Test Run

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5

"Test Run" (part 5)

By Dark Oni


Tim pulled his car into Ms. Sawyer’s driveway feeling rather good about things. His father had been thrilled, if somewhat shocked, that Tim actually had a date and had happily told him he could come home as late as he wanted. Sometimes it was nice having only one parent, especially one that gave him as much freedom as he had. Still, he would have liked to have known his mother better. Women were confusing enough as it was.

Ringing the doorbell, Tim reviewed the night’s plans. It wasn’t much. He couldn’t afford much, but Casey had agreed to it regardless. "She’s way ahead of most girls my age." he thought. "Yeah, I definitely needed someone more mature."

When the door opened, Tim realized that while mature, Casey Sawyer was definitely not modest. She must have just gotten out of the shower because her hair was still wet and she was wearing only a white robe. The robe may have once fit her but she now looked like a teenager who had dug into her mother’s closet. The bottom of the robe now came down to just above her ankles, the sleeves had advanced to mostly cover her hands and the folds on the top of her robe were loose. In fact, as Tim looked at her chest area, he could just see a bit of her....

"Hey!" she shouted, bringing her hands up to close the top of her robe. "No peeking!"

Tim’s face flushed red and he replied, "Sorry, I got a bit mesmerized."

Casey gave a smirk but kept one hand in place as she grabbed Tim by the shirt. "That’s great Romeo, but could you get inside before I freeze?" Tim was surprised by the amount of force Casey was able to generate as she literally took him off balance and pulled him inside, kicking the door shut with her foot.

Still a bit shaken, Tim tried to recover by retorting, "It’s only sixty degrees outside. If this weren’t Miami, it’d be considered a Christmas heat wave."

Crossing her arms over her chest, Casey came right back. "It’s plenty cold when you’re dripping wet."

Tim gave a long sigh and began, "Then why....", but before he could ask why she’d answered the door that way if she knew it was cold, she smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek. Taken off guard, Tim could hear her say, "Damn, we sound like a married couple already. Anyway, help yourself to anything in the kitchen and make yourself at home while I get dressed."

As Casey shuffled off in her oversized robe, Tim shook his head, wondering how such a cute girl could have him wrapped around her finger. He answered his own question by whispering, "Then again, maybe mature is overrated."

Laughing at his own joke, Tim sat on the couch and noticed an orange blur to his right as Casey’s cat Max jumped up next to him. Casey had told him that Max had originally been named Tangerine. However, when he was a little over one, Casey had come home to find her pet canary shredded. Thinking of the robot Maxmillian from ’The Black Hole’, she’d changed his name accordingly.

"Hey Max." Tim said and reached out to pet the cat. Max hissed at him and swung a claw in his direction. "Mean as ever, huh?" Tim asked. "Well I’ve got a cure for that." Tim pulled the device out of his jacket and pointed it at Max. The cat began to shrink and five seconds later a soft, mewling kitten stood on the couch. Tim easily picked up the scared little kitten despite it’s protests and placed it in his lap.

Still petting Max, Tim used the remote to turn on Casey’s television. The news was on and Tim began to watch. He wasn’t paying much attention until he heard, "And in other news, a little girl is found wandering the parking lot of a local high school, wearing only a tee shirt. Maria Sanchez has more."

Tim’s head shot up and his eyes opened wide as the package started. The ’little girl’ on the screen was the regressed Ms. Grundel. The crying child was being comforted by a female police officer. He listened to another officer say that there was no evidence of sexual or physical abuse and that the child was possibly a runaway or had wandered off. Tim was relieved by that much.

As the package continued it reported, "The unidentified child was found by a trio of students who took her to a pay phone and called police." Sally Johnson’s face came on the screen and Tim’s hand came hard to the side of his face.

"She really looked scared so we got help as quickly as we could. We asked her what’d happened but she couldn’t remember. Must be amnesia or something." he heard Sally say.

"I really have to talk to that girl." Tim thought to himself.

The package finished by saying the child didn’t know who she was and that police would put her up for foster care if they couldn’t find any relatives. As the screen showed who to call with information, Tim cursed himself for forgetting and worked things out in his head.

Grundel had run into the parking lot. Sally and the girls had found her. They’d called the police and must have threatened Grundel with further regression if she said anything. Tim realized that all in all, things were alright. No real harm had come to Grundel and he could still find her and grow her up again. Even if she did talk the police wouldn’t believe that a traumatized little girl was actually a forty something gym teacher.

"I’m okay then." he thought. "I’ve got two weeks before anyone notices she’s missing from school."

As Tim finally started to calm down Casey startled him from behind. "So, who was it?" she asked.

Tim tried to stay calm but his nervousness showed. "What do you mean?"

A bit annoyed Casey said, "I’m not stupid Tim. Who’d you regress?"

Tim plunged ahead with the truth, telling Casey about the incident between Grundel and Sally and how sorry he was that he’d completely forgotten about the child.

When he finished, he expected the worse. He wondered if Casey would be horrified at what he had done.

Casey burst out laughing. "You mean, ha ha, Mary the ’Moose’ Grundel, heeee, is that little girl?" When she saw that Tim looked a bit worried, she continued. "Don’t worry about it Tim. The school system’s been trying to fire her for years. She’s terrible with kids and wasn’t very popular among the staff either. Too mean. No wonder nobody ever married her." Casey looked up thoughtfully and said, "Come to think of it, she might be better off starting over again."

Tim still looked confused so Casey said, "Look, if you still want to ’save’ her you’ll have plenty of chances. This weekend though, your ass is mine."

Hearing that, Tim put all other thoughts aside and looked at his date. He realized that even if he could have taken her some place nice, none of the nice clothes she had still fit her. She wore an old black concert shirt that was faded but had the merit of fitting her. Her jeans were also faded, had holes in them and were quite baggy. The old pair of sneakers she wore had seen better days and seemed too large for her feet. As she put a faded denim jacket on herself, Tim caught the irony that her ’old’ clothes were actually in style.

"Alright." he said. "I promise I’ll stop worrying for the weekend."

"Good. Now we’d better hurry or we’ll miss the coming attractions. I’m definitely going shopping afterwards too. I hate these clothes."

As Tim got up, Casey noticed the kitten he was holding. Sighing, she added, "Could you please change Max back before he pees on the rug?"

Tim reflected on what he considered to be the best night of his life. The movie had been great and he and Casey had cuddled throughout. She even squirmed deeper into his arms when scary parts of the movie came. She seemed to be enjoying herself as much as he was. Letting herself go as much as she cared to. Tim realized that she must really like him to feel this comfortable and it filled him with joy.

They’d immediately gone to the mall and Casey had dumped her worn outfit for new clothes. Again, Casey proved she had gotten less inhibited with her age change. She chose a pair of red hot pants with a black belt, matching halter top and red leather jacket. She matched that with a pair of high heeled red leather boots that cut off just above her ankles. Before she left the store she applied the red lipstick she had brought with her and dumped her pocketbook in the shopping bag with her old clothes. Handing the bag to Tim she took his hand and walked back into the mall.

As she leaned against him he said to her, "Y’know, I would have been glad to pay for everything. You didn’t have to use your credit cards."

"Don’t be silly." she answered. "You shouldn’t have to spend that much on an outfit I’m only going to wear for the weekend. Besides, in a couple of years, when you’re making six figures as a research scientist, you can buy me whatever you want." She said the last cheerily and Tim laughed.

"I’m just glad they didn’t check my ID." she continued. "I needed to get out of those clothes and I love being able to wear stuff this small again."

"Yeah, about that." Tim had noticed the number of male stares Casey was getting. He continued, "Why did you pick stuff, that, well, revealing?"

Casey giggled before answering, "Why Tim, if I didn’t know any better I’d swear you were jealous."

Tim replied honestly, "Maybe I am. It’s just that this isn’t like you. Are you okay?"

"I’m fine Tim. This may not be the Ms. Sawyer you see at school but it is Casey Sawyer the teenager." Noticing he was uncomfortable she explained it to him. "Look, for one weekend I get to have fun again, do things that wouldn’t be appropriate for a teacher. I owe this all to you so I’m grateful, but if you don’t like the real me then too bad."

"Actually," Tim answered slowly, "I kind of like the fact that you’ve been surprising me constantly. I’m just worried about you."

"That’s so sweet!" she exclaimed. "It’s nice to have a boyfriend worry about you but you really don’t have to. As for the outfit, after this weekend it’ll be just a souvenir and you can enjoy the old me. Unless of course, you’re willing to have more special weekends." she finished playfully.

"Maybe." he answered. "As long you’re all right I’m happy." In a lower voice he added, "Also, I have to admit that I’m enjoying the view as much as everyone else is."

"Great! Then I’ll let you in on a little secret." Reaching over to the shopping bag Casey pulled something halfway out. Tim looked down and saw that it was a pair of panties. It had to be the ones she’d worn to the movies because the store they’d been in wasn’t selling any. Then it hit him.

"Oh my God." Tim exclaimed as his face turned as red as Casey’s outfit. Casey giggled hysterically.

Before he could recover Casey excitedly said, "Hey Tim, it’s Santa."

Sure enough the mall had a Santa Claus and a line of children with their parents were waiting to see him. Tim noticed an impish expression come over Casey’s face. She then said, "Come on Tim, I wanna see Santa!"

"Not like that you’re not. Unless you want to get arrested or something." he exclaimed.

"No silly, not like this. But after a little change of clothes and a little change of me I’m sure it’ll be alright." When he hesitated she added, "Come on Tim, it’ll be fun."

"Maybe you’re right." he said.

Casey carried another shopping bag with her as she entered the women’s restroom. Tim had agreed to regress her as long as he was able to select the clothing. Socially inexperienced he may be, she thought, but careless he wasn’t. He didn’t give her the clothes until after he’d zapped her, making sure she couldn’t back out. She’d either come out of the bathroom wearing what he’d bought for her or nothing at all.

"And if I do that he promised to spank me silly." she thought. Somehow she believed him.

He’d set the device to eight years back at 95% power and turned it on her before she entered the restroom. That gave her a little less than three minutes before she’d be eight again. As she entered the stall she could feel her tight clothes starting to loosen. Luckily the restroom wasn’t too crowded or she would have shrunk while waiting in line. Giggling, she wondered what she would have done had that happened.

When she looked into the bag she winced. Tim had really done a number on her. Where he’d found the little sailor dress she had no idea, she just knew she’d look too damn adorable in it. Under the dress she found a pair of white tights and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes. She also found a package of girl’s panties with Disney characters on them. Laughing, she ripped the package open and selected the light green ones with Ariel on them. The panties looked tiny to her and so did the dress when she held it up to herself. As she felt her top slip a little, she realized they wouldn’t be too small for long.

Returning the children’s clothes to the bag she took her jacket off and hung it on the stall door. Looking down at herself she realized that she had to be barely fourteen now.

Closing her eyes she held her arms out and allowed her self to feel the sensations that were occurring. She felt like she was being lowered slowly and her clothes felt like they were growing. She felt her top and shorts slip a bit more, as if someone was pulling on them from below. The only thing that held her top up now were the tips of her nipples and the feeling was fascinating. Suddenly, those gave way as well and her top dropped until the bottom of if rested on her shrinking hips. It felt like someone was undressing her and she was helpless to stop it. That helpless feeling only increased as she felt the cool air against what was left of her breasts. It was then she realized she was becoming aroused. As she felt the bumps that were all that were left of her once abundant breasts however, she realized the feeling wouldn’t last long.

Over the next thirty seconds she could feel those bumps slowly flatten into her chest and her sexual feelings dwindled with them. When they were no more she only felt helpless and a little scared. Her shorts chose that moment to drop from her hips, followed quickly by her top. The sudden shock of her entire body hitting the cool air elicited a very high, "Ahhhh."

From outside the stall she heard a women’s voice, tinged with concern ask, "Is everything alright in there little girl?"

Fear descended on Casey. If someone discovered her now they’d, well, she wasn’t sure what they’d think but it wouldn’t be good. Then she’d be taken to the police and Tim... She calmed down when she thought of Tim. That’s right, Tim’s outside and everything will be fine.

"Little girl?" the voice continued. "Are you okay?"

Without opening her eyes Casey replied, "I’m fine. The seat was cold. That’s all."

"Okay then." the voice responded. "If you need any help though, just holler."

Casey was about to respond by indignantly asking why in the world she would need help to go to the bathroom when she realized she was only eight now and possibly sounded even younger. "Don’t worry, I’ll be fine." she squeaked.

Opening her eyes Casey noticed the stall seemed huge now and looking up she realized she probably WOULD need a little help getting her jacket down. Looking down she saw her once sexy outfit piled at her feet. She wiggled her toes in her now cavernous boots. After examining her tiny self for another few seconds she giggled and proceeded to get dressed.

When Tim saw Casey come out of the restroom she was accompanied by a woman who looked to be in her forties. "I’m sure your big sister will love the jacket you picked out for her." the woman said to Casey.

As Tim walked up to the two of them he noticed that Casey was now barely four feet tall and had the same cute baby doll face she’d worn in her classroom earlier that day. The dress accompanied the face perfectly.

"Did my little sister misbehave?" he asked the woman.

"Oh no." the woman said sweetly. "She’s a perfect angel. I told her what a big girl she is for going to the bathroom all by herself." Tim noticed it was Casey’s turn to blush.

"Well anyway, have a nice evening." the woman said and added to Casey, "And you be good for your big brother sweetie." She patted Casey on the head before walking away.

Tim could hardly contain his laughter. He noticed Casey could hardly contain herself either, except it wasn’t laughter she was holding back. He could hear her say under her breath, "Have a nice night you doddering old bitch." He had to admit it was a very cute sentence coming in such a high pitch from such a small package.

Looking down at Casey Tim asked, "Oh, she wasn’t that bad."

Sarcastically she replied, "Oh, that’s right, she didn’t grab you by the ear and drag you over to the sink to make sure you washed your hands, did she?"

Tim couldn’t help himself as he started laughing.

Casey smiled sweetly up at him and whispered, "Enjoy it now because later I’m going to kill you."

"Hey, this was your idea remember?" Raising the pitch of his voice he mocked her. "C’mon Tim, it’ll be fun."

She responded by kicking him in the shin. "Owww. What’d you do that for?"

"Like the shoes? I certainly don’t. And this dress, it makes me look like a baby."

"Well you’re certainly acting like one." he retorted. Tim noticed people were starting to stare at them, shaking their heads at what must have seemed to them like a temper tantrum by a spoiled brat. Casey was embarrassing him and he was starting to get angry at her for it. As she continued to berate him for his taste in clothing he realized that if he didn’t do something quickly she’d think she could boss him around in any situation.

As Casey said, "And I’m shocked you didn’t get me a stupid bow to top it off with.", Tim quickly reached down, pulled up the back of her dress and smacked her twice across her bottom.

Casey immediately went silent and Tim could hear a couple of the mothers around him clapping. Casey’s eyes were watering but Tim was impressed that she hadn’t broken out in tears. She was dealing better with her childish emotions the second time around.

Calmly he asked her, "Are you done?" When she nodded he asked, "Are you going to act like that again?"

"No." Casey responded in a weak voice.

"Well then!" Tim brightened. "Let’s go show Santa how pretty you are." Taking Casey’s hand, he walked off in the direction of the mall Santa.

As they walked Casey reflected on what she was feeling. She knew she should be mad at Tim. However, she also had to admit that she’d lost control and he’d probably had no choice. A part of her hated the fact that she was so small and helpless but mostly she liked the feeling that Tim was there to take care of her.

She explored that and realized that while she knew Tim was her boyfriend, he felt more like a big brother right now. All feelings of sexual desire were just memories and she really felt nothing in that respect. No sexual desire whatsoever and still she trusted Tim with her well being. She finally had to admit to herself that she’d fallen for him.

As they entered the line for Santa, she promised herself that when she was an adult again she’d let Tim know how she really felt. For now she tugged on his shirt and whispered into his ear when he bent over. "I’m sorry for losing it back there. No hard feelings, okay?"

Tim looked relieved that he hadn’t hurt her feelings permanently. "Okay." he replied.

She also had fun on Santa’s lap, asking him for a dolly, a rocking horse and a tax free mutual fund. She’d never seen a Santa look so confused before.

As they left the Santa she was skipping next to Tim when she heard a ringing come from his jacket. Tim pulled the cellular phone from his pocket and answered it. Casey could hear him say, "Oh, hello Michelle. Really!? Now? Oh, shit. I’ll get to your house as quick as I can. Bye."

"Another one of you’re little friends?" Casey asked.

"One I grew actually." Tim responded. "Problem is her parents cut their trip short and will be home in an hour or so. Wouldn’t do for them to find their teenage daughter an adult. Poor Michelle, she sounded frantic. I just hope we get there in time."

"You don’t have time to change me back do you?" Casey asked worriedly.

"It’s alright. I’ve known Michelle for years. She’s a bit strange but she’s harmless. Well, mostly."

Casey didn’t take that as a ringing endorsement.

end of part 5...



End Chapter 5

Test Run

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 5, 2005


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