The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 11
The Faire, Part Nineteen


Compared to the cleaning process, the diapering itself barely took any time at all. Margot seemed plenty experienced at the babysitting task, and had the first diaper taped snugly around Cassidy in a matter of seconds. Curtly shutting down the girl’s follow-up request that one was fine, Margot wasted no time in wrapping the second diaper around her and taping it just as tightly. “See?” she said, “Easy.”

Blushing a bit that she had waited until she was given permission to do so, Cassidy sat up and swiveled her legs over the edge of the cot. Maybe it was the fact that she was sitting on the padding vs. standing, but the bulk between her legs and underneath her ass felt like more than the pull-ups. Although she hadn’t known about the mortifying underwear when Audrey first gave her the costume; it could just be that literally seeing herself in diapers made it worse. 

“Alright, Cassie, we need to figure a few things out,” Margot said, “Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to wear your old costume.” She explained that there really wasn’t anything to be done about the leotard. Short of cutting it down the middle and letting Cassidy wear the top half, there was nothing to be done. Sewing in the pull-ups had probably been fine when they were dry, but now they were dirty and impossible to work around. 

Cassidy was torn. It’s not like she liked the fairy costume in the slightest, but she was also still naked save for the diapers. Continuing to cup her breasts with her hands, she just waited for Margot to come up with a solution. Twelve or nineteen, it’s not like Cassidy could walk around topless. 

Thankfully, Margot at least had something for that. “We can start with this.” She held up a dark pink t-shirt that had a crest with a unicorn centered on it. “I think it’s about your size.” Handing it to Cassidy would require her to uncover, so Margot placed it down next to her on the cot. “Try that on, and I’ll be right.”

Normally, Cassidy would never be caught dead in such a shirt, but she was so far past standards like that. Anything was better than being half naked, and a childish shirt was nothing compared to diapers. Sighing to herself, she pulled on the t-shirt the moment Margot had disappeared around the corner. Unfortunately, ‘about her size’ didn’t mean ‘actually her size.’ 

The shirt was easily one size too small. Not only did the pink top hug her smaller breasts and show off her form down to the nipple just like the leotard did, but the hem also stopped about a half inch above her waist. Overall, it was basically like an immature crop top that did nothing to cover the diapers or give her any modesty without a bra underneath. 

It took a few minutes for Margot to return. In the meantime, Cassidy was left to stew in the embarrassing getup. At least she was wearing /something/, but she still felt absolutely ridiculous. Putting her shoes back on had only highlighted how thick the diapers were, as every little movement was less natural than if she had been wearing regular underwear. Not only was there a faint crinkling as she moved about that was particularly noticeable in the solitude of the makeshift nurse station, but the padding between her thighs made it so pretty much everything she did reminded her that she was wearing diapers. Being bottomless didn’t help, either. 

Margot was empty handed when she appeared again. “Sorry, Cassie. Not much in the Lost and Found,” she said, “But hey, looks like the shirt fits?” The uptick in her voice was enough to give away that she noticed the unfortunate tightness that Cassidy was already well aware of.

Frowning, Cassidy said, “I can’t just wear-” She cut herself off. The word itself would make the mortifying experience more real. 

“I know,” Margot said, “How about your skirt? Did you try it on?”

“No. It won’t- I mean, it’s not enough . . . ” The pink tulle skirt was not at all the nice kind that would actually cover anything meaningful. Between the leotard and the material near the waistband, there had been enough to give Cassidy the modesty she required to go out in public. Even then, it was supposed to be a temporary costume. However, she doubted the skirt would fully cover her current underwear situation. 

“At least try, Cassie. There aren’t really any other options right now, and I know you don’t want to join the others in just your diapers.”

Cassidy didn’t even register the embarrassingly possessive word; she was too distracted by the other part. “The others?”

“Mm hmm,” Margot nodded, “There’s a small group around your age here. We reserve the more mature activities for teenagers like you.”

“What about a rental?” Cassidy switched gears entirely. Considering her real age and life experiences, she knew full well that Margot was trying to placate her with a statement like that. To make her forget that she had literally been dropped off at daycare. Mature activities or not, Cassidy was way too old to be looked after in such a way. “I can pay you back.” Unfortunately, Audrey had her wallet. But the rental place was practically next door, and any of those selections would be better than the current t-shirt/diapers combination. 

“Try the skirt,” Margot insisted.


“I’m on shift right now, and you’re not allowed to leave the area. Look, it’s up to you. Would you rather put your skirt on, or are you comfortable in just your diapers?”

It was literally the same logic as before, and yet Cassidy was just as trapped by it. Obviously she wasn’t going to walk around without anything to cover the humiliating underwear; the thought alone made her blush. “Skirt,” she mumbled. Walking over to where she had kicked it off earlier, Cassidy picked up the tulle garment and once again cringed as the diapers shifted as she lifted a leg to step into the skirt. 

As expected, it was barely a fix. The skirt was plenty long, but that wasn’t the problem. It’s that the light pink fabric was practically see through save for the upper portion. Cassidy examined herself and concluded that the diapers would maybe be fully covered if she stood completely still, but anything else would risk them being seen. 

Margot was pretty quick to dismiss that complaint. “That’s only because you’re looking for them,” she said, “I doubt anyone else will notice! Come on, you look fine. Ready to go?” 

“But-” Cassidy looked herself over one more time. Even if the skirt managed to conceal the bulky underwear, the outfit itself was hideous with the mismatched pink. Plus, there was her chest to worry about. “My, umm- my boobs . . . ”

“What boobs?” There wasn’t a trace of rudeness to Margot’s tone, which almost made it more insulting. Still, she elaborated, “Sorry. I just mean, I’d wait until you develop a little more before worrying about stuff like that.”

At that, Cassidy blushed bright red. Margot truly did think that she was going through puberty or something, despite how the diapered girl had completed a year of undergrad and probably wouldn’t be growing any time soon. And ‘what boobs?!’

Ignorant to Cassidy’s internal offense and embarrassment, Margot just smiled. “Like I said, you look fine. Let’s go, Cassie.”


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End Chapter 11

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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