Test Run

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4

"Test Run" (part 4)

by Dark Oni

Study Break

As Tim entered the gym he heard a rhythmic slapping sound, accompanied by the erratic sound of children giggling.

He could see Michelle sitting at the base of the bleachers with a raven haired seven year old across her lap. The child was wearing only the top part of a cheerleader’s uniform, which would have covered her halfway to her knees if Michelle hadn’t folded it up to pound at the poor girl’s bottom. Tim could see the little girl was crying and squirming uselessly under Michelle’s grip.

Michelle looked up and noticed Tim’s presence. She silently mouthed "Wait" to him then looked down again, never breaking her stride.

To the right of Michelle stood a little red haired girl who seemed to be wearing only a hand towel safety pinned around her waist to resemble a diaper. The makeshift diaper hung on her, causing a rather pathetic image. Added to this, her eyes were still puffy from crying and her hands rubbed the back of the diaper, where Michelle’s efforts had probably made her behind as red as her hair.

As sad as she was, the little blonde to her right was even worse off. Little Chrissy Jenkins was still sucking her thumb and tears continued to flow down her cheeks. Her child’s body was completely bare save for the now huge socks that ballooned at her feet, seeming to remind her of the near adult body she’d had only thirty minutes before.

The three ’little princesses’ were now as flat-chested, sexless and helpless as any seven year old girl and Michelle was doing a masterful job of making sure they didn’t forget it. Tim was impressed and a little frightened. "I never knew she could be so vindictive." he thought.

Tim noticed motion out of the corner of his right eye and looked over to where the giggling was coming from. In contrast to the scenes of humiliation, two six year old girls, both of whom were also wearing their cheerleader tops as dresses, were having a tug of war with a bra.

As they tugged, the little oriental girl suddenly let go, causing her brown haired friend to lose her balance and fall on her butt. The child’s face screwed itself up a bit and Tim could see she was starting to sniffle. Amy padded over to her friend and seemed to ask the fallen girl if she was okay. As the still sniffling Lissette began to nod a yes, Amy swiped the bra from her and ran off squealing, "Mine, mine, mine!" Lissette immediately scrambled to her feet and ran after Amy. Seeming to forget her tears she loudly giggled and responded with, "No, it’s mine!"

Tim shook his head in wonderment. That’s when he noticed the spanking had stopped.

"There. All done!" Michelle in an overly cheery, condescending tone of voice. She picked the squirming child up off her lap and placed her bare feet none too gently on the floor.

Little Debbie was still crying softly and her face was scrunched up in despair. As the little girl’s hands rubbed her now sore backside, Michelle used her hand to pat the girl on the top of her head. Overly sweet again Michelle said, "Now that wasn’t so bad, was it Debbie cakes?" When the child didn’t reply, Michelle said in a much harsher tone, "I SAID. THAT WASN’T SO BAD, WAS IT?"

The child stiffened and a look of terror crossed her face. Tim swore he could see her gulp before she squeaked in a voice even smaller than her frame, "No, no. Not bad at all ... Au .. Auntie Michelle."

As Michelle smiled Tim thought to himself, "Yup, she’s starting to scare me."

Michelle stood and looked down at her three charges. It was hard to believe these three sniveling children had caused her so much grief. They were no longer the three perfect teenagers who had bullied and belittled her for three years. In fact, as children, they were downright adorable.

Michelle bent over and pinched Debbie hard on the cheek, eliciting a weak cry of pain from the girl. In her best little girl’s voice she said, "Awwww, I can’t stay mad at you girls. You’re just too darn cute! You’re so much sweeter than when you were nasty teenagers. Maybe it’d be best if I kept you this way."

Noticing the suddenly worried looks on their little brows, Michelle continued, "Just think, you’d be back in second grade and smarter than everyone. You’d love that attention wouldn’t you? I guarantee you’d look adorable in your little dresses and tights and ribbons." As Michelle heard soft moans beginning to rise she twisted the knife further. "And just think! No worries about boys or popularity either. You could go home and watch cartoons or play with your dollies till bedtime at eight." The girls were frightened and looked at each other as well as Michelle as their moaning got louder. Michelle played her final card. "And I’m sure you all have younger brothers and sisters who’d love having a new playmate."

At that comment, little Debbie Moyer’s eyes went wide with horror. She didn’t even want to THINK about what her twelve year old brother would do to her if he saw her like this! Frantically she whined, "Noooo! Please not that. You promised! Please...change us back." Noticing Michelle’s glare, she quickly added, "Auntie Michelle."

The other two girls hadn’t replied as quickly but they too looked terrified and followed with pleading of their own. Chrissy didn’t want to face the idea of being so much younger than her thirteen and eleven year old sisters. Sherry, while already the youngest, knew that her siblings, who were 20 and 23, would never let her forget she was the ’baby’ of the family if she suddenly appeared as a seven year old. The irony of the diaper she was wearing wasn’t lost on her.

Michelle took great delight in their renewed terror. There was no way she’d leave them like this. Too many questions would have to be answered. They didn’t have to know that however.

Eventually she said, "Fine, fine. I keep my promises." As the children calmed down, she continued in a darker tone, "Here’s another promise. If I even hear about another girl being picked on by one of you, that life I just described will belong to all three of you." Debbie gulped again while Chrissy sucked harder on her thumb.

Michelle smiled, then called over to Amy and Lissette, "Come on girls, time to get big again."

Lissette was sitting on the gym floor with a bra tied tightly around her body, pinning her elbows against her. She was drumming her bare heels against the floor as her arms struggled and tears ran down her face. Amy, for her part, was dancing around the bound girl, chanting like an Indian.

Michelle laughed. "C’mon Amy, or I’m starting without you two."

"Alright!" Amy yelled back and ran towards Michelle, leaving Lissette tied up on the floor. The poor girl started crying louder and whined, "Nooo, don’t leave me."

Michelle looked at Amy and said, "Would you please untie her?"

"Awww. Do I hafta? She’s such a crybaby." Amy said with a smile.

Michelle laughed even harder. Tim could only sigh.

After a bit of effort they were able to get all five girls together with their eyes closed and backs to Tim as he preset the device to ten years forward at 90% power. By the time the children grew up again, Tim and Michelle would be gone.

Pop Quiz

As they left the gym Michelle was still laughing and turning to Tim she said, "Oh, that was great! Everything I’d ever wanted to do to them and all in a half hour. Well, almost everything." There was a faraway look in her eyes.

Tim really didn’t want to know. He just said, "Well, try to be more careful next time."

"What?" she stopped and looked at Tim, her face confused and slightly worried.

"You had a spectator, old man Wilkins." Tim replied.

"But, but, it’s just before Christmas break. He’s the only custodian in the building. He’s not supposed to close up the gym for another fifteen minutes because of the cheerleading squad." Michelle started to babble frantically.

Tim interrupted, "All true. But who would have guessed he likes to watch them practice from the second floor window."

Amy’s mind reeled a bit. "Why that, that dirty old man. Oh shit, what did he see?" her thoughts changed quickly as she realized she might be in trouble.

"Everything." Tim replied. "In fact, he’s probably watching right now."

"Oh no, that’s it, I’m expelled." Michelle said. Looking at Tim she yelled, "And why are you so calm?"

Tim smiled. "Don’t worry. I took care of it."

Michelle calmed down and with a wry smile asked, "What do you mean by that? You mean he’s little now too?"

Tim shook his head. "No, nothing like that. I saw him on my way back, watching and quite confused. So, I explained the basics to him and made a deal. Let’s just say he only looks like he’s around fifty now." Tim noticed Michelle actually looked a little disappointed. He continued. "I wouldn’t worry too much about witnesses though. I mean, who’s going to believe them anyway? It’s not as though this puppy’s going to see the light of the public eye anytime soon." Tim indicated the device. "Still, don’t go around making a spectacle of yourself either." he warned.

Michelle looked at Tim softly and responded, "I understand. Sorry. And thanks again."

Tim bowed slightly with his arms out. "You are most welcome kind witch. Now, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave."

"Well, actually." Michelle interrupted him before he turned.

"What? There aren’t more people you want to shrink are there?" he said, a bit annoyed.

"No. It’s just. Well." Michelle said in a low voice. She started to chew on her lower lip and continued in an even lower tone. "Could you, make me a little older?" Her voice rose back to normal. "Just for the weekend. My parents are gone till Monday, so nobody but my little sister will really notice." Tim was hesitating so she continued, opening her arms and showing off her mostly flat chest. "C’mon Tim, I’d like to know what it feels like to fill something out."

Tim looked into his friend’s eyes and saw that she was sincere. Try as he might he couldn’t turn down her request. "Alright. How does five years sound?"

"Sounds great!" she gleefully replied.

Tim set the device to 100% power and manual forward. Pointing it at Michelle he pushed the button.

The changes in the next five seconds were slight overall but significant when taken into sexual context. Strangely, it seemed to Tim like someone was blowing air into his friend’s body. Michelle grew three or four inches taller. As that happened, her chest expanded forward, pumping her halter top outward the way it was designed to look. The distance between the bottom of that halter-top and the top of her skirt also increased by a couple of inches, showing off a very nice stomach. Her legs inflated too, going from skinny to quite full.

As Tim took in Michelle’s new appearance, he had to admit she was quite attractive. Her chest wasn’t huge but it definitely wasn’t flat anymore either. Tim guessed her breasts were about average now and he was very glad Michelle hadn’t been wearing a bra. From there the center of her body had a very nice hourglass curve leading down to a now very tight leather skirt. The bottom of that skirt was no longer halfway down to her knees anymore either. Tim guessed he’d have a very good view of her panties if she were to sit down right now. The tightness of her clothing combined with her black lipstick, mascara and fingernails created a bewitching image.

Michelle was quite absorbed with her body as well. As she looked down at herself she squeezed her breasts, as if making sure they were actually there. "Thank God. I was beginning to wonder if they’d ever show up." she whispered. Giggling, she then used her hands to measure the outline of her ass. "It’s sooo tight." she said with a silly smile on her face. Keeping her hands behind her, she tilted her body in the center and bent her chest forward. In a deep voice she asked, "Hey sailor, how do I look?"

Tim’s breath caught in his throat when he first tried to respond, causing Michelle to laugh. Composing himself he was able to say, "You look wonderful Michelle. I always knew you would."

"This is so cool!", she exclaimed excitedly, literally hopping in place. She then walked over to Tim and putting her arms around his neck whispered, "What do ya say we go out tonight and celebrate big boy?"

Tim looked down at his friend with an apologetic look on his face and replied, "Sorry Michelle. It sounds like fun but I’ve made plans for tonight."

Michelle raised her face closer to his and he could swear she actually purred as she said, "Oh I’m sure you could skip dinner with your father for little ole me."

Tim looked sheepish as he answered, "Actually, I have a date."

The expression on Michelle’s face went from seductive to confused and flustered. "Oh, th..that’s okay." she stammered as she let go of Tim and looked at the floor. "Maybe next time, huh?"

"Sure." Tim answered. "I’ll call you tomorrow. The three of us can do something together."

"Yeah, sounds like fun. I’d love to meet her." Michelle had recovered her composure and actually sounded sincere.

"You already have. It’s Miss Sawyer." Tim said.

Shock showed on Michelle’s face as she asked, "You’re dating a teacher?"

"Well, she is sixteen now." Tim explained.

"Oh. Of course. Well, have fun. See you tomorrow." Michelle spoke, the words coming out in a stream.

Tim took her hand and kissed it. "Thank you, you’re a true friend." He didn’t know his words stabbed her heart like a dagger. "By the way, be careful who you try that act on. You’re awfully seductive when you do it and you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention."

The words were sincere. Tim cared about her. Just not in the way she wanted. "Yeah, the act. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful." she responded.

"See ya." Tim said with a smile and turning on his heel walked through the outside door.

When the door shut so did Michelle’s eyes. A sadness washed over her as she thought, "Damn. I thought that would be the perfect moment. Five years I’ve known him and when I finally have a body he wants a little sixteen year old? That bastard. Well, we’ll see if he and his little girlfriend enjoy their weekend after I get through with them."

"That’s a promise." she whispered.

end of part 4...



End Chapter 4

Test Run

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 6, 2005


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