashing sound to her right. Looking up she saw that little Sherry, all of ten herself, had had an accident all over her skirt, socks and shoes, leaving a puddle on the court.

"The poor little thing must be terrified." Michelle thought with satisfaction. When she realized what had happened, little Sherry burst into tears but didn’t dare budge.

"Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll get you all cleaned up and diapered in no time." Michelle said. As Sherry raised her crying, Michelle continued her spanking and started to wonder just what Tim had gone off to do.

end of part two...



End Chapter 2

Test Run

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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