Test Run

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My first AR story. Teenager 'borrows' his fathers time altering device and brings it to school. A story of love, revenge and sitting on Santa's lap.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

"Test Run"

by Dark Oni

(Part 1)

"This is going to be great!" Tim thought to himself as he looked down at the black object in the palm of his hand. The device was about as large as a medium sized remote and had a central knob, a few buttons and a digital display area that took up about half of the side facing Tim. He stopped staring at the device as he heard the day’s final bell go off, the last bell before Christmas vacation.

Suddenly the hall filled with teenagers thrilled to be released from class. "Most people wouldn’t be sneaking into school right about now." Tim thought. "Then again, most people wouldn’t have borrowed what I did."

Tim smiled as he saw a friend of his enter the hall. "Hey Michelle!" he shouted. The girl looked over at him, surprised but happy to see him. Though 16, Michelle was only about five feet tall and a bit underdeveloped for her age. Her breasts were small and that along with a thin body meant she wasn’t the most popular girl in school. She’d compensated for this by turning a bit Goth. Tim knew she wasn’t serious about it but it did get her some attention.

Right now she was wearing her black hair at about shoulder length with the bangs pointed forward. A little black mascara, black leather halter-top that hid more than it revealed, a black leather skirt and the whole outfit finished off with a pair of black combat boots.

"What are you doing here?" she asked. "I thought you’d be out all day helping your father."

"I was, but he had an appointment and left early." Tim answered.

"And so you came to school? Y’know Tim, for a genius you’re dumb as a rock sometimes." She said the last with a wry grin.

"Maybe, but I borrowed something that’ll make the trip worth my while." Tim said as he waggled the device in front of Michelle.

"What is it, a remote that’ll change the channel from across the state?" she remarked, obviously not impressed.

"Let us just say the latest breakthrough of Dynacorp’s Temporal Research department, of which my dad is team leader." Tim gestured to his right. "Would you care for a demonstration?"

Test 1

Tim and Michelle took a seat on the floor in front of the window that looked down from the second floor into the school’s gym. The windows had been there before the gym was built and so could be opened from the inside. With the window slants cranked open, the teenagers could hear everything going on in the gym without being heard themselves.

In the gym right now were the remnants of Ms. Grundel’s ninth grade Physical Education class. Ms Grundel took certain pleasure in pushing her charges till they dropped.

Right now Grundel had kept three girls after class and was yelling at one in particular. Little 14 year-old Sally Johnson, youngest and shortest in the class. In fact she didn’t look much older than twelve, especially with her medium length brown hair tied back into a ponytail. She was a neighbor of Tim’s and he’d known her for years. Since she was three years younger than him, he kind of thought of her as a kid sister. He felt especially protective as he watched Grundel continue to throw verbal abuse at her. Sally had told him about this treatment, but he’d never believed it was this bad.

Michelle stared hard at the scene and remarked, "I had Grundel for P.E. once. What a pain. If she doesn’t think you’re trying she lays into you until you break, and Freshmen and Sophomores are the easiest to break."

Sure enough, little Sally was on the verge of tears. Tim and Michelle could hear Grundel from where they were and she was shouting, "Oh, are you going to cry little baby, go ahead and cry! Wahh, wahh." Grundel rubbed her eyes for effect.

"This is so unfair, I wish somebody would teach Grundel a lesson." Michelle said.

"Your wish is my command." quipped Tim. He pointed the device directly at Grundel and set it to full reverse.

At first, little difference could be seen, but after a few seconds the husky, cropped blonde woman started to change. Her features started to soften even as she continued yelling. As she entered her early twenties, she almost looked pretty, but years of fat couldn’t be washed away by a simple youthening effect. As she went from her overweight twenties to chubby late teens she started to shrink.

Tim heard Michelle gasp behind him. "This can’t be happening."

"Honey, you ain’t seen nothing yet." he replied.

Grundel had stopped yelling only when she noticed that Sally’s head was getting closer to her. She had ignored the sinking feeling in her stomach as indigestion, but this was something else entirely. She felt strange, compressed, and everything was getting bigger. Including the three teenagers with her. But were they getting bigger or...? Her question was answered as her shorts started to slide down her legs. With a yelp she looked down at a floor that was a lot closer than she remembered. She then stared at her shrinking hands in shock and as she felt her panties follow her shorts she lost it. "NOOOO, what’s happening to me!?"

She stopped when she noticed how high her voice was. Raising her head, she stared up into the teary eyes of Sally Johnson. Sally was smiling back. Grundel took a startled step backward, stepping right out of her sneakers and most of her socks. She also tripped and landed smack on her now much smaller behind.

What little control Grundel had left vanished as the pain shot to her brain. "Please, stop it, pleeaase. I’ll be good, I’ll be goohohohood." Grundel cried as tears ran unbidden down her cheeks. The chubby eight year old was crying so hard she didn’t even realize she had stopped shrinking.

Michelle was rolling on her back laughing. "That is sooo sweet. A taste of her own medicine, hehehe." As if to Grundel she said, "Now you know how it feels to be small and helpless again." She looked at Tim, hugged him around the neck and started happily chanting, "I love you, I love you, I love you." Then in a whisper she added, "What’s next?"

Tim suspected Michelle must have been treated pretty badly by Grundel, so he indulged her. "Just watch." he said as he quickly changed the settings on the device.

Test 2

Sally Johnson simply could not believe what had happened. Her evil gym teacher had nearly had her in tears, again, when suddenly the teacher had, had SHRUNK!

She looked down at the crying eight year old and noticed that the only clothing she was still wearing was her now dress like T-shirt, her gym whistle which hung down to where her midsection now was and the pair of gym socks that had barely held on to her tiny feet. The sports bra Grundel had been using had slid down to her waist while she had been on the floor and covered what would be her much diminished private area. It would surely fall off if she were to stand up again. Needless to say, Sally was grinning quite widely.

Sally then looked at the two girls who had been kept after with her. They were both as shocked as she initially had been, but as they looked up at each other they began to smile too, and then laugh.

Beatrice remarked, "I guess we don’t have to stay after school after all."

Cary, laughing ever harder, followed with, "and I guess we don’t have to listen to this little brat anymore either. So, what are we going to do for a teacher now?"

Sally bent over Grundel and plucked the whistle from her neck. The still crying eight year-old stared up in fear at the now huge fourteen year-old. "I’ll take the job." Sally remarked happily.

As soon as she placed the whistle around her neck, Sally felt strange, light headed. After blinking her eyes a couple of times she noticed the gym seemed to be getting smaller, her friends shorter and her clothes, tighter?

She looked down at the slowly retreating floor and realized that her training bra was getting awfully tight. She undid the clasp, allowing her growing breasts the room to escape. When the dizziness stopped, she looked down at her newly changed self. Her sneakers and shorts were tight, very tight and her formally loose fitting T-shirt now bared her midsection and showed off her fully grown breasts quite well. Those same breasts also felt a slight chill underneath as the bottom of the shirt hung loosely over them. As she twisted to look down her back, Sally could feel and hear her shorts rip along the back seam. She noticed her ass was quite a bit larger than it had been a minute before, not to mention quite round and firm.

As she stared down at herself, Sally absentmindedly put her right forefinger into her mouth. "Yup." Sally thought to herself. "I’m definitely an adult."

Tim took in the scene he saw below. Sally, a very adult Sally, had her back arched and her midsection bare with her well developed breasts sticking forward. All that was pretty impressive.

"And the finger’s a nice touch too." he thought to himself. Tim let out a long whistle followed by a glance at the device’s display. It read 24 years.

"Wow." he remarked. "Little Sally’s gonna be quite the bombshell in ten years."

"What do you mean gonna?" Michelle replied. "She looks better than me now."

"You’re right." Tim answered. He didn’t notice Michelle glaring at him.

Sally looked back down at Grundel. The child had paused in her crying as Sally grew and was looking up at her new ’teacher.’ When she realized that Sally was now in her early twenties while she remained a child, she started crying even harder. "Please change me back, please." she said between sobs in her high pitched voice.

Sally realized that Grundel must think she was behind all of this.

"I wish." she thought. "But that’s not going to stop me from having some fun." Sally looked down and in her best stern adult voice said, "Oh, you going to cry baby? If you are, I’ll have to turn you into one of course."

At this, the little girl let out a high pitched scream, sprang to her feet and ran from the gym, trailing her socks and sports bra on the wooden floor. As the barefoot child struggled to open the now huge door and finally scrambled into the hallway, the three girls left in the gym laughed hysterically. Sally laughed so hard she didn’t even notice she was being returned to her fourteen year old self.

Upstairs, Tim wasn’t happy at all. "Damn, now I’ll have to go track Grundel down an change her back."

"Why bother?" Michelle answered. "Somebody will find her and you’ll have your chance later. Besides..." she added smiling, "It’ll do her some good to be like that for a little while."

"Alright then, I guess I can find her later." Tim said reluctantly. "I’ve got business to get to anyway."

"Actually, could I borrow that trinket for just five minutes?" Michelle asked. Tim noticed she was staring back at the gym, at the Cheerleading squad now entering the locker room to change for practice.

end of part one...



End Chapter 1

Test Run

by: Oni | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 6, 2005


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