The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 29
The Faire, Part 37

Part 37

It took Cassidy what felt like forever to find Audrey’s car.

Since Audrey had been the one who drove, Cassidy had only been paying so much attention when they had parked. Although sharing the responsibility of keeping track of the spot was what most people would do, Cassidy had been a bit distracted earlier by the fairy costume she was wearing. Particularly the wings, both on the drive over where her careful posture was concerned, as well as the effort it took to get out of the car when they arrived. 

Now she was wishing for the leotard and wings back, as that would be a considerable upgrade to her current getup. The longer they circled the parking lot, the more uncomfortable her diapers felt. While there weren’t really any people around to see her bulky underwear that was blatantly on display, Cassidy was longing for a shower and some clean underwear. Every step in the sagging padding was a fresh reminder of the mess she had made, and all because a thirteen year old girl coerced her to. 

At some point, Cassidy asked if Audrey remembered where they had parked, or if she could use the lock button on the keys to give them a direction. Audrey just dismissively waved her off, insisting that this built character. Also, they would both still be at the faire right now if Cassidy had just behaved and stood up for herself. Instead, she let herself get bullied and bossed around by a small group of middle schoolers. “If you’re going to act like an immature twelve year old, you’re going to be treated like one.” With that, Audrey gave a firm slap to Cassidy’s padded rear and told her to keep moving. 

Cassidy eventually spotted Audrey’s car in a vaguely familiar area. However, her sister wasn’t quite done having fun at her expense. Instead of unlocking it right away, she smirked and held out her hand. “I need your top, Cassie. It’ll be easier if I put it with the rest of the stuff I bought.”

As badly as Cassidy wanted to be safely in the car and out of sight, as well as on the way home, she didn’t love that suggestion. Obviously. It was the only thing keeping her chest covered. Of course, there was no fighting Audrey at this point. It was impossible to combat her ‘logic’ when Cassidy was so busy worrying about everything else at the same time. After a bit of back and forth, Cassidy reluctantly unwrapped the top and immediately cupped her breasts when Audrey pulled the pink fabric away.

Once Audrey had put her collection from the various shops in the trunk, she opened one of the rear doors for Cassidy. “Diapered little girls sit in the back!” she proclaimed, “What are you waiting for, Cassie? Get in.”

Cassidy was far less inclined to argue this time around. There were a couple others in the makeshift field parking lot, either arriving late or leaving early, and she was nearly naked in broad daylight all over again. Without wasting any time, she climbed into the back seat. Unfortunately, her focus on getting out of sight and closer to her goal of getting home temporarily made her forget about the mortifying complications that came with wearing diapers. Cassidy gasped as she sat right in the mess. It was so gross, and a completely different kind of discomfort than walking around in the used padding.

“Comfortable?” Audrey giggled. Without missing a beat, she reached over and grabbed the seat belt. Her boobs were right in Cassidy’s face for a second, and more pronounced than usual in the corset. Thankfully for Cassidy, the awkwardness didn’t last too long. Audrey was quick to pull the seat belt over the topless girl’s torso and click it into place. “There you go,” she said, “Honestly, sis, I’ve been wanting to give you a girly makeover for years. If I knew you would make it this easy, I would have done it forever ago!” Of course, the initial concept had been more about leaning into Cassidy’s petite frame. Diapers had never been on her radar, but it was certainly an amusing turn now that it had happened. “Now, how about a smile?” In a flash, Audrey stepped back and snapped a picture.

Finally finding her voice after the series of awkward/uncomfortable moments, Cassidy exclaimed, “No!” But it was way too late. While her boobs were still very much covered by her hands, the diapers and the rest of her bare body were perfectly captured on camera. 

“Cute,” Audrey said. She glanced at the photo for a moment with an idle smile on her face, “It’s actually better without a smile. You look so shy and adorable. Now, just one last thing. I want you to apologize for being such a difficult little girl all day.”

That gave Cassidy pause. Because it was SO backwards. If anything, Audrey should be apologizing to Cassidy for putting her through all this. Expecting an apology was beyond insulting and, even though Cassidy wanted nothing more than for this humiliating day to be over, she protested the latest request. “No!” she objected, although her voice wasn’t quite as stern as she was aiming for. It was difficult to be the older sister under her current circumstances. “This was all your fault, Audrey. Not mine!”

Audrey just scoffed. “Really? So, remind me . . . why am I the reason you’re sitting in shitty diapers?”

“Because- because . . .” Cassidy hesitated. It was impossible to put it into words. Audrey had done plenty, and implied/admitted multiple times that her intention had been to embarrass her sister. The costume. The delay that led to Cassidy wetting herself. Putting her into daycare, which then snowballed into everything else. But trying to put all that into a cohesive string of thoughts while offsetting the blame for herself at the same time was a difficult task to achieve at the drop of a dime.

“I’ll make it easy for you,” Audrey said, when Cassidy failed to come up with a good answer right away, “Give me a proper apology, and I’ll keep this picture to myself. Fair?”

It was the perfect thing to put Cassidy back into cooperative mode. While Audrey had come up with a way to mitigate Paige’s blackmail, that didn’t fully save her. Cassidy was still in diapers, and Audrey had the evidence to back it up. Keeping all this from the world outside the faire was still a huge priority. “Fine. I’m sorry,” she muttered.

“I said a proper apology, Cassie,” Audrey replied, “How about you start with the multiple accidents you’ve had in your diapers?”

Cassidy actually would have preferred the ridiculous apology she made to Quinn and company. Hiding her boobs was a less embarrassing transgression than having a daytime ‘accident’ at her age. Still, it felt like she didn’t have any other choice. “I’m sorry for the multiple accidents,” Cassidy reluctantly said. After Audrey corrected her, she clarified with, “I’m sorry for having multiple accidents in my diapers.”

Satisfied, Audrey gave a small nod. “And how you’ve been acting like an immature little girl all day long?”

“I’m sorry for acting like an immature little girl all day long,” Cassidy echoed. Trying her very best to stay in older sister mode, she figured it was easier to repeat the apology word for word to make it mean less. 

“Glad you’re finally owning up to it,” Audrey replied, “Now, can you manage the whole thing? Or is your memory as weak as your bladder?”

Cassidy blushed, but she reluctantly said what Audrey was asking of her.


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End Chapter 29

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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