Test Run

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Chapter 3
Chapter 3

"Test Run" (part 3)

By Dark Oni

Test 4

Tim walked down the second floor hallway to a class at the end of the corridor and near the outer stairwell. He stopped as he entered the doorway and looked in.

Ms. Sawyer was at her desk working on her grade book, the left side of her head towards the doorway. Tim noticed the twenty five year old teacher had cut her blonde hair in a medium length, no frills style and took a moment to admire the rest of her features as well. Casey Sawyer was about 5’8 with a nicely curved body and two beautiful C-cup breasts. As usual, she wore a pair of normal fitting jeans, white flats and a sleeveless white buttoned blouse.

Shaking himself form his trance, Tim gently rapped on the doorframe and said in a jolly voice, "Hurry, hurry Ms. Sawyer, or you won’t get to enjoy your vacation."

Ms. Sawyer looked up from her work and regarded the figure in the doorway. "Timothy, what a pleasant surprise. Come in, take a seat." she said happily. "I’m just trying to get all my stuff done before I leave. Looking back down to finish a grade, she didn’t notice Tim lock the door behind him.

She looked back up as Tim sat down in a desk in front of her. "So?" she asked her favorite student. "What’s exciting and new in the world of science?"

Tim laughed, then said, "Actually, you’d be surprised. How’re you doing?"

"Alright I suppose. All of the students are trying, which is always nice, and most actually understand what I teach them. None quite like you of course." Ms. Sawyer replied, saying the last with a bit of humor. She hadn’t seen much of Tim since the last school year when he’d been her student in High School Quantum Physics. Most students never took the class. Tim had taken it when he was a Junior. This year he was taking a science course at the local university and spending a lot of time working with his father at his corporate labs.

Tim felt a bit embarrassed at her last remark. True, he had an IQ of 150 and many things came easily to him, but he didn’t like being reminded he was different. "No, probably not." he replied. "So, doing anything special for the holidays?"

"I’ll be flying up to visit my family on Tuesday but until then I’m going to enjoy a few days off with Max."

"Y’know, cats really don’t like that much attention." Tim said jokingly. Then with a laugh he added, "Still not seeing anyone, huh?"

Ms. Sawyer’s face became suddenly serious. "That, young man, is none of your business." Her comment caught Timothy by surprise and she noted an apologetic look on his face. "Good." she thought. "Serves him right for stepping out of bounds like that." She had a great deal of respect for Timothy, but sometimes his social inexperience showed. What did he know of the difficulties in finding a nice guy with a body like hers?

Tim looked Ms. Sawyer in the eye and sincerely said, "I’m sorry."

Casey softened at the comment. She couldn’t help but like the kid and so let him off easy. "That’s alright. So, any specific reason for the pleasure of your company?" she asked.

Tim responded, "A couple actually. Do you remember that discussion we had once about temporal physics?"

"I think so." she said. "As I recall, we didn’t see eye to eye on the subject."

"Yeah. Well, I’m happy to inform you that you were right. Time does actually exist, it’s not just a concept."

Ms. Sawyer smiled. "So, you’ve finally accepted that line of thinking."

Tim looked her in the eye again and with a deadly serious expression said, "I didn’t have much choice. Dynacorp’s Temporal Research department proved it five months ago."

It took a moment of stunned silence before Tim’s comment fully sunk into Ms. Sawyer’s brain. Slowly she asked, "What do you mean by proved?"

Continuing to stare into her eyes Tim allowed himself a small grin as he responded, "They caused rust to eat away a piece of iron in less than a day by using an energy field to accelerate time around it. How the field works, I don’t know. Hell, nobody there really knows either. Dynacorp’s got government contracts and most of us believe the key components are extraterrestrial anyway. Hasn’t stopped us from figuring out how to copy or operate them though."

Ms. Sawyer kept staring a Tim for a few seconds until she finally shook her head and said, "That’s, that’s amazing. I’m so happy for you Timothy, to have been a part of something like that."

She really was in fact. Tim had been a wonderful student and his potential meant he would have a wonderful future. Still, she couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. She’d always loved science but had to change her major to education as a Junior in college when she couldn’t keep up with the subject matter. In this case, the student had surpassed the teacher before he even graduated from high school.

In a softer voice she added, "And thanks for telling me, I’m sure you’re not supposed to talk about it."

Tim smiled back at her. "I knew you’d appreciate it. So, would you like a demonstration?"

That took Ms. Sawyer completely by surprise. "Huh? What do you mean?"

Tim pulled the device from his jacket pocket and waved it in front of him. "This here’s one of only two remote units. Both are in the final stages of testing."

"Testing for what?" she asked as she leaned forward over her desk to get a closer look.

"To see how it works on people of course. The main unit does and this little baby has shined wonderfully so far."

Tim was definitely moving too fast for Ms. Sawyer to follow as she asked in surprise, "People?"

"Of course." he said, pointing the device directly at Ms. Sawyer. "Lemme show you." Tim held the red button down with the device in full reverse.

Ms. Sawyer had just realized what Tim was getting at when he pushed the button and she suddenly felt like she was gently falling. Speaking quickly she started to protest. "Timothy, I really don’t think this is a good idea."

Tim replied only with, "Trust me." Tim could see Ms. Sawyer’s features starting to get fresher as she approached and fell below twenty. She then started to actually shrink a little as the device read 19, 18, 17, and her nose started to upturn itself. At 16, Tim removed his finger from the button and admired his work. Ms. Sawyer was now a very cute sixteen year old with an adorable button nose and delicate features.

Ms. Sawyer was still a bit confused as she asked, "What was that strange feel ... eep." Ms. Sawyer immediately put her hands to her mouth. "My, my voice. It’s higher." she gasped while starting to slowly remove her hands. She then noticed those same hands. "Why are my hands smaller?" she asked aloud. Suddenly a very confused and slightly comic expression came over her face and her hands immediately moved to her breasts. Sure enough, they were smaller too.

Calmly she asked, "Timothy, what did you do to me?"

"Just shaved off nine years." he replied easily. "So, Casey, how’s it feel to be sweet sixteen again?"

With her hands still over her breasts the newly teenaged Casey Sawyer tried to rationalize what had happened. "You made me younger?" Tim nodded. "I mean, you REALLY made me younger?" Tim nodded faster and harder. "That’s, that’s simply incredible."

Casey started to examine herself. First she looked down her blouse and noticed that while her breasts were smaller, they were still of decent size and perkier than ever. Her jeans were now baggy on her and she could feel her panties had slid about an inch. She tightened her belt then lifted the bottom of her jeans from the floor. Easily lifting her left foot from its shoe she noticed that it too was smaller.

As Tim watched the teenaged beauty look at herself, he admired her. Ms. Sawyer had always been his favorite teacher. They’d had long conversations after school not only about science but also about life in general. He’d always felt comfortable with her and would’ve definitely asked her out if she hadn’t been eight years older than him. This was the reason he’d borrowed the device from his dad’s laboratory.

"And she’s even cuter than I expected." Tim thought excitedly. "I just hope she takes the change well."

"This is incredible!" Casey exclaimed excitedly, her higher voice revealing her emotions. She walked around her desk, shoes slipping off her heels the entire way. "I’m a kid again! Sixteen! Thank you Timothy, this is something I’ll never forget. What an amazing device.

I feel great, energized!" With that she pulled her fingers through her hair and shook her blonde locks. She then paused, with a thoughtful expression on her face. "Well, that doesn’t seem right." she said.

"What do you mean?" Tim asked. He’d been ecstatic over her initial reaction but now he was worried.

"My hair. If that energy field regressed me nine years why did my hair only get a tiny bit shorter?"

Tim smiled. That’s one of the reasons he liked her all right. "Very observant." he said, then went on to explain. "The field skims the surface of the body. If the device detects nonliving tissue on the surface, i.e., hair or nails, it creates smaller, bubble fields around the roots that cause them to regress or grow at a fraction of the rate of the main field." Tim stood as he continued, "We imbedded it into the device’s memory after the first few test animals ended up hairless and clawless."

Casey winced as she looked at her nearly unchanged fingernails, considering how painful it could have been. She then looked puzzled again and a little frightened. She sat down in one of her students desks and asked, "If that’s so, then did my heart just beat backwards about a million times?"

Tim answered quickly, trying to relieve her worry. "No, the field doesn’t effect the electrical rate of muscle contractions for some reason. We figure it must be a safety built into the original equipment. Your heart is definitely younger, but it and all your blood vessels were pumping forward at a normal rate the entire time."

"How does it get rid of excess mass?"

"Disperses it as energy and absorbs molecules from the air when it needs extra." he explained.

Casey linked her hands together in thought then looked up at Tim. Noticing their positions, she tilted her head and in a high voice exclaimed, "Thanks teach!"

Tim felt his face get hot as he realized the irony of the situation and said, "I’m sorry. I tend to go on sometimes."

"And quite impressively." Casey thought. "Yup, surpassed me into the stratosphere." She then sighed and said, "Well, back to reality."

Getting up she took one last look at herself and said to Tim, "I’m ready now. You can change me back."

Tim paused then looked at his sixteen year old teacher. "There was another reason I came to see you." he said.

Casey got a puzzled look on her face then asked, "What is it?"

Tim took a deep breath then continued, "I’ve always liked you. I mean, not just as a teacher but really liked you as a person. We seem to click together and I’ve always felt that without the age difference we could be great together. I took the device this weekend so I could ask you out as teenager to teenager."

Casey was a bit surprised but not shocked. With all the time they’d spent talking, Timothy was bound to have developed some kind of crush on her. Wrong as it was, the idea was more tempting than she would have liked to admit. Tim was awfully mature for his age and had certainly gone through a lot of trouble just to ask for a date. Frankly, she was very flattered, but she couldn’t bring herself to compromise her ethics that easily.

"I’m sorry Timothy but it just wouldn’t be right. I may no longer be your teacher but you’re still a student and you’re also underage."

"I’m asking you to date me this weekend, sex is another thing entirely." he responded. "And besides, I’m a year older than you now."

Casey looked up at him, noticing he was indeed now two inches taller than her current 5’5 frame. He also didn’t seem quite as young now that her own body had been reduced. In fact she thought, he looks awfully good. Shaking her sixteen year old hormones from her mind Casey pointed at her head and replied, "I’m still an adult up here Timothy. Just please change me back before I change my mind."

Tim however, had not gone through so much trouble to give up so easily. He could also tell that she was wavering. "Alright." he responded. "I’ll change you back." Pointing the device at her, he pushed the button.

Casey noticed the falling feeling in her stomach again and immediately yelled, "What are you doing?" Tim remained silent and seemed to grow in front of Casey’s eyes. She could feel her pants and blouse get looser. Everything was growing in fact, except her. She put her hands on her breasts again and could feel them shrinking back into her chest. "Ahhhhhhhhhh" she yelled out of shock and could hear her voice turn into a little girl’s high pitched scream as she passed to the other side of puberty. Just before the falling feeling in her stomach came to a halt, she felt her jeans fall to the floor with a plop.

Little Casey looked down at herself and saw the knees and skinny legs of a child. With her tongue she could feel all of her teeth had receded at least some distance into her gums. Her blouse now felt huge and the bottom of it came below her middle like a skirt. This was good since both her bra and panties were literally hanging on her. Lifting the bottom of her blouse she looked down and put to rest all doubt as to whether or not she was a child.

Tim watched Casey as the eight year old looked herself over. He had to admit she was a simply adorable little girl. Delicate teenage features had given way to a child’s baby doll face, which her slightly shorter blonde hair framed perfectly. She carefully stepped out of the crumples of her pants, one foot after the other coming easily out of her shoes. Tim guessed she was under four feet tall as the top of her head just came above his stomach. The barefoot child crossed her little arms and glared up at him.

Little Casey could feel her emotions shifting, harder to control. She focused on one she needed, anger. "What the hell do you think you’re doing Timothy?" she asked in her high pitched voice. "You can’t make me go out with you if I don’t want to."

"Maybe you want to but your adult inhibitions won’t let you." Tim replied. To the little girl’s puzzled look Tim continued, "Maybe you think it’ll look improper or maybe you’ve been hurt too many times to take a chance on a kid like me. Either way I want you making this decision with your heart. I think being younger will help you do that."

"How?" she yelled back. "By threatening to keep me little?"

"No." Tim answered. "I’d never do that to you. It’s just that in previous test subjects the shifting emotions of childhood made it very difficult to lie. If you still hate me when I’m done, I’ll never bother you again."

The conviction with which Tim uttered the statement took little Casey back a bit as she wondered if Tim was right. After all, she had asked him to change her back before she changed her mind. The thought that she might be wrong however caused her frustration. Frustration and anger do not mix well in an eight year old.

"I don’t know." she whined. "Make me older so I can think."

When Tim didn’t respond she stomped her foot and said loudly, "Timothy, I said make me older!" When she was met with still more silence she stomped again and yelled, "Make me older, dammit!" The last came with some tears.

Tim looked down at her and said, "I won’t do anything as long as you’re yelling young lady. If you give me a calm answer, I might consider it."

Casey understood her situation now. She wasn’t going to get any older dancing around Tim’s question. "Dammit." she yelled back at Tim through growing tears. "It’s hard to stay calm with these stupid emotions."

"I know." Tim said as he bent over and picked Casey up under her arms.

The little teacher’s emotions went from frustrated to scared as her huge former student bent over her and started to lift her up. She began to kick at his legs, slap at his arms and verbally protest. "Hey! Put me down. What’re you doing?" Thanks to the kicking, her panties finally fell off.

Tim endured the abuse and plopped Casey on top of her desk right in front of her grade book. Her bare little bottom felt cold against the desktop but her blouse still covered her front. She slid back slightly in fear, her bare feet dangling a foot off the floor. "What was that for?" she asked, half angry, half afraid of the power Tim now obviously had over her.

"It’s so I don’t have to bend over to reach you." Tim answered.

That was enough to terrify Casey. She started kicking at Tim again and yelling, "Get away from me!"

Tim grabbed both her feet and held them together. "Will you calm down?" he pleaded with her.

Knowing she was helpless, little Casey started to cry and yelled, "Don’t you dare hit me! If you hurt me I’ll never speak to you again, ever!"

Tim looked shocked. "So that’s why you’re scared. Don’t worry Casey, I’d never hurt you. I just wanted to cheer you up."

With that he reached both hands out to the little girl and proceeded to tickle her on her tummy. As her tears started to be replaced by giggles he tickled her harder. Laughter ensued as the girl rolled on her back and pulled her knees to herself.

"He’s tickling me!" she thought. "He could have forced me to say yes and he’s tickling me instead? Oh, this feels great!" As she tried to stop him from tickling certain areas he’d move to others and so on and back again as he played with her. All of Casey’s doubts as to Tim’s intentions were suddenly put to rest. She could think of a couple of other boyfriends she’d had who would’ve used any advantage to get her to do something. And had too.

"Okay." she squealed between laughs. "Ha-ha. I’ll go out with you. Hahaha. All weekend. Ha. Just let me up for air. Hahaha."

The tickling stopped immediately. "Really?" Tim asked.

Casey sat up with her arms behind her for support. She was tired but felt strangely exhilarated. Smiling, she answered in a perfectly calm voice, "Really." Then, in a jolly high pitched voice she asked, "May I please have my breasts back now?"

A happy and excited Tim fumbled with the device and finally preset it to eight years forward at full power. He pointed it at Casey who was still on the desk rocking her feet back and forth. After pressing the button for five seconds he politely turned his back to allow her some privacy as she grew back into her sixteen year old body.

After a few seconds he could hear her drop down from the desk and ask herself quietly, "Now where did they get to? Ah, there they are." Tim guessed she was talking about her panties. He soon heard her pull her jeans back on and say, "Alright, you can turn around now Tim."

She was still barefoot but otherwise fully dressed. "What happened to ’Timothy’." he asked.

"Timothy’s a kid’s name and I don’t date kids." she answered with a smile. "Y’know." she said more softly, "You probably could have spanked me until I’d said yes."

Tim just shook his head and answered, "You wouldn’t have meant it, so what would it have been worth?"

"Thanks." she said. "Now I know I made the right decision." Stepping forward, sixteen year old Casey Sawyer pulled Tim’s head to hers and kissed him like the experienced twenty five year old she really was.

Pulling back from the shell-shocked Tim, Casey put her hands behind her back, tilted her head and asked, "So, where’re you taking me tonight?"

For his sake, Tim certainly hoped he hadn’t bitten off more than he could chew.

end of part 3...



End Chapter 3

Test Run

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 6, 2005


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