The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024

Chapter 25
The Faire, Part 33

Part 33

For a few long seconds, Cassidy stayed in the mostly out of sight place she had found. One of the larger vendor tents more or less blocked her entirely from the crowds on the other side, but hiding away wouldn’t do her much good in the long term. Quinn had only given her ten minutes, and Cassidy was nervous that half that time had already been spent carefully making it to where she was mostly sure that one of the jewelry shops was. 

That meant that she had to get moving now, or everything she had done so far would be for nothing. Stripping. Messing her diapers. Stupidly telling Quinn and company her last name. If she wasn’t back with expensive, stolen accessories for them, this mortifying nightmare would no longer be contained to just her sister and a few people she would never see again. 

Despite the clear and pressing mission she had come this far to attempt, Cassidy suddenly found herself frozen. She couldn’t! It was honestly less about the stealing–although she was also a nervous mess about that as well–and more that she was nearly naked save the worst possible underwear for a girl her age. Were the other alternatives to the either/or Quinn had thrown at her? Maybe racing back and tattling to Margot could fix things. It felt super immature to go to a girl about her same age for help, but there was a lot on the line now that social media was involved. 

Before Cassidy could think things through in the limited time she had left, or make a decision of any sort, a familiar voice cut through her flustered mind. “Cassie?” Audrey asked, as she approached from the same direction Cassidy had come from a minute ago. “What are you doing?!”

Cassidy’s eyes widened at the unexpected appearance of the last person she wanted to see right now. How?! How did her sister find her, when Cassidy had been so careful to stay out of sight? It hadn’t been a perfect route, but she thought she had avoided everyone pretty well. There wasn’t a phone on her to track, and Audrey wouldn’t have the credentials for that anyway.

Reading the surprise on her face pretty easily, Audrey just rolled her eyes. “Look at you,” she scoffed, gesturing to the general bareness save for the padded underwear, “I’m sure half the people on this side of the park noticed some brat streaking around the edge of the grounds. You’re lucky I noticed you before security did. Although anyone could have called them at this point, so come on. Let’s find you something to wear.”

“Audrey, wait! Hold on. I-” Suddenly, Cassidy was grateful that Audrey had noticed her and followed her back here. Now that her sister was here, Cassidy was within arm’s reach of all the things in Audrey’s bag. With the invisible clock that was still ticking down every second, however, she needed to be quick. “My credit card!” Cassidy blurted out, “You need to go buy jewelry for me.” She audibly raced through the vague details about how she needed something for two girls and one guy, immediately realizing how weird it must sound for someone who wasn’t dealing with the pressure that she was. 

Audrey looked a little confused, followed by that same judgmental look she put on whenever Cassidy was ‘freaking out over nothing.’ The same expression every time, whether it was at the Faire or somewhere else, designed to demean Cassidy without anyone else catching on to the fact that she was obviously doing it on purpose. “Priorities, Cassie. For fuck’s sake, you’re wearing a diaper. Was that your big plan, little sis? Get changed, just to run away like an immature tween who doesn’t think things through? I told you to stay when I dropped you off. And what do you do instead?”

“Audrey, please!” Cassidy begged, “You don’t understand. I only have so much time, and-”

“Wait. Cassidy, did you wet yourself again?!”

“N-no. Listen, this is important! If I don’t-”

“You totally did!” Audrey exclaimed. She strutted right up to Cassidy and grabbed the base of the diapers. “You-” This time, Audrey cut herself off. No longer able to keep the exaggerated look of patronizing annoyance going, she gasped and gave a wicked smile when she felt the unexpected weight. Eyes lighting up in amusement, she gazed down at the now deeply blushing girl. “Cassie. Did you shit in your diapers?!”

Cassidy had been so focused on the task at hand that she had fleetingly become numb to the mortifying fact that she was walking around with the padded underwear full and slightly sagging. Now that the attention had been pulled away from her lack of modesty and back to the other aspect of her shame and humiliation, however, she needed Audrey to understand that this was not her fault. Not after Cassidy’s younger sister had already set things up for a daytime wetting that she got to witness firsthand. “Quinn made me!” she exclaimed. 

“Uh huh.” Rather than releasing her grip on the diapers, Audrey pushed up and gave Cassidy’s pelvis a good rub. “You’re saying one of the girls on staff did this to you?”

“Audrey, stop!!” Cassidy gasped at the awful sensations below. Gravity had kept the ‘accident’ somewhat down in just the padding so far, but what her sister was doing was so much worse. Not only was it an unpleasant reminder of what had happened in front of Quinn and the others, but it also spread around the mess and made her feel that much dirtier down there. “AUDREY.”

Audrey just rolled her eyes. “You’re so whiny, Cassie.” Not relenting in the slightest, she smirked and slowly began shifting the diapers forward. “Be a big girl and tell me what happened. Then I’ll stop, okay?”

“I don’t have time!” Cassidy exclaimed. She tried to slap her sister’s hand away, although it was impossible to do much when she was trying to keep her upper half covered as well. “I need to get back. Like, now!”

“Cassie.” No longer looking judgmental or amused, Audrey let go of the diapers and took a step back. The relief was short lived, however, as what she said next was almost worse than the physical torment. “Start talking, or I’ll call security on you myself.”

Was that a bluff?! Based on how casually cruel Audrey had been basically ever since they arrived, Cassidy didn’t doubt that her sister would follow through on a threat like that. It was quite the lose/lose. Talking to Audrey was going to burn time that Cassidy didn’t have, but being dragged to who knows where by the faire’s security would absolutely ensure that she wouldn’t make it back in time to stop Quinn and Molly from ruining her life via social media. 

“Okay, okay!” Cassidy groaned. She tried to hit the highlights as efficiently as possible, praying that Audrey would for once take her side and help her deal with the current situation. Cassidy didn’t have to abide by the ‘no covering’ rule now that she was out of sight of the difficult teenagers, so she kept both arms clutched over her chest at all times. “ . . . so I need to get all of them jewelry, and need to be back really soon. Like really soon,” she concluded, putting emphasis on the time pressure. 

At this point, she was banking on Quinn to show a little mercy, as there was no way Cassidy was going to make it back in under ten minutes. 


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End Chapter 25

The Faire, Part 52

by: Lady Lucia | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 12, 2024


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