Test Run

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Chapter 6
Chapter 6

"Test Run" (part 6)

By Dark Oni

Final Exam

As Tim walked up to the door of Michelle’s house, little Casey hurried to keep up with him. She was annoyed that he hadn’t changed her back into a teenager while she was in the car.

Still, she had to admit that it would have looked bad for Tim if the police were to pull up and see a naked child in his front seat. Or a naked teenager for that matter. That and the fact that Michelle’s house was only a few minutes away from the mall had made it impractical. "Time was of the essence after all." she thought with a sniff.

It wasn’t that she was jealous. Not in a relationship sort of way anyway. It was just that in this state she didn’t like anyone diverting Tim’s attention from her. She had to admit she was being childish but that wasn’t surprising considering the eight year old body she was now walking around in.

As Tim knocked on the door, Casey reflected on what she knew about Michelle. She’d had the girl for Physical Science when Michelle was a freshman and Casey had been in her first year of teaching. As she recalled, the fourteen year old Michelle had been outgoing and even a little arrogant early in the school year. It had been surprising considering how small and underdeveloped she’d been for her age.

After she dropped out of cheerleading though, the girl had retreated into herself and began to wear darker clothing and makeup. Casey began to understand why Tim felt so protective of his friend. Even she had felt sorry for the depressed little teen.

When Michelle opened the door, however, Casey saw she was anything but shy and she definitely wasn’t little anymore. Casey had to cran her neck to look up at the now adult Michelle.

Michelle had to have gone shopping as well because she was now wearing a very tight and short black dress that looped around the back of her neck and stopped halfway down her thigh. She also wore a pair of black, open toed high heels. Casey noticed that Michelle’s toenails were now polished as black as her fingernails. They matched her lipstick and mascara.

Though she no longer had the chemistry to exactly understand the ’why’ involved, Casey realized that Michelle had to look extremely seductive to Tim right now.

Michelle smiled at the wide-eyed Tim and said in a voice that sounded sincere, "Thanks so much for coming quickly, Tim. My parents will be here in less than twenty minutes."

Looking down at Casey, Michelle smiled and asked in a sweet voice, "Tim, I thought you had a date. You haven’t started babysitting behind my back have you?"

When Casey heard that she felt angry and embarrassed at the same time and had to consciously keep herself from hiding her little girl’s body behind Tim. In her little sailor dress she knew how pathetic she had to look in front of the big sexy Michelle.

Though she tried, she also couldn’t bring herself to respond to Michelle’s insult. Tim she knew, but this was a stranger to her. A stranger that reminded her of her third grade teacher and she just couldn’t built up the courage to mouth off to her. "Damn." she thought. "I hate being this timid."

Tim looked down at Casey then back at Michelle. "It’s a long story." he sighed, stepping through the open doorway.

As Michelle closed the door behind them she replied, "Whatever. Anyway, I think it’s an improvement. She was such a pain as a teacher. Now she’s just adorable!"

Timid or not, Casey wasn’t going to take insults from someone who wouldn’t even acknowledge her presence. "Hey! That’s enough you overgrown harlot!" Casey squeaked.

"Casey!" Tim yelled. "Don’t start up again alright?"

Casey looked up at Tim with an expression of sadness and a feeling of betrayal. It eased a bit when Tim turned on Michelle. "And Michelle, be nice, she didn’t want to stay like that but we rushed here to help you. And before you ask, the dress was my idea."

"And what a nice dress it is too." Michelle replied sweetly. It took a second for Casey to realize that was another insult and she glared at the bigger girl.

Tilting her body, Michelle walked towards Tim, swayed her hips and asked, "What do you think of my dress Tim? I got the whole outfit today just to show off the body you gave me."

"You look absolutely gorgeous Michelle." Tim wasn’t lying. The dress she wore looked painted on and her now womanly body was very impressive.

"What do ya say Tim. Wanna see what this body can do before my parents get home? Right in front of your little girlfriend?" Michelle came within a foot of Tim’s face, her height now only an inch below his because of the heels she wore.

Casey still didn’t understand the impact of the maneuver but she knew what Michelle was trying to do. Despair hit her hard as she reasoned there was no way Tim would want to resist the advances of this big sexy woman. She felt small and insignificant and if they made out in front of her she’d probably just crawl away somewhere and die. Then she heard Tim laughing.

"Good one Michelle. Man, you’re hard to resist when you do that." Holding up the device he continued, "Anyway, let’s hurry up before your parents get home."

Inside Michelle was smoldering. Outside she looked perfectly calm. "Almost had you." she joked. When Tim pointed the device at her she said, "Wait. Let me go upstairs and do it to myself in private. I’d hate for this dress to fall off of me."

"Sure." Tim said, handing the device to her.

From behind Tim, Casey stuck her tongue out at Michelle who smirked and ignored her. As Michelle walked towards the stairs she added, "Make yourselves comfortable in the living room while I change."

Tim walked from the foyer to the lounge chair that was only a few yards away. Casey scurried behind him and went to the sofa as he sat down. Hopping up on the sofa she leaned back on the pillows lying against one end and stretched herself out. As she relaxed, she had to admit that being smaller had some advantages.

Looking across the sofa she noticed that something was hidden among the rest of the pillows. As she peered more closely she noticed the object was a package of diapers. At first she wondered what in the world Michelle would want with them. Then, suddenly, everything clicked.

Tim was sinking into the folds of the chair when he heard Casey frantically yell, "Tim! We’ve got to get out of here." He got up with a start, but before he could ask Casey what she was talking about he had a sudden and intense sinking feeling in his stomach.

It seemed like the rug was quicksand and he was sinking into it. As he tried to regain his senses he felt the cuffs of his long sleeve shirt crawling over his hands. At the same time he felt his pants start to loosen.

He knew full well what was happening to him and turned to see Michelle at the base of the stairwell, pointing the device at him with a grim expression on her face. He felt his pants slip and grabbed the waist to hold them up.

"Michelle! What are you doing? Why?" he asked, frightened at the childlike voice that came from his lips. His pants were getting heavier and his shirt continued to grow. He could also feel his underwear beginning to slip.

Michelle replied in a cold voice, "If you don’t know by now Timmy, you’ll find out soon enough." Thirteen seconds after she had started, Michelle let go of the button.

Tim’s pants had gotten too heavy for him to hold up and they dropped to the floor with his underwear. Looking down he could see that the bottom of the denim shirt he was wearing now merged into the pile of clothes at his feet. He could feel the collar of his shirt reaching out to his shoulders.

Looking up he could see Casey standing next to him with a worried look on her face. She was now a full head taller than he. He was scared, but was able to maintain his composure because he knew what had happened to him. Even so, the emotions swirling in him made the balance precarious indeed.

As Michelle strode over to the diminished couple she noted with satisfaction that Tim was now a four year old buried in his clothes.

Showing more emotion Michelle yelled, "Five years Timmy! Five years and you never once asked me out. I was dumped three times and you never offered to pick me back up. Damn it, I wanted you."

"But we were friends." Tim replied in his child’s voice.

"Not anymore." Michelle said coldly.

Casey chose that moment to interpose herself between Tim and Michelle. "Leave him alone you big bully!" she squeaked. At first, Casey had been horrified at seeing her boyfriend, her protector, shrunken even shorter than her. Now, however, she was feeling protective and defended Tim like a mother hen.

"Oh how sweet Tim. Your little girlfriend is protecting you." Michelle said mockingly. Her mood then became darker. "The little girl you chose over me. Now don’t worry, I wouldn’t separate two love birds like you. You can spend the whole weekend together. Here, at the mall, wherever you’d like. Of course, you’ll both be in diapers, won’t that be fun?"

Casey became scared as Michelle pointed the device at her. She felt like she was falling again and the dress she had once thought of as tiny, now grew on her. Four seconds later she was the same height as Tim and the shrinking stopped. Her dress was loose and now fell well below her knees. Her shoes were loose too and she could see the white tights she was wearing had crumpled on her legs. Her fingers were short and stubby and she could feel her face was chubby too.

Looking up at Michelle, Casey noticed something else too. When she was eight, the woman had reminded her of a teacher. Now that she was only four, the huge adult visage that Michelle represented could only be thought of as a mother. A disapproving mother at that. Though she was scared, though she knew she was in danger, Casey also knew that psychologically she and Tim would be unable to resist the authority figure before them.

Looking down at the ’children’ Michelle laughed and said, "Before I turn you into babies though, I’m going to have a little fun." She placed the device on top of the piano, well out of reach of the children. Then she stepped forward and backhanded Casey across the face. The poor child literally flew a foot, right out of her shoes.

Sitting on the floor in her oversized dress, her tights hanging over her little feet, Casey started to cry uncontrollably. She didn’t want to. Heaven knew she didn’t but she had just been hit harder than she ever remembered and the pain had shattered her fragile emotions.

Smiling at the crying child Michelle then pulled Tim’s shirt over his head, leaving his little body completely uncovered. Michelle laughed as she saw Tim cover his crotch with his hands. "Don’t be so shy Timmy. Soon mommy Michelle will see everything."

Walking over to Casey Michelle said, "But first I have a little girl to get ready for infancy." Bending over Casey, Michelle grabbed the two loose ends of the tights that were hanging over the child’s feet. She then pulled the tights off as Casey kicked futilely at her. The loose Ariel panties that Casey had been wearing followed the tights, stopping at her knees.

Michelle looked curiously at them, then plucked them from the child’s kicking legs. Casey took that moment of hesitation to try and make a break for it. As she tried to get up though, she was caught by her own dress. As she tugged she saw that Michelle’s huge foot was planted firmly on the hem of her dress, effectively pinning her in place.

"Now, now little one. No running away." Michelle said, turning her attention to the panties. "These are just precious. It’s amazing you could fit into something sooo small. I hope you like the disposable diapers as much."

As Michelle smiled down at her, Casey felt her heart sink. What was supposed to have been a wonderful weekend had become a nightmare. She just hoped Michelle wouldn’t keep them this way or leave them on someone’s doorstep. As she continued to cry, she couldn’t help but notice that Michelle had stopped talking and had a confused look on her face. Casey’s heart rose again when she noticed that Michelle’s dress wasn’t quite as tight as it had been a moment before.

As Michelle looked at Casey’s panties she suddenly felt, strange. At first she thought it was arousal at the power she was displaying but then her feet slipped ever so slightly in her heels. Looking down at herself she saw that her once tight dress was now loose and the hem was brushing against her knees. She then grabbed her breasts, confirming her suspicions as she felt them dwindle back to the size they’d been when she was sixteen. They dwindled some more and she then felt her feet slip further down her shoes.

"Noooooo!" she screamed, turning to see her eleven year old sister Monica, in jeans and T-shirt, at the base of the stairs. Monica was more than ten feet away, right where Michelle had been when she’d regressed Tim. Monica must have taken the device while she was torturing Tim and Casey and now she was using it on her older sister.

Michelle knew her only chance was to get to the device before she was too small. What the now thirteen year old Michelle hadn’t considered was how small her feet had become in relation to the heels she was wearing. They now only filled three quarters of the space available and as Michelle took her first running step, the shoe came halfway off and caused her to fall flat on her face.

At twelve she desperately kicked off the heels she had used only five minutes before to try and seduce Tim.

At eleven she managed to get halfway up but her bare foot caught on the ever lowering hem of her dress and she fell on her now flat chest.

At ten she got up on all fours and scrambled into a run, her black panties flying off her running feet.

At nine she ran towards her sister, holding up the bottom of the sexy dress that now looked like an evening gown.

At eight she finally reached Monica’s waist, hopping up and down on her bare feet as her ’little’ sister held the device out of her reach.

At seven she felt the falling sensation disappear as Monica’s finger came off the button.

Michelle knew she was beaten and looked down at herself. Her black dress hung on her small skinny frame and would have fallen off if not for the loop of material still around the back of her neck. She guessed she was now about three and a half feet tall, short for her age as usual. Her little sister, even in stocking feet, now towered over her by almost a foot and a half and probably weighed twice as much as she did.

The tears came easily to Michelle. She was already upset at her sister’s betrayal and had no experience whatsoever with the emotions swirling within her. As she lost control she yelled in her high pitched voice, "Why? We had a deal. You’d stay out of it and I’d grow you up."

Monica laughed and responded, "Oh right. Like I’d trust you as far as I could throw you. When you were big that is. Besides, I can grow up just fine without your help now."

As Monica dangled the device above her head Michelle realized just how helpless she now was and blew up into a full scale tantrum. "Noooooo! I need the device! I have to get revenge on them! I have to get revenge on everyone!" she screamed hysterically as she beat her little fists against Monica’s chest.

"Oh grow up!" Monica shouted back, pushing her tiny older sister to the floor and onto her butt. Michelle started crying even harder. With her legs parted the ’gown’ she was wearing came down to her ankles, revealing her little feet and her still black toenails. With her black fingernails and lipstick, Michelle now looked like a little girl who had taken dress up one step too far.

"Whine, whine, whine." Monica continued. "That’s all I’ve heard since you went to high school. ’The cheerleaders hate me. Nobody’ll date me. My little sister’s got bigger breasts than I do.’ Well listen sister, everyone’s got problems."

Pointing the device at Michelle, Monica asked, "Would you like to hear the problems I’ve had over the years? How about a big sister who locks you in the closet constantly."

Monica tapped the button, causing Michelle to lose a year and the hem of her dress to fall over her feet.

"Or how about the fact that your parents never believe you over that same big sister." Michelle lost another year as her feet slid further back and her knees shrank down.

"And don’t get me started on how she embarrasses me in front of my friends by showing them my baby pictures."

As Monica shrank Michelle to age four, she noticed how chubby her sister’s face had gotten. That, combined with the fact that Michelle’s tiny legs and feet were completely engulfed by her dress, the bottom of which laid flat on the tile floor, gave Monica the impression of a baby in her sleeping gown. She wasn’t going to stop there though.

"Speaking of babies..." Monica hung the phrase and pushed the button again. Michelle let out a high pitched scream as she started to shrink. In a couple of seconds the scream blended seamlessly into a baby’s cry.

The device beeped at Monica, displaying ’Safety Limit Reached.’ Monica was relieved at the mistake she’d just dodged. Killing her sister hadn’t been her intention. Monica walked over to her now one year old sister and picked her up, unwrapping her neck from the cloth that still caught it, though most of the baby’s body was above the dress’ bra line anyway. In her other hand she picked up the Ariel panties that her sister had dropped in her frantic dash.

Monica walked over to where Tim and Casey had watched the entire scene. Tim now wore his shirt as a cloak and Monica bent to give Casey back her panties.

"Thank you." Casey squeaked as she slid her loose panties back on. "For everything." she added.

"You’re welcome." Monica said, as she laid baby Michelle on the sofa and grabbed the package of diapers. Pulling one out, she used her babysitting experience to swiftly diaper her sister. She noted that her sister had neglected to buy any baby powder. Well, whether it was due to revenge or stupidity, it was now her loss.

Monica held her sister up to her face and in a sweet voice designed for babies said, "Oh. There’s no powder for baby Michelle. Little Michelle’s going to get a didee rash. Yes she is!" The baby turned her head and started to cry even louder.

As Monica looked at her sister, she realized Michelle was a very interesting looking baby. She had baby fat, but not that much. Also, the nature of the device meant that she still had all her hair. It was just that her haircut had shrunk to match the size of her face, framing it adorably. Finally, most babies didn’t paint their nails black or wear black lipstick and mascara. She decided to leave it, remembering a few times when Michelle had used her to test makeup application methods.

Monica placed baby Michelle on the ground next to Casey. "Watch her for a sec, okay?"

"Anytime." Casey said. Even at four she was now more than twice Michelle’s size. She looked down at the baby who was sitting on her diapered little tush. Michelle’s crying slowed as she looked at Casey in obvious terror. "Now where were we? Oh yes, you were asking about my panties. They feel just fine thanks. How do you like YOUR new threads?" At that Casey bent over and started to alternately tickle and pinch Michelle.

Tim ignored the baby’s rising cries and kept his attention on Monica. The girl still had the device and so was his only concern.

Monica went to the hallway mirror and looked at herself in it. She was a little under five feet and had dark hair like her sister. Monica wore hers long however, and the straight hair came down to the middle of her back. Unlike her sister, her breasts had started to develop when she turned eleven. Even so, they were still little more than bumps and she was intensely curious as to how her body would turn out. Taking off her jeans Monica looked at her skinny legs and wondered how they too would end up.

Monica played with the settings until the device read 100% power forward, like her sister had told her. Pointing the mechanism at herself she pushed the button.

She felt light headed and her body began to rise. She could feel her breasts getting bigger, her nipples pushing against the fabric of her white shirt. They were already more sensitive than they’d been before and she was glad she hadn’t worn her training bra. Lifting her shirt, she watched her breasts rise and balloon forward as the seconds passed. She was getting taller too of course and her face had lost all traces of adolescence. Her panties were getting awfully tight and she suddenly felt a jolt of pleasure unlike any she’d known before as the small panties stretched across her groin and rubbed inside her.

Dropping the device to the floor she aided the panties with her right hand while her left massaged her newly adult breasts. Being her first time with equipment of this caliber, it didn’t take her very long to climax and the feeling was indescribable. As she came down she felt a little embarrassed at her lack of control but was amazed at the sight in the mirror.

She was now about five eight or five nine and while she wasn’t quite sure how large her breasts were they were definitely larger than her sister’s had been when she was an adult. Her shirt still covered her bellybutton, but barely. She could see her panties had stretched almost to the breaking point and now looked like a g-string. Her legs were well rounded as was her ass and her back seemed to arch naturally.

Her panties were very uncomfortable so she peeled them off. As she did she noticed that her bush was full and black. She went and took the black panties her sister had been wearing off the floor and pulled them up her legs. They were a little tight but far better than the alternative. She picked up the device and looked at the display. It showed 24 years. What Monica didn’t notice was the hairline crack that had developed on the display face.

Bounding into the living room, her breasts bouncing, Monica shouted, "Hey guys! What do ya think?"

The two four year olds simply stared at her. Casey finally said, "Wow Monica, you’re all grown up. Could you do the same for us please?"

"Oh, sorry. Just a sec." Monica ran up the stairs and returned about a minute later with two extra large night shirts that must have belonged to Michelle. Both were black.

When the children had finished taking off all their clothes and had placed the nightshirts over their bodies, Monica set the device to wide beam and pushed the button down. As Tim and Casey both grew the nightshirts looked like sails being drawn up a mast. They both passed sixteen and continued on up. Monica stopped them both at twenty four.

This was almost the age Casey had been earlier in the day but for Tim it was a whole knew experience. He was bigger, a bit taller and felt better developed. That wasn’t the only thing he felt as he looked at the scantily clad model’s body that Monica now had. He suddenly wished he was wearing more than a nightshirt.

Monica giggled and Casey just shook her head. Still laughing, Monica said, "Well, I guess I don’t have to ask you what you think."

Tim blushed as he replied, "No, you don’t. Thanks again for saving us. I had no idea Michelle could do something like that."

Monica smiled as she said, "I did, but nobody ever listens to me. I didn’t trust her to keep her promise to me either. There’s no way she would’ve stood for a little sister better looking than her. I probably would’ve joined you two in the crib upstairs."

Tim nodded. "Okay, now let’s get everybody back to normal and get on with the weekend."

Monica suddenly looked defensive. "Oh no, I’m not giving this body up. At least not until mom and dad get home. I’m keeping this thing until Sunday night."

Tim sighed and took a step forward, "Monica..."

"Stay back." Monica said, resetting the device’s controls. "I just preset it twenty years backwards so don’t come any closer."

Tim spoke calmly. "Look, Monica, there’s been enough problems caused by that device already. I can’t in good conscience leave it in somebody else’s hands. Michelle won’t be able to hurt you. Heck, she was barely bigger than you when she was sixteen and you were eleven anyway."

"No." Monica said firmly.

Tim was only a few feet away from her and figured he could get his hand on the device if he lunged. Monica had apparently forgotten one had to hold the button down for five seconds for the preset to work.

"Monica..." Casey began. As Monica turned her head to look at Casey, Tim lunged. He got a firm grip on the device and Monica pulled against him with both of her hands and all of her strength. For an instant Tim thought he had it, but it snapped out of both their grips and flew through the air hitting the living room wall.

There was a flash and Tim closed his eyes. He felt like he was falling twenty stories down an elevator shaft. All in one second. When he opened them the room was huge again. Looking at himself he saw that he was four again. When he looked to where Monica had been standing he saw a shocked four year old girl with long black hair standing in a huge white t-shirt. The short sleeves of the shirt covered most of her arms and the collar came out almost to her shoulders. Casey was four again too and her nightshirt looked like a tent.

Looking down at herself Casey uttered one phrase in her high pitched little voice. "Oh, fuck."

Monica was hysterical. "Nooooo. I don’t want to be this little! My voice! Waaah."

Casey looked over at the other girl and angrily shouted, "Oh, shut up you little brat. This is your fault anyway."

"You sh..shutup. I saved you." Monica shot back while still crying.

"Make me you little wuss."

"Alright I will!" Monica held up the bottom of her shirt and scurried over to Casey, leaving her socks in her wake.

"Ow, no fair!"

"Why you little bitch."

Tim watched as the two little girls pinched, punched, and pulled each other’s hair. The only thing that came to his mind was ’kitten fight’. Then he remembered the device.

Looking around he saw the device on the floor near the sofa. Nearby was Michelle, crawling for it with everything she had.

Tim quickly pulled the nightshirt over his head and ran for the device. Just as Michelle grabbed it in her little hands he plucked it from her. The baby looked up at him and started to cry again. Tim swatted her on her diapered bottom for good measure. "Bad girl Michelle. Babies shouldn’t play with this."

As he looked at the device, he wasn’t even sure if HE should play with it. 100 percent had been an arbitrary number. The field’s power could go much higher, which was why it was practical as a weapon. However, the device now seemed to be locked somewhere above ten thousand percent.

Checking the diagnostic, Tim found that all of the safeties were intact however so he decided to go ahead with it. Pre-setting the device fourteen years forward Tim turned it on himself and pressed for five seconds. He shot back up the elevator shaft.

When Tim recovered he saw that he was seventeen again and quite naked. He put his underwear and pants back on and picked a squirming Michelle up into his arm.

Casey and Monica had stopped fighting and the two girls were sitting on their bare bottoms softly crying. Casey brightened when she saw the grownup Tim. "Great Tim! Change me back."

Tim pointed the device at her, happy that they could finally get back to their weekend. When he pressed the button however, the device simply fizzled and popped.

Monica started to wail. Casey just stared at the device in shock.


"Yeah dad, I’ll be at Michelle’s all weekend. No dad, I won’t do anything you wouldn’t do. Okay. See you at work on Monday. Bye."

Tim sighed as he hung up the phone. He knew he could fix the device. He just needed to hook up the power supply and replace the software. The latter could only be done at work though. So the girls would have to wait till Monday.

As he entered the living room, Tim saw Casey and Monica watching Saturday morning cartoons. Both were wearing little jumpsuits he’d picked up from the mall last night. Monica’s was pink and had Esmeralda on it while Casey had the green Ariel. He’d also bought socks but shoes he’d refused to spring for. He didn’t want to have to look after them in public anyway. It was hard enough in private. In fact he was sure he’d end up spanking one or both of the brats before the weekend was through.

Casey looked at him and smiled. "Tiiim. Can we have some more candy?" In unison they added, "Please?"

"No." Tim said. "You’re both hyper enough as it is."

From the other room Tim could hear Michelle start to cry again. "That’s the third time this morning." he complained. "If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was doing this on purpose."

The two girls said again in unison, "Time to change the baby." Then giggled.

"Very funny. Ha ha." Tim responded. As he walked to Michelle’s crib he added under his breath, "Fat lot of fun this weekend turned out to be."

The End.

Copyright Dark Oni. March 1998.



End Chapter 6

Test Run

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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